Don’t ever change

Yesterday I had my last class for my Bachelor degree and I am rather thrilled. I keep checking my enrolment and seeing “Potentially Complete”, which is definitely a nice thing to see. Soon I’ll be able to fully enrol into my Graduate Diploma program for 2012. I can hardly wait. I am really looking forward to next year.

I bought ingredients for fridgecake yesterday, and James and I went through the self-serve checkout because that always seems more interesting than having someone serve you at the checkout. We used his refund card that he gave me a while back, then caught a bus up to the other shopping mall to use the massage chairs. Before we got to the chairs, there was an announcement about Remembrance Day and we, along with many other people, stood still in silence for a minute to pay our respects.

A few years ago, my dad and I had been in the car on the freeway at 11:00am on Remembrance Day (11th November) when the announcement came on the radio. We were quiet inside the car and once the minute was over, my dad mentioned that he saw that some people had actually stopped by the side of the road.

At the shopping mall there were some people still walking around all the people standing still, and some people who stood still but kept talking to their friend. I understand that some people don’t wish to participate and continue doing what they’re doing, but if you’re going to stop as the announcement suggests but keep on talking, then I find that a bit rude. I find it more respectful that some people were walking around but still being quiet at least for the people who wanted to pay respects.

James and I had an eight-minute massage in the massage chairs. Usually those things seem very obnoxious. Would you trust a massage chair? :P Either way, since I am very short, using a massage chair probably doesn’t give me the full benefits of a real massage. I’m small and short, and the leg sections of the chair don’t quite reach my legs as they do their work because they’re that thin. Not to mention I appear rather slouched in the chair and my head doesn’t actually rest in the head section.

I bought atlantic salmon and James was just commenting on how I was sitting in a massage chair just enjoying a snack of salmon and corn thins when he felt the pain of the massage chair. I wouldn’t say it’s pain, but when you’ve been tense all semester from all the stress, a massage can cause a bit more tension before it lets you ease up.

We were very refreshed afterwards. I also got corn thin crumbs all over my shirt.

We rushed back to university where I was in time to present one of my photography assignments – my last one. My teachers said I had actually done really well for someone who was just an elective student and not a photography major. I must say, I’m pretty proud myself.

James and I went to eat sushi for lunch. I said that the grilled salmon sushi I chose was great, and he didn’t think so (he doesn’t like raw meat). He picked up a not-so-appealing-looking dish and bet that it was just as good. He was wrong and he didn’t finish it. XD

I made the fridgecake once I got home but it ended up hard as a rock. Regardless, my mum and brother like it and I pretend it’s my brownies. Georgie Brownies. While it looked like a rock, once I cut it up, it was very niceeeee. /drool

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Congrats on finishing up your bachelors!

And I don’t think I’d ever want to try the massage chair. To be honest, I don’t even like regular massages, so I don’t think I’ll enjoy it!

That fridgecake looks yummy. MMMMM, I wish I was there to try some!

Yay you finally completed your Bachelors degree! Huzzah! Feels good, isn’t it? And good luck with your Graduate Diploma. (Y) I am still hoping for mine to get accepted (they rejected it before so I’m re-applying). :/

Yeah some people don’t actually understand what it means to show respect. We don’t have Remembrance Day here so I don’t know how it works. But I suppose it’s similar to people who were being rude by talking to each other while prayers are being said. Even if these people don’t celebrate/support Remembrance Day, at least have the decency to respect others who do.

Ooo massage chair! My parents love them. We actually bought one years ago but after a few months the chair was left untouched. Needless to say, the enthusiasm for the chair lasted for some time only. XD

OMG that brownie looks so yummy! I want one now! /wah

Congrats on finishing up your bachelors (and starting your graduate)! I’m still in high school so I’m not anywhere close to your position, haha. (But I can’t wait to be).

I’m guessing Rememberance Day is somewhat like Veterans Day (where you honor the people fighting for your country)? Assuming it is, it’s definitely rude to talk during a time like that; as a citizen, you should be able to show at least that much respect for your country and the people fighting for it.

That fridge cake or brownie (or whatever it is) looks delicious, you should send me some!

Yea, the protests are getting attention and everything, but the government hasn’t done anything because the protesters and saying anything that the government can do about our country’s issues (which is talked about in my new blog post).

Yea I agree, protests are necessary for many things; in this case, revealing how corrupt and bad some united states businesses are

Congrats on finishing your bachelor’s degree!

I don’t like massage chairs. I can’t say from experience, but since I don’t like actual massages, I probably wouldn’t like one done by a chair. I squirm when people try to massage me. o__o

I don’t particularly like raw meat either. I’m fine with raw salmon slices, though. And tuna. And anything having to do with sushi. But not with steaks. Bloody steaks freak me out. :|

Your fridge cake looks pretty good in both pictures!

Congratulations on getting your degree! :)

Fridgecake? I’ve never heard of that before! Is it like a no-bake cake or something? It looks delicious though! /bounce

Here, we call Remebrance Day Veteran’s Day, and I don’t /think/ we usually have a moment of silence. Unless I’m just never in a public place at the time. But it’s definitely rude to keep talking when everyone else is being silent… it just totally ruins the entire atmosphere of being respectful.

Yummm, sushi. 🤤 Salmon sushi is especially good!

Wow, that’s awesome that you’ve finished your Bachelor’s Degree! That is so exciting! Congratulations!

It’s funny – I always go to the service checkouts unless I’m in a rush because I think it’s more interesting to talk to someone. I always spark up a conversation with them. :)

I think it’s great when people actually take the time out of their days for rememberence. In America, nobody cared and it made me really sad. Well, at least not in NY. Everyone was too busy and caught up in themselves that nobody would dare actually stop and pull to the side of the road.

I’m sure your photography project was fantastic!

Awww. *squish* Congratulations Georgie; I’m so proud of you! Okay, that sounds weird but you’ve put so much effort into uni and I’m glad you finally have something to show for it! For some reason, 2012 seems so far away but it’s not. xD

Self-serve checkouts are the best thing ever invented, seriously. I love using them because that means I don’t have to interact with anyone LOL; I’m such a hermit. xD

People who talk through a minutes silence really piss me off. You may not want to participate but have some consideration to those you actually want to remember our fallen heroes and pay their respects. My step dad was actually by the airport when it hit 11am (he’s a cab driver~) and they let off the big guns and he shit himself LOL – he thought a bomb had just gone off, haha.

The massage chair does sound appealing but I’m small and short like you so I probably wouldn’t feel the full benefits of it. :( Ah well, at least you can just sit there and relax for a few minutes. :P

That’s brilliant what your teachers said, well done. :D

Mmm, that fridgecake looks so yummy! I probably wouldn’t be able to eat it, though. :P

(Wow, this comment is all over the place, sorry. :P)

I love those massage chairss! But honestly I don’t mind a nice one hour massage at the spa every once in a while! They are better, I usually fall asleep LOL its relaxing. Many congrats on finishing your Bachelors =D I’m almost done working my way towards an Masters…but I think my brain fell off in the process lol

Your fridgecake looks delicious! :D My house never have any dessert-y stuff…now I’m craving chocolate.

Anyhow, congratulations on completing your B.A. degree! 👏


Omgomg the massage was so intense /hah it hurt so bad but I guess that was because it was rather..deep. Huhu

Shame about your fridgecake; next time crush the biscuits better (and add enough. *gloof*)

Dude wasabi is gross. Seriously. I can handle the spiciness, but the taste is terrible. ugh D:

Save me some cake. :B :B we’ll make it someday :3


Congratulations on completing your bachelor! Must feel awesome =D

Our ‘remembrance day’ is on May 4th. Usually it’s just two minutes of silence and pretty much everyone participates in it. Them May 5th is ‘freedom day’, celebrated with live music all over the country.

We actually have a massage chair here at home XD I do sit in it from time to time, but it doesn’t quite work on my lower back =/

Sorry I haven’t commented in a while :( I just went and read your previous posts.

Congratulations on completing your Bachelors Degree!! Hooray! :D *hugs* I considered doing a Grad Diploma, but then I got the job in the state govt, so I decided not to. I hope that goes well too, once you start. Enjoy the break in the meantime, though. You deserve it!

Ohhh I feel so bad. On Friday I was at work of course, and 11am came and went and I didn’t even notice!! (I didn’t even notice 11.11, at AM OR PM lol).There wasn’t anyone announcing anything, nor any informal work gathering or something, or a Last Post playing, so it slipped by me without me noticing :( I felt bad once I realised. My great-grandfather fought in WWII and stepped on a land mine and had part of his leg blown off I think. Oh well… Nothing I can do. That’s good that you guys stopped in the shopping centre. I do think it’s a bit rude people kept talking as well.

Massages don’t do anything for me!!! D: Haha seriously. If someone tries to give me one, I’m like “it doesn’t feel like anything” IDK why this is. At a friend’s birthday party in Feb this year she had a masseuse (sp?) come in and he massaged our backs one at a time. When he did me, he said “you have a very good back” and I thought it was weird because I have horrible posture! lol. He found one little tight spot somewhere but other than that there was nothing. He said that doing pilates and/or yoga would be good for me. On the other hand, I apparently give the best massages ever! XD Everyone says so haha. So I guess I don’t mind I don’t feel anything when I can give others a good massage instead :)

That brownie looks delicious *salivates* haha. Mum made a lovely cheesecake the other week, with chocolate and white chocolate in it. It was amazing 🤤

Yes, I had a good All Saints Day. Normally special days that were spent time with my family.

That’s okay. I understand. I don’t usually go to the movies often, because I think that the tickets are a little expensive.

The movie is entertaining, but from my point of view does not have the same intensity as is seen in comics. But better comics than the film :)

I understand perfectly, I don’t usually make a lot of cycling on road, but when do the usually do in a park.

Congratulations on completing your Bachelors Degree! You should feel proud 👏

Many people don’t respect the minute’s silence, they are little respect for these causes.

I remember years ago I used to try a massage chair that’s in a mall near my house, and I hadn’t a good experience with it.

I’ve never heard of that before of fridgecake, but looks delicious.

congratulations on your bachelor’s degree! :) and oh, your fridgecake looks yummy! :P I love fridgecakes, coz you don’t really have to “bake” it. (yeah, I’m lazy when it comes to baking) :P

Oh my god, Atlantic salmon and grilled salmon sushi sound sooooo good!! I absolutely love salmon :)
And that fridgecake (while I don’t actually know what fridgecake is) looks superb. It’s too bad I can’t bake to save my life :P

YES, Damon is quite amazing :D
And thank you for completely understanding what I was trying to say. Haha, I’ve read my post over and over quite a bit and I’ve just been like, ‘wow, couldn’t I have worded that ANY better?’ but you totally got it, which is cool :) Glee definitely like to take songs and commercialize it, and I figure since pop music is already commercialized, they should just stick to doing pop.
There was one episode where they covered a KISS song. The end result was so bad, it was funny XD

Regardless if it was hard or not, the brownies looked delicious!! I have yet to bake anything myself, I’m waiting for my mum to get us a new oven. Our current one is too antique to do any kind of cooking, lol.

YAY for your Bachelor’s Degree! I’m sure the new year will bring lots of good things for you and for all of us. I look forward for next year too. :)

okay, which one should i squeal first… completing bach degree!!! presentations!!! BROWNIESSSS!!! i’m a picky eater of brownies lol… but once I found a good one, I can eat a lot of it and don’t care about my diet anymore XD I’m bad at baking and it’s always one of my besties who made brownies for me ^^ hehe… i am short =.= and i’m wayyy shorter than my other siblings and people often thought i’m the youngest when the fact is that i’m the eldest in the siblings =.=

in reply to your comment : yay for sharing similar favourite colors! hehehe~ well, i’m afraid of having boyfriend because i’m afraid that i will have an attitude change and will act stupidly just because of love. i’ve seen that a lot because most of my friend changed because of love… so yeah.. i can’t imagine myself being in a relationship XD

i haven’t tried cadbury tiramisu because i always go for beryl’s tiramisu XD and now you make me want to try it! hehehe~

congrats on your soon-to-graduation!

congrats! I have the same problem with massage chairs. though I think for anyone, not nearly as good as an actual massage

Congratulations on finishing your bachelors! :D I’m sure it’s a great accomplishment. Have fun in school next year, of course. :) (I believe that, when I’m attending university, you might still be as well. I think that would be kind of interesting, ha.)

I’ve never gotten the full effects of a massage chair either. :c I like them, but they usually put too much pressure on my back and it hurts quite a bit, ruining any chance of me enjoying it. I like massages where there’s an actual person massaging my muscles; I feel like I can have more control over the pressure they apply and it doesn’t hurt as much. I had one of those for my 14th birthday. /bounce I definitely recommend it!

I’m not a big fan of seafood, so I can’t exactly comment on it. Just not an acquired taste of mine. I did laugh when you mentioned that James’s food didn’t taste so great. ;D The irony.

Mmm…now I think I’ll go make some brownies!

Haha you think so? I doubt it, I’m 20 years old now and I’ll be out of university by the time I’m 22 (which would be in 2013). ;) I have decided that I won’t directly aim for a doctorate either. I used to want to have one, but I don’t find it necessary as I’m not pursuing a career in education. I might consider it once I’m a bit older and have already worked for a bit, but it is another four years of education that I don’t really need to spend time or money on.

I’ve got a friend who does that for me on my shoulders. It’s nice, hehe. :) Less intense than the massage chairs, I have to admit – but the chairs never fail to amuse me. :P

Congratulations about finishing your degree. That’s so amazing!

I have never heard of Remembrance Day. I find it rude that some people just kept talking and ignored what was going on around them.

Congratulations! :)

Self checkout always ends up being a pain for me. I watch people go through with no problem, then when I try to use it, it never ends up going that smoothly.

I’ve never thought about being short and using those massage chairs. Now I do wish they were still in the mall here so I can see how I fit in the chair since I’m tiny as well.

I have a recipe for fridgecake, but have never tried it. Right now I don’t think anything else can fit in the fridge, plus I don’t like making something like that if I’m going to be the only one eating it and as of late that seems to be what has been happening. Ha ha.

happy remembrance day to you~ in the US, we call it Veteran’s Day. hope they all rest in peace

wow massage chairs! i haven’t been on one at the malls but those do feel really good *o* at first they hurt but after a while, it’s heaven ! (^o^)/

congrats on your completion of your BA and onto your MA! that’s a big step indeed.

yummy brownies! hahhaa it looks a lot better once you cut them up!

Congratulations on finishing your Bachelor’s Degree! I’m also short and I’ll probably experience the same if I do try a massage chair. /hehe But maybe it’s worth a shot! :P

I am just in my first year of bachelors degree. I envy you, I want to finish college soon! hahaha :D I’m sorry for being MIA in a while. I have really slow net connection. :(