A night without shut-eye

I don’t understand all-nighters. I don’t know how one can pull one off at all. I don’t know why you’d leave everything to the last minute. My problem is not that I leave things until the last minute, but it’s that at the last minute I get a little too lazy to do small parts. The perfectionist in me goes insane and cannot stop unless it is absolutely perfect.

Take last night for example. I didn’t sleep at all. I was up all night working on my assignment, which this new layout is part of, but I’ll get to that.

I know I probably shouldn’t have given up my time volunteering on Sunday. I don’t mean to be selfish, but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, and when I do, I don’t often want to volunteer. I’m still glad I did. There are times when you put your hand up and you know you want to help. I knew I did, so I did it. Minding the photo gallery was alright, and I did get a bit bored, but volunteering isn’t exactly a ride on a rollercoaster (not that riding on a rollercoaster is my idea of fun either).

I volunteered for about five hours all up, and the nasty thing is that altogether, it took about four hours of travel. Two buses, two trains and some walking. It rained. 😞

I was pretty much done with my assignment; I’d written bucketloads. All I really had to do, realistically, was to pull it all together, write some conclusions and fix up my system.

But no, because I chose to make this theme part of my project and skills development, I had to tweak at it beyond my patience. This layout isn’t complete and I promise I’ll make it complete; I’ll add in the images on the pages, I’ll add subnavigation where necessary, I’ll fix any broken links. But for now what I’m most proud of is the responsiveness of the design. If you resize the window it fits into the viewport. You can view it in both orientations on your phone or your iPad/tablet and it should still be readable. It’s not perfect or a hundred percent awesome, but it’s better than my last theme and I’m really very proud of it. I’ve already received some comments about the theme but I’d love to hear more. β™₯️

It was coming close to 3am this morning and I was thinking, “Right, I just have to pull this together then I can sleep.”

That wasn’t going to happen. It wasn’t going to happen at all. My brother woke up at 6:30am and I had also heard my dad come home (he works night shift). Wow, I was up all night and there was no way I was going to squeeze in any sleep. I was coping though. I could still think properly, but I was kind of stuck in my own world and staring into my own improbable void.

Never doing that again.

I woke up on the train. I had slept through my entire train ride, and just my luck, the train was just pulling into my station. I arrived at work feeling rather empty and strange. Since I didn’t finish my assignment, Cal suggested I get it done while he sorted out some other things.

Horribly enough, it took me another hour and a half to pull it all together. A short time after that, I was actually so tired that I dropped off right at my desk. A few times I found my eyes shutting of their own accord. A couple of times I even caught myself writing stupid crap in the HTML code I was working on. It really does it to you when you work at a computer for the majority of your day and have microsleeps and even just remember the dreams you had.

Today it rained and along with being rather tired and exhausted I also got really wet. I wasn’t splashed or without an umbrella… “but I believe I was a goth” just came to my mind. See what I mean…? Georgie and alcohol do not mix. Those last two sentences were just part of my stream of consciousness.

I wore flare jeans in a hilarious attempt to bring back the ridiculous bellbottom pants. The pair I have are just made of blue denim, and they look ludicrous. I was wearing heeled boots but it didn’t help the situation. It was pouring down.

I’m still so proud of this theme, though, the fact that I made it all on my own and tested it on my own; the fact that it’s the best responsive design I’ve made to date… I am glad it’s assisted me in bettering my skills. I feel like it’s such an accomplishment. πŸ™‚

Anyway I’m tired. I need to sleep, need to sleep. My eyes are shutting. 😴 Never pulling an all-nighter again.

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