Just My Luck

The past 24 hours have really done my head in. It’s like I’ve been showered with bad luck. 😐

Yesterday my blog comments failed to load, following the activation of the External Links plugin. I didn’t realise that this was the problem at first. All I was doing was replying to comment on my site, and everything came up blank. Nothing more than the <head> section on my site was loading. I had a real panic attack.

When I realised it was the plugin, I fiddled with the settings and found that if I applied the settings globally, it caused this problem. So I changed that. πŸ™‚ But now you can tell what links on my site will lead to an external site (outside of Heartdrops.org).

This morning, the bus to work got stuck in the middle of the route, due to all the traffic. It seems that it is always like this on Wednesdays. I was annoyed because my bus got to work 20 minutes after it was supposed to. I was not late though, because I had caught an earlier bus.

You can’t really rely on buses. They have to share the road with cars, taxis, other buses and pedestrians. I prefer trains because they get their own track and are usually on time. They also come every few minutes. Whereas buses come every 15-20 minutes.

I went to the shops during my break at work. I was disappointed to discover that I only had $10. I had spotted a sale in a jewellery store, and they were selling sets of bangles – two sets for the price of one. I fell in love with this purple set but it was $20. 😞

I could have gone to the bank or to an ATM, but there’s only about $17 in my bank account, because I moved it to my savings account. 😀

With the ten dollars I bought bubble tea with pearls. I went back to work with it, and though I enjoyed it, some of the pearls were stuck together like molecules [below]. 😧 I had difficulty getting them up the straw. πŸ˜†

water molecule methane molecule

I finished work, and was waiting to cross the road to the bus stop, when I saw the bus going past my stop, and pulling up to the traffic lights. πŸ™ As I crossed the road, annoyed, the driver pointed up ahead to the next stop. I crossed to the other side of the lights and he let me on. πŸ™‚

When I turned my phone on to call my dad to pick me up later on, my phone died. The battery just ran out. I didn’t even get a warning, and I swear I charged it yesterday. πŸ˜’

I catch the bus number 545. Normally it takes an hour and a half to get home, because the bus takes this crazy route. But the bus driver drove very fast. We actually passed other 545s on the way and overtook them. 😧

When I got off, I had to wait for another bus to take me home, because I couldn’t contact my dad. I hated waiting. When I finally got home, I turned my computer on, but because it was installing updates, I couldn’t use it right away. I took a shower and thankfully it was done when I returned.

And then I go on the internet and find that I’m capped because my brother played too many games. 😑

Meh, I’ll live. πŸ˜•

Images: JM Green, Global Warming Art

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