A night without shut-eye

I don’t understand all-nighters. I don’t know how one can pull one off at all. I don’t know why you’d leave everything to the last minute. My problem is not that I leave things until the last minute, but it’s that at the last minute I get a little too lazy to do small parts. The perfectionist in me goes insane and cannot stop unless it is absolutely perfect.

Take last night for example. I didn’t sleep at all. I was up all night working on my assignment, which this new layout is part of, but I’ll get to that.

I know I probably shouldn’t have given up my time volunteering on Sunday. I don’t mean to be selfish, but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, and when I do, I don’t often want to volunteer. I’m still glad I did. There are times when you put your hand up and you know you want to help. I knew I did, so I did it. Minding the photo gallery was alright, and I did get a bit bored, but volunteering isn’t exactly a ride on a rollercoaster (not that riding on a rollercoaster is my idea of fun either).

I volunteered for about five hours all up, and the nasty thing is that altogether, it took about four hours of travel. Two buses, two trains and some walking. It rained. :(

I was pretty much done with my assignment; I’d written bucketloads. All I really had to do, realistically, was to pull it all together, write some conclusions and fix up my system.

But no, because I chose to make this theme part of my project and skills development, I had to tweak at it beyond my patience. This layout isn’t complete and I promise I’ll make it complete; I’ll add in the images on the pages, I’ll add subnavigation where necessary, I’ll fix any broken links. But for now what I’m most proud of is the responsiveness of the design. If you resize the window it fits into the viewport. You can view it in both orientations on your phone or your iPad/tablet and it should still be readable. It’s not perfect or a hundred percent awesome, but it’s better than my last theme and I’m really very proud of it. I’ve already received some comments about the theme but I’d love to hear more. ♥️

It was coming close to 3am this morning and I was thinking, “Right, I just have to pull this together then I can sleep.”

That wasn’t going to happen. It wasn’t going to happen at all. My brother woke up at 6:30am and I had also heard my dad come home (he works night shift). Wow, I was up all night and there was no way I was going to squeeze in any sleep. I was coping though. I could still think properly, but I was kind of stuck in my own world and staring into my own improbable void.

Never doing that again.

I woke up on the train. I had slept through my entire train ride, and just my luck, the train was just pulling into my station. I arrived at work feeling rather empty and strange. Since I didn’t finish my assignment, Cal suggested I get it done while he sorted out some other things.

Horribly enough, it took me another hour and a half to pull it all together. A short time after that, I was actually so tired that I dropped off right at my desk. A few times I found my eyes shutting of their own accord. A couple of times I even caught myself writing stupid crap in the HTML code I was working on. It really does it to you when you work at a computer for the majority of your day and have microsleeps and even just remember the dreams you had.

Today it rained and along with being rather tired and exhausted I also got really wet. I wasn’t splashed or without an umbrella… “but I believe I was a goth” just came to my mind. See what I mean…? Georgie and alcohol do not mix. Those last two sentences were just part of my stream of consciousness.

I wore flare jeans in a hilarious attempt to bring back the ridiculous bellbottom pants. The pair I have are just made of blue denim, and they look ludicrous. I was wearing heeled boots but it didn’t help the situation. It was pouring down.

I’m still so proud of this theme, though, the fact that I made it all on my own and tested it on my own; the fact that it’s the best responsive design I’ve made to date… I am glad it’s assisted me in bettering my skills. I feel like it’s such an accomplishment. :)

Anyway I’m tired. I need to sleep, need to sleep. My eyes are shutting. /zzz Never pulling an all-nighter again.

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Ha, I understand what you mean about the perfectionist in you spazzing out at the last minute and spending aaages on the last bits. Buuut I’m also a serious last-minute-person. Having said that though, the assignment I just finished writing this morning (at 7.30am, no less…) i had started AGES ago, and I have pulled about 4 all-nighters for it, and only managed to finish it last night. I just… didn’t really know how to write the damn thing!!

It was lucky you managed to wake up at the right station by the way! One time after an all-nighter i fell asleep on the way home on the ferry. And because it was a friday night, there were a lot of passengers getting on the ferry to go to town, and i had my headphones on… only woke up a split second before they were to leave and had to dash off really embarrassed!

Ahh, I am exactly the same! XD Microsleeps are funny, and that little ‘jolt’ you do when you feel like you’re “falling”. 😰

I love the new theme, it’s very pretty. 👏 NOW GO GET SOME SLEEP! ;) ♥

I am insomniac, so staying up all night is not new to me. But in some way, I am like you. I try to make things as perfect as possible. But when small things fall apart, I get lazy and sometimes, I leave things as they are – imperfect.

I absolutely love the theme! I am proud of you. I had already graduated in college with the course related to webdesign but I learned nothing. I think it’s my fault, but nah, I’d like to put the blame on my professors.

Go get some sleep now!

Take care. ♥

I’ve no idea how people pull all-nighters, either. I am a night person, but that also means that I need to sleep in for staying up so late. I did an all-nighter once before for school and it was absolutely terrible. By the end of the day, I had drank so much coffee and was so tired I was shaking. x_x

This layout is gorgeous! <3 I don't know how you think of all these beautiful color schemes and ideas, but they always turn out wonderful! You said it's not finished, but it could be to me! :P

I'm a perfectionist, too. Whenever I start something, I want to finish it right then and there, but I take forever because I want it to be perfect. Argh xP

All-nighters are pretty cool until they become your everyday habit. Then they become saddening :(. And I used to procrastinate a lot, but now, I have so much anxiety that I literally can’t sleep until I get something finished.

I really like your theme. It’s simple and clean but I’ve actually never seen anything like it before. And the colours are nice :)

Sorry to hear about your experience there; being rained on sucks :( But it still sounds like you had quite the interesting experience :)

I’ve pulled all-nighters before but I eventually crash and don’t wake up for ten hours or so. I definitely know that feeling of being so tired that your eyes keep on shutting and you just don’t have the energy to fight it. I hope you get some sleep soon!

I definitely love the theme though! It looks great even on my iPhone =3 I actually wanna make a new theme for my website so this kinda inspired me lol I actually have a textured background similar to this that I was gonna use but it’s gray xD

I must admit, I love this layout!!! /love

I don’t think I’ve ever pulled an all-nighter before. I’m that type who always want to sleep “on time. ” :P I do procrastinate though and do assignments the night before it’s due, but I make sure to start it early and end before 1AM or 2AM so I have time to sleep. Sleep and rest are very important to me. xD

I know the tired feeling you’re talking about. I’ve found my eyes shutting itself many times. I either just go to sleep for real or try to keep awake for whatever reasons. It sucks when there isn’t enough time in the day to just sleep and rest. :T

Two nights ago, I didn’t think I was all that tired, but then I opened the lid of the trash can and put my shirt in, thinking it was the dirty clothes hamper.

My stream of consciousness goes wonky when I’m tired, too. I can always tell I’m about to fall asleep based on whether what I’m thinking about makes sense. It’s hilarious, really.

I left work a little bit early today because I was too tired. I think it’s because of the medication I took. My coworker asked what I was working on and I told him, “I’m supposed to be fixing the outages that don’t work, but I’m really tired, so I don’t think I’ve done anything…” Then my other coworker asked what wasn’t working and I called them “collapse-o things”. -_-


This layout is incomplete? If so, then I can’t wait to see the rest! I think that like your others, it looks quite awesome. (Y) As someone who resizes my browser window too much, I appreciate responsiveness very much.

All-nighters are terrible and should be avoided as much as possible. I’ve pulled on average 1-2 every year as a university student, and I think that that’s more than enough! Because I’ll feel groggy over the next few days as a result of a messed-up sleep schedule, I’ll get very little work done and whatever work I do get done is terrible.

My friends and I will enter a state that we call “noodle hour” when we haven’t enough sleep. Words uttered during noodle hour are funny only during noodle hour. Afterwards, they just don’t make any sense any more.

Very nice theme Georgie! I dont know how you keep making these great themes, but you do.

I bet you’ll be so glad when all of your schooling is over, so sound so over worked and tired.

Now get some sleep. :D

:love: ♥ ♥ I ♥ your layout, Georgie!! It is wonderful :D When I visit this website using my phone yesterday, it keeps loading and loading until a moment when I see the background is blue. So then, I was wondering? “Did I enter the wrong site? Or makeover? Da?”. Hahaha! It is great Georgie! :D (Y)

Ho. Get sleeg! ;D

I only pulled one all nighter and I had to sleep so much the next few days to catch up D: D: *huggu*

What a nice, clean theme. :3


This is a fantastic theme, what do you need to add to it? it looks fine.
I graduated as a Graphic Designer but never learnt half the stuff I had to self taught myself in webdesign, i thought a graphic designer was both a webdesigner and a graphic designer.
I’m like you in a way with assignments or work. i dont rest until i’m happy with it. the layout i’m trying to do now is kinda doing a all nighter thing to me now.
Lucky you woke up at the right time on the train, i would have slept right through the stop.
Is Cal your boss? If he is, he is very kind to let you finishh your assignment. Did he see you collapse on your desk from exhaustion? I hope not

I enjoy volunteering, but I’m kind of picky. 😳 I like to be able to have fun whilst doing it. I haven’t voluneteered in a while, though. :L But I also don’t think it’s necessary for me to do much of any volunteering right now given the circumstances. 💥 /oh

This theme really did turn out nice! ^^; The pink is a little too much on my eyes, though. I’ve tried different lighting one my lappy and in my room, and it’s kinda still the same. P: That’s the only downside for me.

… :O ARE YOU SLEEPING??!! Or did you get any sleep? I would have just crashed rather than blogging. xD

It isn’t exactly pink, it’s brown with a bit of a peachy tinge. Old laptop perhaps? I know some screens don’t do too well with colours. I created a layout once with brown and it came out some shade of horrid green on another screen. It’s pretty hard to use web safe colours these days, but you can’t win.

I know, it is hard. :L

Well, brightish/paleish colors affect my eyes, so…

My laptop is new. .-. It’s the Lenovo ThinkPad.

It’s more than likely just my eyes.

I love this theme – I think that the colours work beautifully together, and the design is so clean. I wish I could code properly, all my themes have been so basic, and now I given up on trying to code completely. Anyway, it’s lovely.

I have tried to pull and all-nighter before to get coursework done, but have never managed to do it. I usually get to around 3/4 o’ clock and just can’t be bothered to stay up any longer. I usually just end up getting a late mark on assignments if I leave them that late. Working without sleep is an awful thing to do. Well done on managing it! At least you get to sleep whilst knowing it’s done now!

Ugggh sleep.

Lately I’ve been waking up as if someone has shaken me hard and shouted “GET UP!!” in my ear, yet nobody has. I mean, how is that fair? It would be more comfortable if someone had poured a glass of water over my face!

And on top of that, the other night I dreamed I had a whole day of work. I was literally just doing work all day (or all night) in my dream. So when I woke up, my mind was exhausted. That actually used to happen every night for half a year some time ago. MY GOD.

Basically, my little anecdotes there are to say that I totally sympathise with your tiredness! And I seriously don’t understand how people can afford to waste their nights like that when I can’t even control my sleep anyway! :(

Your layout is cute. I especially think it’d look good on an iphone. :)

When it comes to school projects, I probably spend the most time making “finishing touches”, so I know what you mean. It gets ridiculous, but I it’s hard to sleep when you feel like something’s wrong with something you made, or like you aren’t completely done with something you were working on.

But I don’t think I ever did an all-nighter. The last couple of years, I’ve really been prioritizing sleep. Like I’d choose getting enough rest to finishing an easy homework or studying a bit more, because I know that it’s much harder to think when you’re sleepy anyway.

This layout is amazing btw! It looks sort of simple, yet, at the same time, looks like a lot of effort was put into it. It looks really…clean.

I haven’t coded a decent layout in a long time…partially because I don’t have the time, and partially because I’m getting distracted by other things.

well it is a very nice layout :) sleep is important though!

OH all-nighters… yeah. I feel like for one to get used to them/be okay with them, one would have to pull of a lot of all-nighters, haha. Your day sounds painful though D:

YOUR THEME IS STILL GORGEOUS THOUGH and I know I’ve already told you but I’mma say it again :D Personally I think it’s totes worth staying up for, ’cause it’s gorgeous and all that :D

Reading this and considering it completely normal…:) I think this is a normal part of a web designer’s life. :D