Just My Luck

The past 24 hours have really done my head in. It’s like I’ve been showered with bad luck. /hmph

Yesterday my blog comments failed to load, following the activation of the External Links plugin. I didn’t realise that this was the problem at first. All I was doing was replying to comment on my site, and everything came up blank. Nothing more than the <head> section on my site was loading. I had a real panic attack.

When I realised it was the plugin, I fiddled with the settings and found that if I applied the settings globally, it caused this problem. So I changed that. :) But now you can tell what links on my site will lead to an external site (outside of Heartdrops.org).

This morning, the bus to work got stuck in the middle of the route, due to all the traffic. It seems that it is always like this on Wednesdays. I was annoyed because my bus got to work 20 minutes after it was supposed to. I was not late though, because I had caught an earlier bus.

You can’t really rely on buses. They have to share the road with cars, taxis, other buses and pedestrians. I prefer trains because they get their own track and are usually on time. They also come every few minutes. Whereas buses come every 15-20 minutes.

I went to the shops during my break at work. I was disappointed to discover that I only had $10. I had spotted a sale in a jewellery store, and they were selling sets of bangles – two sets for the price of one. I fell in love with this purple set but it was $20. :(

I could have gone to the bank or to an ATM, but there’s only about $17 in my bank account, because I moved it to my savings account. 🤬

With the ten dollars I bought bubble tea with pearls. I went back to work with it, and though I enjoyed it, some of the pearls were stuck together like molecules [below]. :O I had difficulty getting them up the straw. XD

water molecule methane molecule

I finished work, and was waiting to cross the road to the bus stop, when I saw the bus going past my stop, and pulling up to the traffic lights. /bash As I crossed the road, annoyed, the driver pointed up ahead to the next stop. I crossed to the other side of the lights and he let me on. :)

When I turned my phone on to call my dad to pick me up later on, my phone died. The battery just ran out. I didn’t even get a warning, and I swear I charged it yesterday. /sus

I catch the bus number 545. Normally it takes an hour and a half to get home, because the bus takes this crazy route. But the bus driver drove very fast. We actually passed other 545s on the way and overtook them. :O

When I got off, I had to wait for another bus to take me home, because I couldn’t contact my dad. I hated waiting. When I finally got home, I turned my computer on, but because it was installing updates, I couldn’t use it right away. I took a shower and thankfully it was done when I returned.

And then I go on the internet and find that I’m capped because my brother played too many games. /angry

Meh, I’ll live. @_@

Images: JM Green, Global Warming Art

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Aww, poor Georgina had a rough day! *squishes and gives hot tea* ♥ /heart


*epic hugs*

What a terrible day for you :(

Hopefully tomorrow will be lots better and even if it isn’t, if it makes you feel better, I shall be suffering right along with you ^^ [Damn exams!]

Haha! Yay! You fixed your plugin problem. Told you you’d be able to fix it…Cos you’re SMART! :D :D

Omg, you’re correct. Buses are terribly unreliable. Well my bus is alright MOST of the time. Sometimes it’s epically late, but most of the time traffic only bothers us a little cos we get a bus lane on the M2 and get to zoom past all the little cars. Muahaha.

But trains are definitely better :)

Omg, I have to catch that bus on Saturday. That’s it. I’m listening to my dad. He told me to get the bus that will get there MAJORLY early. Like one hour early.

It was nice of that bus driver to let you onto the bus though :) Some drivers are nice like that ^^

Aww man, I HATE when pearls stick like that. But since I get pearl milk tea so much, I am practically an expert at unsticking the pearls with my straw XD Those molecule pictures are cool. Even if I hate chem :P

Awww damn about your phone. That’s way unlucky :( I’d cry if my phone ran out of battery [and get angry cos most likely it ran out of battery cos some inconsiderate jerk called me at an inconvenient time /angry ]

Omg, why do younger brothers all have to be such inconsiderate arses. It’s so annoying! I hope you uncap soon :)

*hugs* :)

Ahhhh I hope you are doing alright in that exam! I’m having an okay day so far, but the weather is hot. 😰

Haha I was having a really big panic attack though. I made people like you worry.

Aw, that’s nice. Unlike my bus. It takes tiny streets through Telopea and Dundas. If it took the motorway it would be better. I think your bus is better, in that sense. I could also catch a train but it’s too much trouble to change trains and walk.

Yes, you should. :O It is so slow. And it goes through hills and stuff too. It’s not pleasant at all. Take music!

Ahaha good on you! It’s probably the first time I got molecule tapioca pearls. I hated chemistry a lot. I liked the whole scope and the idea, but I was just terrible at equations and the mole calculations. @_@

I was pretty angry. I think my phone is just dying because it’s old. :(

Ahaa I actually uncapped today. Yay. :D I uncap on the 19th of every month. XD

Haha, wow. Tapioca molecules /bounce

Yeah, some drivers are nice. But there was this one prick, who just drove right by me once. Slutbag. /bash
Others are pretty kind, though. :P

Damn, I gotta shower 😰


They were stuck together! Maybe I’ll make the ones you gave me and see if they can stick. XD

What a jerk! :( I don’t think that has happened to me. But a lot of times I see people just miss the bus, or are just behind the door, and the driver just continues driving off.

Oh, that might have happened in the school bus bay. D:

Hey Georgina. I want to leave a brief comment on your last blog first XD .

I hate people like that, just like my sister. We almost fight every day and suddemly she turns nice to me, then I figure out taht she only wants something from me. Though I just don’t talk to her these days, I hate her. Your classmate reminds me of the popular kids in school, they come and say hi if they want you to do some homework for them or help them in something my friends always say yes while I tell them that they’re only taking an adavantage of you guys but they don’t listen.

LOL what a day you had! I remember you tweeting about it on twitter. Well, i’, glad you found figured the problem out. I think I might install one too, it’s a really cool plugin. Aw well bubble tea and pearls isn’t that bad, hopefully you will get some money and buy the bangles later. I HATE WHEN THE BATTERY DIES, I also hate when i loose my phone which happens rather quite often, though i
don’t use it anymore since I want to buy a new one and the phone is just too old that it’s bugging me. Awuch! It is seriously a bad day hope your computer (fix XD) loads faster now.

Aw, well, glad everything’s working again! And wow, for the first I’m one of the first 5 commentators! LOL.

Anyways, I’ve had a problem because of a plugin once, but I got it all fixed in a few minutes. Which was a “Phew!”

Haha, these bubble tea things are really cool. I wish I could get one of them, but I hate buying things if I’m just going to display them or anything.

Ugh, I’d get really annoyed if buses ran away from me, but I guess he was driving too fast it would take up too much space if he’d… nevermind, I don’t know anything about driving. LOL :P

After all those stuff you’ve been through for the day, glad that you lived. :P

Aaaah. Messy plugins are sometimes really just a problem to deal with. It’s worse if you’re just a newbie at it and can’t fortheloveofgod just figure it out. Good thing you did though :)

The battery of your phone just died? Sounds like an actual problem there. Did it happen before? o.o Maybe you overused it somehow (games or apps?) or it’s getting old~

Also, bus rides are really insane. Well, here at least. Considering yours took a “crazy route”, it’s a good thing you’re safe. In the city where I am now, everyone steers clear of buses on the road because they just have this carefree attitude since compared to the rest of the vehicles on the road, they’re gigantic metal monsters that can do some pretty huge damage if you (or they) hit them. They don’t have a care for traffic rules either =_=..

awww. That’s why I don’t put up so many plugins.. sometimes it causes the codes to fight *LOL*
uhh, everyday traffic is a normal thing for me.. but wtf! Poor you :( It’s just a day.. you can hope for a better luck tomorrow.. and the day after that and the day after that :D

Ugh, what a day! I haven’t had bubble tea in forever… Glad you fixed the plugin :)

Oh wow. I hate waiting for buses too. Thankfully I have a car now and I don’t have to wait anymore. Heehee. Anyway, your parents must’ve had you when they were in their 20’s or something to be so young. That’s just my guess at least. I’m sorry your brother downloaded and played so many games. Thanks for the compliment on the video though. It made my day. Have you ever thought about getting your driver’s license or is it not a necessary?

Aw Georgie! *hugs* ♥

Shitty days stuck. Weird shit, but today was one of my shitty days too. D:

Kind of like yours… first the bus was late in the morning. 30 minutes late.
Then I realised my iPod wasn’t charged.
I turned on my phone to complain to my dad via text, and YES, it died just like yours did.

And I swear I charged it yesterday too. I remember plugging it into the charger and everything.
Then… yeah, loads of random shit – insert here!

I have this really slow bus driver, we get to school at ten to nine – that’s 15 or so minutes late. I mean, come on dude.
We had a different driver today, this guy with really white hair… he drives really fast but we were still fucking late. I mean what is it with my bus?! D:

Glad your bus driver was a fastie. :D Terry was fast but scared the shit out of me when he honked the horn and turned the corners… /bash

I have massive panic attacks when things on my site don’t work. It creeps the crap out of me. /ehh Thank God you worked out the problem; I’m not that smart lol.

At least you weren’t late for work! :D Sucks it takes so long though. Obviously, I can sympathise. ;)

Bus buddies lol. XD
Well, technically not really ‘cuz I don’t get a public bus and I don’t live in Australia AND I don’t get your bus. But whatever.

I like trains too, they’re faster too. :D The tubes in London come basically every minute, it’s awesome.

I love buying bangles and bracelets! Shame that you couldn’t buy that bangle set. :( Maybe another day?

Haha it’s like when you drink a milkshake and the ice gets stuck up the straw…. that pisses the hell outta me. I would have ditched the straw. ;D

Those molecule drawings are so sweet! /eee

Yay! Nicey driver. :) Terry would never do that, he’d drive right past you… he was such a twat heh. /faw

Ugh, my brother plays all those shitty games and it’s like, “WTF are you doing?!”

Brothers. /hmph

Thankeees. :D

Well I talked to you on MSN at the weekend, and I should have returned your comment but guess what, I didn’t get around to it.
I’m so fucking pissed off with myself, yours was one of the longest as well. :(

I feel like such a bitch… sorry for being such a crappy affiliate. (Affy, if I want to sound hip and modern, eh).
So I’m making this comment extra long as way of apology. /bounce

Except maybe that’s more work for you?
Oh fuck.

I do have a little life outside the box. ^^ Quite a nice life, considering. :)

Well, good luck with the site anyway (HD.info, just to clarify). I’m sure it’ll be popular!

Computer screens make me sleepy if I’m tired… not the other way around. :P

When/ if you dye it, I wanna see a picture, m’kay? :3 ‘Cuz I could never suit that hair colour, plus I’d be too wimpy to do it anyway… @_@

I wish you were there to see him fall, hell yeah. He’s such a fucking dickweed, heh. Plus if you were on my bus it would be way more interesting because, well… my bus is made up of either

a) morons
b) Gekko-wannabes
c) Gekko himself
d) the pricks
e) the bitches
f) the tarts
g) the “cool” kids
h) the normal-ish people.

Creepseque is an awesome name, heh. I suck at thinking up names. I mean we’re getting an Irish Wolfhound puppy in two weeks (the day I open, hehee) and we’re all arguing over names lol.

We’ve settled on Oberon at the moment, haha.
I wanted to call it Stanley or Ernie though. As per usual, no one listened to me. Meh. /oh

Oh yeah, there are mint flavoured Magnums! 🤤

Yeah, weird unwritten rules at my school. But you’ve gotta follow them to “go far”.

Your comment’s fine! :D Any comment from you is cool, heh.
Besides, your comment probably was longer then the blog. SO THERE. XD

Take care! xx

Haha a lot of people fell for it :D Aww thanks soo much and am soo glad that I am not leaving :) I don’t think i probably could, if i had decided to leave i would have gotten bored and came back the next day lol

I do certainly do not see the point of yelling at the TV for players who cannot even hear you. It’s soo stupid and annoying. They just get on my nerves so bad lol

Sounds like today is not your day at all lol

OMG I think I would have over reacted if something like that happened to me because I seriously would have no clue how to fix it
and I would have to contact my host lol

Ohh I see what the plugin does, it adds a little sign on there tell you that it’s an external link lol. Sweet :D There is like a plugin for
mostly everything :) Is there a plugin for like drop down menus? Kinds like you click on a picture and some text comes out of the bottom
and when you click on the pic again, the text hides.

I walk to school so I got nothing on traffic. I will soo get my licence and I would have to drive my self everywhere. Awesome lol

Buses has to make stops to pick up people, so it might take a little longer that a car would take to get you where you’re going.

See they don’t have those here. If you got to a store over here, basically what you might find is pizza. Well, it depends on the
store that you go too though. I have never heard of bubble tea with pearls before though lol

Wow it is soo not your day. I would ask why you didn’t use pay phone but of course you spent you $10 bucks on tea lol

Aww :( at least your bad luck phase is over right? You got good luck today?

My dad, my brothers and their friends do that. I’m like “It’s not that serious!!!” damn it’s soo annoying, they all need to shut the fuck up lol

Swimming it’s something that I cant do because i have different hair styles all the time and the stupid cap can ruin it.

Yeah powder getting stuff in your hair not fun, it’s like there’s a huge spot on your hair that’s white and the rest is normal color. Sucks like hell.

Miley Cryus dumb!, i tried liking her but I just cannot lol

I just got back from school like 10mins ago and the first thing I did was turn on my computer, i am addicted. I cannot stay away lol

Haha your is pretty lol, mine is all ugly looking lol. Aww thank you soo much for the compliment :D Yah i have like little doubts about my self a lot, ok maybe not little but i seriously criticize my self like every time i look in the mirror.

Hahah lol i taken lots of stuff for stores too but mostly candy lol

Aww :( We all have bad days D:. I had an ok day today, all I really did was watch tv anyways… I am sick D:. And my parents went to a parent teacher conference, let’s hope I did fine D:. Oh haha they got back as I typed that fail xD. Umm yeah I got a 77 on my social studies test D:.

Haha same for some reasons I like getting stickers on my tests too, it makes them actually look nice to look at xD.

Oh haha, wow how much time do you spend returning comments then xD. I take like an hour to return 15 xD.

Really? Those sites for me are just blank, no nothing on them D:.

Ohh what book is that? sounds good xD.

Haha I don’t know which one it is :O.

Ohh then I should try bubble tea sometime xD.

No, I don’t have facebook, my parents won’t let me have it, sure they let me have a website but not facebook, so typical them :P.

Oh haha, do you live in the city? I like on like a busy-ish road but pretty far away from the road :P.

Awww :( I remember when me and my cousin fought, I got sooooo mad at him, but I got more hurt than him.. heh.

I’ve gotta get that external links plugin!!! I hate opening a new tab for my site so I don’t have to memorize the comments :).

What do you mean bubble tea with pearls? lol What kind of pearls?

Haha after try-outs at school awhile ago someone’s phone died so I let them borrow mine :P. But she took too long and my mom was waiting :|.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow <3

It’s just so annoying, they should get sued or something for false advertising. Sheesh.

Eww, I can handle worms I just hate things that look awful. Like earwigs and cockroaches. *Shudder*

But the thing about the sax is you always have a place to sit. It’s very heavy but convenient if your waiting for the bus and the benches are disgusting.

It’s really fun too, I do remember our teacher kind of glaring at us. Since she could rarely see our names through all the stickers.

Haha, yes I would think so. 50 of them. XD

Man your past hours have sucked a lot.
Yeah, trains do seem like the better route. They have their own way to go unlike those awful buses.

That sucks, I hate that. Like you only have so much money and yet you see something that is ABSOLUTELY amazing and you would just love to have it. But shit, no money. /argh

Lol, your brother must’ve just made your day when you got home.

haha yea, I guess, barely any of my friends are very like tech-savy. They dont go on the computer that much and they dont know a lot about website things.

hahah, a lot of people are like thatt. I remember in 5th grade, we had to do pullups, and we were lucky if we could even get one. This one girl was so short she didnt want to be picked up to get to the bar, so she just said that she’d rather get a 0 XD

ahah yea, I love those sales! Hehe, my favorite time to go shopping XDD

haha cool! Yea she upgraded mine too, I guess I just get freaked that I’m gonna run out when the bar turns yellow on CPanel XDDD. Even though it only means I used half of my space LOL

Awww hah, yea I dont think my parents would trust a 13 year old with their bank account infomation -___-

Ahhh that would suck if you mailed like a 100 dollars and they lost it -_-

LOL, they are very cautious with their credit cards :D

Ahh, buses are not very reliable. At least Trains dont get into “traffic” jams. Only during those few problems that happen. One time, this guy commited suicide and they had to hold up all the trains because they had to clean up the body parts @_@

oh thank you ! :)
yeah i dont know why… ive probably been playing piano for like 10 years + but my fingers will just forever be chubby haha.
gosh i hate buses when theyre late… took me around 15 minutes to get home… faster to walk haha. no jokes.
yummy yummy bubble tea

LOL, yeah. It’s quite embarrassing and funny when you accidentally blurt out something.

That’s a good idea, I should try that sometime hehe. Well, that’s true. You can still go on the computer when your nails are still wet, but it kinda bothers me because I’m always afraid I’ll get some nail polish on the keys by accident.

THATS what the little pictures arrow thingy was doing beside some links. I was wondering about that. Seems like a awesome plugin to me. :)

Aweh, at least the plugin is alright now. :D
Sorry I took a while to reply your comment. I was busy working on my site. :(

I’m sorry you had a bad day. :( I’ve had some of my worst days while being at university.

I give up really easily when it comes to those site/blog plugins. I fear that I will really screw something up and I won’t be able to fix it.

Buses can be sucky at times. The college I used to go to was in the middle of the projects/ghetto/hood (lol) but right outside of downtown. I had to wait for the bus because I was always scared to walk through the projects which is only a 10 minute walk from the main bus line I use to get home. It always took me an extra 45 mins to get home.

Your internet is not the best, Lol. Do you have dial up?

we all have our i-wish-i-hadn’t-gotten-out-of-bed-this-morning days. and you’re right, “meh, i’ll live.” is the attitude towards those kind of days.
I, too, HATE waiting. hate, hate, hate it. that is one thing that will ruin my mood and day as fast as you can blink. i can seriously feel blood rushing to my head and my stomach strolling up to my throat – it gets pretty bad. when i’m driving and i get stuck in traffic i use to scream as long and as loud as i can to let my frustration out. i probably looked like a psycho from someone else’s view but whatevs, right? anything to relief our stress and tension from within. now i just listen to jazz music or call someone to kill time.

ooohh life.

sleep off darling, sleeeeeep it off ;)

oh and i’d love your help with the site. anything you can offer will be much appreciated and needed. so whenever you’ve got the time to spare for moi! thanks hun.

Ugh yeah. There’s this popular freshman girl at my school who’ll always ask me questions in 2nd period gym about our biology tests because I have biology first hour and that’s the only time she talks to me. She’s so annoying.

Haha yes it does! It’s a freaking awesome movie! Lol my favorite is My Fair Lady. That was my all time favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. I LOVED it.

Haha yeah I love blue nail polish. And I saw some really pretty purple nail polish over the weekend but it was too much money so I didn’t buy it lol. :)

I know. It’s pretty much for her own personal reasons to hire them as the actors. Damn, I hate that woman…

Wow, sounds like you had an awful day.. I’ve had days like that, too. :/ Hah, I also hate waiting, and I dislike taking the bus, too, which is why I always try to get a ride to places. I don’t go out alone often, though, so I’m lucky. xD

I would hate it if I had to take so many buses, and the fact that your phone died obviously made it worse. I remember this one time I was waiting in school for my mom to pick me up and my phone died and she was calling me to let me know she was going to be a little late. Since I wasn’t able to contact her I started freaking out. XP I didn’t like waiting alone in school, hah.

Haha, I looked at the Let Me Google That For You website and I laughed out loud. xD But seriously, people need to learn how to Google things, it usually has all the answers. xD

Haha yes… I had stock images where the ground was still snow-covered that I didn’t upload until like June! :P

Heh, thanks. :) I really do need to finalize plans for that contest so that I can start it on time. My school has gotten me much too accustomed to procrastination. -_-

Bah… about that… I felt inspired to work on my collective tonight! You made me return comments thoughhhh. D: Nah, I’m glad I’m returning them. :D Now I’ll have [slightly] less to worry about later! I do need to hurry up and pick a domain though, before I end up with too many fanlistings to reasonably transfer.

Oh when do you find out what you got on those projects? I’m sure you did really well. :)

Thank you! :D

That “rule” about when you’re too old for trick-or-treating is probably true, but I don’t like it! ;)

Yeah I did mention that I wrote about my website on an application in another blog too. In the other one I mentioned how I said I wouldn’t give up my website, so it was a little bit different.

Aww, that’s so sad that you don’t have Taco Bell there anymore! I love it soooo much. I went there today after school, in fact!

Oh wow, you know what I thought when I read the second sentence of your blog? “Oh! Simile!” I’m so sick of lit class. -_-

Thank god you figured out what was wrong with your site! Oh and I WAS THERE when it happened. xD Anyway, the external link icons are cute.

HAH, speaking of how you can’t rely on buses, I have a quick story for you!

My brother meets the bus to take him to school every morning at 6:40. One day last week, he was standing at the bus stop with like five other kids when the bus just drove right past them. One kid called one of his friends who was on the bus and had him ask the driver (she was a substitute) if she could go back for the kids she missed. She said NO. O.O The bus doubles back to leave the sub division after stopping at all the stops, and therefore it passes my brother’s stop again. She drove right past them a second time. -_- My mom had to turn around and take my brother to school, causing me to be ten minutes late for school and my mom to be 35 minutes late for work!

You’d think at least SCHOOL BUSES would be reliable. -_-

Oo, purple! It’s too bad you didn’t have enough money to buy the set. T_T

Lol, I like how you included molecule illustrations. xP

Oh see THAT was nice of the bus driver to point you to the next stop. At least he was looking out for you, rather than just passing your stop entirely. =/ NOT LIKE MY BROTHER’S BUS.

Bah, dumb phone. That happens to me sometimes when I plug my phone or iPod in to charge but the plug is halfway out of the wall and I don’t notice. Annoyingggg.

Rawr, what a crappy day. =/ At least it’s over! You will live, somehow. ;) *hugs*


Sounds like one long rough day. I hate it when everything just seems to be going wrong. 10:10 sorry random but I love announcing when the time.. is the same like that.. specially 11:11.. :D

But -hugs- it happens to the best of us. Usually they’re followed by really good days or weeks. I underwent about a month and a half of the shittiest life ever. I was just in the crappiest mood all the time. I’m better though (:

And what’s the difference between a bankings and savings account? .. I didn’t realize there was a difference.


Oooo, my comments always cut off :P

TWLOHA? … what’s that again?

Hahaha, I like it public too I just don’t like that if you googled my name, my Twitter pops up. That’s why. I realized my mom gets bored and just looks me up randomly >_< I don't like it whatsoever.

I haven't ran through sprinklers in awhile either. :/

Frog legs=yummy ^^ I seriously saw no difference. People are right.. it's chicken. It's boring. i bet they just reshape the chicken legs to make them look like frog legs :D

Buffets are yummy but fattening.

Diapers are bad for the enviroment..but if I used cloth it would be rather stinky … :P

Choir was amazing (:

Bad luck, that seems to haunt me wherever I go, I always manage to stack it at least once a day and if i dont ill either embarass myself infront of someone. Haha i get the nickname of stacker between my friends,

Yeh I prefer trains as well i have to catch two buses every morning and my mum thinks are less safer so she doesnt like me going on them alone.

I’d like to try bubble tea!:P

What a day you had! Glad you survived! XD It’s quite funny imagining all sorts of stuffs can happen in just a day, thinking they only exist in television and whatnot, but then again T.V. shows and movies are somewhat based on real-life experiences.

I’ve had bad luck too and ended up ranting on my blog. I guess that’s what blogs are for. :)

I’ll be careful with that plugin, if I ever decide to use it. There was a time though when I visited Heartdrops.org and your blog wouldn’t show up, though the layout and content looks alright. I thought that was weird. But it’s all fine now. :)

Why didn’t you take the train BTW? I don’t mind buses, but I don’t like drivers who don’t have patience and would overtake whenver he gets the chance to. >,< I experienced once when the driver looks and drives like a drunk man, and his speed is like crazy as if he's running after something. That was really scary.

OMG! You've been talking about Bubble Tea a lot and all this time I thought we don't have that here. I didn't recognize it until you said the pearls were stuck to the straw. We call that here "Zagu". :P I love that thing! And I always buy it when I go to malls. ♥ It's fun trying to get the pearls and chewing them. :P Now I feel like drinking bubble tea. XD

Haha. We haven't experienced being capped, but I noticed when it's midnight, our speed would go down. :S

Not sure if the comment was sent because WordPress gave me an error message while sending it. So here it goes:

What a day you had! Glad you survived! XD It’s quite funny imagining all sorts of stuffs can happen in just a day, thinking they only exist in television and whatnot, but then again T.V. shows and movies are somewhat based on real-life experiences.

I’ve had bad luck too and ended up ranting on my blog. I guess that’s what blogs are for. :)

I’ll be careful with that plugin, if I ever decide to use it. There was a time though when I visited Heartdrops.org and your blog wouldn’t show up, though the layout and content looks alright. I thought that was weird. But it’s all fine now. :)

Why didn’t you take the train BTW? I don’t mind buses, but I don’t like drivers who don’t have patience and would overtake whenver he gets the chance to. >,< I experienced once when the driver looks and drives like a drunk man, and his speed is like crazy as if he's running after something. That was really scary.

OMG! You've been talking about Bubble Tea a lot and all this time I thought we don't have that here. I didn't recognize it until you said the pearls were stuck to the straw. We call that here "Zagu". :P I love that thing! And I always buy it when I go to malls. ♥ It's fun trying to get the pearls and chewing them. :P Now I feel like drinking bubble tea. XD

Haha. We haven't experienced being capped, but I noticed when it's midnight, our speed would go down. :S

Yeah, light-skinned people are kinda discriminated here 0.o not all though, but mostly are. Like me, when I was fairer than now (my skin is kinda tan now), everybody really stared at me when I was walking down the pavement. Most Indonesians use car to go everywhere, but I prefer to walk when I was younger. I think fair skin doesn’t really matter, but race is :( I’m sorry I’m talking about race (I’m not a racist people anyway), but that’s the truth :( I’m kinda sad though because I’m not purely Indonesian and that’s why I get this kind of discrimination. I’m Indonesian-Chinese.

Chinese people are discriminated. Even my friend who is half-Chinese as well got robbed on the road when he was walking :( Those people said that if he didn’t give them his cellphone and wallet, they would directly kill him. But his friend who was walking beside him who is purely Indonesian didn’t get robbed O_O It’s so unfair!

Anyway, glad to know that my best friend who is purely Indonesian don’t discriminate me as well xD Haha I conclude that not all Indonesians are like that.

Aww so sorry about your bad day :( *hugs* Buses can bring us to trouble sometimes, that’s why I prefer not to go by bus when I traveled in other country. Buses are not main transportation in Indonesia though. I’ve never been on buses in my own country xD

Whoa I love bangles! :D I always look for one but can’t really find a good one :( The price isn’t really high here. I think it’s around $5 for one piece or even lower 0.o

Yay, bubble tea! Aha I love all kinds of tea basically, but bubble tea is on top of my list! xD haha yeah sometimes the bubbles are kinda annoying because they took our time only to chew them up 0.o

Wow. Sounds like a bad day for you. Never mind. I’m sure you have better days ahead.

aww thats too bad, but atleast you have an idea of something you want to do.. I want to do something with computers too, i think alot of people who have websites would like to do it as a career :) yeah they are confusing! here its completely different, we have years.. up to year 11, when you leave high school. Then you can choose what you do next, if you stay in learning you go to sixth form college for 2 years and then onto uni if you want, god thinking about it, someone who stays in education all the way would be in it for 16 years here, thats lonngg! Yeah I know the bridge, I know the opera house more, i think thats like the main icon of australia. Thanks! oh is it? thats wierd the 4th book is more expensive too :o haha I will just buy the 1st 3 first and then decide if i want to read it after. Aww you would love friends :) It’s great! Sounds like you had a bad day :( *hugs* well it’s 19th here so hopefully today is a better day for you!

Yike >_<;; Sounds like a crazy day! Bubble teas! And . . . wow, I didn't think those pearls would get stuck to each other like those molecules!

And that's a lot of time spent on the bus O_O;; I'm glad I live nearby to walk to work! I'd go crazy if I had to rely on public transportation every day for hours. I did before and it wasn't pleasant!

Boo to your brother for capping out your net. X_X;; Bandwidth limit sucks!

Wow, 5 isn’t very much! Yeah we have internal exams for every subject and then next year it’ll just be starting to do coursework for GCSEs. FUN. =/ Lol.

Thanks! Three exams to go now!

Ooh that’s lucky that you got an earlier bus. That would be so annoying if it made you late. It’s happened to me before, I arrived half way through first lesson. 45 minutes after I usually get to school!

Damnn I hate it when my brother makes the computer slow. He downloads useless things that he only uses once, then I have to go round deleting it all.

The external links plugin is pretty cool. I like the little arrows that come up next to links! Hehe.

Aw, your day sounded kinda sucky. I hope it was just one day <3 Can't you rely on the bus service? I find it quite useful. Then again it is one of my main ways of getting from A to B in Cheshire. Btw, I may email you with a few questions asking for help with some coding of mine- I hope thats okay? :) x

Oh I hate having to depend on buses, they have to share the roads with everyone else, and they are big and bulky so they take longer! Whereas trains, well you covered it, they have their own tracks.

Jewelry is pretty expensive, I get sad when I can’t afford something, but sometimes I purposely carry less in my wallet so I don’t buy frivolous things and save my money for food or snack.

I love bubble teas as well, but I like the jellies, not the tapioca. There’s this place by my school that has them but they make the jellies cut up in rectangles, not in easy to drink up little squares. I end up having to get a spoon and scoop them up after finishing the drink and it’s a bit embarrassing lol.

I actually have to go off and take the bus soon :P

I’m sorry things were so crap for you in that period of time. *hugs* I was commenting when the comments thing broke and I thought it was my fault LOL. Stupid plugin! I’m so glad you managed to figure out what it was and you didn’t panic like most people would.

That sucks when the bus gets stuck in traffic. That’s why I had to catch the 6:30am bus, if I caught the 6:45am bus, I would be late because of rush hour, blahhhh.

That’s true, trains are more reliable than buses in that respect.

Aww, sorry you couldn’t afford the bangles. :( But I’m sure the bubble tea with pearls cheered you up. XD I never ever had one before, or seen one. o_O

Awww that was a nice bus driver. :D Bus drivers hate me and usually try to avoid me or pretend I’m not there.

Wow that really wasn’t a brilliant day was it? :( I hope yesterday and today were better days for you! I mean, we all have shitty days from time to time.

Thank you. :D I didn’t see him on Tuesday, but I went round yesterday and we had a pizza instead. XD I saw him today briefly, I went to the job centre with him but he’s ill so I went home. I don’t wanna get ill LOL.

LMAO, don’t poke me. ^_^ I do like it, yes I do.

I never got spam with Cutenews luckily. But as soon as I heard it was insecure I got rid of it!

LOL, that’s why I didn’t really like Haloscan, I couldn’t be bothered to customise it to look all pretty.

You use that on georgie.nu?! Wow… it looks like WP LOL. I want a .nu domain so bad, but they’re so expensive. o_O

Haha wow. I want to find that review but you have so many, it would take me days. :P We all make mistakes in reviews, I still do but we learn from them.

I remember there was a way to transfer blogs from Cutenews to FanUpdate, maybe there might be a way to do it with FanUpdate to WP? I don’t know…

Haha yeah, WP is the sex. I found the theme making the easiest. o_O Maybe because I was doing it wrong but I learned in the end haha.

I don’t know why you love reading my blogs they suck LOL. Though, my writing has got a LOT better from when I first started out. o_O I love how… fluid your blogs are, if that was the right word. They’re so easy to read and they’re always interesting! I can’t believe I visit your site the most LOL.

You’re scared of the theme editor?! I used to be too but I don’t mind it now. You should give Habari a try. I’ve noticed a few people saying they want to give it a try now haha.

We don’t have anything like that here, I don’t really live in the city so I guess that’s why. My area is a shithole, I can’t understand why anyone wants to come here anyway lmao.

Haha that’s true. I love sending people in the wrong direction if they get rude to me, it’s fun.

Yeah, copying Maths was all good. Though, people who used to copy my Maths homework used to get caught out. :P Because the teachers liked us to write down how we got the answer, the people who copied me didn’t so when asked how they got that answer, they froze up haha.

I don’t mind fat comments, I like returning them. ^_^ I’ve been shit with returning comments. I blogged Tuesday, then I went to soccer and straight to bed, then I went to Robs. So yesterday when I got home I returned 21 comments in 3 hours. :| I left yours till last, I feel bad LOL.

It’s quite cold here all the time so we all wore long sleeves heh.

It didn’t hurt to have the top of my ear pierced but it was horrible when trying to sleep on that side because it used to dig into my head.

Ew I don’t. They annoy me haha.

LOL. At least you remember some of them. I remember a few here and there. I loved Ditto heh.

I had a shitty old Gameboy Colour LOL. Ehhh. I have Rob’s Nintendo DS here though which I bought for him.. I stole it.

Oh we have like 5 or 6 different colours. I can’t be bothered to count. :3

I used “box” for my sidebar. :3 I think a lot of people are now though. I can always recognize my coding, even if they’ve changed it… I don’t know why. I’m a bit pissed off after what I saw earlier though…. I won’t say here because well, they may read it LOL.

I would switch because when you import the WP MySQL to Habari, it imports your posts and pages. The only thing is, it doesn’t have the /visitor/premade-layouts it would be /visitors and /premade-layouts blah. There is a plugin but it’s not “complete” yet.

Yeah I guess, I just find it confusing.

Haha yeah, that’s what I meant. I’d do a manual MM. Though, I’m too attached to WP at the moment so I don’t think I’d be switching yet. Maybe after Christmas or something.

Yeah, I know. Tell me about it. =/

Yeah I guess so. It makes me think “I need to be careful what I say” because it seems she knows everything LOL.

Yeah I remember the twat that tried to correct Jorja haha. I remember Erin’s article on it actually.

I use the HTML editor as well, the visual one scares me. But I think my page.php it set up so it adds the paragraph tags etc in for me.

WordPress certainly has been easy to use, that’s for sure. Despite it eating comments and my database. OH YEAH IT ATE MANDI’S COMMENT YESTERDAY. So you’re not alone LOL.

The plugins are amazing, they amuse me. I love searching and trying out new ones!

You were so attached to FanUpdate, it was cute. :P

Well, it didn’t take long before my comment was over 1,000 words LOL.

That external links plugin looks kinda useful — I might install it on mallorymaloney.com! Although, it’s pretty easy to tell which are external links and which aren’t already, so it might be kinda pointless … I dunno. I just love the idea of custom making a little GIF to be displayed after external links. XD

I HAVE NEVER HAD BUBBLE TEA IN MY LIFE AND I AM UPSET ABOUT THIS. I gotta try it for myself someday! I have no clue what it even tastes like. At all. 🤬

But in regards to everything that happened to you on the 18th, it sounds pretty rough. :( I don’t understand why things have to happen like that all at once — Although for me, it’s probably because of the day of the week I was born on. I blab about that in my newest entry, so I won’t go into detail here, but yeah. O_O

First of all, thanks for the advice and comments on my site ;) I changed the layout (and made the font bigger too)!

Anyway, I guess the external links plugin adds…shall we say, flair to your links? …kind of. I wouldn’t know what’s reliable or not, I would literally DIE in a big city, I’m just not used to it :)

And it kind of sucks that you only had $10 on you…I always have a ton, but I’m sure that’s going to change the day I step in college. :D When I saw your molecule picture I started CRACKING up, haha. Yes, I guess we do need an “example”.

The last part of your blog/day doesn’t sound great :( I’m sorry. Good luck with life…and all D:

Lol My Fair Lady is the one where Audrey was a lady living on the streets with really bad grammar and nearly no education and a guy takes her into his house to educate her and make her a proper lady. It’s hilarious lol. :)

Lol yeah, nail polish here can get up to 10 dollars a bottle!! I normally get mine for about 4! My best bottle is a bottle of light pink nail polish that turns bright orange in sunlight. I could only buy it at a special store in Florida so I bought about 5 bottles at a time when we go there once a year, but my sister’s luggage got lost the last time we went there and that’s where my new stock of nail polish was :( . Sad sad.

I know. It’s really stupid. Lol I just learned that there’s this huge celebrity that lives in our apartment building when we visit in Chicago, and I got really excited because he’s one of my favorite actors!

WOW, that’s some bad ass luck. D: I hate waiting too. It’s really annoying, especially if you’re waiting with someone that talks alot. Even worse.

I don’t really understand your internet service. Why would you be capped and not be able to get on the internet??

Aww! This sounds like you had a hard day! *hugs* That tea sounds tempting every time you blog about it lol. The next time I’m in the biggest town next to me, I’m going to the Asian store and getting some!

I hope you’ve been having better days :) And your brother doesn’t cap the net out for you, that must be super annoying!

I finally fixed my computer, installed the proper driver! I have net on my desktop again and man did I miss it! I’m just in awe at the stretch of the screen (widescreen) and how neat everything looks compared to my laptop screen, haha. Plus, faster.

Hope you have a great weekend/week! ♥

Heh, at least you still live. Rough times are part of living.

I must be OVER panicking if that happened to my site because I wouldn’t figure out which is which THAT easy. Oh, Georgina loves bangles! How about anklets? Eh, stupid pearls with that kind of shape. It will really stuck in the straw. They are supposed to be perfectly round.

I agree with you about the train way. How I just wish we have trains here on our way to school to avoid the heavy traffic. I remember a while ago when I was about to go to school… I left the house early but when I reached the bus terminal to school, heavy traffic was really a heavy one which ruined my day!

suddemly is a nice thing to say on my last comment LOL, FYI I mean suddenly!

Thank you! I did great on my English exam, my English teacher was rather nice and gave me the test :). And I also did my Biology exam and the teacher was rather rude because I forgot to bring my calculator with me and ruler, as I left it in class but she was like what else did you not bring? HUMPH I hate her.

Thanks, i plan on following it, but I’m very unorganized but i hope this time I will be!

EXACTLY! Like they’re not your real friend so what are you bragging about? Beside their so called real friend leave them when they’re in need.

Ha! i loose my phone very often i don’t use it anymore because it’s just..old it doesn’t even work, i don’t even call my friend and what so ever, I’m planing on buying a new phone! YAY LOL

I also had trouble getting the magnet earrings to stick in place. And when I did succeed, they would hurt my ears a lot. xD
Yeah, university fees and stuff like that are a lot.

I hate those kind of people who think that the world revolves around them, and they have the right to ask anyone for help anytime and then send them hate mails because they hadn’t got the help the needed. So I just ignored that mail. Much better than making them see reason or arguing back. :D

Aww, I’m sorry about your unlucky day. *hugs* It’s good that you finally figured out what the problem was, but the other things must have been irritating.

What’s bubble tea? I’ve never had it.

I hate when gum got stuck on my shoe. Trying to remove it is one thing, getting my fingers all sticky and dirty is another. >__<

Uh oh, seems like you had a pretty full AND rough day alright :( I hate it when that happens. I also like taking the train coz I know that I could easily calculate the time needed to get to a certain point. However, when it comes to riding buses, for some reason they never fail to make me feel sick especially when the driver doesn’t know how to drive :(

I hate “lacking” money also. But for some reason there’s an upside too when it comes to lacking money in my wallet… it prevents me from spending too much. HAHA.