Seb (previously Sebby, the name later deemed too childish) is one of my close friends who I met in university. We’ve had our fair share of arguments over time, but obsess over the same things – Doctor Who, photography, books, and music. I do think that he will be forever grateful for the time I discovered the song Sunsets by Powderfinger – it was, as he described, a rock song that he saw the video clip for on a television, somewhere, during his first couple of years in Australia, and it was red, and animated, and it was surely an Australian band…

I vaguely remember thinking, “What a sketchy description”. Nonetheless, my data mining skills (probably strengthened by my Bachelors degree, hah) led me to find a list of animated music video clips and a handful of miscellaneous screen captures of these. I don’t know how, really, that I stumbled upon Sunsets and asked, “Well, could this be it?” and as magic would have it, it was it.

Seb is currently one of my photographers for my Fashion Friday segment.