Semi-permeable membranes

I painted my nails on the weekend and I decided to borrow my mum’s non-chip polish to paint over the grey-blue-purple colour I painted my nails. I began to doubt that it worked, after hearing from several people that top coats don’t usually work. However, since then, my polish hasn’t chipped at all. I did get a few scratches on my nail before the non-chip polish fully dried, but it’s not that obvious. I am so happy with the state of my nails – I am so used to them chipping after a day or two but now it’s been five days. 😁

A week left of university, three assignments to go, and I am shaking with complete nervousness. I don’t know what to expect after this, but I hope to celebrate somehow. Ehehe. 😜

Last night I had photography class, and I was pretty much done with my assignment so I showed it to my teacher for review. He helped me finalise it for next week, but he didn’t seem pleased with my whole “voodoo doll” series, thinking I was going to stick pins in it and curse him. 😦 I believe he was just trolling me, as Johnny and Fern (Fernando) told me – he probably really just likes my work but isn’t showing it. I was still worried so I started printing more photos and tried to see if I could make another series.

My teacher said that I had a good four, and that I should shoot another roll of film and get another two shots. I wanted to cry (haha not really), I didn’t want to take more photos. I know he’s expecting that next week but I hope he won’t be pissed that I decided not to listen to him. πŸ˜› I know that I’ll have put in more effort for the voodoo doll photos at the end, regardless, so that’s what I will stick with. Besides, he did whine about how no one listens to him, so maybe he doesn’t mind. TROLL. πŸ‘½

Fern wanted to use some of my photo paper because I had a pack of 50 (that’s honestly a lot, and they’re large size too) and he decided that he was going to buy me dinner to pay back. I said it didn’t matter and I wasn’t hungry. Johnny said he wasn’t hungry either but after we talked outside, Fern lured us into getting some dinner. Finishing at 8:00pm doesn’t really help. I don’t usually like eating after 8 or 9 at night, but I figured I’d just follow. We went to a Japanese restaurant down the road.

We ordered about three dishes and one of them was a sushi platter. On it was a pale yellow sponge-looking thing. We weren’t sure what it was but because Johnny eats everything, he tried it.

“I wouldn’t recommend it. It doesn’t taste nice… but it’s not exactly gross either.”

I tried some – because I am willing to try anything – and I agreed. It was rather bland. Johnny told Fern to try it and he refused. πŸ˜†

Afterwards we left a bit on the plate. I was so full but the boys still wanted to order more food. WHAT. They told me I needed more meat on my bones. As everyone says.

While we were waiting for some dishes they kept poking at the yellow spongy thing left. Johnny guessed that it was some kind of offal. We thought it was probably brain, or something not so pleasant. Fern kept saying that it was a “strange consistent substance” and Johnny said it was “of slightly permeable texture” as they examined it and poked it with their chopstick. Psh, scientists! It made me miss those days in high school when I loved science so much that I studied every branch of science available. 😞 Well, I decided that to settle this once and for all, we should ask a member of staff at the restaurant what the spongy thing was. They both said “shotgun not”, and told me that I had to ask. I refused to ask though, so Johnny grew some balls (not that he didn’t have any, not that he needs to grow any because he’s pretty cool anyway) and asked one of the men working there what it was.

He was unsure of what it was so he asked another female staff member and she said, “Oh this? This is egg… steamed egg.”

I think we were just speechless. HAHAHA. Needless to say, it was not the best tasting egg. πŸ˜†

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