She’s like a comet

Yesterday I went to my primary school’s spring fair. I used to visit nearly every year after I graduated but it became less of a “thing”. I used to bump into old schoolmates there, but only for the first couple of years. I think I found that it was dull, because it was my school.

I love attending fetes and fairs, but for some reason, when it’s my old school, it seems really boring.

My brother wanted to visit again this year, hoping that he’d bump into someone he knew. Well. It’s been nine years since I graduated from there, and that was half of my life ago. Not surprisingly, I remember a lot of the names and faces I encountered when I was still in my preteen years.

It was a very hot day and I didn’t enjoy walking around in the sun very much, so I tried to find shade where possible. My brother and I recognised a lot of the teachers and some students we might have seen a while back. My brother even recalled knowing the siblings of some of the students who were at the fair. There were rides, as per usual, but it didn’t seem like a very interesting fair. There were some food stalls, but not as many craft and bag stalls as there were in previous years. Normally, the entire school would be filled with stalls, but only half of the school was filled.

Of course it came as a surprise when I saw my fifth grade teacher at a stall.

She had difficulty remembering me, even though she asked for a clue and I mentioned that my name started with “G”. I don’t blame her; it has been a while and I don’t think she’d remember all the students she’s taught.

I remember that she left that same year she taught me, and moved interstate after getting married. She introduced me to her two sons. I remembered that one of them was Rory, a character from Doctor Who; I obviously failed at remembering the other son’s name because it probably had nothing to do with Doctor Who.

It was lovely catching up, though. Now her sons go to that very school. :) She asked if I kept in touch with anyone and I told her that to be honest I didn’t, but several students did end up going to the same high school as me as well. She seemed to remember them when I mentioned their names. I suppose I’m the one that’s forgotten because I never left a mark… she said she remembered one of my classmates because he was such a clown, had such a personality. Well, I could have told her that that all remained the same even in high school.

I wasn’t offended, at all, but when I bothered to ponder the conversation we had, I was probably too quiet back then to make an impression or be remembered easily.

In other news, yesterday night I found out I had won tickets to see Jebediah in concert. Jebediah is an Australian band and they have been around for a while, but aren’t really well known internationally. I wasn’t expecting to win, but wahoo. I am not sure yet when I’ll be picking up the tickets but the show’s in about two weeks. James couldn’t come along since he has many exams in the days after the show so I’m dragging Seb along.

I’ve also been watching a lot of Futurama since I haven’t had a lot of work to do. I just have one week of my Bachelor degree to go. I’ve completed my assignments and just have to prepare them for submission and presentation. I started watching Futurama almost two weeks ago and I’ve already watched three seasons. I don’t think I could get sick of the show itself, but I believe I’m starting to rot to a pulp with the amount of watching I’m doing. Waoooo.

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what a coincidence running into your 5th grade teacher~~ at least you weren’t remembered as a clown hahah! now that would be a bad impression :P

Its such a great feeling when your old teachers remember you! Everytime I meet my gradeschool teacher, she recognizes me, and I feel like I have made an impression on her. :)
o.o Jebediah. They sound like a band we have in Norway called Kaizers Orhcestra, except that they are quite well-known in Denmark and Germany as well x) Hope you’ll enjoy the concert!

Fairs are awesome when it becomes something like a tradition to go every year :P! I think going back to see the teachers that may have taught you is pretty cool! As far as I know, no teacher that have taught me still exists in my primary school :(!

I wonder if your 5th grade teacher did name her child after the character from Doctor Who :O! It’s insteresting to have the classmates from elementary school at High school- like one of them is in my Finance class, unfortunately.

Congratulations on winning tickets to see Jebediah! :)! It’s interesting how you have friends in person who blogs too :O! My friends at school blogs with Tumblr- which I don’t consider it the real thing :P!

It’s horrid that my instrument- a woodwind got wet from the rain :(! I wiped it down clean and I now hope there’s no damage to it :c.

Cold weather is hard to deal with- but hot is easy. All you gotta do is take off more clothes :P. Easier said than done :P.

Thank you for the luck :D! I will definitely need it!

Take care(:

I always feel quite nostalgic going into old buildings from my childhood. It’s weird that I used to spend SO much time there but now it’s such a distant place that I can only revisit in my memories. I volunteered at a halloween party dance for my elementary school and it felt so odd being in the same building. That school seemed so big when I was a student there, but now that I no longer attend classes there, it was extremely small! I have no idea how I ever thought it was big. o.O

I was also quite shy back in elementary school. I still am immensely shy, too. I doubt that any of my teachers can remember me, although I went to a pretty small school. Thankfully, none of me classmates from elementary school filtered into my high school. I went to an out of district school starting in grade 7, so my classmates didn’t come with me. It was sort of like a fresh start, although I blew it by being my normal overly shy self. >.<

Congratulations on winning concert tickets! It sounds like fun even though I hate loud noises. (Concerts aren't my thing, heh.) I've never heard of Jebediah, but it's probably because I'm American.

I attended two primary/elementary schools, thanks to moving and all. I was at one school from kindergarten to 2nd grade, then the other school for the rest of the grades. A majority of my classmates I had in my second elementary school went on with me to the same high school. Some didn’t start 9th grade with me, like they moved somewhere and then came back and started in 10th or 11th grade. I don’t even know what college they’re all attending, but I could care less since I never really were their “friends.” I, too, was that quiet Asian book nerd girl back in those days. xD Surprisingly, a few staffs from my second elementary school recognized me after bumping into one at a grocery store and another when a particular staff noticed my niece’s last name (she currently attends that school too).

None of my teachers from my first school are working there anymore. My nephew goes there and I recently went back to that school for its Halloween parade to get my nephew ready in his costume and such. All the teachers there are newly hired young folks. I guess everyone either retired or went to work at other schools. Though, I wish some of them were still there so they could see the “older” me. :P

It’s weird when teachers remember you… Well, I find it weird. I was really quiet in primary school but the teachers still remember me… Maybe because I was the ONLY Indian kid in the school because I went to school three years after SA was declared a democratic country. That’s so odd to always mention, but it is the truth and that’s probably the reason they remember me. :/

Ooooh, congrats on winning those tickets! Winning something is always fun – especially to concerts and stuff :) I hope you enjoy it! Sorry that James can’t come :(

Have a great week!

I have always been scared that I will not remember previous students and that they will be upset. I am really bad at remembering student’s names too so I am also worried about that. I guess we’ll see how I do.

Congratulations on winning tickets to see Jebediah! That is so cool. I never win anything like that and I’d be stoked!

I do enjoy going to fairs, normally I find somewhere to sit and watch people. I never really know anyone at the fairs I go to, but you always get such an interesting group of people going to them. None of the schools I live near have any type of fair. When I was in school though the middle school (grade 6 to grade 8) held a craft fair – which I went to with my mom, but only because they also were displaying artwork, which I had two pieces in the display. Other then that it was very boring. When I was in High School I helped with a fair for children at one of the elementary schools. It was very fun helping, but after my shift was over and I walked around a bit, I kind of see it wasn’t for anyone older then the young kids who were there.

Sometimes I do bump into teachers when I’m out. Mostly my English teachers though. They always remember me for some reason. ha ha.

Congrats on the ticket winning! I never win anything, ha ha, though I am trying to win some White Wives merchandise – which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Ha.

My best friend Jeremy is always talking about watching Futurama. Which I have no problem with because I do love Futurama – I need to invest in the seasons.

As a teacher, I’d expect to deal with so many students, that there would be no way to remember them all. Maybe if I had a yearbook, I could draw upon some vague memory of a few here and there. Actually, I’m surprised that your teacher remembered you at all, since it was so long ago.

Your taste in TV is just like the taste in TV an approximate average person from my house would have. They all love Doctor Who and Futurama. I don’t think that Doctor Who is very popular, but I could be wrong because I don’t watch TV. Futurama is hilarious, because it satisfies us nerdy people. :D

Doctor Who is really popular in the UK – it is the longest running science fiction television series there is! I think that only recently they starting showing it in America so they’ve been trying to get more people to watch it. I think it’s become pretty popular there but obviously it’s always been popular in the UK.

It would be really lovely to visit my old friends too :) . Too bad, our old school isn’t really good enough and as soon as I left the school, most of my friends left and we were in many different schools now. I used to have good guy friends and when I moved to my current school, I have a hard time adapting with mean and selfish people. I still have to deal with all of them in my class now /pow .

Well, perhaps you have a good memory :P ! I bumped into a few of my old teachers while I was walking in several malls with my parents, and I hardly recognized them. My parents do; they are the first ones to greet the teachers.

LOL Rory. That’s your phone’s name too, I guess :P ?

I would be offended. But as you said, if I wasn’t a special student in my teacher’s class, then why would I be offended? That’s why in class I want to have a unique personality so my teachers, hopefully, will remember me in the future :D .

And I also love to write connected letters whenever I have to write fast /bash .

It’s good that you weren’t offended. That type of situation does take some understanding.
I remember my quiet years. I was trying my best to be unnoticed, funny thing is, I don’t think I achieved that effect till now when I do want to be noticed. :(

I wish I went to concerts more often. I hope you have fun at yours.

You only have one more week to go? That sounds awesome!
Thanks! I’m really glad you liked my photos. :D

Aww I wish I could go back to my school events…kind of miss my student life now that I have been working :(

I guess you have easy access to your school which makes the events less exciting? I like bumping into some old friends with whom I had some crazy fun times but I am in a different country now XD.

Haha I don’t think I would remember all my students if I was a teacher…I am kind of bad with names…I remember faces though :D.

LOL you remembered her son’s name only because of Doctor Who…that’s something I would do :P (not with Doctor Who since I don’t know much about it but with the shows I am crazy about XD).

Now I am wondering if my teachers would remember me at all…I guess some of them who interacted more with me would…but I wasn’t exactly the clown types either XD. I was however very active in extracurricular activities so that might’ve helped…who knows!

Wow you always win tickets and stuff….so lucky!!! I am envious XD. I hope you have a lot of fun at the concert!

I noticed all the Futurama tweets lol…it is nice not having homework and school work right? If rotting to a pulp by watching a show was possible I am a really rotten one by now ^_^;

I think i would feel the same Georgina, about the fair being at my old school…I would be hella bored and probably wouldn’t even go to it lol. I honestly wouldn’t want to visit any of my past schools, not even college…even though many of my friends still go there for graduate school and they always want me to come. I go…ehhhhh…do I have to meet you there? LOL Its weird isnt it? I think I bumped into my second grade teacher at the supermarket the other day…I didnt have the guts to go up to her and say Hi…i was just so shocked I saw her….

PS- I love this new design =D I hope we can visit each other more often, I always seem to get unmotivated to keep up with my blogs =( I try i try

It’s so nice of you to visit your old school, I bet there are lots of memories and moments you remember every time you go there. I always feel like that, and sometimes I even got a nostalgic feeling. It’s just so sad how people back then can’t seem to remember you or the moments you had.

My preschool teacher still remembers my name, along with everyone else in my class. It’s unbelievable. Even now seeing her in public she will wave and say “Hi Carrie!”. I am utterly impressed. My school never put on fairs or anything of that sort.

It’s really fun going back to the school where you graduated from. :) seeing your past teachers and advisers, seeing your schoolmates, or maybe seeing your other batch mates who were their too. ahh. I miss it. It is like visiting your school again made me thought that, It’s pretty nice seeing the place where you used to stay, play, together with your friends 😝

hello Georgina ^^ I missed going to such fair… when we all finished school my siblings and I will have a visit to that school especially during their open day and greet our teachers. We will walk into the crowd (there are four of us) like a boss and obviously people will recognize us, the AK siblings lol XD however, I’m the least remembered one because i’m the most anti-social among the siblings so some teachers couldn’t remember my name and regards me as “the eldest”… but yeah, i’m not offended at all XD

congrats on winning the ticket!!! do share with us once u came back from the concert ^^ I missed going to fanmeeting… i need live music XD