Six friends

This is strange. It’s midnight but I woke up half an hour ago to find that I had fallen asleep in my bed. I had just intended on lying down to surf the internet on my iPad and it appears that I fell asleep for about one and a half hours.

I had my birthday dinner last night (well, if you want to be super technical since it’s past midnight, then that would be two nights ago) and most of the people I invited were able to come. Silly Jason forgot. How do you forget a birthday dinner? 😞 Poor Karen had tonsillitis. I was looking forward to catching up with her, but oh well. Had an argument with my mum before James came to pick me up, but let’s not get into that. I wish our doorbell worked properly so he didn’t have to bang on the door. Stupid idiot doorbell. No wonder visitors keep pressing that shit and not getting an answer. The. Doorbell. Does. Not. Work.

I don’t know why we can’t just take it down. It’s an old piece of shit anyway.

James, Dylan and I met Lilian on the train as we made our way to the city. I made my booking way back in April at Wagaya. It’s a lovely Japanese restaurant! I booked one of the washitsu – the Japanese styled rooms – and paid $30. I was told that if I spent more than $300 on the night, I would get the $30 back. It seemed ludicrous, haha. I was beginning to doubt that I’d spend more than that.

I told James everything was on me, and I was paying for everyone, and he kept telling me in the days leading up to Saturday, that he would not eat anything so that on the night he could eat all the sushi in the world or everything on the menu. Hilarious. It got on my nerves after a while. 😰

Since we had about forty minutes to kill once we reached the city, Lilian, James, Dylan and I went to the sticker photo booths. πŸ˜› James and Dylan joined us for two photos where they hilariously touched their lips together for a shot (HAHAHA) and one where they made faces. Lilian and I found it appropriate to decorate that photo with the decal of a cartoon pouting mushroom. 😚

Ryan was running late because the trains were a little borked up. We were possibly running a little late too… oh, no we weren’t. πŸ˜„ We were right on time and we were the first people in the room. Michael joined us next, and he managed to find his way alright. I called up Seb and Ryan and told them to just come up and let them know they were here with Georgina.

One thing I like about Wagaya is the food, but that’s kind of obvious. I’ve been there at least twice already. πŸ˜‹ They have almost everything – ramen, udon, Japanese style spaghetti, sushi, sashimi, Japanese style pizza, grilled dishes… the list goes on. We ordered some noodles and takoyaki (octopus) and a few of us ordered pizza. Dylan had some white rice. O_O Hahahaha.

Ryan finally arrived, though he wasn’t too late. He arrived just after I phoned Jason and he realised he had forgotten. πŸ™ Lilian said that he remembered two days beforehand. What a silly, silly boy.

I don’t know much -if anything – about alcohol, so my obvious response to everyone was, “I don’t know these things!” when I asked if sake was alcoholic. Herp derp. I though, this will be pretty cool. And possibly taste bad. Or familiar. Sake is made from fermented rice, and my mum sometimes makes rice pudding by fermenting it. It’s ridiculously sour – actually, I’m not even sure how to describe the taste. Sake is definitely stronger than the pudding my mum makes. Lilian didn’t want hers and there was some left in the bottle.

LOL GUYS. I HAD THREE SHOTS OF SAKE. Moi, Georgie, who never drinks. Bad.

Something tells me I’m a vodka girl.

Also, I thought whisky was cool, but Dylan gave me a sip of his (mixed with Coca Cola) and it sadly tasted like paint. 😞

Don’t worry, I wasn’t drunk. πŸ˜†

This is the problem, actually. Everyone tells me you know when you’re drunk. I didn’t feel any different, so I suppose I wasn’t. Everyone else said I seemed extremely hyper given my nasty joke comments. Maybe I was just happy that all my friends were there? πŸ™„ I was really enjoying their company though. ☺️

We could watch television but all we got were news channels and some channel with a documentary full of ants. James said he likes watching documentaries while he eats. I usually just watch anything on television. There was a channel with Pirates of the Caribbean. I dislike that movie, but we watched a bit of it anyway, with Ryan copying the actors’ voices. 😁 He was exceptional, and his Sean Connery imitation turned James into a fanboy: “My life is made.”

After eating and some of my friends insisting they pay (no!!!!!!), the bill came to $160 and I managed to put $100 in. Whoever put in 60 dollars… *shakes fist*

We went to eat ice cream at Cold Rock. I’ve never been there before. James pointed out that if you spoonerism the name, you get Rolled Cock. Cold Rock. Rolled Cock. Amused.

Cold Rock just grabs the ice cream flavour/s you want and the mixins you want, and just mushes it all together with the mixins (usually chocolate or candy) on the inside. Hence a cold rock. It was a cold night but we enjoyed the ice cream. Lilian sadly had to farewell us before we went for the bumper/dodgem cars at Galaxy World. We went on twice, if I recall correctly. It might have been three. Ahaha. It was loads of fun, though someone of my stature gets thrown around a fair bit.

After some racing games we decided to call it a day and headed home. :’)

Thank you to all my beautiful friends for coming and helping me complete a goal on my 101 in 1001 list. β™₯️

Michael, Lil, me, James, Dylan, Seb, Ryan πŸ™‚

I also did some volunteering the next day, minding a photo gallery. It was raining and I was so close to cancelling as I was not in the mood and had work to do… but I still wanted the experience and to see some of the photography. I lightened up after hearing that my old photography teacher had his work exhibited there.

I just had to tally up visitors and make sure everything went swell, and it did. It probably wasn’t worth the two hour commute (ugh) but hey, another thing ticked off my 101 in 1001. 😁

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