Royal Botanic Gardens photowalk with Seb

Seb and I went to the (Sydney) Royal Botanic Gardens yesterday and took some photos. You should also check out Seb’s blog post, which also has links to his Flickr account and his full set of photos. But there’s a cool picture of me in it, so, that’s also why you should check it out. ;)

It’s pretty fun photographing with a friend, and I guess I really like looking at the results at the end to see the types of shots we took of the same subjects.

I particularly enjoyed taking photos of some of the bamboo and tree carvings. It was really intriguing. The last time I saw any kind of human carvings in nature was a very long time ago.

I installed a new gallery plugin not long ago (hurrah!) so now I can post lots of photos without them all having to load in full size down the page. I mean, I’ll do that sometimes, but if there are a lot of photos it might be a gallery like this one! Click the thumbnails to view larger.

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/look Sydney!!!!!! 1 of my dream places to visit!
Just seems so far for the rest of the world 😰 .. but one day!
Very nice pics /eee

I also love the plugin-solution for displaying a LOT of pictures as a ‘ gallery ‘! Very nice! (Y)

Oh, i love your photos! The flowers are so pretty, and just looking at them makes me happy. Love the macro effect on a lot of these photos! You have a great eye for them — something I don’t have XD

I’ve never been to a botanic garden, but seeing your pictures is making me want to now! I’ll have to see if Seoul has one (I’m sure it does) and plan for a visit :D

The more pictures you and other Australian bloggers post of Sydney, the more I want to visit! (I think that I might someday.)

I checked out Seb’s blog, and I’m trying to imagine you and Seb both taking pictures with epic photography skills together. It must be a fun sight! I also am impressed by your pictures because you managed to make graffiti on the bamboo look pretty.