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I was tagged with the Versatile Blogger Award by Gail – thanks Gail! Here are the rules, as per usual.

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass it along to at least 15 fabulous bloggers
4. Contact the bloggers you awarded to let them know about the award

Anyway, to spice it up, I’m not going to be boring with seven facts but tell seven little stories about me, that relate to things that have happened recently. So hopefully they won’t be boring and dull.

1. My friend Fern(ando). This isn’t really about me. But yesterday my friend Fern gave me a photo that he printed himself. It was hard to tell what was in the photograph as it was in black and white, but he had encountered a deep, black river/lake that looked and smelled like blood. He had tossed a stone in the water and taken a photograph of the action, resulting in this amazing photograph that looked like stars in the night sky. The sunlight had reflected the splash, and the water was just so black it looked like sky.

Fern is studying overseas for the whole of 2012, and it just occurred to me that I’ll miss him. I miss people ever so easily. I have an attachment to my friends that is really strong especially if I don’t see much of them. I don’t even see my boyfriend James much. And I don’t see Lilian often. I suppose you could say I’m used to not seeing them much, but every now and then I remember some good times we had, and miss them dearly. I met Seb early last year, and we became friends pretty quickly and I found that by the end of semester I missed him a lot too.

2. Georgie. It’s my nickname, and it’s the name my parents have called me ever since birth. I know my mother has often called me by my full name when she’s mad, an action that seems to be common for some people’s parents. Regarding this nickname, it is the only name I would ever change my name, Georgina, to. When I was younger I wanted to be named Crystal, Jewel, Esmeralda, or Demetra, or other “pretty” names. Now I have learned to love the nickname Georgie, even though I’ve hated it.

I was talking to Johnny about nicknames the other day when he gave me a ride home, and he said that for the longest time, as a child, he thought his full name was Johnny and not Jonathan. He said that no one really called him Jonathan anymore, but he wouldn’t change his name because his parents gave it to him. The reason I like Georgie is because I feel like it suits me better, and I just prefer to go by that name. I wouldn’t change my name unless I had to though… [edit] Also, I’m going to start introducing myself as Georgie from now on. [/edit]

3. Pants. I dislike them. Jeans included. I just can’t find myself comfortable in them. Because I have really muscly calves (which is no problem, mind you), most jeans that are comfortable for my legs end up being so loose at the waist. Even with a belt, it’s uncomfortable. All jeans I have ever bought also have to be cut at the foot (thanks to my wonderful mother) because they are too long. If I find something that fits nicely, my legs are practically choking. James also had this problem shopping for pants, and said, “Australian people must have ridiculously skinny thighs”.

So, put simply, I don’t like pants much. Every morning you’ll probably find me standing at my clothes stand looking at my jeans and muttering, “I hate jeans…” I like skirts and dresses a lot. I have one skirt I wear so often; it’s my signature skirt. ๐Ÿ˜›

4. My phone ringtone is Bittersweet Bundle of Misery by Graham Coxon. I invite you to listen to the first ten seconds. It’s very catchy. The reason I refuse to change it is because it’s hilarious when I’m around my friends, my phone rings, and they remember my ringtone so well that they start tut-tutting the beat. In particular my brother Brandon enjoys doing this.

5. My hair currently has a straight fringe (or bangs, if you like to say). I haven’t had such a fringe since I was three years old. I am happy with it, as it’s a change from the usual side fringe I’ve had. Recently I have been sweeping it and pinning it to the side as it’s getting longer. My mum did cut it short recently but it’s growing out fast!

6. I generally dislike makeup. I have been watching makeup tutorials for a year though, because they’re fun to watch. However, recently I’ve been trying some eyeliner and I find that it’s not so bad. My mum works for YSL and she’s sort of gotten me into the products. ๐Ÿ˜„

7. I love James very much. I hope we get married. I think we’ll get married. Since I have so many male friends, and just one girlfriend Lilian, I will have some male bridesmaids. Just kidding, not putting them through that torture.

And I don’t want to pass this along, but anyone who has ever commented on my blog and has a blog, you deserve the Versatile Blogger award, so have at it. ๐Ÿ˜

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