10,000 Questions (or less)

Today I walked all the way to Camperdown again. It’s about three towns away from university, and I needed to get some photo paper. It was $160 for 50 sheets. Which amounts to about $3 per sheet. Thinking about this… it is black/white chemistry paper after all, so it’s “special”. I still think it’s funny how my mum keeps asking me if I can use the photo paper we have at home. I have to keep reminding her that that paper is for inkjet printing and not chemistry… ah, the joys of photography.

I did a lot of walking today; I’m surprised I’m not sore. I had to go to work to sign something, then go to the photo printing centre to pick up prints, then go to the photo store to buy the paper. I’m going so broke it isn’t funny – and I want to buy some shirts. I’m starting to imagine how much money I have spent on photography already. 😛

In class today I struggled trying to print of my film photographs that looked a little like this digital photograph I took:

A small crying voodoo doll on a window sill next to a perfume bottle

It was hard getting the contrast and timing just right, and some parts were very white so I had to give just those sections more time under the light – it was a challenge. After giving it one try at first, I thought it looked great. My teacher didn’t think it had enough contrast. It’s times like these I really hate the fact that art is so subjective. My teacher got his red marker and drew on my print – yes, he drew on my huge, perfectly fine (in my opinion) print, indicating where I had to fix it up. It doesn’t matter what he was indicating, but I died a little inside. 😢 He could have made a note elsewhere… I still wanted to put that on my wall even if I wasn’t going to hand it in, waaaah.

Either way I did end up getting another slightly flawed print, which I’ve decided I’ll give to James because he adores that photograph. ☺️

I suppose I’m getting a bit irritated with photography because in the end what I’m getting is not really my work, but someone else’s. It’s nice to have a teacher’s guidance, but when you follow everything they tell you to do, how they tell you to print, it doesn’t make me feel so proud of my work anymore.

There is this one boy in my class who thinks that he’ll get higher marks if he follows every piece of advice the teachers give him. I dislike that mindset. He had five magnificent photographs – all in focus, interesting subjects or subject matter, and terrific printing quality – and many classmates liked them (were even jealous of them), but he didn’t like them and went by the word of the teachers. It irritated me. He couldn’t find another photograph to make a set of six, and I told him to use his instinct and what he thought would be good, then ask the teacher’s advice. He just wanted to take the teacher’s advice to shoot another roll of film. And he already has about ten rolls. It’s ridiculous that he’s just being babied along. Bloody hell, you have to be daring sometimes.

Johnny gave me a lift home this evening, and he bought me and Fern some Kinder Surprise. The toys in those chocolate eggs suck now. They’re so… boring. They used to be fun and have more pieces. I got a cute panda though, haha. We were chatting in the car before I got out and thought my mum couldn’t hear us over the music. When I went inside my mum said she could hear us talking really loudly. 🙁 We realised we live pretty close to each other too. Umm… freaky.

I got a few questions from some of my readers:

If you could take a year off and go travelling, where would it be? (Vicky)
Well, a year is a long time. I would probably take James with me and go many places. I’d want to visit you, Vicky, and Georgia Kate, and of course travel the whole of the United Kingdom; I would also want to go to America to visit Rachel and Tiffany… I know many people in many parts of America. I’d love to go to Japan as well. I would probably most like to visit New Zealand because of the nature and scenery and beautiful landscapes.

Where do you see yourself and James in 10-15 yrs? (Vanessa)
Where do you see yourself in ten years? (Bea)
Hahaha married. No, I’m serious. I mean, we’ll be 30 years old. Hopefully in a nice house with heaps of sushi cushions and amazing furniture and my artwork on the walls. And with a dog. With a child? I don’t know, I’m not ready to think about that yet! I also hope to have a steady full-time job by then, one that I enjoy, most likely working with computers. I hope to have travelled to many places too.

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? (Bea)
Firstly, to have a good relationship with my mother. It’s just been on the rocks most of the time. Secondly, for everyone to truly be happy. Third – well, I wish there wasn’t any discrimination of any kind. Anywhere.

What are your plans after studying? (Othelie)
What career would you like to pursue? (Trish)
I would like to find a full time job that really suits me. I’m kind of excited to work and do something I love, which as I mentioned – will be something with computers, design – not totally sure yet. I love web design a lot right now.

How long do you think you’ll maintain The Princess Pondicus Network? (Stephanie)
That is all of my domains! Well, I think it’ll be a while. I see myself renaming the network once I think of something better (but that’s probably not any time soon). But I still definitely see myself keeping this blog, my photoblog, and fanlistings, for a while to come. I have been cutting down on fanlistings but I believe I’ll still keep my favourites for many more years.

I was tagged… a lot… haha. First by Gail. What better time to do this tag! Just when I was willing to answer people’s questions as well. 😆

Questions from Gail

Do you like reading novels, if so, who is your favorite author?
Yes, I do. I love Bryce Courtenay and Cecelia Ahern, even though I haven’t read every single one of their books. I love their narrative style, and all their books are different even though they follow similar themes. You’d think it’s predictable, but it’s not.

Why did you come up with your latest theme?
For my annual (est. 2010!) Heartdrops.org birthday project. Last year I did “Love is…” and this year it’s “I Love”. I had to make a theme to go with it, as Heartdrops’ birthday is in October.

Do you like your name? If given a chance, will you change it?
I do. I used to hate it a lot, because of the nickname Georgie, and the association with the nursery rhyme “Georgie Porgie”. My parents have called me Georgie ever since I was born, though, and rarely call me Georgina. It really fits with the notion that your parents call you by your full name if they’re mad at you. My mum has. 😔 On occasion. And it pisses me off when any of my relatives call me it – because they should be accustomed to calling me Georgie instead of Georgina. 😰 But I wouldn’t change my name. I’m happy with it.

What is your number one favorite color and why?
Oh gosh, this is soooooo hard. It has changed so much over the years from blue, to black, to purple, to red. I guess red is where it’s at now. It is such a vibrant colour that screams “me”, and whenever I buy accessories I tend to get red. I got excited picking a red bag, a red scarf, a red phone charm…

Are you girly or boyish?
In between… I’m not girly to the point where I wear makeup (really not my thing), and I’m not boyish to the point where I don’t like skirts.

Would you choose career over love?
No, that’s selfish. If I really loved someone I would sacrifice my career for them. I know my mum sacrificed hers because she wanted to bring me and my brother up. Not many parents would do that. And if choosing your career means losing the one you love, no matter how – then I would never do it.

Ever gotten your heart broken? What did you do to recover?
Yes, once, it was really broken and not just being rejected by someone I had a crush on. It was hard, but I had to bite the bullet and move on. I had to give it time. I made the mistake of trying to coerce the relationship into existing again, because it had been rather rocky in the first place. But over time I realised it wasn’t going to work. Other things came into play, distracted me from those feelings, and I eventually forgot.

What do you think of giving second chances?
Everyone deserves them. Everyone makes mistakes.

Are you a fighter or a healer?
I’m a bloody fighter. No matter what happens, even if I get emotional, I still keep trying.

Why did you decide to blog?
I used to keep a diary and I shared that with my friends because I didn’t really mind them knowing about my life. I kept a website for some time just for pixel graphics and from that I went on to blogging and eventually opening up to everyone.

What do you think of me?
Very pretty, determined, dedicated, friendly. ♥️ A wonderful combination!

Questions from Jen

What’s the last really nice thing you’ve done for someone?
I sort of proofread Seb’s story for him. 🙂

Do you remember the first time you met your friends?
Yeah… well most of them I met at school or at university. I have a funny story about meeting my boyfriend James – basically we were lost and he pretended to know the way back to school with a fake map. :’)

List down the things that pisses you off.
If I listed them, the list wouldn’t end. I try not to think about things that annoy me, but I do dislike bad grammar, attention seekers, people who are too dramatic, or look down on you, arrogant people, people who look for a fight.

When was the last fight or argument you had? With whom?
James and I had an argument because I took something bad for my health. Ugh James, you’d better not mention this to anyone. We argue all the time though, fix it up a few minutes later most of the time. ☺️

List down two good things that happened recently.
Oh! Too many good things happened recently – but I pretty much got recommended for the Graduate Diploma of Interactive Multimedia at my university, and I received a good grade on one of my photography assignments.

What do you feel guilty for doing?
Hurting my family. I don’t recall many things I feel very guilty about, but I feel guilty for being horrid to my mum and dad, and when I was much younger, fighting with my brother all the time.

What is your favorite quote and why?
It changes from time to time, and I could go on about quotes that mean a lot to me, but one of the ones that means the most to me is “One of the greatest illusions in life is that things will get better”. It reflects what I’ve been through in the past six or so years struggling with depression, and it helps me get through the hard times.

What was the best thing to happen to you this week?
Probably knowing that I’ll be doing the Graduate Diploma program, given I finish these last few weeks of my Bachelor degree!

What kind of person attracts you?
I don’t think I really have a type or anything, but I tend to like the dorky, quirky, quiet kind of guy.

What’s the last gift you gave to someone?
I don’t remember really! Oops.

What did you dream of last?
I don’t dream very much – if I do, they’re weird. I don’t remember now.

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2. Name your first crush/girlfriend/boyfriend.
3. What was your worst experience with a teacher?
4. Name one thing that annoys you about the Internet.
5. Have you ever half-assed a piece of homework or assignment and done really well?
6. What is your earliest memory?
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8. What is your favourite sport?
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11. Have you ever had a nosebleed?

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