This isn’t Halloween

Sometimes I wish that more Australians celebrated Halloween. You don’t get much more than the one kid out of nine hundred students in a high school wearing a black cape and a ghost mask, or about one kid every five years knocking on your door asking for candy, or the odd Halloween party – if people can be bothered. It’s not celebrated nationally, and I haven’t minded that the rest of the world celebrates it without us, but today, I felt a bit bored and thought it would be pretty exciting if one of my friends decided to have a Halloween party.

I don’t know what I’d dress up as – for dressing in revealing clothing seems to be common for girls, but I’d rather get more creative with my costume. The closest I’ve come to dressing up as anything is on muck-up day in the last year of high school. We had people dress up as Powerpuff girls, Tetris pieces, that guy from Saw, some cavemen, and numerous other things I don’t really remember. I dressed up as a ragdoll. I’ll admit I could have been more creative with that, because I was planning to create a dress covered entirely in random buttons, but I didn’t have time. The school gave us short notice.

If we celebrated Halloween I’d be thinking about my costume a couple of months in advance. Now that I think about it, I can’t really think of anything I’d want to be – at least, not anything scary. /bash I could try dress up as a Doctor Who character, which would then verge on cosplaying. Otherwise, I’d hire a costume of a character I like or just something hilarious. But because I wouldn’t bothered with any of those, Halloween would just be an excuse for me to go to work in my pyjamas. It’s weird not celebrating Halloween, because many people showcase their wonderful costumes on the internet – on YouTube, on blogs, on Twitter, and so on – and I just can’t imagine what it would be like if it was more of a tradition here.

In other news, my dad is polishing our corkboard floor. Our house is really rather old. Not so old that it’s falling apart, but it’s nothing majestic. It’s what I call home. It’s comfortable, it’s lovely, it’s got enough room. My dad’s been using this lacquer-like polish so he’s basically had to sand the floor and paint this glossy fun stick stuff on it. We’ve had to move a lot of the furniture, and empty some bookshelves, but the fun part – wait for it – is that he’s doing sections at a time and marking boundaries with masking tape so sometimes we have to jump over certain sections of floor. A few people mentioned to me on Twitter that it reminded them of the game The Floor is Lava. I remember playing this with my brother as we climbed on the furniture and desperately tried to search for patches of rug that were safe to stand on as we were avoiding the floor.

My corkboard floor used to scare me because of the design; it’s got black spots on it basically, obviously like cork – and some of the black spots were bigger than others, or weirdly shaped, and I used to think they were insects from a distance.

I remember doing really idiotic things with my brother when we were a lot younger. :P We named one of our antics “Po Blood and Bone”. I had a Teletubby toy, Po specifically, and we got really sick of the Teletubbies so we buried Po in the dirt outside, in one of the holes our mum used to plant trees in.

Many other times we made “forts” out of chairs and blankets and turned out the lights and pretended we were camping out. I liked this the most.

My brother made up this game where we stood on the carpet while standing on old supermarket catalogues or flyers, one under each foot, and we had to wiggle around from side to side and move around like we were skating on the carpet. Because of the paper, it made the movements very slippery. The first person to fall obviously lost.

One of my absolute favourite games was “Roly Poly Pudding”, based on a Beatrix Potter story. A cat was rolled up by rats in a sheet of dough (to be cooked and eaten), and struggled to get out. This prompted us to make up a game where one person rolled the other person in a large quilt/doona/blanket (arms inside!) and tied up the blanket with string or another blanket, to basically make sure that it was impossible to escape. The person inside the roll would have to attempt to escape the blanket, whether by wriggling out, or standing up and wriggling the blanket off. That is, if you could stand up in the first place.

If I had a Halloween party, I swear to cow I’d make everyone play that game. /bounce

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Ah sorry, this is gonna be a quick comment. Group members were being annoying and now I have a headache. Yay!

I used to want more people to celebrate Halloween haha. As kid I liked the idea of an extra holiday – but in Peru the 31st of October is already given as a religious celebration day – so not much space for Halloween unfortunately. Nowadays… well, I wouldn’t mind haha, but I don’t think I’d put much effort – unless I could get Amy’s pirate hat and coat. I love that hat and coat. :D

Hello. Thank you Georgina. Oh don’t worry. It is true that we have been out of touch for a while. What my grandfather was a hard thing, but it is law of life. But the important thing is that I could with him enjoy last days. Thank you for your lovely words:)

Well I had almost three months before starting off back to University in September. Oh thanks. Really what I have with this friend is a special relationship, but for now it is only friendship. Maybe one day end up in something else / hehe

I’ll finish my studies in June / July 2012. I’ll try to write more blogs often, but I can not say anything.

In Spain, Halloween isn’t celebrated as such, but in some clubs make halloween parties, and at the school children to dress. I guess we are somewhat influenced by Anglo-Saxon countries. I remember in my senior year (was 11) we celebrate Halloween, and I dressed up as the Hunchback of Notre Dame (don’t ask me because I don’t remember). And last year I went to a private party in a pub. But I don’t give much importance to this. We have the day of all saints.

I don’t know that game “Roly Poly Pudding”, but it sounds exciting and fun.

Take care you too.+ /eee

Halloween isn’t a very special celebration here in Indonesia either, but it will be interesting if my school or my friends hold games for it. Perhaps the celebration is at the evening after school and everything is dark. Good situation to scare a friend of mine who seems so scared with ghosts and insects /bounce .

I will also think of my custome too! I might, though, prefer something scary for the same reason, but not silly. I don’t want to dress like Sadako from The Ring and have my hair covering my entire face /bash .

Ooh seems like interesting games you had with your brother! When I was a kid I used to like kicking my sister and I even dunno why I did that. Perhaps she was scaring me :P ?

Thank you for the caring comment. And yes, I’m also afraid it’ll be serious because it hurts when I rub my face while I am taking a shower, and I can feel my hands are hot as if they are burning (and perhaps they really are).

I really need to protest to my friends tomorrow, but to think of it the school really is the source of the problem. Why did they hold the celebration outdoors? And why so we have to pay 200.000 rupiahs just for a very small place to open a shop? It’s to promote our school too, anyway /angry !

Oh, and I do have a backup with that plugin, but I tried importing it using phpmyadmin but it doesn’t let me to, and I can’t figure out what’s wrong :( .

Yeah slutty outfits for girls seem to be the standard around these parts, but I don’t like to go for that myself. Last year I was a zombie and this year I was Cyndi Lauper, so nothing skanky. I had a short skirt on yesterday but everything was covered and I had dark colored hose on so you couldn’t even see my legs, really. The most I showed off is my shoulder for my 80s style top.

Cosplay is completely acceptable on Halloween. It’s not about being scary anymore, it’s about dressing up and having fun. (Though I really approve of scary costumes!!!) You’d get away with dressing up as a Dr. Who character than going to work in your PJs.

AHaha it’s cool that other people played The Floor is Hot Lava. Until now I thought my friends and I were weird little kids. When we got tired of playing but still thought the floor was hot lava we would pull books off her shelves and make a path to wherever we wanted to go and walk on books the whole way.

Halloween isn’t popular in Australia? Hm, I didn’t know that. I know in the Philippines (my parents are from there), it’s not really celebrated either. Now I wonder if Halloween is a typical American holiday, or is it also celebrated in other countries?

Slutty costumes…abundant in my city, let me tell you. I do not understand why so many young girls (as young as 12 and 13) feel that they need to dress “sexy”. Most of the costumes I see here can pretty much be lingerie.

I feel as though it’s because most costumes for teen and tween girls lack variety. The majority of them are just really short dresses of something that’s supposed to be “cute” or “sexy”.

I like getting creative with my costumes too. One year, I was Abby from NCIS. My sister has gone as some political statement or popular media thing twice. It caused controversy, but it was fun. :)

In the UK Halloween is a big deal but only if you want it to be. I mean, at supermarkets and corner shops there are stickers of bats and ghosts on the windows and whatever, and “Scream Eggs” instead of Creme Eggs – I believe I’ve told you about them before, ey? And you had one with James and blogged saying it was kind of sickly, haha. Scream Eggs are the same but with green stuff in the middle, not orange. Anyway, over here I feel Halloween is kind of optional.

I’ve never really celebrated Halloween. When I was younger I used to be upset I couldn’t trick-or-treat; my mum never let me and said it was basically begging. Now I’m older I kind of see her point and I don’t really want to get into Halloween. I feel I’m a bit old for trick-or-treating, at least – “if you’re old enough to go trick-or-treating alone, you’re too old to go trick-or-treating”.

I find it odd, though, that nothing happens in Aus. Or at least, barely anything does, from the sound of things: I admit I only really notice it is Halloween because of advertisments and stuff but I always kind of acknowledge it.
I’d dress up as a ghost – sheet, red and black paint, doneee. I remember dressing up as a witch one Halloween, that was kind of amusing. Matches my evil roots, ha. Especially since I’m older most Halloween parties are just alcohol and too much on show, ack.

I remember some pictures of your ragdoll outfit! It was cute, and the idea was original. I hate it when you get late notice for non-uniform days… I’m always dead paranoid I’m going to roll up in uniform on the wrong day or something. Or worse – do the opposite!

Get some spaghetti and be an Ood. Or Davy Jones, yayyy.
I dressed up as Doctor Who once for the village fete’s dressing up contest… my friend and I came first because we were the only ones that entered in our age category, aha! Score. ✌️

When my brother and I were younger we used to play things like that – especially on tiles. Can’t touch the lines or you die kind of thing. I never played the roly poly game though… sounds pretty epic if you ask me. (Y)

I have three comments of yours to return… or ones I *should* return anyway. I know you won’t mind, you. When you finish your degree at uni I should make more effort to return them properly. Ahhh for the days of 1000+ word comments!
I’ll just do your most recent comment. /oh

The title is from a song by Deftones, yo. I like song titles with numbers/slashes/brackets in. Makes it more exciting. /eee
I’m not that evil… am I? D: My brother and I were young and innocent back then… sort of, anyway. It was his idea. Even if I was the one who had to stand on the toilet seat to turn the taps on.

I wish I had more guy friends but I’ll just wait until uni I suppose…. unless I miraculously make some at my new school.
Flukopop, eh? Erm. Flute Korean Pop? I don’t even know :X

Take care! xx

The only time I see people dressing up aims more towards those Anime/Video game expos than Halloween! D:! But I guess it all depends on where you live! :O! I love seeing people just dressing up in general in anything other than themselves for Halloween :D!

I thought cosplaying can be used in Halloween too, no? :O! These days, ANYTHING goes online -__-! I can imagine someone recording themselves for YouTube showing off their baked Turkey or recording themselves showing how they set up their christmas trees! :P

I’ve never heard of corkboard floorings before :O! At the most, I just know what wood, tile, and carpet is -__-! I love having these cool childhood mini-adventures with others :D! At the most, my brother and I just wrestled each other like how they do in TV :P.

Yes way! Someone is telling me to leave someone alone! I don’t harass people for realsies, that’s rudeness!

Websites are like houses! When you don’t clean it up, it gathers dusts and cobwebs! :(!

Take care as well(:

People probably aren’t going to start dressing up unless it’s a national holiday. In the US, we’re told as little kids that Halloween was a holiday in which you’re supposed to dress up. I believe that in France, once Halloween became a nationally recognized fun holiday for kids, people started dressing up and having parties. Of course, no reason you can’t just have your own costume party with candy and fun things to do anyways!

Costumes for people our age tend to fall into one of three categories: 1) sexy/skimpy, 2) really well done, realistic, or creepy like Erica’s zombie costume, 3) cardboard robots and airplanes. My favorite category is the second. Some people love the first, and a few of my friends like to pretend that they’re robots and airplanes.

If it were a tradition in Australia, I’d imagine that it wouldn’t be any different than in the US – people dressing up and young kids trick-o-treating.

In the philippines, Halloween is not really much of a big deal. We don’t celebrate it. Well, that’s base on what I know. Still, I find halloween really exciting. Being able to see some pictures & spooky stuffs other countries do just to make this holiday spectacular. I am envious, just like you. :)

Hahaha cool game btw, I remember when I was a lil younger I used to “slide” or “glide” my feet on the floor with baby powder on the tiles. Really fun ~ And if given a chance to play dress up during halloween, I would definitely go for.. Spongebob! Hahahaha :D Well, if that’s allowed.

Thank you for your answers on my tag! I really do appreciate it :)

Halloween isn’t that big of a deal where I live. It used to be different…but with all of the bad things that happen in this world. Plus, at SIU – Halloween is considered to be a dirty word.

As for costumes, I think that girls have a tendency to dress slutty on Halloween because it is the one day that you can get away with it. :P Personally, I would be a bit more creative – for example, I have been a Harlequin Clown, Joan of Arc, and some others that I cannot remember.

Regarding your floor…I would probably still be freaking out about it. I would definitely have to get some throw rugs or never clean my room. :P

I usually plan my costume like a year in advance, but this year was really last minute. I guess I’ve been so busy Halloween kinda snuck up on me.

I want us to build forts at work. I am going to have a fort day and we are going to build forts in the common area because that would be awesome.

Halloween is always fun, but this year – even for me – it doesn’t even seem like it’s Halloween. The closets I’m getting to doing anything is watching horror films. Normally it’s a whole weekend thing I do, but finishing an interview and starting work on new album reviews kind of cut into my movie time – which I don’t mind because I love doing it all. Fingers crossed next year there will be some kind of a party and I’ll be able to dress up. As you said many females see the need to wear nearly nothing – I don’t like doing that. Hell I’ve never done that. Considering they sell those outfits in “adult” stores I don’t see why females wear those outfits in public – they weren’t made for public viewing.

wow, i can’t imagine living around a place that doesn’t celebrate halloween lol you should dress up :D cosplaying is okay in my book and can be a halloween costume (Y) good luck! zombie is popular and pretty easy to do imo :)

LOL aww that’s so cute burying Po. i wonder if it’s still there, haha

Halloween these past few years have been disappointing in our village since barely anyone goes trick-or-treating anymore. I have a feeling our village as a whole has just gotten older, and it’s depressing.

I used to just go trick-or-treating for the sake of the candy. I’d go as a witch every single year just so I’d have a costume!

Now that I actually care about my costume though, Halloween is dying here. It’s too bad. I have a feeling my family will just go trick-or-treating in another village next Halloween.

I loved the floor is lava, haha. My brother and I used to play it a lot too.

We used to make forts all the time too. There was this particular couch we’d use. We’d arrange the pillows a certain way every time. Over time though, we eventually grew bigger, and now we don’t fit. I wish we did though. We had a lot of adventures in there.

My brother and I used to play Pokemon with Lego before. You see, we weren’t allowed to have gameboys, and this depressed us. So we made our own game. We’d have an area for the Pokemon in storage and an area for the Pokemon we were carrying with us. We’d have our houses, the Pokemon Centers, Pokemarts and everything. To “save” the game, we just told everyone not to touch it.

I think I’d just get really annoyed with that blanket game, haha.

Yeah, apparently it’s the same in New Zealand and it makes me so sad. I hear about everyone wanting a Halloween and yet there isn’t really one! Hopefully it will catch on the more time goes on. Maybe next year you can have your own Halloween costume party or something. More people are doing that here and even though you don’t have the trick or treating aspect at least there’s the awesome aspect of the costumes!

I don’t really go to a Halloween party so it means I don’t actually plan what should I dress /hehe Hahaha.
One thing that excites me is that there will be lot of scary shows that will be aired on television. I’m kinda weird =))
And oh, are you near in Graffith?

Sounds sort of like India…we have Halloween parties and stuff but no trick or treating whatsoever O_O. Honestly if we did have it though we wouldn’t have enough candy because there’s soo many people @_@ XD.

I hate that aspect about Halloween – girls in skimpy dresses >_>. I would definitely cosplay…maybe an anime or game character. I actually have a geisha costume that I was going to wear this Halloween but I ended up going nowhere. A rag doll sounds interesting…especially with random buttons :3

I have seen tons of people not wearing scary costumes so I think that’s fine hehe. I wish we would get a day off for Halloween…this is so unfair T_T

LOL that reminds me of a game we used to play back in elementary school – we called it “Land and water” where someone stands in the middle of two “lands” and tries to catch anyone who crosses water…so much fun…oh good old memories!

We made forts and tents and stuff too!!! Yay that was my favorite one too wheee….this one times we even brought a table fan inside because it was too hot under the propped blankets lol. Me and my sis were quite the weird bunch we did lots of weird stuff that I should blog about someday lol.

LMAO…we didn’t play the rolling game like you describe…but we have done it before…we would pretend to be new born kids wrapped in a diaper? so one person was stuck inside the rolled blanket with arms inside and the other one has to tend to that person or be all evil XD. Wow now that I typed all this…sounds like we were bonkers in the head ^_^;

We should have a Halloween party…I am sure we would come up with childhood wacky games lol.


OMFG…Georginaaaa your global avatar is just soo adorable!!! *pinches cheeks* Ok I am back in control now XD. I am not too good with creative stuff so linearts are all I try lol. I try drawing on paper and tracing but I don’t have a scanner anymore and my old camera was shitty….but now maybe with the DSLR I can get some good ones. One of these days I should get back into more creative stuff.

I don’t think I’d dress up as a character for Halloween I would prefer to wear something glittery and colorful which are two things that are not in my wardrobe. :)
Things like your floor would freak me out too. I remember being so petrified by raw ground beef, you know when they are packaged in the stores. I was convinced they were worms. As I got older and still sometimes today I touch it through the plastic once to tell myself to stop being so silly. :P
Me and my sister would do those forts with chairs and blankets though we didn’t so it for the campout experience but we made mazes. I really liked putting stuff together whether it was a maze (which I would map out) or a fake budget.

Here in South Africa it is not really that traditional either, as far as the trick or treaters go theres none :( . i would so dress up and go trick or treating even though im 24 years old. ive only went to one party on halloween i went as the scream mask dude lol, the rest of the girls dressed as sluts (excuse my language) so i felt a bit left out there.
I use to do the blanket thing as well and make forts in my room, especially when i was mad or sad. i mostly played by myself, my sister and i never got on when we were little and neither now when we adults, but my friend and i always played family lol, where one was the mom and one was the kid, or her brothers and i use to play like if we were in a submarine or a battlefield fighting for survival.

Thanks for the comment on my blog i was very upset for a few days, reality hasn’t hit me yet that this is the end of Westlife. i tend to be very quiet when i am upset and i’m normally very unsocialable.
how long did your mom take off work? my mom hasn’t worked since my accident that put me in a wheelchair so i’m fortunate enough to have someone here when i need them, i dont know what i’d do without my mom.

I personally think Halloween is slightly overrated – it certainly isn’t how it used to be when I was younger; I mean, last year we only had 1 trick-or-treater and they weren’t even dressed up really, it’s disappointing. Nobody answers their doors anymore – when I was younger, everyone used to decorate their houses, hand out loads of sweets, etc. it’s just not the same.

Girls definitely have the tendency to dress “slutty” at Halloween; reminds me of the film Mean Girls. xD I’m not sure what I would dress up as, but a lot of my friends tend to dress up as TV show characters and the like.

Maybe in years to come, Halloween will become a tradition in Australia, you never know. :B

I can’t stand the smell of lacquer, omg, it makes me want to puke. XD I used to play that game with my sister when we were little, haha! Us kids sure had such amazing imaginations. We also used to pretend their were crocodiles or sharks and we had to avoid them by jumping onto something, paha.

We used to make forts too! I think a lot of kids used to do that – we made them out of duvets, cushions, tables, etc.

I remember that story!! I used to have it on video and I used to have The Tale of Peter Rabbit. I used to love those when I was a kid; it was like my childhood. My sister and I never thought to play “Roly Poly Pudding” ourselves though; you and Brandon are clearly more imaginative than us. :P

My sister and I also used to play “Toy Story”, we’d pretend we were toys and would stay still if my mum walked into the room hahahaha.

RE your comment:

I’m still extremely jealous or your layout, just so you know! You’re right though, we both have different styles, etc. so we shouldn’t really compare. :B

I’m still sad that you lost your iPhone man, even more sad that some guy took it and didn’t hand it in. Grrr, I’ll kill him. Are you happy in a way though? You know, getting to experience different phone? I got my cover off eBay. :D I had a similar one on my BlackBerry and I thought it was wise to get another one, since I drop my phone a lot. :P I did get a screen protector with it but I haven’t put it on yet, oops.

It was fun reading your answers to my questions. :D You would look absolutely awesome with red hair – you should dye it that colour, if your mum would let you. :P

I know Halloween isn’t really celebrated here but we have had some kids walk around our street going trick-or-treating and they just have a mask on. It is disappointing, and Lilian told me that some kid didn’t even say “thanks” when she gave them chocolate. Rude.

I’m positive that guy will have karma hit him. I love my phone now. I just got James to buy me some phone covers on Ebay. I’m still enthralled by the hole for the charm, I love it so much. :P I remember wanting to get another iPhone but I thought I might as well get something different and cheaper. Damn overpriced iPhones.

Haha yes, I believe she would let me. I’ve done it before, but it’s just that lately I haven’t had time and also don’t have hair dye. XD

Many people celebrate Halloween here…well I’ll say young people too. It’s pretty popular with children dressing up and going trick or treating.

It’s also another day for university students here to dress up and party. Every year university students would dress up and go clubbing on the night of halloween or the weekend before it. Some people really do put a lot of effect into it.

It’s a good chance to show your creative side too.

I’m not really a dressing up fan unfortunately, so I tend to avoid dressing up xD

ahaha i know those anime chibi makers are just the cutest things! hehe

wow really? i would think Gatsby would be available in Australia because it’s close to Asia and there are tons of Asian people there.

in the future, i was planning to make a youtube vid to get a certain J-rocker’s hair but i’ll just tell you here :D

It’s easiest to volumize the top of your hair if you have shorter layers (shorter layers are less “heavy” than longer ones). You don’t need to get heavy, obvious ones but definitely need some that are no longer than your ears. Some people wash their hair right before styling, than use blowdryers and gel too and what not but you don’t have to. You’d need hairspray, there are volumizing ones but they never work for me but the Gatsby one I have is pretty good. you just flip your hair upside down and spray all over your hair while it’s flipped upside down most specifically the underside of the hairs to the top of your hair. then i’d recommend using hair putty and apply it (with your head upright) by going under your hair and scrunching the layers on top. Don’t apply *too* much product on dry hair because it can add weight to your hair and flatten it out. i hope this helped wooot!


I sure liked ragdoll wuggs /love that was Zocute /bounce

Yeah, Halloween is a lot more fun than Christmas. Ugh D:/um

hrj! (Y)

Here in the Philippines, we also don’t celebrate Halloween nationwide. So, Halloween is only celebrated in malls, schools, offices, or practically whoever wants it. I agree, it’s kinda boring.

In my honest opinion, I’d rather see a girl who’s creative enough to pull off a costume so unique, that she doesn’t have to show skin to rock it. YEAH.

If you don’t mind, would you like to exchange links? :D