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A lot of people ask me how I keep up with my many domains, along with work and university. I was going to write a bit about it in a blog post, but instead, I wrote an article on time management with my personal tips on keeping up with so much stuff.

There are a few other things I have updated, which I have included in the sidebar.

I finally managed to squeeze in […]

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The first part of the domain competition is over; the winner will be announced soon. I need to collate the results from the other judges.

When I got into university, my name (along with the names of thousands of other high school students) was published in the newspaper along with the course I had been accepted into.

The annoying thing is, my parents took this to their advantage, and scrutinised the entire list of […]

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I have about twenty tabs open in Firefox, more than half of which are YouTube videos. I’m not really one to browse YouTube, but I felt an urge to watch the final scene of Dirty Dancing. It makes me smile, but also makes me sad because of Patrick Swayze’s recent death. 😞

Dirty Dancing is definitely a movie that I love, and that’s saying something, because I don’t watch a lot of movies […]

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Join the domain competition! 😁

James and I opened a site together; Fire The Arrow. I guess it’s nothing much but if you’re looking to see what we’re up to, I guess you might like it. 🙂

Also, join the Graphic Challenges forum!

Sorry to the multiple plugs. I had to. 😧

I think you might be wanting to know how my job interview went. Well, it went great. The person offering […]

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Join the domain competition! 😁

Today was great, all in all. Now, I’m one for mess, so things might not be in chronological order but I’ll try my best.

The day started out pretty lame. My mum got annoyed at me for not doing the dishes. Ugh. But I do them every day, or at least one sink full of dishes! I ate two cookies for breakfast which didn’t make me feel too good. […]

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Domain competition is now open! 😁

For those of you who don’t know, I work in an education centre. I mark children’s work and I help them if they need it. They usually have a set time when they enter class, and when they’re done with their work they put it in a basket and I mark it.

From time to time, we have new students come in. They do a little test so […]

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New layout. Finally a layout that I’m proud of. In some way.

The thing that amuses me most about this layout is what I must tell you first. Get your mouse and place the cursor in line with the affiliates on the left (yes, do this before you even think about the layout and your opinion on it, and before you even read the quote in the header, and before you even comment).

Then, […]

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Visit my domain collective: is now open!

Shower me with comments and I’ll have a new layout and domain competition up tomorrow!

And visit the lovely AnneMarie at SmashedDreams, one of my domain hostees. 🙂

My internet is still terrible, and I could wait until midnight to use it, but I think I’d rather sleep.

I have a study break from university for two weeks, so that gives me a bit more time […]

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Fin: How are you tonight, Georgie? You seem stressed.
Georgina: Terrible.
Fin: And why is that…
Georgina: I absolutely hate being greeted with terrible internet.
Fin: I wouldn’t say you were greeted! It was okay this morning.
Georgina: It sure was, but now it’s just getting worse, just when I’m about to finish this essay. I think I might pop it in with however many words I have now. I […]

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Today I went to university. It was alright. Apart from the fact that I had to take the long way to the next floor, because they were fixing the escalators.

One thing that annoys me about travelling to the city every day is the amount of people I encounter. As if the train isn’t bad enough, trying to walk through the subway or even across a footpath or across a road is absolute hell. There […]

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