She’s like a comet

Yesterday I went to my primary school’s spring fair. I used to visit nearly every year after I graduated but it became less of a “thing”. I used to bump into old schoolmates there, but only for the first couple of years. I think I found that it was dull, because it was my school.

I love attending fetes and fairs, but for some reason, when it’s my old school, it seems really boring.

My brother wanted to visit again this year, hoping that he’d bump into someone he knew. Well. It’s been nine years since I graduated from there, and that was half of my life ago. Not surprisingly, I remember a lot of the names and faces I encountered when I was still in my preteen years.

It was a very hot day and I didn’t enjoy walking around in the sun very much, so I tried to find shade where possible. My brother and I recognised a lot of the teachers and some students we might have seen a while back. My brother even recalled knowing the siblings of some of the students who were at the fair. There were rides, as per usual, but it didn’t seem like a very interesting fair. There were some food stalls, but not as many craft and bag stalls as there were in previous years. Normally, the entire school would be filled with stalls, but only half of the school was filled.

Of course it came as a surprise when I saw my fifth grade teacher at a stall.

She had difficulty remembering me, even though she asked for a clue and I mentioned that my name started with “G”. I don’t blame her; it has been a while and I don’t think she’d remember all the students she’s taught.

I remember that she left that same year she taught me, and moved interstate after getting married. She introduced me to her two sons. I remembered that one of them was Rory, a character from Doctor Who; I obviously failed at remembering the other son’s name because it probably had nothing to do with Doctor Who.

It was lovely catching up, though. Now her sons go to that very school. 🙂 She asked if I kept in touch with anyone and I told her that to be honest I didn’t, but several students did end up going to the same high school as me as well. She seemed to remember them when I mentioned their names. I suppose I’m the one that’s forgotten because I never left a mark… she said she remembered one of my classmates because he was such a clown, had such a personality. Well, I could have told her that that all remained the same even in high school.

I wasn’t offended, at all, but when I bothered to ponder the conversation we had, I was probably too quiet back then to make an impression or be remembered easily.

In other news, yesterday night I found out I had won tickets to see Jebediah in concert. Jebediah is an Australian band and they have been around for a while, but aren’t really well known internationally. I wasn’t expecting to win, but wahoo. I am not sure yet when I’ll be picking up the tickets but the show’s in about two weeks. James couldn’t come along since he has many exams in the days after the show so I’m dragging Seb along.

I’ve also been watching a lot of Futurama since I haven’t had a lot of work to do. I just have one week of my Bachelor degree to go. I’ve completed my assignments and just have to prepare them for submission and presentation. I started watching Futurama almost two weeks ago and I’ve already watched three seasons. I don’t think I could get sick of the show itself, but I believe I’m starting to rot to a pulp with the amount of watching I’m doing. Waoooo.

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