Let me be clear

One of these days I am going to write a post on my blog and it will be entirely my full stream of consciousness. It is going to be horrible, much like writing a post unedited and not proofread, but I think that I should do at least one of those in my lifetime as it will be rather amusing.

I have nearly finished my group assignment that’s due Monday; I still don’t understand why assignment 3 is due before assignment 2. They could have written it in order; I don’t know, was the person who wrote the subject outline smoking pot or something?

Either way, in the student feedback survey I pointed this out in the “suggestions” box, because I do believe students could do without the confusion.

I went to the dentist this morning, and afterwards my mum went to the shops and my brother and I waited in the car. He was playing music on his phone on speakerphone and I was playing some spin-off of Bejeweled on my phone. We somehow found ourselves talking about music. We share pretty similar taste in music but there are always stretches of the spectrum… he loves Korean music a lot, while most of the time I don’t, and he likes pop rock, which I tend to find gets really dull; I like jazz music and classical music while he just thinks I’m being damn weird, and I like metal music which he can’t stand at a certain point.

I made a really terrible generalisation that it is easier to do well in the music industry if you make electronic music. I suppose I was making that generalisation because anyone can have a sythesiser and pop out some beats and you just need a really good voice to go with it. I know a lot of people would shoot me down for saying that. My brother was listening to a remix of a La Roux song and I told him that the original was much better. The vocals are great, even though there aren’t many words in the song; it had that emotion that just disappeared once the damn thing was remixed.

We somehow got into talking about that song Bounce by Calvin Harris. I am telling you, that song is ridiculous. It gets stuck in my head and pisses me off when I hear it, but when it’s not playing, I try to remember it and I just end up humming something else.

I guess what I was trying to say was that a lot of popular electronic music just has a catchy tune or a beat as the main focus and the vocals are scant. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, at all, though – after all, Explosions in the Sky is a fantastic instrumental band and my favourite, but by no means in the electronic genre. And it seems that with electronic music, you don’t need much because you can play all the instruments with electronic means, and just pull something together. There isn’t the band and the connection between members and you’ve just got an individual – or a few individuals – who have a wide creative mind and can put together some colourful music. And they do that easily with technology.

I’m not being ignorant, I’m just making a point that the way you can electronically create music, compared to a band or group playing all the instruments, is very different. I personally admire those who are in a band and all are dedicated to the one instrument and can play so proficiently. I still admire those people who decide to use a machine and play all the instruments by pressing a number of keys but can do it such that they end up with a masterpiece in the end. I know they might choose to do all the thinking, compilation, editing… but in the end I feel, that since I am a musician myself, I more greatly appreciate those who play their instruments.

But I do love electronic music! Don’t get me wrong. 🙂 I find that a lot of groups or individuals who make electronic music have fantastic voices. I remember reading a debate about an electronic group – someone had commented that the artists’ voices were “too good” to be singing “that kind of music”.

If you’ve got a good voice, use it, right? It doesn’t matter what for. I know for a fact that that band loved what they were doing. And I believe electronic music is about all that creativity, too. Music is an artwork. You can’t just pick at the voice. You’ve got to look at the song, the words, everything that makes up a piece of music.

Yet another reason why I think those talent shows are stupid. But that’s for another day.

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