Wiggly wuggs

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about some of my bad habits, and I know Vicky has, because I remember her writing about it so well, for some reason.

One of my worst habits is sniffing my hair and fiddling with it. I can’t help it. I just feel like grabbing parts of my hair near my face and holding the strands under my nose for as long as I can take it. Which is usually until I busy my hands with something else. Other times I hold my hair between my lips… no, I don’t actually lick it or anything… 😐 And there were occasions when I pulled out my hair subconsciously and ended up with bald patches on my head – trichotillomania, as it were – and it took me a very long time to just stop pulling hairs out of my head. The easiest thing to do for me is to tie my hair up and that way I naturally forget about it, but I don’t always like tying up my hair and sometimes I still pull the hair from the top of my head. 🙁

Another habit I have is correcting people’s grammar, and when this happens I usually come off as a bitch, a snob, an elitist, a loser, a freak, or what have you. I just can’t help but point out a grammar mistake when I see one – or another language mistake for that matter. Countless times I have walked past a sign and pointed out misuse of an apostrophe, or someone’s mistake of using “your” instead of “you’re”. I often have no option but to yell about it. It’s sometimes uncontrollable, because many a time I’ve had people think I’m just being too picky and try to get me to disregard their mistake without them correcting it. Ah, ohhh.

Of course, likewise, it is painful having to sit in a class where you may know most of the work, but you have no option but to sit and slave your brain through the class because it’s a core subject and you can’t get exemption from it. So many times I’ve wanted to yell at a teacher of mine because they’re terrible at explaining HTML, or they keep saying “CMS System” – you know, the same deal with “PIN Number”… Content Management System System? Personal Identification Number Number? Arargrhghh.

I also bite my hand when I am trying not to feel pain. Like needles. Ah, for instance, this evening. I had a splinter in my toe. It was at the side of my foot so it was hard trying to get it out because I cannot contort my body at such an angle. I got my mum to help me because I’m not bendy like Bender1 and I was just biting my hand the entire time she was trying to get a splinter out of my foot. 😢

I have red spots on my hand now…

Going right back to where I was…

I’m pretty sure most people know what spirit fingers are, correct?

Also, nervousness.

Also, suddenly feeling like you need to dance when you hear music.

That’s me.

Every time I’m nervous, I start moving. I don’t shake. I actually move. I actually start dancing on the spot, or talking really fast. Some people want to pee their pants when they get nervous. Some just shake their leg up and down. But no, I have to dance. I have to move my hands, especially. Hence the spirit fingers.

If you see me standing in line somewhere and I’m also getting a bit impatient – my fingers will wiggle and shake. A bit like I’m playing piano really fast or typing really fast. I don’t know why, but my impulses just make me wiggle my fingers like mad.

Several times when I’m doing my work in the photo lab, and I’m waiting for my print to come out of the machine, those ninety seconds are sometimes the hardest of my entire day. I shake, I get nervous, and I start dancing in the dark in the photo lab…

Yeah, that nervous, huh. I feel like I have to move, I have to move and distract myself so I don’t freak out. It also happens when I’m worried. When I’m worried I just keep moving. If I’m worried I’ve lost my phone or left my keys somewhere, I just move. I just dance around on the spot and wiggle my fingers. I feel like it really does distract me from worrying… and supposedly lessens any shocks I may get in the end.

I don’t know if it works. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. ☺️

  1. The character from Futurama.

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