The LZRGUN Manifesto


I wrote a manifesto for several reasons. One reason was because my blog didn’t have a certain “vision”, and the question “so what do you blog about?” began to tire me.

I write about lots of things. But what is more important than the subject matter of my posts is the person behind it. This is a list of things that are important to me, be it beliefs, intentions, or even opinions.

Love whatever you get called.

I’m Georgie. I’m GG to a handful of my friends, Hotcake to one of them specifically. I’m Nicholas’s little bunny. To pretty much everyone at work, I’m the girl who broke the buttons. To that guy named Vince whom I met at a bar, I’m that cute girl with the camera. To the bullies in primary school who called me a hyena, hell to the yeah.

I was called Georgie by everyone in my family from the day I was born. I finally stopped hating it when I was nineteen.

Everyone is a friend unless proven otherwise.

Think like a kid. Go join that other kid on the playground equipment. Five-year-olds talk to someone else for five minutes and they’re new best friends. Befriend everybody without judging them to all hell. Not everyone is out to get you. Not everyone “just wants something”. Everyone has good in them. Everyone.

If life gives you something kind-of-awesome — go and make something bloody fucking amazing out of it.

Look on the bright side. Look at how many good things come out of the bad. I lost my job once. I loved it to pieces. I finished studying my Masters degree, and went on a trip to Japan. I came back. I got a new job. It’s even better. And I didn’t even think there could be anything better. Was losing my job really all that bad? There is always something better.

Don’t hate. Appreciate.

You don’t want to be friends with someone anymore? Let it out, as all people must. Let it out and let it go. If the situation aches for forgiveness, forgive it. And forgive yourself. There is beauty in forgiving the smallest things, and there is beauty in forgiving yourself. You will see it when you look back, and realise you have indeed moved on.

Optimism is a road that you create.

I struggled with depression and self-harm for over six years. You have to help yourself, above anyone helping you. I wrote. I talked. I tried. I looked. I suffered. I cried. I broke. I reached. I shared. You don’t escape your state, you don’t change your state, you don’t run away. Running is blind. You walk. You walk away from it, no matter how long it takes, and you build that road away from it. Brick by brick. Optimism is not a destination. It is a journey, and you can make it a journey without an end.

Believe in magic.

In 2013, I found myself. Through someone who, through a chance meeting, became one of my best friends. We danced. We went on emotional rollercoasters. We went ice skating (literally). In 2014, I met the love of my life. Someone I didn’t ever dream would be the love of my life. Someone who changed me as a person and made me so much happier. But you know the way you think – if that one small thing never happened, the dominoes would never have fallen, and you would never have met.

I won an iPhone once. Granted, I chose the monetary equivalent instead because I didn’t particularly want an iPhone at the time. I won some merchandise from a music blog a handful of times. I won a toy from a skilltester machine, on the first try. I also won a colouring competition as a kid. I also did a quiz on a community walk and won fifty dollars.

Magic is whatever you decide is unexplainable – or even better – needs no explanation.

Put value in moments, not material things.

Let’s think about that person that made you change everything about you, just for them. The person who made you want to be a better person. That one person you would spend every waking moment with, if you could.

Now think about your phone, your collection of books, your stuffed toys, the clothes that have been tucked away in your drawers that you come across years later and forgot that you even owned.

Would you really, truly miss those posters on your walls? Would you really miss that pillowcase you’ve had since you were six years old? Even if they were gone, wouldn’t you still remember it in your head fondly? Put value in the people you love and the memories you’ve had as they sit in your mind. Take from the physical and hold the memories close to your heart.

Embrace the morning.

I go through pockets of time where I embrace the sun rising, when I get up when it’s still dark. I walk part-way to work. I see the sky gaining colour. I sip on hot tea. I love this more than when the sun has already said hello.

You may not be a morning person. Ever. At all. Refuse to be. That’s fine. Because morning is relative. Morning is when you wake up.

Smile. You’ve made it through to another day.