I do not endorse the microskirt

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty vain. I look at myself in the mirror quite a lot. I take photos of myself and share them. I always like to tell people when I think my outfit looks great. I don’t have stick-thin legs, but I have a figure that lets me pull off a miniskirt.

Side note: I finished my goal of not wearing a skirt or dress for a month. :D I can’t tell you how happy I was to wear a skirt again today. /eee Oh, how I dislike pants.

I know that not everyone looks good in short skirts and short shorts, and I think that if you don’t look great in it, it’s not for you. About a year ago I saw a teenage girl in the games arcade wearing extremely short shorts and a crop top.

Big no-no.

If there’s one rule I do like to go by, it’s that you should only reveal so much skin; it’s a simple rule that it’s either the legs, arms, back or cleavage – revealing more than one of those assets at once is pushing it, and is considered revealing too much. Of course we can’t all obey that rule, especially in summer when a singlet top and a miniskirt are in order, but most of the time it’s necessary to be conservative.

I’ve never liked crop tops. The short tops that many girls seem to wear these days seem to be a ridiculous fashion trend, in my opinion. I used to wear basic crop tops as undershirts when I was younger. This is just showing too much skin. Sure, the girl looks great, but this looks like something you’d perhaps wear to the beach. Not to a games arcade. I didn’t think showing that much skin was appropriate for the setting.

Even if you look good scantily clad, doesn’t mean you do it, because it may not be appropriate for where you’re going.

I really like miniskirts. I have quite a few, and I actually like miniskirts so much that when I find something that is long enough to reach my knees, I immediately think, “Not short enough.” I’ve lived in skirts for as long as I can remember. I’m not saying the maxi skirt and long skirts are ridiculous, but because I’m short, they look unflattering on me. I’ve always looked good in miniskirts and that’s something I feel not only safe (safe as in not committing a fashion faux pas, not “safe” as in safe from zombies) in, but comfortable in as well.

Note: It’s a miniskirt. Back in the 1960s, model Jean Shrimpton wore a shift dress to the Victoria Derby and it caused a furore. It shocked people; she was described as being “practically naked”. It was just a sleeveless dress. In this day and age it would be extremely modest and conservative, but fifty years ago, we had just hopped out of an era of corsets, long dresses and demure hats. An era I wouldn’t mind living in, but regardless, as time goes on there are developing trends and developing non-trends, otherwise known as Disastrous Horrific Zombie-Inducing Fashion No-Nos.

Jean Shrimpton, 1965

Come on, Jean Shrimpton was gorgeous, she could pull off that dress. So she was showing a little too much skin for the time, but I’m willing to bet that if she wasn’t the only one wearing a short dress, it wouldn’t have been such a shock. Someone has to start these trends some time. Jean Shrimpton’s dress reached her knees. That’s barely classified ‘mini’. Yet we have ridiculous people now wearing microskirts, about half the length of a miniskirt.

The girl in the following picture is no doubt attractive, but her skirt is ridiculously short. She’s not going to be able to walk with even the slightest breeze assisting her in flashing her underpants.


Microskirts can be cool. But please wear tights, leggings or bloomers under them.

Which brings me back to short shorts, much like the ones the girl at the games arcade was wearing. Since when was it cool to wear cutoffs, Daisy Dukes, or short shorts that just look like underwear? It’s not attractive. I don’t know who even designed shorts so short. It’s as if they had no choice but to cut more material from a pair of pants to successfully look like a pair of underpants. I’m pretty sure someone had in their mind that they were going to win the Nobel Prize for Most Revealing and Trashy Pair of Denim Shorts That Looks Most Like Women’s Underwear. Congratulations, whoever you were.

“Oh, the microskirt is short enough, but here’s a solution for people who want to cover up their underpants! Let’s just add a square piece of material in the middle and connect the two!”

Do not get me started on these.

knicker shorts

What the hell. Dude, why don’t you just wear your Sesame Street diapers out? Tuck your blouse into them for a more tailored look and team with a pair of bright coloured wedges to match your outfit. You are not an acrobat. You are not a gymnast. You are not a dancer, so stop wearing shit that looks like half a swimming costume. Who the hell invented knicker shorts? They look like the kind of underpants you’d wear when you have your period on a heavy flow.

My public service announcement of the day: Trends are stupid.

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ho U. you do look good in a skirt. Tahui
and you Dislike Pants!
i think shorts are pretty bad, unless you’re at the beach. or swimming. or anything involving water. nurg!

Also I’m pretty sure the woman on the left, with the sunglasses; her knees are visible. Dun Dun Dunnulung


Hur. Whenever I see crop tops I just can’t help but think the person who made it forgot the rest of the shirt /hmph

My ‘rents would never let me leave the house wearing anything that short. All of my dresses are mid-thigh; I feel knee length is too long. Even then I wear a bodycon skirt under it just so I’m not flashing when the wind decides to come along. Looks kinda strange but not as strange as seeing my arse /um

I just plain don’t understand the last one. Why not just go out in granny pants; it’s exactly the same thing. I just cannot even begin to understand how anyone thinks that looks good. It seriously looks like you forgot to finish getting dressed.

Girls in England who dress in ridiculously short and downright inappropriate clothes are usually the ones who complain about how they only attract arseholes… Hmm I wonder why /hehe

I think the micro-skirt on that Asian girl might possibly be a bathing suit coverup (she’s on a dock, after all), in which case it makes sense because she’s covering up her top half and revealing about as much as a one-piece bathing suit.

I guess, as much as I wouldn’t wear most of these things (kudos to girls who look good in crop tops and don’t feel uncomfortable in them), it’s really not for me to say what other people should wear. Besides, if people are wearing things I wouldn’t, it creates so many more opportunities for me to be unique. ;)

Good job finishing your Pants Goal. (H)

Oh, I wanted to add: When I walk past someone I don’t think looks good in something, the thought it my head is, “Mm, I wouldn’t.” But I don’t really think, “She should NOT be wearing that.” I used to, but I’ve become uncomfortable with it after hearing my mom say it so many times about other girls/women.

It does reach extremes, but I intended on showing a microskirt that looked nice, not necessarily with gluteus maximus hanging out!

Please save me from that second one. D:

I don’t like crop tops either. They’d probably suit me as I have a naturally flat stomach that I should be proud of but, but I don’t want the world to see it. Wearing a bikini on the beach is a different story though. That’s an appropriate time to show off your tummy.

I wear shorts a lot of the time but I won’t buy a pair if they don’t cover my bum haha. There is nothing worse than seeing someones bum hanging out of the bottom of their shorts! I also try to buy slightly longer shorts because I have a huge scar running down the side of my hip. I like it to be as covered as much as possible so people don’t ask “What the hell happened to your leg?”

I thought the girls in the bottom pictures had gone out with just their pants on!! Haha your right, they look like the type of pants old women with bladder problems wear.

Mini skirts are great. I love them. I feel far too uncomfortable with wearing jeans or shorts.

I agree, sometimes, it is best when girls where clothings that are suited for their figures. Big girls in revealing clothes is a definite no-no, and not forgetting clingy fitted clothes like leggings that will highlight their excessive figures. :O

I don’t follow trends. Being a fashion sheep that follows the crowd does not sound appealing to me. I wear whatever that makes me look good and comfortable with. Looking good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside. /eee

Oops, forgot to add, I adore the new theme! It’s adorable. Very spring/summery :D

I always thought that microskirts were for seducing the boyfriend in the bedroom… I didn’t know that people wore them in public!

I think that the only place where microskirts, crop tops, and those things that look like the bottom half of a 1-piece swimsuit is probably the beach, where all guys are shirtless (and many in speedos) and other girls are in bikinis. But luckily, I don’t see any of those trends around LA (yet).

I’ve seen short shorts look really good on some people, but I’m a pants kind of girl for the most part, and I just don’t feel comfortable with showing so much of my legs.

This week I went shopping to buy some shorts that are normal length, since I’ve already got some dresses and over the summer I’m going to be working on feeling comfortable with skirts and shorts.

I couldn’t find one pair of normal length shorts! It was all short shorts and denim underwear. Such a disappointing shopping trip.

Also, your site just inspired me a few days ago, to restart my Day Zero project. So thanks! ♥

Haha, denim underwear! I almost want to cry at that comment. I don’t like shorts very much, but I feel your pain about not finding what you want. Short skirts seem to be all out these days – it’s all the mullet skirts and the maxi skirts now. :(

I’m glad you did! ♥ A few times I’ve regretted putting certain things on my list because I don’t think I can do them, but who am I kidding. It’s all supposed to be a challenge, duh. :)

I completely agree with everything you’ve written here in regards to trends and fashion Dos and Don’ts! :X Crop tops, micro minis, super short shorts, and those ugly looking pantyesque shorts are all just … Ugh.

Like you said, they look great on the models, and they would beautiful for photoshoots, but, well, that’s about it, aside form the beach. They’re simply not practical anywhere else, and around here, the majority of girls wearing things like short shorts and crop tops are unfortunately quite overweight.

I suppose some of the girls think is distracts from the fact that they’re packing a little extra weight, but all it does is draw ridiculous amounts of attention to the fact! 💥 Gah. Trends are, as you said, entirely stupid, and most of the time do not translate well in real life and real life situations.

Also, I loved the photo and story you included about Jean Shrimpton! I never heard about that scandal before, so that was super fun to read. /eee

I love my miniskirts…I’m the same as you, I don’t have dead skinny legs but I suit short skirts, especially since I’m not particularly tall. I almost always wear leggings with them though, unless I’m just running to the shop or something. I own one pair of shorts, and they are quite short, but not so short that they’re inappropriate for going out in…the pockets aren’t hanging out below the bottom of them, put it that way. I almost always wear leggings with them too though. I like my leggings, though that might be because I live in Scotland and it’s permanently cold XD

I’ve never liked crop tops or anything, you very rarely see anyone who actually suits that look. Same goes for the current trend of short dresses with very high necklines…I got quite depressed trying on dresses the other day because they all made me look very disproportionate, I thought I must be weirdly shaped or something, and then I looked the same dresses up online and realised that the models on the websites selling them don’t even look good in those types of dresses. What’s the point in clothes that are pretty hanging on a rail, but not when they’re being worn? This is when I’m glad I pay no attention to fashion :)

I haven’t got the best figure for shorts, I have massive rugby legs, but I still wear shorts – but never ever with bare legs. Always with thick thick tights, so really it’s just like wearing proper pants…

I think if you have the figure go for it!
The girl in the picture….bloody hell! Her legs are so long! And that skirt must just be covering her undies. And she’s at a dock? With a sea breeze? Nutter, everyone’s going to see a flash of her pants!
She is pretty though, I can’t deny her that!

I have to agree with everything you’ve said here, and although the fashions are shocking, it is somewhat relieving to know they aren’t just happening in Liverpool. I see far too many of those knicker shorts on a night out than I care for…they’re hideous things.

The Jean Shrimpton story was really interesting! I didn’t know that, I wonder how people from that decade would react to the fashions now!

Almost all teenage girls in Singapore wear shorts and shirts because we experience “eternal summers” but I cannot stand it when I see some girls wearing super short shorts with their BUTTS revealing. It’s freaking gross and once I read the tweet of this one girl. The tweet said something like “what’s the point of wearing shorts that are not short”. Girls like her in my country have a certain label only Singaporeans will understand and they seriously piss me off and they don’t even know that they’re being labelled as that.

I used to wear skirts very often but I don’t now. It’s either a dress or no skirts at all. I’ve been wearing jeans nowadays and I’m loving them more and more though I used to hate them for a while because I felt like my legs couldn’t BREATHE.

I know I’m late to the party, but I ♥ your new layout! The simplicity is gorgeous and nice on the eyes.

Ugh, I agree with you on trends. A lot of the trends that catch on fire should just stay on the runway, where they belong, and not out there in real life. Most of the stuff is utterly ridiculous! One that I constantly wish would just go away are those extremely baggy pants that boys like to wear that show their underwear/boxers. I don’t want to see your underwear (that’s why it’s called UNDERwear) and I don’t imagine other people being glad to see those as well! >_<

I don't have many miniskirts. I think I only have one and I usually wear it with leggings out of fear of accidentally revealing underwear… even though there aren't many chances for me to do that. Hahaha. Healthy underwear-showing paranoia! :P Speaking of underwear-showing, I never understood the people who wear low-rise jeans with short shirts so when they sit you'd see a butt crack. GROSS!!

Daisy Dukes, or short shorts, came in to style when the Dukes of Hazzard was on TV. Although personally, I wouldn’t wear them. I definitely cannot understand how girls can wear some of the things that they do – I’d love to know what you think of guys fashion. :)

You know, that may just make a great blog topic . I haven’t really thought about guys’ fashion much, but seeing as this post outlined my annoyances with girls’ fashion, I’ll have to think of what I dislike about men’s fashion. :P

Yay new theme! Hello georgie! Thank you so much <3

Congrats on your goal not to wear skirts for a month! I always wear shorts plus tank tops (sando) mainly because it's summer here in the Philippines but I have to agree that revealing more than one asset at a time is too much. Too much that it can provoke unwanted criticisms. Haha!

I do not like those people who wear extra mini mini super mico shorts/skirts. Back where I live, we usually wear something that is "normal". Normal in a sense of pants + tshirt. Extra accessories would be good. If you'll be seen wearing some nice pumps or heels around town – people will stare. It's hard to live in a society that never welcomes fashion. :(

Ugh. I have to agree with you on this post. Some of the short skirts are ridiculous, as are those last two you posted. I haven’t even seen those around here yet!

In one of the stores we have in my town we can’t find regular, good old fashioned shorts that cover your butt. They are what I call “booty shorts” because they just barely cover your ass cheeks. I’m like, I can’t wear those! Ew!

And really? I didn’t know that about Jean, but she can pull off that simple and pretty dress.

I have to admire you for wearing skirts and dresses. I think I would look silly in them myself, but it’s warmer where I live right now and some of the new dresses out make me think otherwise lol.

Oopsie. Posted with the wrong URL, so you can reply to me on this one :)

Yeah, I’m all for dressing conservatively. If you expose THAT much skin, you’re really not leaving anything to the imagination!

I just think that if I were a straight guy, I’d like to have a girlfriend who dressed normally. I’d like to be that one special guy who ONLY gets to see “more” of her skin, and no one else. ‘Cause honestly, what’s so special about having a girlfriend who’s asscheeks and stomach have been seen by the world already? :P

You are my hero.

Thank you.

OMG you’re right … I go to the gym so I have athletes legs and I can pull off wearing skirts because I am not too short but not too tall, but the conservative in me refuses to. I always wear what I feel comfy in …

You’d be repulsed by the things people wear at the gym. Oh my, it’s just beyond wrong. /bounce

I’m kind of understanding your pain now. I’ve been to work nine days so far and I’ve only not worn a dress three of those days. Two of which I was wearing jeans and one of which shorts. But jeans are too warm for this weather and I only own one pair of shorts that aren’t jeans shorts and don’t seem inappropriate for work.

I never have the problem with revealing too much skin because summer here is rarely above 35 degrees and anything lower than that a cardigan is needed for when you go indoors with blasting A/C. But you know, Westerners are confident about their bodies, that’s what I learned from going to the beach here while no one in Beijing would ever let themselves look so bad. I think Asians would all be called vain.

I hate crop tops because it doesn’t look good when you wear a top that looks like it was made for ten year old girls. I’m also not a fan of skirts – I’d rather wear dresses because it’s one less thing to match. But, anything is better than long skirts which seem so country. Like, when you’re outdoors and it’s too hot and you still want a breeze but don’t want mosquito bites?

Thanks for telling me the name to those things – knicker shorts! I see a lot of celebrities wear them on stage. It’s just something to show off your legs more than you should.

This is a really lovely theme by the way. These days I’m really enjoying gold on blue. I know this isn’t gold on blue but you get my point and my comment is getting far too long, aha. ^/_^

Hi! Congrats on your goal of not wearing skirts or dresses for a month! wow, you really could manage that!

I totally agree with you…. people should wear stuff hat suits their structure. I do not have skinny legs and I doubt I’ll ever have anything close to it cuz it’s really too hard to get rid of butt fat… and I tend to immediately gain fat in that area! So I preferable stick to jeans and and below knee A-line skirts…

All the examples you have given are very truly!!

Ooooh I love your new layout ;D Anyhow, I’m pretty vain too then I tear myself down. I’m a walking contradiction. Lol

I don’t like revealing too much either and try to wear clothes that flatter my size and body figure lest I look weird or awkward.