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I was just sitting here feeling so happy for someone. And then I started crying.

I’m lucky.

I’m so lucky, and I want to tell people that. I have a roof above my damn head. I have access to the internet. My parents have money to pay for my education. Heck, I have parents. I am attending university. I have a part-time job. I earn money. It’s unfortunate that I have physical and […]

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I don’t mind lending people things. It’s okay. But sometimes we can get rather possessive of what we own, and don’t want to lend those things to other people.

In high school I bought a lot of CDs. My music taste changed every week and I sort of liked mainstream music back then. People would often ask to borrow my CDs and that was usually okay with me, after I reminded them, “Take good care […]

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I’m on Twitter, and a short time before new year this year, I saw someone tweet something like the following:

‘New year, new me’ – bitch please. You’re still the same person.

We might think of changing ourselves but we still are the same person no matter who we are, what we do.

I’m still “me”. I didn’t make resolutions but I’ve started something new, and I’m making ten goals each month, related to […]

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I know I have such wonderful memories to take away from meeting Ben Jorgensen but as Rachel warned me, at some point I’m going to be really sad that it’s over.

And well, she was right. I am. It was my first show ever, seeing bands/singers, and it was truly amazing. I look back on it and I smile so hard, but a part of me is sad. A whole other part of me […]

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I’m actually at a loss for words, and I’d rather not tell a story while being all fangirly (though that might have been the case when I retold this story to my friends). I want to write this as a story, just the way it should be.

Yesterday I went to my first show (Dylan referred to it as a gig). I don’t know what they call them these days, seeing as […]

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Yes, the title comes from The Great Gatsby, yes I’m a fan of classic literature, and yes I do happen to like The Great Gatsby. (You can read the book as an eBook.)

When I was younger, so much younger than today… I… right. I need to stop quoting ancient references, I was just about to sing Help! by The Beatles. Right. Um.

When I was younger, there was a time when I thought […]

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Our wireless modem keeps having problems. I don’t know, maybe it’s just experiencing a lot of lag, but I am now restricted to my desk by a cable that connects me to the internet! I suppose it’s no big deal though, since my laptop was connected to the modem before we even got wireless internet.

I got to talk to James online today. He’s three hours behind Sydney time here as he’s in Hong […]

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My laptop’s been playing up for the past few days, which is why I haven’t replied to a lot of emails. I’m really sorry for anyone who is waiting a response, I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Basically, Fin, my laptop, decided to have the equivalent of a heart attack. 😛 I was listening to music and typing my previous post (Almost) Three Years of Love, decided to open a […]

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I was debating on the current title and The Game of Love for this post, but I guess the former won. (I don’t believe that time should ultimately define a relationship, but I like the number three.)

I don’t think that love is a game. There are infinite ways… I guess you could see it as a game, but it’s a game that people all win in the end, because you’re loved, and you find […]

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It’s actually a rare occurrence that I write in such detail about my day. I usually find one solid topic to blog about, and manage to write a good five hundred words on it. Another funny thing is when I just write something, and feel in my heart that I wrote without thinking (more like a stream of consciousness)… yet people seem to like what I ramble on about.

Today I was thinking about […]

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