Underwear, please

Jessica mentioned in my last post that she would like to hear about my thoughts on guys’ fashion. I thought this would make an interesting topic, seeing as I complained about female fashion enough.

My brother has been more interested in fashion lately, and I’m pretty happy that he’s chosen to look for more dress shirts and ties and doesn’t mind doing his hair when there’s a special occasion. At the same time, he enjoys wearing a t-shirt on casual days, but he did hate the bright blue Grim Reaper shirt I got him from Threadless. :( He just didn’t like how bright it was. I guess I can forgive him for that.

I have a feeling that male fashion seems to be less outrageous and from my point of view, there’s less to complain about.

Except one thing: Pull your pants up.

It’s alright if you’re wearing underwear or boxers, I suppose, but I don’t want to see your rear end. It’s pretty offputting. Some guys wear their pants so low that I always wonder if they want people to see their underpants or not. I know some pants were made to be low-rise (for girls as well) but I always see a lot of guys wearing their pants low on purpose. It’s pretty obvious when the crotch is really low that your pants weren’t made that way. I think it makes a lot of guys look shorter, especially if they’re already short. It shortens the look of their legs. It’s also incredibly unflattering. It’s completely different wearing pants that were meant to be low-rise, and then wearing normal pants really low.

Alright, so I wear my pyjama pants really low but that’s because they’re too big for me. :P If that’s the problem, do please wear a belt. I’ve heard many a word from guys who give advice to wear a belt in case someone pulls your pants down. Perhaps the low-wearing pants thing is as if to say “I bet you can’t dack me.”

Or perhaps guys just want to show off the new boxers they got. Fine by me, but I just don’t want to see someone’s butt. I’d rather see Sonic on your boxers than your actual bottom, sorry.

Nonetheless, there is a difference between “check out my new boxers!” and having your pants practically falling off.

I’m done complaining, I feel like one of those silly people in mX who submit to the Vent Your Spleen section. If anything, at least I’m not one of those people who start drama about religion or homosexuals or complain about something as trivial as eating on trains. I do recall a classmate in high school being so obsessed with his hair that when someone as much as brushed past him in the corridor, he’d immediately put a hand to his head and check that his gelled spikes were still in order. I think that hair gel can be pretty excessive sometimes. I’ve never quite liked the “messy hair” look on guys that’s perfected with gel. If guys want to go for the messy hair I prefer it be natural and perhaps run-a-hand-through-your-hair-kind-of-casual rather than choosing which sections to pull up and out and fluff and… no. Natural hair please! /eee

Also, I hate admitting this, but I don’t like excessively buff guys. They sort of gross me out a little. Don’t get me wrong, I like a fit, athletic guy; it’s attractive when a guy takes care of his health by eating well and exercising, but when it gets to this bodybuilding sort of extreme, I don’t find it that attractive anymore when a guy’s muscles are like hard rock. I don’t really have a “type” (suppose I never did; my two ex-boyfriends were as different as chalk and cheese, and my crushes were all of different “types”), but my type isn’t the muscular big guy at all. /um

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To be quite honest, I don’t want to see gentlemen’s (using the term very loosely) butt cracks OR their underwear: boxers, briefs or the middle boxer-briefs, either way I do not want to see them, and I feel it’s disrespectful to show people your underoos. Blech. Pull up your pants indeed, boys!

Nice blog, Georgie.

Your post just caused several flash backs. LOL. Hahaha. Seriously right, how much is one belt? /hmph I don’t like excessively buff guys as well. A few muscles here and there to consider someone hot is enough. ;)

There was this guy in my fifth grade class I had a crush on, and I always used to try to tease him about his boxers showing. “Nice underwear,” I’d say, or “Your underwear are showing,” but he would always respond with, “I don’t care.” I think he was an early adapter of the trend. I don’t remember noticing anyone else doing that until middle school. He didn’t wear his pants low, but he definitely let his underwear show.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a guy’s buttcrack due to pants being really low, but I used to think it was idiotic when a guy’s underwear showed. I’m over it now, but I think it’s a little weird if they’re not boxers. I don’t care if a guy wears briefs, but I’m more used to seeing boxers, so I guess that’s why.

And then there are those guys who wear their pants down that low and they wear a belt there as if he belt serves a purpose.

In my opinion, the best looking guys are healthy and not muscular when they’re not flexing. Wimpy guys are.. Wimpy.

Haha, glad to know that I’m not the only girl grossed out by those overly buff guys. :P

And I totally understand you about the low pants situation… it always made me wonder WHYYYY. It can’t be comfortable… especially if you’re having to literally HOLD your pants up all day. I don’t get it. :|

My ex loved wearing his pants really low to show his boxers. I didn’t find that attractive. I was too embarrassed to be seen with him half the time because of this. 🤬

I perfer modest men who doesn’t try hard when it comes to fashion and styling themselves. It is far sexier than those guys who wears catwalk fashions: the skinny jeans and those stupid v-neck shirts. Urgh.

Hehe, I love (to perve on) guys with toned torsos. /eee There is something sexy with having a boyfriend that have a bit of love handles, however. Hehe. xx

Please pull up your pants and wear a belt! lol.

I also need a guy to know how to look presentable and at least know not to wear socks with sandals.

I do agree about the buff guy thing, it is kinda gross.

Luckily, I have seen less and less of the pants-halfway-down-the-butt trend over time. Either it’s going out of style, people wear it less as they get older, or people on the east coast of the US do it a lot more than the west coast of the US.

I’m pretty sure that most girls don’t like the way bodybuilders look, and that the bodybuilder is just a guy thing. =P Muscles are nice, but only so much of them are truly natural.

I’ve never understood that look, where guys wear their pants so low, you can see their underwear. It really does make their legs look short! I’m so glad my guy doesn’t do that XD Though, he doesn’t like bright colors either, so I tend to get him shirts in dark and neutral colors.

I feel the same way about excessively buff on both men and women. I think it’s great to be fit and in shape, but I think some body builders take it a bit too far =/

Guys wearing there pants around there asses or even below that, is nothing new. Kids were doing that since my dad was young. And this was like the 50’s. That is one trend I would like to see die before I leave this planet. And it’s even worse when girls do it.

Male fashion. It doesn’t exist unless you’re Asian.

I can’t stand buff guys. I’m really not seeing why it’s hot. I can’t stand abs either. I like guys who are fit and have a slight amount of muscle because otherwise it’s just scrawny, aha.

Man, see, this is why I like fashion-conscious guys–okay, maybe not that, exactly, like meterosexual dudes. (Although nothing wrong with them either.) But basically YES YES YES to everything you said–have some self-respect, dudes! Dignity and all that. There’s a time and place for everything, and I think the only time to wear pants so low that your underwear is showing is in the privacy of your home :P

I’m totally with you on the hair and the buff guy thing too! Yep, messy hair > gelled hair by far, in my opinion. Y’know, ’cause if a guy’s hair looks nice, you’d want to touch it, right? (Does that make me sound creepy?) But if it’s coated with layers of gunk… ew. And yeah, fit guys are nice, but a “rockin’ bod” is a body that’s healthy and natural at the same time.

I sometimes think that guys fashion is much easier than girls fashion. xD Mainly because guys can easily wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans to look good already (ok ok depends on the jeans and shirt). XD

But showing off their underwear sure is weird. A bit of it…okay, your whole ass? nope. xD

I hate this trend amongst guys. My little brother wears his pants hanging off his butt all of the time. Honestly, I don’t wanna see his boxers. I don’t wanna see anyone’s boxers! I think that the guys who do that look stupid, immature and just plain trashy. Baggy pants aren’t a bad thing if they arent falling off your hips! Sorry boys, your boxers arent THAT cute -.-‘

I hate it when guys wear their trousers practically round their knees…they always look like they’re going to fall down. I’ve never seen that happen to anyone, but I want to because it would be hilarious. XD

I’m the exact same as you when it comes to guys though, I don’t have much of a type but big muscular guys are a no-no. I do have a bit of a weakness for skinny guys(hence the boyfriend who’s about half a foot taller than me and about the same weight), but I tend to prefer them when they have just a bit of definition. Chris wishes he was big and muscular though, I’ve taken to throwing things at him when he mentions it. /bounce

I didn’t get emotional at my last days of school, and we don’t have graduation, so prom was my last chance to get all sad. And I didn’t really take it. Oh well. :’) And most of our music was just kind of chart stuff for dancing to, but we did have the odd emotional/big patriotic sing-along type of thing, and a mini ceilidh at the start, so it worked out all right really. Oh, and thank you for saying that I looked nice in the dress :3

LOL!!!!!! this post is hilarious hahaha yes those guys with their pants with their asscracks showing….have some classs sheeeshh!

hahaha belt!!! i’ve actually seen guys who have their pants down to their knees WITH belts on! it’s as if they deliberately want to show off their reindeer patterned underwear or something.

oh man, i agree with the muscles! a toned guy is hot but when his arms are boulders…no thank you!

Hahahahaha @ pull your pants up. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that.

I cannot stand buff guys … I don’t like fat guys either, I like a guy who looks after himself, defined.

Awww, it’s nice to hear that your brother’s sense of fashion is improving. :)

I don’t like seeing people with pants so low as well. It gives me the urge to pull their pants up. If it’s not rude or weird, I’d definitely do it! LOL. I just ignore them, but it gets to my nerves. Maybe they’re thinking that they look cool or “hawt”, but, sorry no. They look gross to me.

This is one of my pet peeves, but seeing as how I can’t control people, I just let go of it rather than being stressed about it. Haha.

I don’t like microskirts as well. They would have spent less if they just bought their panties. I don’t see the point of wearing skirts too short. Or pardon them, it may be waaaaay too hot in their country. 🙄 *sarcasm*

I love your theme, Georgie! ♥ Maybe you can do a tutorial on this, please? /faw