A review of Fashion Friday in 2016

I forgot to close out the year of Fashion Friday posts so I thought I’d do a quick one here, since the last post was really the last outfit of the year.

In summary

I did 21 outfits this year, and one Q&A post.

There were many shoots outside of Sydney, including a Melbourne one at the beginning of the year with The Rainbow Connection (named by my friend Tara), and three shot by Nick on our Europe trip: Parisienne Walkways (also named by Tara) in Paris; Presso il lago in Lake Como, where Nick proposed to me; and Botanical in Singapore.

Me leaning against a dark teal and light blue striped beach hut.
A more casual Fashion Friday outfit
Sitting in a little seating area on a bridge overlooking the Seine
Sitting in a little seating area on a bridge overlooking the Seine River
Me posing with my right hand on my hip and my left hand at my sunglasses
Lake Como, where Nick proposed to me 💍

Away from the usual location in Sydney, we explored around the hospital area just a couple of weeks ago in Reverie, a new building further into the city with Silence is Golden, and an interesting walkway called The Goods Line in Aquamarine.

Full body shot of me walking down The Goods Line
This was one of my favourite outfits!

In October I welcomed Pat to the line of photographers in his debut shoot Seeing Squares, and it’ll be fun continuing to have his moody, deep style play a part in this series.

View from back as I walk up the stairs
One of Pat’s first Fashion Friday photos

My favourite outfit

My favourite outfit was probably Winterlong, a beautiful winter outfit with bright blue jeans and a blue scarf, with tan shoes and a beanie to match. I wore a black coat, which I offset with a grey long-sleeved top. My hair was in waves. In hindsight, that’s a heck of a lot of colours, but I pulled it off really well. Sadly, the lovely shoes in this outfit got waterlogged and I ended up returning them, but not before I bought an amazing pair of brogues that made their way into Hibernal later on.

Me sitting on the grass and leaning back
My favourite outfit, from winter

Do I still have all these clothes?

Last year, by the end of the year, it turns out I had gotten rid of a lot of the clothes I featured in my outfits because they became ill-fitting or I just got over them. That was a sure sign I was including them in Fashion Friday shoots just for the sake of doing so. Now, my blue Topshop jeans are a repeat offender, as I love them so much – and that’s a good thing! But I can safely say that only a few items in outfits this year have made it to the “shit list”:

  • The black tiered skirt in A Whale of a Time. It was very casual and didn’t quite go very well with other clothes I had. It’s now left my wardrobe.
  • The purple dress in Purple Block. I love it, but it doesn’t fit me well anymore as it’s too big. I am thinking of selling it.
  • The grey skirt in Slate. It’s lovely, but it’s also too big for me now. I’m thinking of getting something similar to replace it, as I love the pockets.
  • The blue jeans in Blue jean baby. I still find them hard to move in as the fabric doesn’t stretch much. I also don’t enjoy cuffing the hem. My blue Topshop jeans have definitely taken their place.
Me walking with my studded boots and purple dress
This purple dress unfortunately doesn’t fit me well anymore

And that’s it! Everything else I own and love.

Fashion Friday in 2017?

Apart from the usual outfits, I don’t really have anything new planned. ☺️ I would love to explore new locations, but still working on my wardrobe and making every piece as versatile as possible. At some point I want to make it a little less about the outfit and perhaps more about expression and the way photographs are taken. I would love to encourage more discussion around fashion, though, for sure.

If anyone has any ideas or feedback, I would absolutely love to hear it. 💖

Comments on this post

your favorite outfit in winter is also my favorite georgie ootd ;)
i’ve always loved all the autumn/winter fashion, all the coats and scarves and boots… and yours is just so pwetty! gotta love the splash of blue there :D
my second favorite would be the one photographed by Pat. i think i’ve mentioned it before on the post itself but gotta say it again, love that OOTD! very chic and sophisticated looking *thumbs up*

The rainbow connection OOTD is so comfy and fresh and has that sweet summer, beach-like tune to it. I also love the setting! :D

I love how you kept the FF series going on throughout the year! Without even reading the description, I knew the Lake Como picture was that proposal setting picture XD. You look super cozy in your favorite outfit!

I’m looking forward to the FF’s in 2017! I really like how you incorporated some unique architecture in your FF’s lately. Hope to see more of that next year :D. (also anything else that pretty much defines what Sydney is all about.)

Haha I love how that location is instantly recognisable. 😎 (One of the guys from Hey Geronimo even asked if that was where Oceans Twelve was filmed… yup!)

I’ve been a big fan of this series throughout the year! My favourite outfit has to be the one when you’re in Paris. It’s so sleek and classy! <3 I hope to see FF continue next year and having more of a focus on expression would be a really cool thing to explore :D I look forward to it!