Wiggly wuggs

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about some of my bad habits, and I know Vicky has, because I remember her writing about it so well, for some reason.

One of my worst habits is sniffing my hair and fiddling with it. I can’t help it. I just feel like grabbing parts of my hair near my face and holding the strands under my nose for as long as I can take it. Which is usually until I busy my hands with something else. Other times I hold my hair between my lips… no, I don’t actually lick it or anything… /hmph And there were occasions when I pulled out my hair subconsciously and ended up with bald patches on my head – trichotillomania, as it were – and it took me a very long time to just stop pulling hairs out of my head. The easiest thing to do for me is to tie my hair up and that way I naturally forget about it, but I don’t always like tying up my hair and sometimes I still pull the hair from the top of my head. /bash

Another habit I have is correcting people’s grammar, and when this happens I usually come off as a bitch, a snob, an elitist, a loser, a freak, or what have you. I just can’t help but point out a grammar mistake when I see one – or another language mistake for that matter. Countless times I have walked past a sign and pointed out misuse of an apostrophe, or someone’s mistake of using “your” instead of “you’re”. I often have no option but to yell about it. It’s sometimes uncontrollable, because many a time I’ve had people think I’m just being too picky and try to get me to disregard their mistake without them correcting it. Ah, ohhh.

Of course, likewise, it is painful having to sit in a class where you may know most of the work, but you have no option but to sit and slave your brain through the class because it’s a core subject and you can’t get exemption from it. So many times I’ve wanted to yell at a teacher of mine because they’re terrible at explaining HTML, or they keep saying “CMS System” – you know, the same deal with “PIN Number”… Content Management System System? Personal Identification Number Number? Arargrhghh.

I also bite my hand when I am trying not to feel pain. Like needles. Ah, for instance, this evening. I had a splinter in my toe. It was at the side of my foot so it was hard trying to get it out because I cannot contort my body at such an angle. I got my mum to help me because I’m not bendy like Bender1 and I was just biting my hand the entire time she was trying to get a splinter out of my foot. 😢

I have red spots on my hand now…

Going right back to where I was…

I’m pretty sure most people know what spirit fingers are, correct?

Also, nervousness.

Also, suddenly feeling like you need to dance when you hear music.

That’s me.

Every time I’m nervous, I start moving. I don’t shake. I actually move. I actually start dancing on the spot, or talking really fast. Some people want to pee their pants when they get nervous. Some just shake their leg up and down. But no, I have to dance. I have to move my hands, especially. Hence the spirit fingers.

If you see me standing in line somewhere and I’m also getting a bit impatient – my fingers will wiggle and shake. A bit like I’m playing piano really fast or typing really fast. I don’t know why, but my impulses just make me wiggle my fingers like mad.

Several times when I’m doing my work in the photo lab, and I’m waiting for my print to come out of the machine, those ninety seconds are sometimes the hardest of my entire day. I shake, I get nervous, and I start dancing in the dark in the photo lab…

Yeah, that nervous, huh. I feel like I have to move, I have to move and distract myself so I don’t freak out. It also happens when I’m worried. When I’m worried I just keep moving. If I’m worried I’ve lost my phone or left my keys somewhere, I just move. I just dance around on the spot and wiggle my fingers. I feel like it really does distract me from worrying… and supposedly lessens any shocks I may get in the end.

I don’t know if it works. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. /eee

  1. The character from Futurama.

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So, strange but I can relate to basically all of these bad habits >_> Probably to a lesser extent lol, but still I DO THE SAME EXACT THING (almost.) So. Uh. It’s not that weird if I do it too? Or we’re both weird XD

(Also I’d like to say that I’ve always admired your site and think you’re an awesome person and that is not creepy at all and I will stop talking now oTL;)

Thank you, I had my second interview and it went really well. They started talking about uniform and inductions at the end so fingers crossed!

I always twist my hair around my fingers when I’m nervous or in an awkward situation.

I had to sit through a lesson last year when our teacher taught us about HTML and CSS but he used Dreamweaver to create a website. I got so annoyed because I found really obvious coding errors. And he claims to be an expert in this stuff!

I bite my hand too. I also do it when I’m in pain and I also bite when I’m nervous.

Woah, such strange but funny bad habits :P ! I don’t think fiddling with your hair is really a trouble; all of my friends do it as well.

LOL Content Managent System System XD ! That sounds silly then after knowing what PIN stands for, because my friends also like to ask, “What’s your PIN number?” Now I know /hmph .

I hate it if my computer teacher pronounced header as ‘heeder’ when he is explaining about HTML. But to help it sometimes I just close my ears, or in my mind I listen to a song as if I’m not listening. Or sometimes I just clench my teeth and clench my hands.

You dance when you’re nervous :O ? That’s cute! If I’m on stage to sing a song and I’m nervous, usually my face stretched and I couldn’t just relax and smile. I also like moving my fingers when I’m impatient as if I’m playing a piano or something :) .

You pulled out your own hair? How hard do you have to pull to do that? Also, I totally approve of being a grammar Nazi – because we are much better under stood when we ain’t speaking like we know no gramma’.

Being too anxious is bad! You’ve mentioned self-harm before, and I learned in my abnormal psychology class that self harm is often connected to anxiety, something that I wouldn’t have figured out myself. But no matter what, it seems that you’ve gotten better, and that you’ll continue to get better, so yay!

Also, did you let James write the title of this post? =P

At least you didn’t chew on your hair until you had hairballs the size of tennis balls…yep, that’s me. It use to drive my Mom crazy…because she thought it was our long-haired Persian. :P Someone had to point out that our cat was black, and the hair was blonde. :gr: Plus, we mustn’t forget that I used to take my fingernails and put gouges in my arms & legs…but that was due to the stress of my former stepfather and my Uncle pinned me down and cut my fingernails off. :( Why do we try to harm ourselves when we are stressed out?!

But anyways, I fidget constantly. It drives everyone around me crazy, and I used to get in trouble constantly for it. However, I have discovered that it does have one major benefit – it keeps my weight down. :D

As for the title of the post, I absolutely love it! This little girl that I used to watch used to say I wugg you when she wanted a hug, kiss, or just to tell you how she felt. It was adorable.

Haha I actually titled the post that because my boyfriend calls me Wuggs. :P

Hm. I often play with my hair a lot. When it’s up in a ponytail, I have a greater chance of playing with the bumps, loops and hills in my hair than when it’s down. When I’m “bored” and have nothing to do with my hands, I will put my hair under my nose (almost like a mustache), and I’ll smell it. I love smelling it… It just smells good. >.> Strawberries, mmm… /hehe

/faw I got a job. I’m super nervous. D: Sorry if I make errors/typos/no sense.

I remember you talking about trichotillomania. I had never heard about it until you/your blog. It kind of seems like it would hurt — a lot — but I guess pulling one strand out at a time is different. o.o Ugh, this reminds me that I need a haircut.

OMG. PIN Number and CMS System. -.- It’s kind of like seeing “LOL Out Loud”. I’ve heard someone talk about knowing all this mess about HTML and such — defined it as making websites — and said you first need a “URL” for your website to work. One, it’s a domain. Two, he kept saying “HTML Language”. I sat through the entire conversation lusting for him to just stop so I could scream at him. Instead, I simply sat quietly and just nodded. He also never included the need for a host in order for your website to actually be online. Blah.


I stutter when I’m nervous. D: It’s really embarrassing. I did that in my interview today. The kind ladies just smiled when I started stuttering like they were trying to be nice. 😳 It’s really embarrassing. :( :X O_O /faw /argh 🤬 /bash /um

LOL “Wiggle wiggle wiggle.” That’s really cute. :P


Moving your ears without moving the rest of your face is interesting. I can’t do that. :P I used to be able to wiggle my nose like that, but not anymore. I learned my ABCs backwards, actually!

:O Do you remember the song with the members of The Guild? *is addicted*

Took me a while to remember, but I think the song is “Do You Want To Date My Avatar?” :P I am positive it’s by The Guild.

lol, i love fiddling with my hair too. and smelling it, especially if i tried out new shampoo or conditioner. :) i also love biting a bit of skin on my fingers until it hurts, you know haha. i love pain. :) and yeah correcting other people’s grammar as well (as if I’m the perfect person of grammar) but sometimes i also end up correcting myself hahaha… :)

congratulations on your new job!!!! :) and you know what, the other day, i was looking for a tutorial for a menu hierarchy, and guess what, i ended up on your tutorial, i searched it on google, hahaha! :) thanks for that! :) (H)

I’m like you, I have to move when I’m nervous. Usually I start shifting my wait from one foot to the other and apparently it’s very annoying to whoever is with me =P One friend of mine actually holds me in place by the shoulders when I start doing it :P

And ooohhh the PIN number… That is annoying XD I used to work for the government here in the Netherlands (nothing important though, just a help desk for student affairs :P) and people kept saying SSN number. At the end of the day I was ready to bang my head against the desk when they said that, ugh!

I get horrible urges to tap my feet or legs when I hear certain types of music. I just love rhythm so much. I also used to correct people’s grammar all the time until I realized it’s really not the polite thing to do. Now I just correct them in my own head or cringe quietly to myself while I mask it politely with a smile. If it’s a close friend or family member and I know they will want to be corrected, I will probably still correct them.

I guess I have a pretty bad habit of touching my hair too, but I don’t sniff & smell it though. I just like touching it, especially because it’s long. I love playing with it. Haha! By the way, I am not sure if you already saw my tag for you here http://www.pseudolavie.com/2011/10/31/happy-halloween/#comments <3 just letting you know! Take care georgina! :D

I have a bad habit of playing with my hair as well, I guess that’s probably why my hair tend to get grease fast.

Oh gosh, I’m pretty back when it comes to grammar…well not that my grammar is bad, it’s just that I make a lot of typos xD There’s always some sort of mistake on my entries. When people misuse words like too and to, or where and were or your and you’re…it really bothers me too. It’s so easy and obvious, not sure however people can get confused.

CMS System! Reminds me of AMOS System from Doctor Who. You know that kid that had a go at David for saying AMOS System xDD

Christmas is a while away but everywhere here seems to be getting all festive. Shops have already started putting up Christmas decorations, sending newsletters about Christmas gift etc. It hasn’t really hit me yet and I haven’t started any Christmas present shopping at all!

My bad habits are biting my nails and twirling my hair. I guess the twirling hair part isn’t had bad as biting my nails. But I do both and I don’t care what anybody thinks about them. :D

I can remember twirling my hair while I was sitting in class alot of the time, but not actually noticing it at the time. I twirl my hair all the time. While I’m watching tv, while I’m waiting for my slow ass computer to load something or just standing somewhere.

I was at some relatives house that I’ve never met before and her daughter asks why I twirl my hair and I said, Not sure, but it’s what I”m doing. I’m so good at twirling my hair that I can do it really fast, :D

My sister kind of does the samething, but instead of twirling it, she;ll just take the end of it in her had and twirl that part or just run her fingers through it.

I’m not the only one who does this. My mom and my brother also do it. But I’m better at it. :D:D

And the nail biting thing, I’ve been doing that since I noticed I had finger nails, lol, so that’s not gonna stop.

Ph and I also smoke too. That’s probably the worst habit I have, but I can quit that anytime I want……..I swear I can…. D:

I just read over my comment and there are alot of mistakes. I hate this stupid keyboard… /angry

I don’t really know if I have any nervous habits. I do play with my hair a fair amount too though. I know my grammar pretty well, but I make mistakes cause my fingers like to move faster then my brain can think. So it’s not totally my fault ;o Haha. I don’t point out other’s because I don’t want to come across as nasty or anything like that.

I think my worst habits are personality traits. They’re the only things I’d like to change.

Sometimes I get a little annoyed of bad grammar too, but I’m no “grammar nazi.” :P I admit to the “you’re” and “your” mistake though, but it’s usually caused by my fingers typing to fast than my mind. I mean, I KNOW the difference, but I tend to spell it the wrong way anyway, haha. One thing I hate is when people spell “lose” like “loose.” It gets on my nerves so much!

When I get nervous, my hands sweat and I can’t think straight. And if I’m doing a presentation in front of the class, I tend to speak too quickly and because I already talk too fast, it’s like me talking in fast-forward, lol.

I hate when people say PIN number and I’m really pretentious about signs, newspapers and posters having proper spelling/grammar, but I don’t care so much when people say things wrong when speaking because then I just feel like a b- when I point it out, so I just drop it. And I know I’m not perfect and mess things up when I’m speaking sometimes too.