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Today I had a presentation with my group – this for the Riding for the Disabled organisation that we’re volunteering for. I, personally, was not prepared for the presentation, and had a few troubles opening up the website mockup that I did, but thankfully we had a screenshot and I still have the files uploaded to the university repository. I actually yakked on for about five minutes about the parts that I did for the project and I didn’t have a speech prepared.

It’s hilarious how I keep doing this. First, I run to the station in several minutes when it should take at least fifteen, and now I continue preparing presentations five minutes before I’m due to present, or I don’t prepare at all. I really should expect to die young. 😰

I think we all did really well as part of the group, and I’m going to give everyone in my group good marks for the peer review because they were that awesome. They were very cooperative. I am, of course, comparing this project to projects I’ve had in the past, for which I’ve had very lazy group members.

I recall one of my first group assignments in university – and I might have mentioned it before – but nothing really went to plan and we were quite disorganised, not to mention I didn’t really know the people in my group well at all; and as a result I wasn’t able to attend many group meetings, nor the important meeting where we did our interview that we had to film. I mean, my group members notified me that they were meeting… forty minutes before they were meeting. I don’t think that was fair; I mean, hello, I live far from university and you could really have been more considerate. Wah.

Anyway, out with the complaining. I’m still happy with the mark I received for that assignment considering I didn’t contribute much to the group.

This time around it all went well, and I have nothing to complain about. I think I’m mostly relieved because we were really falling behind last week but pulled it all together! We’ve got a group report due next week and we’ve got a head start on that… I wrote 1,200 words and as a group we’re only meant to have 3,000. I’m amused. :P

In other good news, I got a phone call from someone from the university to let me know of the status of my application for postgraduate study. Basically, I wasn’t approved for the Master of Interactive Multimedia (MIM), but instead for the Graduate Diploma. The only difference between the two is that the MIM has another six months’ worth of work – a digital media project. I still have the option to obtain a Masters degree when I complete the Graduate Diploma. :) I’m pretty happy about that.

I can’t believe I have three weeks of my Bachelor degree left. I’m excited. I just want to get it over and done with. I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to. I’m not looking forward to a break per se, but I’m looking forward to just finishing. I think I’ll like the feeling. /bounce I think I am also excited to have some time to work and to pull things together, catch up on shows I haven’t watched and just try new things overall. It’s going to be great and very relaxing, at least until I pick up studies again. But I’m looking forward to the change. I’m excited to finish my communication degree. /eee

Anyway, I’m inviting readers to ask me some questions. If there’s anything you want to ask me, feel free, especially if it might have a long answer. I guess some of you know me pretty well or will find answers by searching the website and browsing through old posts, but I like receiving new questions to answer. I will select some questions and answer them in upcoming blog posts so ask away. I’ll answer anything as long as it’s not too personal, and if it isn’t long enough I might just respond to you directly.

Also, don’t forget about the The “I Love” Project. You can still write a blog post about what you love and link back to the The “I Love” Project page. Let me know and I can add your blog post to the list. :D

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I loved your presentation! It was so… fancy haha. What was the website that your group did it on? I saw you guys try to log in so I assume it was done on a website, and I found it really cool haha. I think you guys did the best out of everyone, but I might being a bit biased in that regard. ;) But even so, I still think your group has done a great job with your project. :D

Once again, congratulation on getting accepted to do the Graduate Diploma. I’m sure you’ll like it and hopefully it all goes well.

We used Prezi! I’d never used it before, but I might in future now because it’s so fancy. Good luck to your group as well! See, I’m horrid and I didn’t actually see your presentation so I don’t know how you went. /bash *bad friend* But I do hope you do well anyway.

Good luck with your application! /eee


I hate presentations 3:

Bah humbug, Diploma Wugs. At least I’ll get photos of you in the little square hat. TAHEE



Ooh, question. Why does Brandon resemble arthur darvill. i must know.

Three weeks?? Fuck you. xD I have 2 and a half years left, MINIMUM. If I ever decide what kind of degree I want, sheesh.

I liked James’s comment. I had better see a picture of you in that little square hat. Or, you know, more than one picture.

I STILL NEED TO GO FIND OUT ABOUT APPLYING TO STUDY ABROAD, GOD DAMN IT. I’ll try to go to the info session tomorrow aghhhhh.

You’re such a hard worker. I really admire that…since I’m so lazy. (H) And congratulations on obtaining your Bachelor’s degree soon and all that. I just started university this year…so I’ve got about 3 1/2 years of it left…yay. What kind of career do you plan on pursuing with your degree?

Damn, Georgie, you got a rebellious streak there… mixed with a little bit of superhuman ability, of course. You’re lucky that your presentations go fairly well considering the fact you prepared little – I’d die. I hate presentations. I had to do a PowerPoint in Business Studies on business objectives and I was shaking like heck. /ehh

I need some guts, man.

Group work is such a hassle for me. There are the control freaks, the ones that never stop larking around, and the ones who just do fuck all. Sigh. I work much better on my own. I like things to be done a certain way. Plus, you get more credit. If you work in a group and it ends up being a half-baked disaster, eh, you get tied in with the bad mark.

I’m glad your presentation went well, though. ♥

In any tasks with word limits my rambling ability always shines through. /ehe Your group should grovel at your feet for that contribution, by the way. Make them kneel!
It’s a shame about not getting approved for the MIM but if there isn’t much difference then I guess it’s not so bad! I can’t believe your degree is almost over – I swear you only went to uni yesterday? /sweat

Not quite, okay… you have been blogging about university for a long time but still! I can remember when you were 17, oh my goodness. :’)
When I finish my GCSE I probably will be glad just to know that they are over. Let’s forget I have A Levels right after that.

Questions, eh? Here’s one I stole from Tumblr – it’s supposed to be a writing prompt but whatever: Is there anything you, ‘just know’ and have no explainable or rational way to explain how you know it?

I’m excited for you to finish your degree, hehe. /eee It will be nice to hear you don’t have as much work as usual and to find that you’re nowhere near as stressed as you can be. Until then, though – keep workin’! /type


Take care! xx

Check you out Georgie, bit of a rebel aren’t you? ;) I never used to prepare for presentations when I was at school – I used to just go with the flow. I mostly let my group do all the talking and then the teacher would tell me off for not taking part, oops. :X

Glad you got a good mark and your group weren’t as lazy as your previous groups. :D I used to always be the lazy one in the group, heh.

Congratulation on getting accepted to do the Graduate Diploma, that’s awesome Georgie. :D You only have 3 weeks left of your Bachelor degree?! :| Wow, that’s gone really quick seriously. Only feels like yesterday you were off to university. :’) I think the break will do you the world of good. I honestly don’t know how you get through each day with the amount you do; I think I’d actually die.

Well done though, you’ve achieved so much and you should be really proud of yourself. :D

Um, only question I can think of is: If you could take a year off an go travelling, where would it be?

I hate when that happens…like you have to present something and somehow the stuff falls apart XD. I have done last minute stuff before…but not often lol.

I think I had the worst luck in group projects. I would always get lazy members and a lot of times I would just ask my professor if I could work on it alone ^_^; I am glad yours were good hehe.

Sounds like a bad experience. I finally management to meet decent group members when I was in college. We at least ended up meeting at the pre-decided times which was good XD.

I really used to hate assignments where you needed to reach a certain length. I think a lot of times I can be precise and explain using minimal amount of words lol. The rest of it would just end up being repetitions of my core topic.

Congratulations on getting the approval for the graduate diploma! Congrats on finishing up your bachelors. It is a great feeling to be over with studies…at least for a while like in your case XD.

I am soo lazy T_T…one of these days I will post a related “I love” post :3

But it IS so very exciting, it’s this big milestone in ones life. I am excited too, even though I have a few months left. But scared as hell too, because I will be unemployed, so far. But congratulations to the graduate diploma! :-)

When I was in school, I hated speaking infront of the class and doing group projects. I felt I could do better by myself. Also, it’s pretty annoying when the teacher tells the class to find a group or partner and no one wants to get together with the “fat girl” :( instead of putting groups together themselves. I guess they expect highschoolers to be a little more “grown up” than they were when they were in 6th grade….. Doesn’t really work out that well when most of the students are complete assholes.

Anyway, my question for you is: Where do you see yourself and James in 10-15 yrs? :)

Off topic, i tagged you in my post!:)

I’m glad your presentation went well, though you were ill prepared. And you were lucky that your group mates aren’t lazy. I do not like presentations. And I’m not very lucky with the group projects, because they almost always touches me lazy members.

And congratulations on obtaining your Bachelor’s degree soon :) You should be proud of yourself, because it has worked and works hard.

My questions for you are: If someone are granted three wishes, what would they be? Where you see yourself in 10 years?

By the way, I’m back with my website. Check out if you have time.

OMG. you’re about to finish you’re Bachelor’s Degree in three weeks time! Congratulations in advance! :) I’m about to graduate too, I only have one semester left, and I’m free! (LOL, not actually, I’ll be pursuing a higher degree after this. haha.)

And oh, for the question, I tagged you in a post. You can view it here: http://so-fabulous.info/?p=290

I have tons of questions there for you! :)

It’s so annoying when group members are lazy or don’t consider other members at all. I was very lucky with my group work during university. I done the project with friends and we were all hard working and organised. On top of that we live almost next door to each other so meetings were easy.

Wow you’re doing a masters degree? That’s amazing. Good luck with that ^^

Gosh I’ll love to have a few weeks off just to catch up with things and relax. Luckily I took two weeks off work for Christmas :)

Hey sweets! I’ve been out of the loop lately with School and Work and I haven’t stopped by your blog in like… forever (but I’m currently on medical leave because my upper back/neck are out of commission for some weird reason @_@ )! I’m glad to see you are finishing up your BA! It is more exciting than graduating high school!

I will never… ever… EVER miss doing group projects. I abhor them with every fiber of my being. I always know how much I’m going to hate a professor when I get my course syllabi and see how many group projects are listed on there.

I remember a marketing class I had to take where we were required to do 5 group projects throughout a 8 week period. I will admit, there were times when I contemplated slashing my professors tires over that one. The worst part was we had a different group for each of the 5 projects, and there was no ahead-of-time mention of who our groups would be, or the topic of the project beforehand. I wouldn’t have been so furious if I could have sat down with the same group for each assignment with all five topics so we could plan, research, and gather materials as well as prioritize the assignments.

At least if we had the same group (even without knowing what the rest of the assignments were) we would have all been aware that Person A is best with the speaking bit, so that his his/her job); person B is best at organizing all of the information into a paper; Person C does the power-points; and persons D and F are the research buffs. Instead I had to sit down and listen to people squabble over who did what five times, and rehash contact information over and over again.

You live with your parents, right? But if you didn’t, if you had to go to school in another town, would you move back home once you had your degree(congrats :D )? Because I have to go to school at the other side of my country in less than 2 years @_@ and I’m so frightened, because I don’t have any idea of what to do afterwards…My life is like some crazy bomb ready to explode into chaos. ..Anyway XD What are your plans after studying?

Congratulations on everything, Georgina! It looks like you’re doing quite well and that you’ll be heading into grad school soon! Also, after enough presentations, you don’t need to prepare that much anymore. I’m pretty sure that most English-speaking graduate students and professors and postdocs that I know don’t really spend much time preparing their presentations. Only three weeks until you graduate!

Hrm… questions for you… How long do you think you’ll maintain the Princess Pondicus Network?

:) congratulations georgie! :) few more weeks and you’re done with college! Getting masteral or doctorate is one of my dreams. I hope I can get them when I can! I really would love to do masteral. :)

Well, good luck to you and very happy for you! :)

I’m glad you got a good mark in your presentation and advance congratulations in finishing your bachelor’s degree, keep up the good work and enjoy what you do :)