Let me be clear

One of these days I am going to write a post on my blog and it will be entirely my full stream of consciousness. It is going to be horrible, much like writing a post unedited and not proofread, but I think that I should do at least one of those in my lifetime as it will be rather amusing.

I have nearly finished my group assignment that’s due Monday; I still don’t understand why assignment 3 is due before assignment 2. They could have written it in order; I don’t know, was the person who wrote the subject outline smoking pot or something?

Either way, in the student feedback survey I pointed this out in the “suggestions” box, because I do believe students could do without the confusion.

I went to the dentist this morning, and afterwards my mum went to the shops and my brother and I waited in the car. He was playing music on his phone on speakerphone and I was playing some spin-off of Bejeweled on my phone. We somehow found ourselves talking about music. We share pretty similar taste in music but there are always stretches of the spectrum… he loves Korean music a lot, while most of the time I don’t, and he likes pop rock, which I tend to find gets really dull; I like jazz music and classical music while he just thinks I’m being damn weird, and I like metal music which he can’t stand at a certain point.

I made a really terrible generalisation that it is easier to do well in the music industry if you make electronic music. I suppose I was making that generalisation because anyone can have a sythesiser and pop out some beats and you just need a really good voice to go with it. I know a lot of people would shoot me down for saying that. My brother was listening to a remix of a La Roux song and I told him that the original was much better. The vocals are great, even though there aren’t many words in the song; it had that emotion that just disappeared once the damn thing was remixed.

We somehow got into talking about that song Bounce by Calvin Harris. I am telling you, that song is ridiculous. It gets stuck in my head and pisses me off when I hear it, but when it’s not playing, I try to remember it and I just end up humming something else.

I guess what I was trying to say was that a lot of popular electronic music just has a catchy tune or a beat as the main focus and the vocals are scant. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, at all, though – after all, Explosions in the Sky is a fantastic instrumental band and my favourite, but by no means in the electronic genre. And it seems that with electronic music, you don’t need much because you can play all the instruments with electronic means, and just pull something together. There isn’t the band and the connection between members and you’ve just got an individual – or a few individuals – who have a wide creative mind and can put together some colourful music. And they do that easily with technology.

I’m not being ignorant, I’m just making a point that the way you can electronically create music, compared to a band or group playing all the instruments, is very different. I personally admire those who are in a band and all are dedicated to the one instrument and can play so proficiently. I still admire those people who decide to use a machine and play all the instruments by pressing a number of keys but can do it such that they end up with a masterpiece in the end. I know they might choose to do all the thinking, compilation, editing… but in the end I feel, that since I am a musician myself, I more greatly appreciate those who play their instruments.

But I do love electronic music! Don’t get me wrong. :) I find that a lot of groups or individuals who make electronic music have fantastic voices. I remember reading a debate about an electronic group – someone had commented that the artists’ voices were “too good” to be singing “that kind of music”.

If you’ve got a good voice, use it, right? It doesn’t matter what for. I know for a fact that that band loved what they were doing. And I believe electronic music is about all that creativity, too. Music is an artwork. You can’t just pick at the voice. You’ve got to look at the song, the words, everything that makes up a piece of music.

Yet another reason why I think those talent shows are stupid. But that’s for another day.

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I have always thought this. Yes, there is a lot of electronic music that I cannot stand (don’t even get me started on Ke$ha!) but there is indeed a lot of electronic music where you can hear that the singer can actually sing, you know, without the aid of autotune. A lot of time it works very well.
I’m a big fan of the band The White Stripes, and Jack White has made clear in his interviews his love for blues music and how he strongly dislikes the use of synths and stuff in music. He has a clear preference for real instruments, and while I respect that and agreed a lot with him for a while, I began to realize that I enjoyed a lot of music that incorporated electronic elements into their music.
So I see where you’re coming from.
I enjoyed this post, Georgina :D

It is kind of weird that 2 comes after 3. :| I guess they had the numberins wrong or they realized that the 3 should go first instead of 2. :/

Ugh. I hate going to the dentist. Mostly because I know my teeth sucks. yes, the look complete but they got so many holes. :|

Though electronic musics are quite popular now. I was never really been a fan of it. I guess, for me, it just ain’t the right music. :/

This reminded me of something I read in my magazine last night. Alice Cooper was answering questions sent into him through the mail, and here’s one:

Q: “Why on earth is Ke$ha on your new album, on the song ‘What Baby Wants’? This really will be Alice’s scariest nightmare.”

A: “I was gonna use [horror movie icon] Christopher Lee, but he was making a metal album of all things, so I missed out on him.

“I met Ke$ha at the Grammy awards. And to me, hip-hop is just disco in disguise. Ke$ha looked like a female Robert Plant and I went, Wow, if she had a rock band behind her… I mean, of course she’s making so much money doing ‘TiK ToK,’ and I get that. But I told her, ‘Ke$sha, you’re in the wrong business. You should be doing rock.’ So I invited her, I said, ‘Let’s write some songs.'”

It continues, but that’s the relevant part. Anyway, yeah. I think I have just as much respect for electronic artists as rock bands, AS LONG AS THEY WRITE THEIR OWN SONGS. It’s hard to do all that synth stuff and make it sound good, and the person behind the song still has to write lots of parts, possibly even more than someone in a band who only writes vocals, only writes bass lines, etc. But when we get into the mainstream electronic stuff, you see a lot of artists who only have a co-writing credit, or who weren’t even involved in the song at all. Britney Spears writes literally NOTHING.

I love this post so much! Georgina, you’re FANTASTIC and I’m not even lying. I don’t think that there is anyone who is as honest as you. I agree with you about how ‘Bounce’ is a stupid song. I don’t even understand what it’s about. I hate it as much as I hate breakup songs that you hear on the radio all the time. Maybe he wouldn’t break up with you if you didn’t sound like a whiny idiot all the time. -.- I love electronic music but the ones I can stand are usually underground and are made by wonderful university students who really deserve more attention.

I’ll definitely listen to these bands! I’ve already heard of Arcade Fire but I never really bothered to listen to a song. I thought they were just another random pop rock band or something. The band’s actually called Annuals, but whatever, you should still listen to them!

Thank you! I will definitely work on the eyes next time I do a digital painting.

I’ve heard of some assignments done out of chronological order before! It’s dumb, yes, but mehh -__-! Hopefully, your suggestion will be heard and actions will be taken :D!

Everyone have different tastes for music! And… Have different tastes every other times. I caught myself listening to Ska before :O! I somehow agree with your “terrible generalization”, DJ Tiesto- started out performing for a club with 100 people or less. Now, he’s performing for even those big rave events or whatever it’s called, especially for Electric Daisy Carnival!

Music can be generally anything as long as there’s sound to it! Unless there’s some kind of soundless movement?! I don’t know, but music is music, voices, electionized, instrumental, whatever! D:!

I realized that I’m horrid with Math, so I’m not going to gamble on something that’ll penalize me for not being good at math :P. But still, personal statements are overrated D:!

I thought about showing them my portfolio, but there’s too much issues behind it :I. But if anything, I’ll find a way to present it :O!

I just need stable grades. As long as I’m not those with a .75 grade point average, I’m fine. :D!

Take care(:

I am a person who likes many different types of music across quite a few genres. To me, electronic music is quite different from other types and it’s not necessarily easier or harder. Sure, you don’t have to play an instrument, but you’re alone. In a band, you have the whole band to help you write. Also, there are several singers, like Cascada, who sing over their electronic music. It’s like the computer, rather than the guitar, is their instrument.

Personally, I enjoy being a classical musician and my favorite music is 20/21st century orchestral classical music. As a flutist, there isn’t too much else outside of that, is there?

Whoohoo, WP works now, just the posts were deleted. /poo

Never heard of assignments out of order before, but as long as it’s done that’s cool. (H) Haha.

I have a completely different taste in music from you- I LOVE korean bands such as SNSD and Super Junior- their songs are always playing in my head 24/7, though I can’t even understand what they are saying. I guess it’s the beat that counts. Their music makes my day whenever I listen to it.
Yup, electronic music is pretty awesome- in many ways. I just really dislike the auto-tune you find in people’s songs these days. Makes me wonder if they can actually sing. /bash

That’s the reason why I don’t watch Talent Shows. :D

Keep in touch! ♥

My husband is actually making his own album. He doesn’t have any musical background, just plucking out notes by ear on his keyboard and taking a class to learn how to use the music software he wrote. He actually got his friend to come and record some guitar parts because without it, the music sounds too much like a computer generated guitar. For someone who doesn’t really know what he’s doing, it actually sounds pretty good :P

The only issue I would have with electronic music is if one day they pushed out actual instruments the same way digital is pushing out paper. ‘In the year 3000 no one knows what an actual guitar is.’ That would be disturbing.
I love Owl City, and artists like him that uses all the electronics to make those cool sounds. What bothers me is when bands and artists like Black Eyed Peas or Rebecca Black lies so heavily on auto-tune and you know they aren’t electronic artists. I’d rather straight vocal artistry or straight electronic artistry. Not saying they can’t use both but to rely heavily on the opposite while recognizing yourself to be of the other shouldn’t be.
I’m glad you like the pictures. Yes, I am so ready for next years festival!

If I may say, nice layout. :)

Hiwugs *floog*

People enjoy electronic music because it’s easy to get into, every song is sort of the same and slightly pleasing to the ear. Same with pop, I guess. hrj

I like people who can sing, like the guy in Anberlin or the dude in Fightstar. I think they’re both amazing vocalists; so’s the guy from Poets, but I don’t really like the way they’ve gone in the last few years /sweat


I also love people who can sing instead of those fake ones xD Though I must admit that I almost like every kind of music. But what truly matters is their own quality of their voice and their instruments. I love nothing more than that. :)

I always wonder why people want to completely autotune their voices. It’s stupid. It’s like forcing cats to sing.

I like electronic music too :) ! I love Owl City and I guess it’s also included as electronic music. I also love listening to these electronic music that don’t have any singing, only pure music. They are perfect for accompanying me whenever I’m studying, so my brain doesn’t dissolve into any lyrics :p !

I have wrote a list of my university choices in my latest blog. I went to visit my first choice yesterday and I absolutely loved it! The lecturer told me that they expect people to get 2 C’s and a B and I am aiming for 3 B’s so hopefully all will go well and I will get those B’s. :)

I always point about problems like that if I get the chance to give my feedback. I can get very critical and will be very critical when I go to university if I am paying £9,000 a year!#

I prefer to hear a band playing their own instruments rather than listen to electronically created music. I think it really shows off a persons talent if they can play an instrument and sing. This is probably why I like a lot of music from the 60’s and 70’s. Saying that I do like a few electronic music bands.

Oh my, don’t even get me started on talent shows. I can’t stand them. They are just a total waste of time and money. If the people on those shows actually had a really talent they wouldn’t need to go on TV and compete for their music career.

Hmm yeah, I actually agree that it’s the people who are using Twitter are stupid.

I also do it sometimes for – like you said – to let off steam. But what if the person’s account is used only to let off those annoying steams? I would certaintly be annoyed and unfollowed her immediately. Yeah, but this still leads to many miunderstandings :( .

LOL I don’t know about girls at your age. Well, my girl friends aren’t at the age of lovey dovey stuffs, but I decided to just ignore them. Also, I also hate that many accounts tweet the same thing. Like the whatever quote, it’s like every teen quote account has tweeted the same kind of thing. So I’m really bored looking at the same old retweets :/ .

Yes I agree! And can you really block retweets using TweetDeck? That’s interesting, I’ll try later :p .

RT replies are okay, but just like you mentioned, not too many like that. I also got very annoyed..it’s very hard to read, especially that at the end that person has to cut off most of the first tweet and it will look horrible.

Anyway sorry if you and I seem to disagree lots of things. LOL I am much younger than you too xD!

I love listening to electronic music but I would agree with you here lol. It really is the catchy beat that draws the whole piece together. Compared to like you said, Explosions in the Sky,.. now that is a different genre of music that really just speaks wonders with their music :D

Why was it assignment three came first before two? A bit weird huh. Well goodluck for whatever it is :)

“Music is an artwork.” Well, I agree! You can say it’s a music if its components has a good combination– the pitch, timbre, rhythm, dynamic, melody, harmony and even voice.

I like Jazz and Classic music. But I guess Metal Music, it’s not in my list.

I have a tendency to always ask someones taste in music if I had just met them. That is always something I use to base off if I could be friends with someone hhaha!

I’ve always been able to count one-two-three in order while smoking pot. Just sayin’.

You know me, I listen to many different kinds of music. The joke is my playlist a very odd one among friends – Beethoven to Slipknot. Ha ha. Yet my heart belongs to the punk genre – especially the small punk bands from Pittsburgh, PA.

My brother and I loves music too but he’s more inclined compare to me. He can play guitar very well even though he’s a lefty. He knows a loooooot of music. He listens to almost every genre unlike me, I find it hard to appreciate rock or heavy metal unlike him. :D

Like you, I also admire people who have bands and who are playing different kinds of instrument. but i have a high school classmate before who does electronic music. he’s quite good. i admit it’s not that easy! :)

I wish I could say more about this post but I don’t listen to the same kind of music that you do. I’ll do my best though. :)

I like to listen to mainstream Pop/Country music. Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Orianthi, and stuff like that. :)
I especially like Radio Disney (just as it is said; disney’s radio station) though it is getting boring with awful singers like Justin Beaver. Ick. Lol.

Good Luck on your assignment. I hope you make a good grade! :D

My sister and I are pretty similar to you and your brother. We both like similar music but then she listens to more rap-like songs than I do. & She actually likes to listen to techno with my cousin. I can’t stand techno and I only have a few rap-like songs on my iTunes.
So, how was it with your relatives? I bet they left by now? I’m glad you were being pretty optimistic about it. :)

I love when Dante & I can see each other. He says that we don’t see each other enough & right at this point in time, I agree. Now that soccer is over though, I’m planning on going over to his house and having him come over religiously on my old-soccer days. We practiced on Mondays & Fridays and had games on Saturdays. So, that’s when I plan on seeing him, as long as he isn’t working. I think 3 days a week is pretty good with seeing him. Especially when some people have to live for years without seeing the one they love. :)

YAY! I’m glad she is okay. That is awful though. All you can really do is pray that the person will stop and start trying to be optimistic instead of pessimistic. I hate pessimism. It causes wars, deaths, and much more. DIE PESSIMISM!!! DIE!!!! 💥 /bash /pow ✌️ ;)

Finally someone who sees music the same way as I. “Music is an artwork. You can’t just pick at the voice. You’ve got to look at the song, the words, everything that makes up a piece of music.”

My brother and I listen to very different music, too. Sure, there are some similarities, I suppose. For instance, I’ll come across a song, and he will hear it and love it to the point I’m annoyed by it because it’s been playing nonstop for a week straight, his voice merely overriding the original voice in the song. But I agree. Music is art. Most people just don’t see that. It’s the same with dancing and writing.

3 before 2 now that makes no sense lol.

I have to go to the dentist now :( I broke my back tooth grrr. Costs too much to fix though.

I love metal music too, my music is different from a lot of peoples, I like Russian pop music such as tatu.

I mainly hate music that’s just noise with no instruments or vocals. I have to admit that bounce song it bad. I can’t wait till Nightwish’s album comes out in Decemeber because the instruments are amazing always.

A lot of electronic music I will agree with you on but there are certain types of electronic music that I believe takes real talent to make. Perhaps it’s really not in the same classification as what you’d consider electronic music but I think it’s real genius.

Like the group Boards of Canada. They can be considered electronic music and most of the time there are no vocals but I think they’re amazing even if it’s not necessarily what a lot of people might listen to.