Boy & Bear and a Birthday


I turned 21 yesterday. No one can pick it. I usually look about seventeen.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:30am for no real reason. It’s always been a thing for me to wake up early on a day when something frigging awesome is about to happen. That hasn’t happened in a while, but yesterday, it did. I remember waking up early when I was due to go to a party, or when there was some special occasion – just any day when there was no school. At least until I finished school, hah.

Yesterday I made it pretty early to the bus stop and once I got to the city, I bought two boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The original plan was to buy one box, and avoid eating any of it until I had eaten my breakfast. I had done The Big Skip, and just packed breakfast in my bag, just because I was so desperate to get these doughnuts to share with my officemates.

Yes, I immediately regret buying two, as I started walking with my umbrella down the street. I bought a whole box of original glazed doughnuts, and a number of strawberry jam, caramel cream, cookies and cream and choc ice ones. I refuse to spell them with the “K” trademark because it looks stupid.

While my iPad kept going off (with happy birthday tweets, no doubt), I was trying to run across the street (in heels no less, because a girl has got to wear heels on her birthday) with my umbrella, trying not to get the Krispy Kreme bag wet.

I’ll be honest – I am not a huge fan of doughnuts. The cheap shitty ones you buy at Woolworths or Coles are just plain gross. It’s like eating bread with sugar on it. A bit like fairy bread, but so much worse. Sickly sweet, but like rye inside, or something to that effect. I am not a fan of cake, either, but because doughnuts are easy to share and Krispy Kremes are nice doughnuts, it was a good alternative. Too bad I felt all gross and yuck after eating just one.

Those things are like diabetes attack in three bites! Or twenty bites, if you’re like me and have a small mouth.

Enough about doughnuts. Point is, there are some still on my desk in the box (got rid of one box at least) and I would share them with you if I could, but I can’t.

Cal, Chad and I went for lunch. Obviously I chose Japanese, because it’s always a good time for Japanese. I was actually horribly full, even though I had only eaten one doughnut on top of my raisin toast breakfast. I’m like that. Small-stomached. Regardless, I ordered a bento box with chicken katsu and that was more than enough for me. We ate at a restaurant that was a few floors up, so there was a pretty setting with the light coming through the windows onto the tables, even though the view wasn’t a hundred percent pretty with cars just zooming by.

I had class that afternoon, which wasn’t too bad for class on my birthday. We just had discussion in peer groups. :)

I met up with James and we had a lovely dinner together, then walked up to the State Theatre for the Boy & Bear concert. It gave us a good warmup. I was bound to complain given my high heels, but it turned out to be okay. I was wearing jeans, and today I hit 22/30 days not wearing a skirt or a dress, and it’s been killing me. I hate jeans soooo much. But I’m nearly there, I’m nearly there. What’s the bet I’ll go right back to skirts for the longest time now? :P

James and I were in row S. Was surprised to hear that The Money Go Round and The Griswolds were attending too. I wish I could have caught up with them, wah. Boy & Bear were supported by Tin Sparrow and Jungle Giants. Tin Sparrow were pretty, were very enjoyable. The keyboardist actually sat next to me after they played and talked to some of the people behind us. I wish I’d talked to her. I’m such an idiot. /bash Their music was a lot like Boy & Bear’s, though. It was gentle and pretty, a bit like what you’d listen to on a not-too-cloudy afternoon.

I have to admit I didn’t like the venue all that much. It was comfortable and we had seats, but for the music that was being played, it didn’t seem to suit. The theatre seemed more cut out for a huge popular band, or even just an orchestra or some kind of chamber music. I’m probably being too critical, but Boy & Bear would have been a better experience if they had played at a venue like the Metro Theatre. The State Theatre was majestic and amazing, and we were allowed to take photos but not allowed to video record. I got a few shots on my camera before I decided to take photos in black and white.

The Jungle Giants were great, and I admired the female guitarist. I guess these days you don’t often see girls who are really good at guitar. I wish she put a bit more oomph into her movements and moved around the stage a bit more. The bassist was a bit nuts. Actually – he was quite nuts. He was jumping all over the stage and headbanging and it didn’t seem appropriate for their kind of music.

It was almost cute though, the fact that they were a little four-piece outfit playing on a stage and having so much energy among a not-yet-full theatre.

Only when Boy & Bear started playing did the theatre fill up. There was not an empty seat in the room. Without an introduction (not that we were expecting one), they jumped right into song. I was impressed that there was so much respect for them in that crowd; even when they spoke, no one jeered or cheered too loudly; no one hollered stupid things to get their attention. There was a small group at the back who did, but only when the rest of the audience laughed or clapped. They tossed in a few jokes, got the crowd laughing at times, but most of all had the loudest rounds of applause.

I almost cried when I heard Boy & Bear Fall At Your Feet. I don’t care what anyone else says, but that is the best cover of any song that I have ever heard. The first time I heard it, I was listening to it in the hours just past midnight, I was so moved that I stopped. Ironic, but true. It’s haunting and gripping at the same time, and it was definitely my favourite of the night. I really enjoyed their pseudo-encore that ended with Golden Jubilee. I was worried they’d leave out that song, but I’m glad they ended with it. It sounded wonderful.

James said that for such a long time I was just staring at them playing with a big closed-mouth smile on my face. I didn’t notice, but I’m not surprised. /faw

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching Boy & Bear play live. My only wish is that they play in a smaller more intimate standing venue, or maybe that I got a chance to meet them. Oh, oh well. I can’t always dream of meeting anybody. So it wasn’t the best show ever, but they sounded amazing. That’s what I was there for – the music. And it was terrific.

Only a few photos, but it captures the moment. ♥️

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear

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I’ve never heard of this band before, I’ll definitely check them out, especially that cover you mentioned :)

Happy Belated Birthday! /eee

Mmm, I love donuts! I think it’s because I always ate it when I was a kid and a friend of my family used to work at a donut shop where I would always go and eat free chocolate donuts and drink free hot chocolate. xD No wonder my love for chocolate is so big, haha.

And mmm to Japanese food. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Japanese food. It’s ALWAYS good. ♥ I find it funny though that I love sushi and yet I can only eat 3-4 bites before I feel like I’ll puke. Something about eating too much raw fish or whatever. I honestly have no clue, but at least I can eat sushi, ha. :)P

Georgie! Happy birthday! :D

Hmm.. I love doughnuts! ;D Quite delicous. Oh ya. I think it’s because of the shape. I love circular things! And, I love chocolate! ;D

Whose Boy & bear? Never heard them before. I will check it out as soon as possible! ;D

happy birthday! glad it was a good one :)

I have never had a Krispy Kreme donut, but you don’t make them sound too appetizing :D

Happy birthday! Sorry I’m a bit late, after those four days I’m finally getting back into the loop.

My younger brother has always been someone to wake up super early. Before he started school he would wake up at 5am – no joke. I’m completely the other way – I’m a total night owl and hate early mornings.

This may seem odd but I’ve never had Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I’m really onlt a fan of homemade doughnuts. My mom makes amazing ones – amazing cream puffs too. Those two things I haven’t tried making yet.

We just recently got a Japanese restaurant that’s not far from where I live – you can imagine my excitement to find out if they’re vegan (or at least vegetarian) friendly! My favorite Chinese place is though – oh my I missed their rice.

I should take inspiration from your 30 day non-skirt/dress “challenge” and do a 30 day skirt/dress “challenge”! Which I would start tomorrow, but I really don’t want to considering my trip is coming quickly and I don’t want to wear anything exposing my legs at the concerts.

I always kick myself for not talking to band members – mainly those I talk to through email/twitter/facebook. Even though I talk to them through those outlets, I’m still SO shy around them. The interview I’m doing with the bassist of Anti-Flag in June, I’m so glad my friend will be there. We both know him but I’m still just so shy around him since I don’t see him a lot.

Through the friends I know in bands I’ve found either the bassist or drummer in bands are normally the ones that are the most nuts. Ha ha.

Happy (belated) Birthday! I don’t look my age either. A college intern asked if I was also a college intern today, haha. Going to a concert is an awesome way to celebrate though! I’m glad you had a great time :D

I’m on the fence about doughnuts. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are too sweet for me, but there’s a local place here that has a great glaze, so I love their doughnuts :)

If it makes you feel better, yesterday I showed my friend a picture of a 22-year-old GUY, and my friend thought he was 17. Happy birthday though! ^/_^

I just noticed how many points you mentioned relate to me. I can never sleep on time / wake up too early the day before I go somewhere exciting. Earlier this month, the night before I had two job interviews I could not sleep at all. I was awake until 5AM then got up and played video games. Also, I hate doughnuts and cakes and all that sweet girly stuff, ahaha.

Lastly, I am not looking forward to starting the autumn semester on my birthday (end of August) this year. It is also a Monday, which means I have class from 3PM – 8PM. Oh lovely!

I have never heard of Boy & Bear and I’m going to make a wild guess that they’re indie rock. Not really my type of music, unfortunately. Even though I’d say the stuff I listen to is “underrated,” there’s no way they’d play at a small venue or anything. There are just too many people in the world! Your photos are absolutely lovely, especially the first one; I think they could go in a magazine haha. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t look as great in color.

Aww you’re so sweet to buy so many doughnuts for your officemates! lol I like how you wore heels because it’s your bday :) I think that’s an elegant tradition to have. I hate jeans, too! They’re so uncomfortable.

What a respectful crowd! :) I’ve never heard of Boy & Bear, but they sound cool. I wonder if I can youtube them. I wanna hear their cover on Fall At Your Feet. You describe it so wonderfully.

I love that you chose to do black and white for these pictures. They look amazing that way; very classic and retro. ♥

A girl has gotta wear heels on her birthday? I don’t think I’v worn heels before in my life. ;) Happy birthday, beautiful.

happy belated birthday! I think its pretty cool to have the tradition “a girl has got to wear heels on her birthday” I should try that on my birthday too! unfortunately i highly doubt that i do your 30 days not skirt or jeans routine! I have neither enough jeans or skirt/dress to wear daily without wearing them continuously! (Y) Respect to you for hitting your 22nd day!

What sort of music are they? I’ll try and take a listen haha! Happy birthday for the other day :)

The photos you took are incredible!! Especially the last, looks like something that’d be used for the cover of a live EP or something :D

It’s fine, I understand the busy life. So many thing have been going on lately so I can relate. :) I sometimes use my brothers phone to get on Instagram and it is really amazing. Androids have a lot to improve on because on the iPhones because everything looks better.

I’m actually getting sick of Android, but I think it’s just my HTC. It’s been having some serious melt down issues, it keeps turning on and off whenever it feels like it. Then it freezes for a long time till I get frustrated it and restart it. :/

I think there will always be that iPhone vs Android contest no matter what. It’s silly, but it is what humans do best.

Who knows I might just fall in love with this campus as soon as I move there. ;)

Aww Happy Belated Birthday! ♥ I hope you had a good one lol, age 21…the legal age. (H)
I like doughnuts, but after eating just one or two I always feel fat. I feel like I’ve eaten so much calories in just two doughnuts. O_O
I’ve never heard of this band before, are they an Australian band or an around the world kind of band?
Speaking of Australia, I’ve been meaning to asking you a question. Have you seen the tv show H20? Forget the mermaid and other teen crap, look at the scenery. Is Australia really like that?

Happy Birthday, Georgie!

I wonder if people just naturally stop liking sweet things once they grow up. Kids all seem to love the really sweet desserts, and we think that they taste like diabetes. Probably better for us that way. :P

I am generally unfamiliar with bands playing on stage, and haven’t seen many bands perform live before. But from what I’ve seen before, that is a really cool stage, and your pictures are awesome, as usual. The curly decorations on the side seem to be made for a classical or theater group rather than a group that plays guitars hooked up to amplifiers, but venues are probably hard to find, and you can’t really modify them too much.

Belated happy birthday! 👏

Belated Happy Birthday! :) We’re of the same age, you’re just few days older than me. :) I like donuts. The only thing that I hate about it is that it makes me feel bloated. :P I don’t know why. :(

happy belated birthday! :D i look younger than my age too :( but hey, it’ll be our advantage when we get older hehe 👏

you can never go wrong with japanese, i could really use a bento box right now, actually, pretty hungry :P

I don’t think I can last that long in jeans! I would really really want to wear leggings or sweatpants… blah!

anyways, sounds like you had a great time :) to another year!

Happy belated birthday! I usually look a lot younger than my age as well. I’m almost sixteen, but I get mistaken for thirteen or fourteen a lot. O_O

I’m not a fan of doughnuts either. i think they’re really nasty because like you said, it’s kind of like sugary bread. I also think that most of the time, they’re really dry and hard to eat. The only kind I like is the Boston cream kind, but I don’t know if they only sell those around here (Boston). :P

I hate jeans too. Well, I used to, until I found a pair that I really like. But skirts and dresses are definitely way better. Anyways, I’m glad you had a good birthday! :) It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Belated Happy Birthday! :) May you have a wonderful year ahead of you! :)

Happy late birthday Georgie <3 I hope it was a super pleasant day :D

Japanese food is delicious (I could go for some now lol xD).

Boy & Bear is new to me. You always mention bands that I am unfamiliar with. I'm glad you enjoyed the music. You know what you look for in a concert. Cool.

Thanks for your comment on my half assed post, it encouraged me to not quit blogging.

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu :)

Boy and Bear also played in Geelong some time ago. They were a massive hit here. I didn’t realise they were here until my cousins fiance told me as he worked at the venue they were playing at. I hear they are fantastic live.

Oh, I am not sure if you know is but Smashing Pumpkins are going to be featuring on the Veronicas first single they release from their new album :D OOOOO.

I had Japanese on Friday actually :-)