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I was tagged with the Versatile Blogger Award by Gail – thanks Gail! Here are the rules, as per usual.

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award
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Anyway, to spice it up, I’m not going to be boring with seven facts but tell seven little stories about me, that relate to things that have happened recently. So hopefully they won’t be boring and dull.

1. My friend Fern(ando). This isn’t really about me. But yesterday my friend Fern gave me a photo that he printed himself. It was hard to tell what was in the photograph as it was in black and white, but he had encountered a deep, black river/lake that looked and smelled like blood. He had tossed a stone in the water and taken a photograph of the action, resulting in this amazing photograph that looked like stars in the night sky. The sunlight had reflected the splash, and the water was just so black it looked like sky.

Fern is studying overseas for the whole of 2012, and it just occurred to me that I’ll miss him. I miss people ever so easily. I have an attachment to my friends that is really strong especially if I don’t see much of them. I don’t even see my boyfriend James much. And I don’t see Lilian often. I suppose you could say I’m used to not seeing them much, but every now and then I remember some good times we had, and miss them dearly. I met Seb early last year, and we became friends pretty quickly and I found that by the end of semester I missed him a lot too.

2. Georgie. It’s my nickname, and it’s the name my parents have called me ever since birth. I know my mother has often called me by my full name when she’s mad, an action that seems to be common for some people’s parents. Regarding this nickname, it is the only name I would ever change my name, Georgina, to. When I was younger I wanted to be named Crystal, Jewel, Esmeralda, or Demetra, or other “pretty” names. Now I have learned to love the nickname Georgie, even though I’ve hated it.

I was talking to Johnny about nicknames the other day when he gave me a ride home, and he said that for the longest time, as a child, he thought his full name was Johnny and not Jonathan. He said that no one really called him Jonathan anymore, but he wouldn’t change his name because his parents gave it to him. The reason I like Georgie is because I feel like it suits me better, and I just prefer to go by that name. I wouldn’t change my name unless I had to though… [edit] Also, I’m going to start introducing myself as Georgie from now on. [/edit]

3. Pants. I dislike them. Jeans included. I just can’t find myself comfortable in them. Because I have really muscly calves (which is no problem, mind you), most jeans that are comfortable for my legs end up being so loose at the waist. Even with a belt, it’s uncomfortable. All jeans I have ever bought also have to be cut at the foot (thanks to my wonderful mother) because they are too long. If I find something that fits nicely, my legs are practically choking. James also had this problem shopping for pants, and said, “Australian people must have ridiculously skinny thighs”.

So, put simply, I don’t like pants much. Every morning you’ll probably find me standing at my clothes stand looking at my jeans and muttering, “I hate jeans…” I like skirts and dresses a lot. I have one skirt I wear so often; it’s my signature skirt. :P

4. My phone ringtone is Bittersweet Bundle of Misery by Graham Coxon. I invite you to listen to the first ten seconds. It’s very catchy. The reason I refuse to change it is because it’s hilarious when I’m around my friends, my phone rings, and they remember my ringtone so well that they start tut-tutting the beat. In particular my brother Brandon enjoys doing this.

5. My hair currently has a straight fringe (or bangs, if you like to say). I haven’t had such a fringe since I was three years old. I am happy with it, as it’s a change from the usual side fringe I’ve had. Recently I have been sweeping it and pinning it to the side as it’s getting longer. My mum did cut it short recently but it’s growing out fast!

6. I generally dislike makeup. I have been watching makeup tutorials for a year though, because they’re fun to watch. However, recently I’ve been trying some eyeliner and I find that it’s not so bad. My mum works for YSL and she’s sort of gotten me into the products. :D

7. I love James very much. I hope we get married. I think we’ll get married. Since I have so many male friends, and just one girlfriend Lilian, I will have some male bridesmaids. Just kidding, not putting them through that torture.

And I don’t want to pass this along, but anyone who has ever commented on my blog and has a blog, you deserve the Versatile Blogger award, so have at it. /bounce

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I love fringes :D Mine is cut straight across the forehead, but it flips to the side by itself now since I swept it so much with my left hand LOL.

And male bridesmaid? I’d love to see that. That idea cracked me up so much!

I think Georgie suits you, too :) I’ve been called Tara all my life, so it’s kind of hard to really nicknamise it LOL. Though I’ve been called Ms. T by the kids I work with before, so I guess that’s a nickname XD

But jeans are nice~ Except in Summer. Then it gets annoying. I think you got so many skirts that I’m not entirely sure which skirt you’re talking about haha. Although maybe I’m just not observing enough?

My current ringtone is Missing Link by Novels. It’s a Japanese song that was used as the opening theme for one of my favourite anime. xD I like it quite a lot. :3


I think Georgie is an awesome name. Georgina too ^^. Hahaha, and Mr Darcy’s younger sister is ‘Georgiana’ which just makes your name all the more awesome. I used to hate my name too. But I can’t remember what I wanted to change it too :(. I’d keep it now, because my parents gave it to me! So it’s special. And even if I changed my name, my Chinese name is still Li-Lian, so all my relatives would still call me by my given name. Hahaha,I bet my parents did this on purpose!

JEANS! UGH. We were totally ranting about jeans. LOL the thing is they’re uncomfortable, but I wear them anyway cos in Winter there’s nothing else for me to wear. I like shorts :P Man Australian sizes are so weird D: .

My fringe is so long, it’s almost chin-length D:. Hahaha. A straight fringe is a nice change :). I’d get annoyed at it if I kept having to pin it up cos it’s always in my face though D:. I just realised: Your hair grows pretty fast :O. Hahahaha.

I KNOW you love James XD. I’m still trying to grow those extra set of arms so I can carry your train and play the cannon for you guys when you get married. LOL. If you have male bridesmaids, I demand a copy of your wedding video! DEMAND :P.

Okay gotta get back to work D:.

I don’t meet my friends very often either. In fact, ever since I’ve graduated from university, I haven’t seen them at all! Even with Leon, we only get to see each other twice a week. :(

Georgie is a such a nice name. :D I like it. I used to have a pretty, smart female colleague called Georgie. I know it’s not her real name (no parents born before 1980 here would name their children with Western names) so it was obviously her nickname. And it wasn’t long before I got used to associating the name with intelligent girls. :D

Ugh jeans. I can never find one that fits me comfortably. I have big tummy so the jeans would always slip and settle below my stomach instead which is really annoying because I have to wear belts to hold the jeans in place.

I’m not into make-ups either because putting them on and removing them is such a hassle. And I especially hate putting on mascara. :/

YAY, I do hope you’ll marry James one day. I know you love him so much and you both deserve each other. ♥ ♥

I have problems with jeans or trousers/pants too. I have MASSIVE thighs and bum but the part between the waist and hip is small. Jeans that fits my bum & thigh will be too loose at the top and bottom. Perfect for the top and bottom will be too tight on my bum…annoying right?

I’ve resorted to leggings now. I now wear leggings and shorts a lot. They are super warm and comfy and I don’t need to worry about my big bum as they’re stretchy. I’m really glad leggings got into the fashion world. Do you know any leggings? Also those jeggings (leggings made to look like jeans but stretchy) is awesome as well!

I cut my own side fringe or sometimes my mum does it for me. It’s so good to know how since they grow back so fast. It’s such an effect to go to the hairdressers every time and expensive too.

I use to think make up was slutty because back in high school all the slutty girls wear make up. Since watching youtube gurus I’ve learnt to love it. I’ve learn how to wear it in a elegant way I do wear a bit of make up everyday now, only shaping my eyebrows and some invisible eyeliner with mascara. Really natural but effective :D

Male bridemaids….xD imagine that! It’ll be the wedding of the century.

Your nickname story just reminded me of my Grandma. Everyone calls her Sheena but her real name is actually Jeanie-Anne. I have no idea how one came from the other. She’s been called Sheena her whole life but when she was a girl she had a ragdoll called Jeanie-Anne and she had no idea where the name came from. She never knew it was her own name. :P Can I just say, thank God you haven’t changed your name to Esmeralda. It’s horrible!

For a moment I thought you meant “pants” as in underwear. /bash Doh. I think I’ve said to you before I love jeans but I actually know what you’re talking about now! I’ve tried on several pairs of skinny jeans/jeggings and I can’t get them over my calf muscles! It makes me feel like I have fat legs. X/

My hair is growing out too. It looks awful. We had yearbook photos taken recently too and I just have this huge curtain of hair over one eye. O_O Some people can pull off a growing out fringe, not me.

How have you been, in the past two/three months? (Sorry!) :/

List style comment! :P

1. Aw I wish you could’ve shared that photograph! It sounds like an amazing scene to document. You know, I’ve seen my best friend maybe once or twice a year for the past 8 years, so I find it normal to not see friends very much. It doesn’t mean we ever forget though. Missing someone is mostly an unconscious feeling.

2. Haha honestly I think Georgie sounds cooler than Georgina. It’s short and to the point. Long names are a mouthful even though Georgina isn’t as long as my name. Yeah, of course Liv isn’t my name, it’s one syllable of it! I really plan on changing my name since my current name isn’t even my birth name, but I think I’d get used to it easier than picking out a whole new name to stick with.

3. Ahh that’s unfortunate your body isn’t built for jeans. I’m the complete opposite in that nothing but jeans feel comfortable. For some reason other pants feel tight. I’m not really a girly girl so skirts are a bit out of my league but in the summer there’s always shorts! But since you live in Australia you can probably survive on skirts all year long. My friend wear skirts all the time in this current weather here which I take to be Australian winter.

4. Unfortunately I’m in a computer lab so I can’t listen to the song, but I do love hilarious ringtones. I once had one of an annoying pop song just to annoy people if it rang. Right now I have a tragic song by FT Island of course.

5. I’ve started to say the word fringe because bangs sound stupid. I have a side fringe that’s close to a straight fringe, and it’s a bit annoying sometimes because if I sweep it to the side I look like this really hideous person in media, and if I don’t it blocks my eyes. That’s the bad part about fringes; you always have to take care of them.

6. Kudos for disliking makeup! Because I think unless you’re using natural makeup to look better in general (such as lip gloss, foundation), you’re equivalent-ing to plastic surgery. There are some Asian girls who look so different with and without makeup and it’s ridiculous. In fact my friend starting wearing makeup and she looks so different that I believed she really got surgery.

7. Ha male bridesmaids! How about men of honor? The girl had that in Bride Wars.

I had bangs for a while, and I would always try to cut them myself, to no avail. In the end, I just grew them out.

Also, you should totally have a harem at your wedding! It will be hilarious! Lilian can be James’s best man. :D

I wish you could have shared the photo with us – I bet it looks amazing. I don’t see many of my high school friends anymore but I do miss them. I heard one is moving to London and I was so sad to hear that.

I’ve never liked my name – I always thought it was so common. I’ve liked the name Georgina for aaages – it was the name of a character in a book I used to read as a kid, wish I could remember which book.

I don’t like makeup much either. Anything that draws attention to near my eyes because I have eyesight problems.

I always think it is just too cute how you talk about James. It’s adorable. :)

and thank you for your comment on my post. I’m going to continue about it in my next post. You make a valid point, she can’t hate me if she agreed to help me.
I’m going to write a short open letter. It’s not directed at her but it is for her and I hope she reads it.
I always appreciate your sound advice…. thank you again :)

I was literally talking on Twitter the other day about having male bridesmaids, and male of honor. My best friend is a guy, and I want him to be in my wedding. Seriously.

I’ve had side bangs for a few years now, and have had them cut straight across a few times (when my stylist didn’t understand and messed up), and for a good majority of my life, I’ve also had them straight across. Back when I was a teen, I had them grown out for awhile, but I didn’t think it suited me, since I’m not a very big fan of my forehead. I’ve always preferred side bangs out of all of my styles. :)

I’ve worn make up for years, and I’m still trying to master the art of putting on eyeliner. My hand is so shaky so it always takes me a few tries.

Hew hew. Skirtwuggs tahee
But you look cute in pants /love

Yeah, it’s the reason why I hate shopping. And if anyone reads this, I don’t just say the above because I have ludicrously fat legs.

I sure like your hair long /bounce it goes with your face and it’s extra cute /um


ahaha when I was in highschool i hated makeups so much. i dunno. maybe i had classmates who really were too vain to wear make up that young and at school. i hated it. them too. :)

Aww, if you and James get married I want an invite ;) or at LEAST chief bridesmaid, ahaha. I’ve never been a fan of makeup either, I used to be really quite full on with it (foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, etc) but I’ve toned down a lot over the past year. The most I wear now is eyeliner and mascara, and thats only if I have time for it in the morning.

Thanks for the compliments about my art :) I’m hopefully setting up a portfolio sooner or later so I can show Universities/Colleges my art. According to my tracker I’ve had a few college campuses google me and end up on my site already, haha, so I think I’d better give them something better to look at rather than a teenagers blog. @_@

I actually shrink my jeans. :X They aren’t tight in the hip/waist area, so I don’t have love handles or a muffin top, but in my own insecurity I think my thighs are very thick, so I prefer that my legs be tighter as it makes me feel like it’s containing the thickness of my legs. They’re more muscle than fat, but still. 😳

I would absolutely love to see that photograph your friend showed you! :O It sounds amazing. I’ve never heard of a lake that smells like blood, but I do believe that’d make a good horror movie/novel. xD

I love the name “Georgina,” and the nickname “Georgie.” I think they’re both really original and it makes you stand out (in a good way). I find my name boring and common. There are 4 other Sydneys in my biology class! :c I told my mom that I’d like to legally change my name to either Victoria or Veronica, since those are probably my favorite names…ever.

Mmm, I love makeup. c: It’s like a second skin for me; it lets me be whoever I want, really. I go to school more natural, with a light touch of liquid foundation and powder and mascara, but when I’m going out with my friends I’ll get sort-of glamored up, just because it adds a sense of confidence to me. *shrug* That’s just me though; I know plenty of girls who don’t like makeup. You’ll have better skin when you’re older if you don’t wear it. Then again, you’ll still have good skin when you’re older if you make a sacrifice and pay for the more expensive makeup like MAC and Urban Decay.

I do hope you end up getting married to James. I can tell you are very, very happy with him. ♥ LOL male bridesmaids…

Awe I love the seventh fact. That’s too cute. :)

I love skinny jeans, jeggings or track pants/gym pants only. Anything else just feels too weird. I have 2 pairs of MC Hammer pants too, though I don’t wear them much.

Thank you for your comment. :)

I totally adore your name. It’s so cute! ‘Georgina’. If I have a kid (and it’s a girl), I might actually name her that. I used to love (and still love) the name ‘George’.
Hm, if I have a boy sometime in the future, I’ll name ‘im George.
Sorry if this is slightly creeping you out. xD

I like pants. I feel uncomfortable in skirts. I rarely wear them. Hm, if you order Levis straight-leg pants, they’re usually slightly baggy in the thigh area (but if you decide to take my advice, check the measurements first!).

Aah! I have fringes too! I had fringes for years 0-12. Then 12-13 I grew them out. Now, I’m 14 and I have fringes again. Rather thick ones, if I may add. I love them. :)
I have short hair (reaching the base of my neck) and a billion layers. I love how my hair’s now light. I used to have ridiculously thick hair. =___=

Aw, you and James are so cute! ♥

Take care!

Number 2.- Georgie I think your nick name is so cute, I dont really have a nickname, kinda wished I did
Number 3 – Pants. I dislike them. Me too. Do leggins (tights) count cos I wear them but other than that, I dont wear pants, I usually wear skirts or dresses

Oh no, I guess I got myself tagged haha, that’s another blog that I’ve been tagged in. :)


Thanks for commenting on my blog, sorry It’s taken a while to reply, I’ve been so slack replying back. :)
It’s so exciting to be an Aunt again. I’m still hoping to upload a pic of him cos he’s so cute :P He’s so tiny
I agree that Tyler Robert is a cute name. He’s named after my dad he’s middle name is also Robert :)

take care xxx :)

Thanks for doing my tag! Yay :”> Well, I love jeans. Especially skinny jeans mainly because it can match any top I have in my closet. Hehe. I hope you have a very happy life with your boyf, as much as I can tell, you guys are really in love! Keep the fire burning for eternally! Take care, georgie. :D