Ten Famous (Living) People I’d Love to Meet

I’m so over uni. I am sooooo over it. Two weeks left, which means under 20 hours of classes left, and probably many hours of touching up assignments and doing work outside of class, and then – and then – I am done with my Bachelor’s degree. And hopefully I pass. I mean, I was selected to do the Honours program (which I refused because I wanted to risk my backside and study a higher level of education in a different faculty, which I got into thanks to my personal experience, super-mega-awesome resume/CV and personal statement), so it’s a sign I did well up until this point. I’m gonna be blunt and toss a “fuck yes” in here. Fuck yes. /bounce

Anyway, while I’m “so over” studying my current qualification, a new path awaits me. And I am excited to be welcomed into a new hell hole – well, it can’t quite be a hell hole because my classes will be held on the 27th floor of a very tall building – and likely again be the youngest person in the class.

What goes hand in hand with being young is looking young. I don’t even look like I’m twenty years old. I still look like I’m in high school. I used to be very insulted when people asked, “So how old are you, sixteen?”

What irked me the most about that question was the two parts to it. If you ask me how old I am, why do you take a guess and hope you’re right and hope that I nod and say yes and feed your big ego? If you’re going to ask a question, then don’t answer it for me. Don’t be ridiculous now. How are you, great! Nothing infuriates me more than people who ask a question and don’t listen to the answer or refuse to believe it. That’s reminiscent of my dad’s habits, but I forgive him, because he’s my dad. And he’s old…er than me. /oh

I often get asked how old I am and am met with disbelief when I respond with “twenty”. I suppose it depends on the surroundings, but at university, while people don’t expect me to be as young because many are further into their twenties or mature-age students; strangers often think I am still in high school. Recently I got a photo card that serves as identification, so if ever I get asked how old I am, I’ll just have to fish it out. The thing is, should anyone judge, they will likely ask, “Why don’t you drive?” because by law you cannot have both a photo card and a driver’s licence. A new question, to which I will decide to make up a story about how I have a severe disease that forbids me from driving otherwise giant squids will rip off my legs.

In other words, I hate that question.

Regarding the title of this post, I added “(living)” because this list would be very long if I decided to list all living and dead people I’d like to meet.

  • Billy Corgan
    Often I class him as an asshole, but that’s just because I feel like James Iha, D’arcy and Jimmy deserved some of the limelight as well, being a part of the Smashing Pumpkins. I know Corgan was the entire brain to the band, and I guess I want to meet him because he has such pure talent that I look up to.
  • Arthur Darvill
    This lanky and dorky actor is one I would absolutely love to meet and talk to. He’d tower over me at his great height, but I need to see that huge nose of his in person.
  • Karen Gillan
    This gorgeous girl is so down-to-earth, I would love to see her in person, even though she’d probably tower over me as well. I love her style and her red hair is just to die for.
  • Ben Jorgensen
    I’ve met him once, I could do it again. I didn’t faint the first time, and he remembered who I was from our Twitter conversations… I could go on and on about this amazing guy, but in a few words – he is talented, dedicated, sweet and entertaining.
  • Sierra Shardae
    I admire her for her outgoing personality and the fact that she’s not afraid to be the wacky, eccentric girl that she is. She has so many tattoos and she looks radical, and can work any hairstyle and any look. Not to mention she has a beautiful voice!
  • Matt Smith
    I have to meet at least one incarnation of The Doctor in my lifetime, and I think I’d choose Matt Smith because of his absolutely adorable antics as that protagonist, not to mention his charm and wit off-camera. And yes, I have to meet this TARDIS trio… ♥️
  • Zacky Vengeance
    I’m nasty, and I’d choose him out of all other members of Avenged Sevenfold because he is just simply adorable.
  • Markus Zusak
    I just want to tell him that he wrote the best book in the goddamn universe (The Book Thief).
  • Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox
    No one expected this, did they? Anthony and Ian are the guys from YouTube channel Smosh. I absolutely adore them because they are not fake and ego-fed by their fans. They care about their fans. So many people say Smosh aren’t funny, and are just stupid. I’m telling you, I love them because they take anything and parody it and are stupid about it. They’re not afraid to be over-the-top and see the funny side of everything. They’re not affected by external sources and they’ve stayed true to their nature ever since their mouthing of the Pokemon theme song back in 2005.

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Congratulations! :) Does this mean you’re finally graduating? ;)
You;re so lucky. I envy you. I’m already 22 and i’m still in uni. This sucks.
But a lot of people don’t really believe that I’m 22. Like you, I also look young. :)) I guess it runs in the Asian blood. (I’m not sure if you’re Asian, or part Asian, but I kind of know you are. Haha.) I tried getting into a casino once and they even asked me for my ID! o.o Another is when I was about to watch an ‘adult only’ movie and they wouldn’t let me in saying that I’m not 18. It’s crazy.

Haha, You know the funny thing is? I don’t know any of the names you mentioned. I haven’t even heard of them. o.o

I can’t think of ten famous people I would like to meet. Maybe 4-5 at most. I’m going to put a lot of thought into this and see if I can come up with ten people to blog about.

I don’t drive either, and I haaate when people ask me why I don’t. Nunya, thank you. Nunya god damned business. Ugh. And I also dislike it very much when people ask me a question and fill in an answer that they think is correct. Ugh. Either ask me a question or don’t!

Ah, the only person I know on that list is Billy Corgan. Shame on me, haha :P

I can relate to you with people thinking you’re younger than you actually are. I’m sixteen and I often get mistaken for 14-13. I suppose that’s not a big deal. At all, really. But I’m 5″1 and I have this young-looking face so people often guess that I am younger than I really am. I mean, it’s a lot better than having people mistake you for being older than you really are!
There is this one girl at my school who is shorter than anyone in our grade and has the face of a 14 year old girl. She’s 18! Several times I have witnessed a kid in my class going “is so-and-so really 18??” and we all answer in unison, “YES. YES SHE IS.”
Alright, I can sense I’m about to start rambling. So I’ll stop myself there :D

Gosh, I know exactly how you feel! (of course I don’t, only you do, but I feel like I’m in the same position) People always believe I am younger than I am, because I’m only 1,57m tall and I look like a 13-year old @_@ well.. The children who look older must be really sad as well; since it looks like they play with kids that are younger than them all the time…
How long have you been at the uni now? 2, 3 years? I’m going to study litterature for a Bachelor’s degree after high school, can’t wait, but i’ll bet I’m going to be just as tired of it in the ed as you are. But you only have two weeks left. That must be great, or sad, or..well…freeing I guess.
By the way. Zacky Vengeance is awesome /rose

Oh man, I remember when Uni was finishing up for me. It felt so surreal!!! It was awesome because just after I completed my final exams (I think I only had two to do) I went on holiday to Queensland to see a couple of friends of mine. And then I met Shaun :P So that kind of made my year haha.

Good luck with all the ‘finishing touches’ you have to do to finish :)

OMG I can relate to you about the age thing! Most people (well strangers) think that my sister is older than me, but she’s not. I’m 22 and she’s 20. It’s the way she dresses etc that makes her appear older. She’s very trendy and into fashion whereas I’m not lol! It kinda annoys me :/ I definitely don’t look my age. I don’t think I could pass as 16 but I could pass as 19 maybe. The benefits of this? When we’re both 40, we’ll look like we’re 30 ;D

There’s a guy at my work and he’s 27, but I seriously thought he was my age! It’s his east Asian genes hehe. I always think people with Asian ethnicity tend to look more youthful. But yes, it’s annoying when people make those stupid comments about your age UGH.

Love who you chose on your list! Oh man, I think Matt Smith would be barrels of fun! :D

Just on a side note and a heads up – I bought loveshaped.net recently because NameCheap had a 1.99 domain sale :) I got the idea from your Site Names list, so you can remove it from there now :) yay!

Whoot! taking another degree in a different faculty is also one of my goal after I finish my graphics bachelor degree lol but who knows.. /shrug
LOL a lot of people said that I’m like a thirteen year old instead of sixteen and that they all can’t believe that with a face like this, I’m a college student…. :D ahhh the joy of being young and baby-faced 👏
I don’t get offended when people think I’m younger than my age but I get irritated when they all laugh and think it’s a lie that I’m in college. /hmph
And how lucky are you to be able to meet Ben directly.. I wanna meet my idol too blah.. /dreams
oh my god Markus Zusak ♥ ♥ The Book Thief is one brilliantly written book!!

P.S: I’ll try to work on the “I love” writing project soon but I can’t promise when. /snort

Lol “so over uni”. My friend from Australia says that like all the time. I’m going to guess it’s Australian slang so I shouldn’t use it … one time I said just the word uni and people went crazy on me. I actually wouldn’t want to be so over uni though, because that would mean more grad school so it doesn’t make a difference for me.
But wow, that is incredibly close! Work hard for next … 2+ weeks?

I’d love to have my class on the 27th floor. I’m fucking tired of my stupid setting; I even miss my 10-floored high school. So what happens if you go somewhere with your brother? According to me he looks 20, and you say you look 16? Haha that’s gotta be funny but will be mad annoying if people like my dad keep saying “you look so 15!” which I do not.

Kudos to your analysis of a question+egotistical answer. I swear morons do that all the time. I don’t even know if people are being stupid on purpose or not.

I’ve never heard of a single person on your list. XD I don’t think there’s anyone living that I’d want to meet. Dead, well maybe Jeanne D’Arc.

Well if you’re over something, you’re sick and tired of it. I don’t know many places that abbreviate “university” to “uni” either. Not everyone goes to grad school, but I think most people look forward to the end of a stage of education anyway. :)

I did have someone think that my brother and I were the same age. If he dresses up with a tie and everything and bothers to do his hair, he does look much older. Otherwise if he just wears jeans and a shirt, he looks his actual age.

People believe that I am only 13 simply because I am short. What the hell right. I think I’ve stayed 13 for five years already. Actually, it’s good you look young (and pretty!) – you wouldn’t want to look like you’re nearing your 30s when you’re actually only 20. I’ve seen so many girls who look like they’re in their mid-20s but in reality, they are only…um, 14. It’s partly due to the super thick make-up they use and also due to the way they behave, I guess.

I like Zacky Vengeance! :) I like The Rev even more, though (I have something for drummers) and I was so sad when I learnt about his death. Sigh.

One famous living person I would really want to meet is Jeanette Winterson, the author of Oranges are not the Only Fruit (the novel i told you about in my comment on one of your previous entries). Not that I’m a big fan – I just want to talk to her and know more about what goes on in her head. If I’m answering a common “if you could meet a dead person” question now I would say Jean Rhys, another one of the authors of the literature texts I am studying. She wrote Wide Sargasso Sea, her own prequel to Jane Eyre. My friend and I were reading this interview and Rhys sounded exactly like the narrator in Wide Sargasso Sea. I would have had so many questions to ask her if she was still alive.

Congratulations on being almost ready to get your Bachelor’s degree! :) I’m in my first year of high school, so that’s still a long way off for me! :P

I hate when people ask how old I am. I also look younger than I really am (I’m fifteen), and I’ll sometimes get asked if I’m eleven or twelve. It’s actually pretty rude. But I have a cousin who’s nineteen, and sometimes gets asked by people if she’s thirteen. I feel bad for her. XD

I don’t know of any famous people I’d like to meet. If I met anyone famous, I’d probably be too shocked/excited to think of anything intelligent to say.

time fleets fast, indeed! Congrats, you’r on your way to another chapter of your life! Ooohh, I laways get to be questioned with my age as well! Just yesterday, when we were buying tickets for a movie, they asked how old we were and said we’re in our 19’s but they seem not to believe us. Pretty annoying, though sometimes it’s good when they say I look younger! I guess my height also is a factor, i’m 4’11.5″ FTW :))

Congratulations on finishing! I’m not sure at what age people usually finish university in Australia because your seasons and semesters are different from ours, but most Americans finish college at 22, and you’re only 20! As someone who’s going to finish at 21, I am often made fun of for not being able to drink yet. But I congratulate you on being so young and finishing! It’s something that a lot of people couldn’t do. I also wish you good luck in your post-uni education!

Keep going to concerts and maybe you’ll get lucky? What I love about the “famous” people I’ve run into is that they’re all nice people, just like us, most of the time.

I have never heard of ANY of the people you mentioned. 8D I am a failure.

So how have you been? :)

cool! you look like a high school student? haha!~ that’s great! I mean, It’s really nice to see baby faces/ young faces. I prefer to be like that! At least, I have the advantage to look young were in fact your age is not obvious in your physical look. xD

That’s awesome! Congratulations! It is such a great feeling to complete a degree, isn’t it? Even if you are going to be starting another journey right after, I’m sure you are excited about it.

Haha, I know how it feels to look super young. At my current job everyone was so surprised to hear I was married. They all thought I was 18. I’m almost 28. Eek!