Are We OK?

I have often cried from happiness, which I understand that not many people can do, or have experienced. I’ve had a couple of people find it strange and wonder how it feels, and I find it exceptionally hard to describe. I’m sure most people know what it’s like when you cry of sadness, so here is my attempt at writing about it in comparison.

It feels so, so overwhelming. I’ve never been drunk, but perhaps there could be some kind of connection with the feelings experienced. It feels overwhelming to the point where I can’t really breathe or feel anything and I can’t move. I sort of lose control of my body. Every time this has happened I’ve actually been alone, so I haven’t had the feeling of someone patting my back and making me feel “better” – or in this case, since I’m “happy crying”, just sort of calm me down.

I don’t make a sound when I cry of happiness, which I think is what happens in most cases. When I hear men on the radio propose to their girlfriends, there is often silence from their end as the radio host exclaims, “She’s crying! You’re shocked, are you alright?” That silence is there, alright. I don’t remember the first time I cried of happiness but it was a couple of years ago. I had known that when crying from sadness, often you can sob, or wail, but when you cry of happiness you don’t really make a sound. At least – I haven’t, but I’m sure it’ll be the same for other people.

If you’ve ever watched a musician on stage thank their fans so much for their support, and talk about how much writing music means to them (or something along those lines) and you feel so touched that you get teary… I suppose “happy crying” is a bit like that, but to a greater degree. You don’t feel an ounce of sadness at all. The same way scenes in movies tug at your heartstrings and make you go “aww”, I suppose crying of happiness is the greater form of that.

Either way, happy crying has become part of my mood swings recently, and it frustrates me because this happens immediately after I get upset. I attempt to cheer myself up and by thinking of things that make me happy immediately after getting upset, I suppose it’s a bit like a shock to my nerves and emotions.

I suppose many people also wonder what makes me have these kinds of emotions. It’s just – it’s the little things. Doing well in something. Appreciating my family and friends. I don’t have many friends, and I appreciate them all, and I will take great care to list my close friends: James, Lilian, Seb, Mike, Dylan, Fern, Johnny, Rachel, Ryan – but in all honesty, I can’t list every single person I appreciate, yet those are some I have had some amazing times with and when I’m down, I just think about those times and they put a smile on my face.

Next week I am going to the hospital for some testing. I volunteered to take part in a depression study. I really want to be a part of something that can help people with the same problem that I have. I actually hope I won’t get put on medication because after some thought, I know I don’t like depending on medication, and knowing that I’ve gotten through a lot of things on my own or with other people’s support, I think I can go on doing it. Maybe I can talk to my study doctor about it on the day.

I also have a job interview on Friday, for a web design company. If I’m not successful in getting a job they may offer me an internship, which I believe will still be beneficial to sharpen my skills.

Also, I still haven’t received my tickets to see Australian rock band Jebediah yet. The guy who was supposed to get in touch with me never did, so the competition coordinator had to email someone else. I hope that she replies soon so I know when I can pick up tickets and such. The show is on Saturday. :)

Today is Wednesday – the day I had university in the evenings all of this semester. This evening I thought I had forgotten to go to university when I realised that it was all over. Am I sad? I don’t know. /oh All I know is that I’ll miss people, like I always do.

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I think people show their emotion in different ways; some people cry when they’re happy whilst others don’t, they may jump around or just grin continuously. I, like you, tend to cry when I’m happy, but it’s usually when I’m really happy.

I don’t tend to make sounds when I cry with happiness either; tears just roll down my cheeks, or my eyes just fill up with tears. IDK, I haven’t cried because I’m happy or sad for a while actually. I often find myself crying with laughter, though. :P

I cried when I watched MCR on TV a few months back; they were performing live in Reading and they showed it on telly – Gerard thanked everybody and then they came back out on stage with Brian May and preformed a Queen song. It was emotional; but in a good way, and I like how appreciative Brian May was, and how much MCR thanked their fans for coming out. I just had tears streaming down my face but it was nice. :)

I think trying to cheer yourself up after you’ve been upset by something is good though, even if you’re unsure about it. It’s much better than being miserable all the time.

You’re a great person for volunteering in a depression study. I’m not sure they’d make you take medication if you’re not actually depressed at this time, but it’s your choice at the end of the day and I’m sure they wouldn’t force you into taking anything if you didn’t want to. xD

Good luck with your job interview, Georgie. *hugs* And I hope that woman replies to you soon so you can pick up your Jebediah tickets. :B

LOL, it does sound like you’re talking about disease. XD I feel sorry for Georgia Kate though; she wants to give up because of it and tbh, I don’t really blame her.

Your sidebar is pretty long, but if you had 2 posts showing per page then you could add the plugin and everything will look fine. :P The plugin is fun to use, but I didn’t want to use it at first because it made my website invalid but I edited some codes… xD

I use WordPress Popular Posts! I used to have it in my sidebar, but I just look at it on my dashboard now; it amuses me – of course my WordPress themes are most viewed. :P Download Counter is also fun – I actually use it so I keep an eye on people. I’ve seen a few people who I talk to using themes (that they claim they made) but are similar to mine so I just check with their IP address to see if they’ve downloaded them. *whistles*

Ah I get you; when I first read that I thought that your mum was quite harsh with that, but I think she’s being quite fair. The world today isn’t as safe as it once was, so I don’t really blame some parents for being over-protective. I’ve heard that New South Wales is huge, so yeah, there’s still lots of places to visit there. xD

HTML5 is fun; instead of <div id="header"></div> you’d use <header></header> etc. It’s pretty simple, but I only changed my header and footer coding, I haven’t changed the rest. /bash

LOL I’ve seen you say that you always make great layouts for your other websites; but is personal so they’re always going to be different to your other layouts; I love them personally. :P

Ah screw being girl – people always say swearing isn’t “lady-like” but who cares anymore? Everyone is equal; guys wear pink, so why can’t we swear? XD I mean, it’ll be good to cut it out but if you can control in professional situations then it’s all good.

Oh awesome; I’d love to see your phone covers when they arrive. :D I think I’m gonna order this one: I love green and it’s not “in your face” since it’s mostly black. I get bored with phone covers easily. :P The only problem with my current phone case is that it gets stuck in my pocket, because of the material. /huh

You still have to try Angry Birds at some point though; perhaps when you have some free time and feel like filling it with something… :P

$2 a megabyte?! That’s quite expensive. I get 1GB a month at the moment, but when my plan changes to my new one, I’ll get 500MB. I always turn mobile data off but I’m still paranoid for some reason, IDEK why. /um

Okay, this comment is huge. I didn’t even reply to everything either, wahhh. Sorry. D:

i haven’t cried from happiness before, nor felt happy tears streaming down my cheeks, but it does feel like a fantastic feeling!! :D you’re just overwhelmed with happiness, and i guess there’s no words to describe how that feels.

i think it’s better to have a few good friends instead of hundreds of fake, but i really appreciate the few i have. they are really the best, and i couldn’t have asked for anyone better (: just thinking about them and the good memories we share together make me smile!! (is that a sign of happy tears?? haha!!)

i like both ed sheeran and james morrison, but i’m not so much into jessie mccarney’s stuff. he has one nice song though, beautiful soul, i remember i used to sing it on sing star when i was little, haha!!

ohh it the quote rotation wasn’t for my site. it was for a friend of mine, and she didn’t use wordpress, just another random blogging system ;S but thanks for your help anyway!! <3

I never said the protests weren’t changing anything–they are. I’m just saying that they have no real goal, all we know is that this group of people is extremely upset at the government and the companies.

And I realize paying into certain industries, but not certain companies. For instance, if McDonalds was one of the companies having overwhelming greed, you could give your business to Burger Kind or Wendys instead. What I’m trying to express is that you can find alternative ways to get your products without paying the companies that you’re upset with.

Anyway, I’ve never cried of happiness myself, but I’ve seen my mom do it because of gifts we’ve given her or things people have done for her. Whenever she does this, I never know what to feel toward her–happiness? Sadness? It makes it all really awkward, actually. But that being said, I really want to experience just because I’m sure it has a whole new type of sensation and it really does sound great when you’re the person crying from happiness.

Good luck at your job interview! You’re quite a designer–you have a good chance in my opinion (although I don’t know who your competitors are).

Giiirllll, I HAVE cried due to an immense amount of happiness. The first time I cried because I was immensely happy was when I took my the results to the last primary school exam that we had to sit for (that is quite important as it would determine if you can get to enter a good high school or not). Then it was my high school final exam cert, I teared up during Alesana’s show and I also cried during The Used’s set because it was so so magical to see them perform with all of us singing along in the rain :’)

I suppose not everyone does it and certainly not everyone understands how we do it lol. To me, it’s not weird at all. I mean, I sometimes cry due to an overwhelming anger towards something or someone. You know, I’d probably join that depression study too!

Good luck on the job interview, love! Nail it! :D

I can’t recall any moments where I cried out of happiness/tears of joy. Maybe I have, but most of the time, I have cried out of sadness, which I don’t think is a bad thing. I think crying is good for the soul, but if you think it’ll solve something, then maybe not…

Usually when I’m happy, I kind of grin really big or laugh or feel like I’m on top of the world. I wish I could be happy everyday of my life. :P Temporary happiness kinda sucks.

When high school was over, I instantly was out of my high school schedule loop. xD I slept in and it felt good not having to look forward to boring classes and doing homework. The summer before I started jr. college was awesome.

I cried for happiness when I seen my favorite band live – the best feeling in the world. Now though it seems I cry from sadness.

I hope you enjoy your concert! I need to get some people talked into going to a concert before the weather gets bad. That’s the only bad thing about winter – it’s so hard to get to concerts when you have to drive such a large distance.

I honestly can’t say I have ever cried out of happiness..maybe I have and never really noticed it or maybe I forgotten about it ( Ihave terrible memory now) I cant even remember how nice times were back in college…I was so happy then and now it feels like all those memories and feelings are just fading away slowly and I dont even notice it. Wish I could stop this somehow =/ But i do know what you mean by that feeling and how emotions can be over the place sometimes. I would like to take part in a depression study too because I think i am very depressed (most of the time) and would like to know if its just me or am I really…

I think I happy cry more than usual. XD The simplest of things just choke me up when I’m at home. Especially when i’m depressed. I’ll just be watching some tele and some random sad sing (or even like Spongebob or Jersey shore, even though I absolutely hate those shows) comes up and it totally invades me, and i’ll start crying, and then laughing at myself because I’m crying because of such a ridiculous thing. & then it starts sounding like I’m some maniac crying and laughing at the same time. I think it’s just a way the mind collapses on itself when it tries to make things better when really it’s just making it worse… Goodness, i’m lucky no ones ever walked in on me while i’m happy crying. /hehe

Tears of joy on the other hand, aren’t something I think I do very often. I think I can feel myself choking up, but usually I won’t cry. Sometimes I choke up so much that air escapes and rolls up against the roof of my mouth and makes a pig snort noise like when you’re trying to keep from laughing. I can’t help it, and it always ruins the sentimental mood (I think I could get nominated for biggest dork in the world for that, ahaha.)

but, it’s funny how you mention how when you’re at a concert and the singer/band are talking about how much they appreciate fans, etc. I always act scenarios by myself where I put on a speech about how grateful i am for all my fans and I will literally start bawling because the idea of being in that position because I know it may not ever happen. I compare my little fantasies to the actual things when I look at performances online or go to a performances, and they aren’t nearly as dramatic as my fake ones, XD

I think it’s nice that you’re joining the study. If I knew of any I could do at my age, i certainly would. Not only would I be contributing to research but I would also be able to meet people like me.

& I wish you best of luck on getting the job! Regardless if you get it or not, you’ll still be getting an internship, and will get to experience a professional web design environment, /eee I don’t think I would qualify for anything like that, but I think you of all web designers I know would, because of all the experience you have going into the job.

I personally don’t remember crying from happiness, but can’t say that I’ve never cried from happiness either. How anyone would think that it’s a bad thing, I don’t know. I thought that happy crying appeared in the movies all the time.

Let’s hope that the depression study goes well. I don’t think that you need medication. The psychologist teaching my abnormal psychology class says that medications are for getting people out of a permanent slump, like dysthymia, and for more serious, chronic cases. You’ve got a great support network of people from all over the world!

I hope that your tickets come in soon! It must be so different to be done with university…

i can understand all the feelings you try to describe in this post. I don’t cry from happiness often, but when I do it normally means it’s a huge deal. on Monday I ended up in tears…tears of happiness after my meeting. I felt like it was a miracle that I had gotten that radio segment because there was someone in the company trying to keep me away from the place.
The feeling really is overwhelming and so difficult to describe.

I think it’s great that you are joining the depression study – I wish there was one in SA I could join because I’ve been depressed before. I’d love to have a better understanding from a scientific point of view and form my own opinions. I hope it goes well.

I hope you get those tickets soon… Saturday is right nearby. I’m sure the show will be great!

I’ve never cried from happiness. When I cry, I’m normally upset as you said. I’ve seen people who can cry like that, but not me. When I’m happy, you can tell.

I hope you get the tickets soon. Waiting is the hardest part for something like that.

Yep, I got a few close friends and the others, well I just like them. I know I can count on my close friends more than anyone else, though recently I learned some things about one of my “close” friends that is making me doubt my judgment of her. I’ll be making a blog post about it maybe if I don’t let off-line people know about my blog. I do need to work my feelings out somehow.

The depression study sounds like something I’d like to take part in. I just wouldn’t want to take the medication in a way, like you said and also because I have a phobia of pills. I hate them, ever since I was twelve and had to take sulfur pills which I ended up being allergic to.

Congrats on university finally being done! You’ll have more free time now =)

i hardly cry. the egoist me always remind myself that I can only cry twice a year and most of the time, I cry because of something i consider simple : my favourite group having a comeback after a year with a song that suits myself, OR when I watch old people’s pictures.. something as small as that always brought tears to me.. I remembered my students trying to make me cry during my last day teaching them during practicum, but they failed to do so.. but I always remind them that even though I didnt cry that doesnt mean that I don’t feel sad with our separation~ and my blog readers are people whom I never meet in my real life.. except for one or two of them..

you’re an angel! it is hard to find volunteers to take part in your study.. hehe, I shall ask for your help if I need a volunteer in the future kekeke~

While I was reading your posts at first, I thought I never ever cried out of happiness. I find it weird. But when you began telling me about the musician and stuff, that’s when I realize the true meaning of happy tears. I usually get them. I often experience happy tears whenever I feel touched with some situation, or even during watching a good movie. Whenever I thank my friends for their support whenever I join some competition. Also when I see my parents happily taking good care of me. Actually, I guess all people experience this happy tears but not all people are keen enough to notice them.

Take care! 👏

I cry from happiness a lot. Well, I’m basically a constant waterfall of tears no matter what my emotion is, so… yeah. :P I’m an extremely sensitive person. I can’t remember if I usually make a sound or not… probably not, because happiness crying is usually just small tears, not “sob sob cough sob cough sob sob” type of crying.

When I’m upset, I usually try to listen to calming music with pointless lyrics. (Like music in a language I don’t totally understand, like French.) It works really well because then you’re distracted from your emotions, but the lyrics aren’t causing any new emotions. Well… that’s how it works for me. :P

What kind of study is it? I have depression too, and I think it’s great that you’re taking part in something to help people with it. :) I totally understand how you feel about medication. I don’t like it either, but I’m forced to take it. I don’t like relying on pills to make me feel different.

Good luck with your job interview! :)

I’ve never cried from happiness. Usually I cry over the littlest things because it makes me feel the world is just plain sad. Otherwise I’d probably cry if I’m seeing a touching movie with dramatic music. The dramatic music is important.

I’ve seen plenty of musicians on stage (on TV/video of course) cry, and they usually just smile with tears in their eyes then wipe it, no sounds made. I guess I am trying to imagine if I were to cry with happiness, there really would be no sound. The sound is the “sad” part. However that is interesting the way you can cry from happiness while trying to push away the sadness. Not sure how that can happen, well I guess I don’t really have a really happy memory (plus I don’t believe in memories).

Ha when I got out of university back in May, I thought it wasn’t real. I didn’t live at home so I couldn’t “forget” to go to class, but I didn’t think finally moving out of that dreaded dorm was real. Anyway, I hope you get that web design job. If not the internship is great too!

Gnuu, druggs for wuggs! /sweat
but I’m sure it’ll be a fair trial in the end. :3

Happy crying seems rather strange /um I mean, it’s crying! 😳 when I’m that happy I just grin like an idiot /um :B