Fashion Friday: Silence is Golden

I invited Pat to do this Fashion Friday shoot, and it was fun! We went into the city to a building that had some interesting architecture, and got some interesting shots. I like to share some Fashion Friday outtakes on Instagram, so follow me there if you want to ever catch a glimpse of photos that were not included in this post.

Close up shot of me smiling
Leaning against the architecture of some steps

I like the direction that Fashion Friday is going – my clothes are becoming less of a main focus and I was talking to Pat about ‘giving context’ in some photos rather than just having close-up shots of outfit details all the time. I think this is good, because since paring down my wardrobe I am wearing a lot of the same clothes or simple clothes… so there is no real need to have close-up shots all the time.

I’m wearing my favourite blue jeans in this outfit. I feel like they are my only pair of jeans I wear now. I’ve lost a lot of weight since going to the gym. By the way, I don’t know if it shows? Some of my friends have noticed differences in my arms becoming more toned, and my mum notices I am a lot skinnier, but without me saying anything, no one really knows that many of my jeans are too big for me now. 😜

Back view of me walking up the set of steps
Me walking up the stairs

The top is a black chiffon top from Carrislabelle, a Singaporean fashion retailer. I thought it was a piece that would fit nicely in my wardrobe – I don’t have any loose-fitting black long sleeve shirts. I have a couple that are really tight-fitting. And I love clothes made from chiffon, because chiffon looks classy, and is lightweight. It is also not the kind of material that needs to really be ironed after being washed.

Full body shot of me leaning against a wall
Full body shot standing against a wall

I wore the shirt tucked in a little to emphasise the shape and style of the jeans. It works alright untucked, though, and gives a more relaxed look.

I got my shoes from a sale at the department store my mum works in. They aren’t real leather, but they were only $35 and I needed some new flats. I have a couple of flat shoes but I don’t like them. I find ballet flats to very uncomfortable sometimes. These shoes are not bad, though they were extremely stiff to begin with and I had to wear lots of bandaids the first and second time I wore them. They are feeling a little softer and better to walk in. It just takes some time wearing them again and again.

Close up of my black lace-up flat shoes
Close up of my black lace-up flat shoes
Me sitting on steps with my legs outstretched and one knee bent
Sitting on the steps with my back against a wall

The necklace is one I put together. I didn’t create the pendant but I bought it quite cheaply when I visited Perth, when Kim and I went to a bead shop in Fremantle. I bought a few crystals wired up as pendants, and this was one of them. I put it on a chain – it looks better on a shorter chain rather than a longer one. I like that the crystal is lying horizontal, as it makes it a lot more interesting than one hanging from my neck vertically.

Close up of my black crystal necklace
Close shot of black crystal necklace

I bought a new Pandora bracelet recently. I had a bangle but the charms slid around a lot and the bangle slid up and down my arm. So I bought a bracelet with a rose gold clasp. I got the tightest one so that when it stretches a bit, it won’t be too loose. I also bought a rose gold charm to add to the bracelet, and a clip charm to pop on my bangle. I am in no hurry to fill up my bangle or bracelet with more charms. :D

Close up of my Pandora bangle and charms
My Pandora bangle with some charms and clips
Close up of my left wrist with my Pandora bracelet and charms
Spot the ballerina charm
Me sitting on the railing down the middle of a set of steps
Sitting on a railing

We did a number of cool shots like the one below. There was an interesting white pillar which made for a good background, and for shots of me further away. This is an example of something that shows a little more context rather than, ‘hey, check out my clothes’. :D

I like my apparent mood in this photo, sort of contemplative and deep in thought. This edition was named Silence is Golden for this photo and the contrast between me and the vast white background, implying quiet and silence, and the warm tones that run through the rest of the photos.

Walking in front of an interesting X-shaped white pillar
Walking in front of an X-shaped pillar

All photography by Pat Kay.

Outfit details

What do you think of the photos? What are your thoughts on my Fashion Friday posts as of late, and the inclusion of structures and the architectural environment? :D

Comments on this post

Very pretty photos Georgie!

I love this outfit! It totally looks like something I would wear, taking one of my nicer shirts that I wear to work and making it a little more casual by wearing it with jeans. Those flats are really cute, too! I have a really hard time finding comfortable flats, which has made it really hard to find good work shoes! I like the ones you can lace up or have an extra strap to help keep them more secure. Most flats feel really loose on my feet but a size down cramps my toes.

I like this direction that your Fashion Friday posts are going in. I like how it features more the architecture and the photography itself. I feel like the setting in this post really matched your outfit, too!

Thank you Becca! :) Yeah, I understand what you mean about the flats. I find that most of the ones I’ve had in the past have been too tight, but going a size up makes them flop around. I did have a pair that had a strap going over the top of the foot, but I do need a bit of a heel in my shoes to make them more secure, too. Pointed flats, in particular, need to be longer because of the toe restriction. Grr.

I love how this post seemd more…casual. Hope you do more like this! And your outfit is quite nice! I like the bracelet espically.

I love this outfit, Georgie! I find it funny that I have a similar top, jeans and shoes haha – I’ll have to send you a photo when I wear it all together with the shoes (but not right now, because UK’s cold weather has settled in ;)) Pat’s photos of you are amazing, I love the shots you took, I can see the steer away from the focus on clothes and more onto ‘context’.

Also, try taking photos every month of yourself in a similar pose and you’ll definitely see the difference. I did this and was so motivated by the changes I saw :-)

I would love to see your outfit one day! 😍 Heck, next time you do an outfit post you should share it. Fashion bloggers unite. ;)

I think I will try it! I had Nick take a photo of me last time I did a presentation and I saw my muscly arms 😂😁

It’s interesting to see a different photography styling (different angles and stuff). I can see how you’re incorporating the surrounding more in the recent FF posts. This adds to your outfit! I think there’s more shape to your body since going to the gym.

I love your flats! I have a thing for tie-up shoes for some reason. I’m also liking the direction your Pandora charms are going! I’m probably going to a classier feel for my next bracelet (if I decide on it). I love my bracelet but it is a bit distracting when I have to type all day. If you have some hack around this, let me know ;).

Haha aww thanks Nancy. 😅😘

I was originally not a fan of the lace-up flats as I thought they were just a silly trend, but I like the pointed toe and the pretty casual look. The only thing is that they sometimes take a while to put on and tie up. 😆

Oh yeah, I remember that you mentioned that problem. I don’t seem to have a problem with my bracelet hitting my MacBook or my keyboard. But I use a keyboard at work, and I tend to pull it pretty close to the edge of the table and close to me. That way my bracelet swings over the edge of the desk rather than hitting it. At home I use my MacBook more, and that’s when it might be more likely for my bracelet to hit my MacBook but I don’t usually wear jewellery at home. 😎 So you could try moving your keyboard really close to you if you use an external one.

I now have the tightest Pandora bracelet so it doesn’t move from my wrist much. And I think that is why I get less dangly Pandora charms… the dangly ones go out of control!

Wow I love it! You look so hip and professional! That’s also the kind of outfit that’s a “New York” look (if there is such a thing). ^^

I love your outfit! It’s so simple yet you make it so beautiful.

I’ve always worn simple outfits. Mainly because I never have time to do something more complex. When you work and go to school, it’s hard to find time to focus on your looks.

I thought the photos were great! I’ve been intrigued by the lace-up ballet flats since they made most people’s fall must-haves, but I don’t see myself wearing a pair since I’m more of a sneaker type of girl. I like seeing them on most people, but cannot imagine them on myself.

I think it’s interesting that you incorporate the architectural structures as your background; it sets the mood of your OOTD photos. It does the same effect/appeal as those shot with graffitis in the background (in my opinion).☺️

Gorgeous shots! I LOVE the architecture in the background – it’s way more fun than just a blank or neutral background that everyone else uses. I’m a massive architecture hobbyist – it’ll never be anything full-time or “real” for me but I still love reading and learning about it. Do you ever feel self-conscious wandering around in public taking outfit photos? I’d love to take more outfit photos of myself but I also feel so self-conscious and weird.

I also love your shoes in particular – they’re flats but they look so unique and classy! And the whole outfit is so casual and elegant at the same time.

Haha sometimes I do feel weird if people are watching someone taking photos of me, and watching me pose, but I have gotten more comfortable with it over the years. Sometimes it’s good to have a crowd because people are busy doing their own thing, but you may stand out more in a really empty area. xD