One! 1! ONE!

Never have I been so obnoxious in a blog post title, but I felt the need to this time. Normally I try to avoid using exclamation points unless absolutely necessary, because they are a tad pathetic. If you want to be a good writer, don’t use exclamation points. If you write well, you won’t need to use one. ;)

Either way, I have one day left of university.1 It’s not even a proper day, but I have a presentation on that day. Because I’m such a beast… no, you’ll be surprised, I actually prepared for it this time, and not 15 minutes before the assessment like I usually do. On Monday I decided to use some of my time in the photo lab to write up a little bit of what I’ll be saying tomorrow. I’m pretty happy with how far I’ve come with my assignment, and my other assignments too.

I have received comments from people who want to see all my photographs or even the one that Fern gave me the other day. I will definitely show them; I already showed a few in my latest YouTube video but I’ll probably scan them in and/or record a video showing you all the photos so you can see them “in the flesh”. I should be picking up my photos next week after they’re assessed and marked. I also plan to print some more because Fern and Johnny want to use up all their photo paper. I don’t know why they bought so much, even an “emergency pack”, because I only like to buy extra photo paper when I run out.

Since tomorrow is my last day, James and I will be going to the massage chairs at the shopping mall. We tried them last semester, since we’d never used one before, and they were actually really quite relaxing. Just what we need after, now, a whole years’ worth of work. We usually deem those chairs inconvenient, because we never seemed to like them. I suppose our curiosity got the better of us that day. :P I’m definitely looking forward to it, even just a four-minute massage can do wonders, trust me. We’re also going to the grocery store so I can buy ingredients to make fridgecake.

I haven’t been feeling well lately, emotionally. I have been feeling rather empty and have often cried for no reason at all, and sometimes just felt very upset. A lot of my hobbies, like watching shows, making icons, designing and reading blogs, have become very dull to me now. I also feel like I look forward to every day ending. I hope my depression isn’t spooling back and creeping up on me again. I thought it would be nice to do something different for a change, after I spotted this fridgecake recipe James gave me a while back. We don’t have an oven at home; it’s been broken for ages so I have never been able to bake cakes. A fridgecake seems perfect for my situation. :)

Yesterday I celebrated the end of semester with Johnny and Fern at the sushi train place we went to a few times. It was a good way to end it, I guess. :D Our photo class wanted to celebrate since our teacher is the best we’ve had. Someone decided to go to the bar.

So not my scene. I was sitting there really awkwardly, begging with my eyes to Fernando that I wanted to leave. Eventually we did, but not before I was sitting there for 20 minutes feeling very out of place. Bars and pubs are really not my thing, and I don’t drink. I have been to a bar, but that was at a show/gig, so I was sort of prepared for that environment.

Fern kept amusing me by pointing out this guy by the counter who was draping his arms over a bunch of people. He was probably drunk. Fern said, “that guy in the basketball singlet is a tool”.

I love when people can make me laugh. :)

  1. That is, one day left for my Bachelor’s degree, wahoo. I’m still doing a Graduate Diploma in 2012 though.

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Ah yes, the point about using exclamation mark you said right there is true. Exclamation mark in writing is overrated, too much enthusiasm. Just… not good.
Oho, massage chairs :D my parents sure love massage chairs and they can pretend to try the massage chairs as if they are really going to purchase em. poor salesman explaining the features of the massage chair long and complete but in the end, my parents will walk away without buying em. /hmph
I haven’t been feeling well lately either. Oh well, everyone can read that from my previous posts which were so emotional(-ly stupid) 😒 I hope WE don’t go back to being depressed. /sigh
Bars and pubs have this weird, unpleasant vibes. I mean, I drank cocktails twice or thrice but not in a pub during the night and stuff; merely because I’m interested… but yeah, bars and pubs are no good. /ho

Like I mentioned on Twitter, I overuse exclamation points; I’ve started to use them less but I don’t know, it’s just a habit I guess. :P

I can’t believe you only have one day left at University, it’s gone so quick. It seriously only feels like yesterday that you went off to Uni, aw; they grow up so fast. :’) Good luck with the presentation; it’s good that you’ve prepared for it this time but I’m sure you’d do well either way. :P Congratulations though, Georgie. :D ♥

I actually sat there and watched the whole of that video – I usually don’t bother watching vlog’s because I love your accent, so. (H) I loved the photos though, they looked so professional and just brilliant, your imagination is great, I love it. xD

Ah, massage chairs are fun. I used one a few years ago and I sat there in it for a good 45 minutes and nearly fell asleep; it’s so relaxing and you’re right, that’s just what you guys need! :P

I know how you feel, that’s how I’ve been feeling for a few weeks. My first thought was depression but I haven’t been depressed since 2006/07 so I don’t see why it would creep up on me like that? IDK. I think we all go through those moods now and again though. I think you just need a new challenge, something new and exciting that you can get your teeth stuck into. XD I hope this feeling goes away soon though. *hugs*

God, I would hate to be in a bar/pub if I didn’t drink. :P I drink, but I don’t drink A LOT, I never go overboard and I guess that makes me feel awkward because all of my friends get paralytic. XD

It’s nice when you can have a good time without needing to get drunk, though. :P

You need to use the obnoxious title!!!! It’s a time to celebrate if you’re done with university for good!!!! I haven’t had a celebration day since middle school since I didn’t end high school on time.

Well if you’re free from now until grad school you should show us some of all those photographs! We’d want to comment on their beauty, hahaah I’m lame.

I hate those mall massage chairs. I hate sitting in them while people stare at you, hahaha.

Aww I hope depression isn’t creeping around the corner! Maybe it’s just the stress from school which is what causing me to feel down at times too. You’re going to be free so soon you should celebrate and get back into your hobbies! I so wish I could do that, but I have more than a month to go.

Aishhhhh I have to go now I have two comments of yours I didn’t respond to, bad me. I’ll make up for them somehow when I come back to blogging. Take care in the meantime. <3 ♥ ♥ ♥

Congratulations! And also.. I know how you feel. I’ve got about a month left of “normal Uni” and then just my masters thesis, which is a pretty lonely thing to write because you don’t have to attend classes or anything. Just meet the professors from time to time IF you need help. So I’ve been thinking about my future a lot. I still remember how I felt when it was my last day of “bachelors degree” studies :)

Haha, good luck with your presentation ^^
lmao, massage chair sounds fun! And hopefully it helped calm you down from your emotions a bit. :) I think I see what you mean when you say you’re being bored with what you usually do–try new things then! Like making that fridgecake XD Sometimes it just takes something new for you to miss the old things. Or you just stick with the new thing :D
Totally respect you for not getting involved with that drinking thing, man. Other people can do it if they want, but, well… >.>

if i’m not a good writer, does that mean i’m allowed to use exclamation points? haha i admit i use them too often when i write comments, but i have tried to decrease the use of them, as there sometimes are no point of using them at all.

woohooo for only one day left at University! :D i’m quite looking forward to maybe one day see myself fly over the borders to study at some University in England, that’s my dream anyway!

ahh i never drink, and i don’t enjoy going out being around drunk people either ;S i feel like i have a responsibility to take care of them and bring them safe home then, and i guess it’s not always easy to do so.

yes i got your reply, thank you very much for the answer! :D i actually knew about the tutorial you’d mentioned, but i thought you maybe where using just a normal html code/text code (which i was looking after), but never mind, thanks again anyway!

i would highly recommend in time if you haven’t seen it! it’s pretty exciting, it gets a solid 5 of 6 from me!! :D and when we’re talking about the topic of knowing the exact day of our death, this is a film which really gives a good point of view of it!! go and see it, it’s definitely worth it!!!

Really, your last day at the uni is on 11.11.11? That is so awesome. My cousin is quitting his job at that date, hehe. . .
Awh, maybe you’ve been sad because the very back of your brain has realised that there will be changes in your everyday life from now on? The good thing about feeling down is that it will pass, and you will feel great afterwards /eee
If seems like you eat a lot of sushi. A lot. Here, we just have one sushi place- but one is better than none.
@_@ Jane Eyre is such a beautiful story. I have only seen the 2011-version and read the book, have you seen it- and if you have, is the 1996-version better? Jane Eyre is released on dvd the 30th of November.. I can’t wait.
Haha, I can’t imagine how warm Australia is now! My geographyteacher told me that our island is 5 degrees warmer now than it usually is at this time of the year (our average temp. is 3 degress celsius, haha.)
Vinyls are quite expensive, right? Ah, The Beatles..They are impossible to dislike (Y)

Congratulations on your one day! :)

There used to be massage chairs at our mall. A few months ago they took them out though because of local kids just making them look so horrible.

I would love to see some of your photographs.

Bars is somewhere I do enjoy. I don’t think anymore and all of the venues I go to offer beer. I just enjoy seeing the many kinds of people who are there.

Thanks so much for the comment on my site, you know I’ve always admired your site so much and never got the courage to comment because I thought ‘you would never reply, I’m only a freewebs user’
But wow you visited my site :O

Congrats, Georgie! You’re done! You should totally go relax a lot and then you’ll be all ready to go for your next educational program.

I watched your YouTube video (You vlog too?). The little voodoo doll doesn’t look like much to me initially, but I like how it appears in your photographs. My favorite is actually the one in which it’s next to the perfume bottle because it looks especially mischievous that way. Art is very subjective; I’m pretty sure that your teacher didn’t like it for that reason.

Tahee, my spine is suitably melted. /bounce feels pretty good

Darn biscuits, you should’ve crushed them better. /hrb we’ll make a better one sometime :)


Congrats on finishing your degree! It’s an awesome time after all those days, but it’s also the time to step into the working world. Well for you, you have another year since you’re doing a Graduate Diploma next year.

Fridgecake? Is that like something you just leave to set in the fridge? I suppose like cheese cake or some sort of moose thing?

Will be awesome to see your photographs. Is there no digital versions?

Thank you! :D I’m rather excited. I will have more time to work next year as classes are in the evening, so I have the chance to work if I want.

Yeah, pretty much. Except this fridgecake I made was primarily made from chocolate (melted) and biscuits. It just sets in the fridge.

Nope, I used a film SLR and processed the tilm and printed everything using traditional processes (quite expensive haha). I could scan the film into digital but I haven’t had the chance.

I hope you had a great last day of university and a great presentation ! Ahah those massage chairs really are relaxing! I hope you enjoy your massage, hah xD I hope you feel better! Maybe making the fridgecake will cheer you up! We all go through these kind of lows. It really stinks because it’s hard to deal with, but don’t worry, it’ll get better! And a fridgecake sounds absolutely delicious XD Ah sushi trains! When I went to Sydney over the summer I saw them all over the place! The ones here are rare and super expensive :/ Glad that you enjoyed your outing!

I saw your video of your photos and oh my gosh they are so pretty! I think the doll is adorable XD They remind me of the kind of photos I find on Tumblr (which I love so so so much XD). Great job with them! I cant wait to see your other photos!

I try not to add to many exclimation points, I only do it if I really feel excited about a topic, but every now and then isn’t bad. Congratulations! You can finally, and hopefully take some time out for yourself now that you are our of University. You seem to study pretty well and you seem very prepared. I hope everything went well with your assingments.
I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures, I already enjoy the work you do and I have to say, you are quite talented. :)
Tim and I once tried one of those massage chairs, and although they felt weird they did relieve a lot of tension.
Sometimes everything around us makes us feel sad or upset. Depression is not an easy thing to live with. I was diagnosed with it years ago and when it creeps up, it makes me feel uneasy
and sad and I too cry all the time. Maybe it’s just everything that is going on in your life at the moment. I hope you feel better soon. :)
Bars are not for everyone. I can just imagine you sitting there with a puppy dog look that says “please get me out of here”. I don’t like bars, some friends once took me for my birthday and I could not wait to leave.
Fridgecake sounds good! I never heard of it until I read your blog. I may be out of the loop on that. 😳

omg! congratulations on finishing your degree! that’s really cool! I’ll be graduating too, and March is the month! :) Good luck on your Graduate Diploma! 👏

:love: Saw your videos Georgina, and I say, it’s my first time to see it. You’re pretty! And I love the photos you’ve taken, even though they’re black & white, they’re still interesting and cool. Anyways, congratulations on finishing your degree! 👏