Look, a bandwagon

And it actually has a band in it! …no? Lame joke not accepted? Just got hit by a tomato… oh… yes.

Since my last post I’ve been busying myself with quite a few things, the first of which is my 101 in 1001 list. For those who aren’t familiar with the idea, it’s basically a project where you write 101 specific goals and attempt to complete them in 1001 days. You can find out more about it on DayZeroProject.com, but in the meantime you can see my list. You might have seen quite a few other bloggers referencing their list as well. I personally debated against the idea for a full three years – since 2008. In 2008, I began writing a list with the help of my boyfriend James, only to realise that many of the things I wanted to complete were definitely not going to be achievable in 1001 days. Had I made a list back then, I can see myself having failed most of it now.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon this time around because I definitely feel like I’m mature and at that age where my passion has hit a peak. Having just completed a university degree and in a good state of mind, I spent a whole afternoon and evening compiling a list. I like a good challenge, but it was still hard compiling a list.

Since I have still been doing my Monthly Goals over at glassfields.net, I may cease them from the beginning of 2012 so that I can focus on my 101 in 1001 list. I’ll be updating you guys regularly on my goals as I move along. :)

I spent a lot of time revamping my portfolio, which I’m very proud of. I wanted to use the colour red and ended up having a bit of blue and light peach colour there. It shall be more impressive to prospective employers now, hopefully.

I’ve been looking for jobs for the summer. I won’t have classes until late February which means I’m sitting around not doing much (or just sitting at home watching Futurama and YouTube and reading blogs and being flat out lazy) for three months. Last summer I didn’t have a job, but the summer before that, I had a temporary role. I hope that this summer I’ll be pretty busy, but only busy enough so I won’t be bored. I will admit that I don’t want to spend days warped at the computer. I’d like to balance my days with work, home, and going out and hanging out with some friends. I’m not really a social person and I don’t go out very much, so I think that’s something I’d like to change. Also because I love travelling to regional areas of the state and I miss doing that with James! /love

To wrap this post up, I’d also like to mention that I’m trying very hard not to swear/cuss anymore, as per one of my goals to not swear/cuss for a month. I’ve noticed that my vulgar tongue is really not very appealing. Lately I’ve felt like I need to rinse my mouth out every time I use too many instances of the “f word”, almost as if it’s a bit awkward to use the word.

Yesterday it was difficult; I swore a couple of times when I was playing a game and I lost. It just slipped. I never used to have a problem with my own swearing, but I think many of my friends will agree that I do it far too much, far too casually, and as a result I believe I’ve worn myself out of it and become sick of it myself.

Thirty days straight is going to be very difficult though. I think that I’m going to just stop using so many nasty words altogether. That way, eventually, in many months time, I’ll be pretty clean. But hey, I mean, they say it takes about a month to break a habit. I’ve found that true of my sleeping patterns and addiction to junk food. The bad thing is that if it takes a month to break one, it’s a month to make one. So in a month you could just bring back an old habit of spending money, not exercising, eating toenails, scratching your bottom, what have you. XD

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You make me want to make a list of my own. I actually might over the holidays, but it’ll probably be more of a draft haha. I don’t feel quite ready to do such a thing. I never been one to make lists of stuff I need to do, so actually starting one feels a bit strange. But who knows, I’ll eventually do it and it should be an interesting experience.

You know, applying for jobs can be fun! Hahaha. You’re certainly right, applying with a friend is more fun, and it seems less scary. Safety in numbers! :D

Huhu, the Noswear wuggs :B
Should be doable :3 just takes some time, tahee

It’s hard to find a job now, hopefully the aquatic centre thing works out /bounce
or this dooz tutoring thing ngeo. I’m gonna look for more places /ho


I’m sorry for being late, but congrats on being graduated! I’m not really familiar with university stuffs but oh well :) .

I saw your list. It seems that you will need to work really hard to get all done. I’m not really good at making a to-do list and fulfilling it at the right time. Perhaps I’m just lazy to get those things done quickly /bash . And your portfolio looks great too /faw !

It’s always good to have a balanced life. I am too young to learn how to drive but I insist to learn the basics because if I can drive, I am able to go with my friends without disturbing my parents who might want to rest. This month I plan not to hang out anymore since I’m trying to save for a phone.

Oh, the not swearing one is going to be tough. I wouldn’t be able to hold even the s word, because whenever I play a difficult song in DDR my tongue will automatically say that word. Well, it’s my fault too at the first place :P .

I couldn’t write a goal list because id never do them all. Good luck finishing it though.

Your portfolio is amazing I love your work. I want your coding skills.

I should be looking for jobs but not much around because everyone is made redundant in a lot of jobs in England.

Good luck on trying not to swear, I don’t swear in front of my parents only friends.

A while ago I had a similar page with 101 list of things to complete, but I totally dropped the ball on it. I had about a quarter of the list completed but then, not sure what happened, I guess I grew kind of tired from it. I feel bad for abandoning that page. I would advise not to set up a deadline, and instead complete them in your own time, simply because I’ve never seen anyone finish their list in time (yet). Haha

Your portfolio is looking really great! The colors are definitely friendly and easy to look at it.

It’s so hard not to cuss. Most of the time, it’s kind of instinctive, at least for me. Like when I accidentally stub my toes, the first word that comes out is “FUUUUUUCCCCK!!”

Good luck!

Good luck on your list! I don’t think I’ve reached the maturity level to do a 101 in 1001 list. I think I’ll probably stick to making my goals for the day when I get up each morning.

I love your portfolio too. ♥ I probably should keep working on mine too. I feel like I need to go to school for web design but that is not what I want my career to be so I feel no need to ‘waste’ school time on it. On the other hand it is a very passionate hobby of mine.

Good luck on your goal not to swear so much. I’m trying to find the balance between it all. I probably won’t use the f word but I also have to choose what I will listen to as well; as in movies and their language.

Good luck with this list! I think I’d like to do this, too. when i was in 11th grade we had to write a list of goals we’d tike to achieve before finishing high school and i five years time. I found the list the other day and had tars in my eyes because I achieved everything I had already listed for two years. it is crazy.

I saw your tweets about the jobs good luck1

ha ha, i swear a lot when i IM my friends or in e-mails, but never on Twitter or Facebook because too many important people follow me -__-” i used to swear loads in school with friends which they thought was always funny to witness

I love your portfolio and work in general. you are one of the people who have always kept me inspired to blog.

Thanks for doing my tag georgina! Anywho, good luck with the new project you’re trying. It sounds really interesting but I doubt that I’ll be able to complete 101 to do list. hahaha.

Take care! Keep in touch :)

I’d take your age as my target to see how mature I’ve gone within such certain time span. Same reasons why I can’t put up bucket lists. Good luck on fulfilling them, & congrats for making such list finally! :D

PS. I like your portfolio. Just right to attract clients. Teehee.

Good luck with the list :D I think it’s a really great project, and even if you don’t complete every single thing on the list you’ve still made an effort – and that’s what really counts, right? Even if you only get one thing done it’s still better than not doing anything :)
I made my list about a year ago and I’m going to try my best to finish all of it. We’ll see how it goes ;)

I’m very familiar with a 101 in 1001 in a high school version :P. I probably failed half of them knowing that I didn’t take 4 AP classes in my high school career :P.

Good luck with all of your goals :D! I love how one of them is to stay away from getting a facebook! :O! I believe you can complete all of those goals, since you do have a monthly list of goals set :D!

Your portfolio looks spiffy :D! It’s simple and cute (: Good luck with getting a job! Next thing you know, small Australian companies contacts you to make a site layout for them for money :O!

Everyone swears, unfortunately. Just do what you can to restrain yourself :D! Even I have a pirate’s mouth when it comes to swearing D:! I probably use it three times in a sentence if I really really really really really don’t like something or someone :x.

I want to personally thank you for convincing me for the paid advertisement :D! I did end up getting paid and it doesn’t really give me a great deal of a bother :O.

For every positive thing there is, you need a negative one :D!

People think money buys happiness. Like you can be happy from money and the things you buy from money. But that only lasts til 6~8 weeks apparently. And as for Happiness buying money, being happy just gives you money whether you want it or not :O!

Haha, don’t worry about it :P. With the cold, I got sores and a fever :(. With the heat, I just sweat a lot! Maybe it’s because I’m used to the heat- I know for sure, if I was super hot and I’m in underwear, there’ll be an air conditioner on somewhere :P.

As for the extra comment thing, don’t worry about it! Unfortunately, I’m so inactive with fanlistings right now that I even had trouble making my recent one. BUT I do have time to work on fanlistings next week. If anything, I would be interested in:
6. Objects: Blankets (2 apps)
8. Computer Miscellany and Internet: Safari (2 apps)
It’s up to you :D!

Take care(:

Before I stole your monthly goals idea *cough*, I was considering doing a 101 in 1001 list but then I realised that I would never complete anything on the list. I didn’t want to put “pointless” things on the list since it would be too easy, but I haven’t even got a job so putting things like “travel to France”, etc. wouldn’t work. I think I’ll wait until I get a full-time job and a boyfriend before I attempt it. :P

Learning HTML5 is pretty easy by the way; my current layout (and my last layout) are coded in HTML5. Well, not the “proper” way of doing it but I’ve used most of what you’re supposed to. It’s very similar to XHTML anyway. xD

Good luck with the list though; I think you’ll definitely be able to accomplish them all. :D

I’m in love with your portfolio layout; in fact, I now hate my own layout haha. This always happens, doesn’t it? :P It looks really professional and I love the colour scheme – great job. :D

Good luck trying to find a job; it’s so hard to find a job these days, not really sure what it’s like over there but it’s terrible here. I hope you and James get to travel to regional areas; that sounds like fun and I’m sure you guys will enjoy spending some extra time together.

Oh god, I swear SO much. I have noticed you swear a lot these days; I remember when you hardly use to swear at all. :P I’m sure you’ll be able to stop swearing for 30 days straight though, it’ll be hard at first but you’ll soon “grow out of it”.

I noticed from one of your screenshots that you use a font and I was like “NO WAY!”, paha. I like the default font, though. :P It took me a few days to get used to the widgets, etc. since BlackBerry’s are SO different but I love it.

YOU NEED TO PLAY ANGRY BIRDS! You’ll become addicted though. :P

I had the Cartoon theme at first but when I saw your screenshot the other day, I was thought oh shit and changed it. XD I had the iPhone theme at one point too haha.

I read your comment on my phone last night, so I downloaded Dolphin Browser HD but I didn’t really like it. I don’t really use the browser on my phone; I usually use my iPod since I’m so used to it and I’m paranoid that I’ll use up all of my monthly allowance. XD The gesture thing sounds rather cool, though.

I’m not really fond of watching vlogs either, I find myself getting distracted easily. D: I watched yours mostly because I love your accent. *whistles* but you talk about interesting things, so I’d probably watch more of your vlogs in the future. :B

Yeah that’s true; I guess the longer you live with depression, the easier it is to manage it and control your emotions better. I have horrible mood swings, I hate talking to people (especially my family) and I’m just generally miserable at the moment. I guess going back to work next week will give me something to occupy my mind. That sounds like a good plan to have! I hope finding new hobbies keeps your mind occupied. *hugs*

LOL it took me a while to actually register the joke at first…oh mornings without enough sleep T_T.

I am tempted to make that list but in the time that I will take to come up with those 101 things I could easily complete a couple of them lol.

Yeah that’s a good time to motivate yourself with stuff like this. I remember doing similar stuff but nothing that involved a list…just knowing what you want to achieve helps to get motivated XD.

The portfolio’s looking nice indeed! Good luck with the job search :D

I can imagine you wanting to be busy…I like having something to keep me busy with enough free time. Summer time can be quite fun depending on how you balance all your acts! I hope you find a good job and can have a lot of “social” fun with your friends…go hit the beach XD.

Interestingly enough I started using the “F”word since I came to the USA. I have very good pick up skills so I just heard this word being used way too many times and now I myself end up using it T_T. Um game induced swearing is VERY common for me…actually that is probably the only time I let go of all inhibitions and say the word out loud lol.

LMAO…actually sometimes it only takes me 2-3 days to make or break depending on the habit. It is always hard to make good habits btw or so I have noticed ^_^;

I like the idea of challenging yourself, but when I tried to do the 101 in 1001 a few years back I failed oh so miserably. Now I think I set up smaller goals for the present and I pick them more wisely – the more important, meaningful ones. Maybe that comes with ages as well. I hit THAT age ;-)

1001 list is something crazy!!! but reading through, you make me want to try it too~ hahah XD
and I’m so jealous with your portfolio. it’s neat and even though you love red, but the blue layout looks awesome!
omo, running out of time! need to go!
– good luck in your job hunting
– i want to travel too!
– not cussing?? hehe.. all the best!! you can do it!

oh, forgot to say….
the joke….
you think it’s not funny..?

i actually laugh reading it!!

Wow! there’s a lot of things-to-do you have there Georgie :) Glad you can set them and manage them to be done. I’m so poor with things like that, I rarely finish everything and end up failing /wah
And yays for that 3 month vacation! I envy you. Now I can’t wait to graduate and have my time of my own like you /eee

Good luck with your really long list! I looked at them, and some of them will be a very touch challenge, like not eating junk food for three months and sleeping before 10:30pm every day for a month. Not cussing is also tough. My dad says that people about our age cuss all the time, and that we just naturally grow out of it sooner or later. It’s also something that I need to work on too.

Your new portfolio layout is gorgeous! If I had a small business, I would definitely have you on my list of people to look at. Don’t take on too much during your break! Spending a week or two watching YouTube is totally acceptable for someone like you!