Timeless Thoughts: Stamp Markers

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I loved stamp markers when I was very young. I liked to get creative with them and the different colours and shapes really allowed that to happen. I rediscovered one blue dolphin marker at home, and remembering how popular the markers were in my childhood, I wanted to write a Timeless Thoughts post about it.

Cheap stamp markers alongside their corresponding stamp on paper
Cheap stamp markers alongside their corresponding stamp on paper (Source: AliExpress)

I had a set of Crayola ones, although there now appears to be stamp markers by many brands. Each marker was both a different colour and a different shape. Although I didn’t always like the colour of the designs because I wished you could choose, the colour usually matched the shape or design. For example, a blue dolphin, a yellow sun, a red heart.

Crayola stamp markers
Crayola stamp markers (Source: Toys of My Childhood)

It may just be because the one I own is old, but after some time, the stamp does get a bit soft and the design doesn’t come up clear. I do remember them being quite hard and rigid to begin with, and the stamps came out pretty clear.

A brand of stamp markers, lids off, alongside their corresponding stamp on paper
Another brand of stamp markers with different designs (Source: Micador)

Did you ever use stamp markers?

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I’ve never used stamp markers, though I’ve seen them around. Actually, I don’t think these were out when I was a kid. If they were, I never saw or used them. I think I tried it out as an adult a couple of times, but I couldn’t get into them.

Instead of stamp markers, I remember being fascinated by the calligraphy pen/markers. For a very short time, I had an interest in calligraphy, but that didn’t last long at all.

Thanks for writing about the stamp markers! I think it’s neat how finding one marker evoked a trip down memory lane for you! ^_^

Oh my gosh I totally remember these! I used to have some too. In fact I’m pretty sure I had the Crayola ones like in your picture. Wow, what memories!

I remember having sooo many stamp markers as a child! I loved making little cards and pictures to give to people and hang around the house, and I would use the stamp markers to make borders for most of those things! I haven’t thought about them in years, though.

I recently bought a pack of gel pens (something else that I loved during my childhood) and have been reliving my childhood through those. I prefer them for editing things actually! Maybe I’ll have to pick up some stamp markers next ;)

I have a vague memory of these, but I don’t think I was a fan of them. I didn’t like how they never came out how I wanted. Apparently I was a picky child, heh.

I loved stamp markers! They were so cool to me, a doodlebug. They always brought my doodling to the next level. Then, I started drawing and coloring with them, because I love how they never made perfect lines like the regular markers. XD

Ah, I totally forgot about stamp markers until you brought it up! I remember the Crayola ones and didn’t realize there were other brands. I don’t think I really used them though. Back then, I think I preferred to draw my own things, so I didn’t want to use stamps. I do think they’re fun and cute though!

omg i remember the crayola ones! i had those when i was a kid and i stamped EVERYTHING i could stamp HAHAHA ohmygod i was such an insane kid when it comes to doodles and whatnot. and then, as i grew older, i don’t know why but i actually tried using the crayola ones as normal writing markers HAHAHAH it’s so stupid but it was just a random thought when i was too lazy to grab a pen.

I remembered collecting and using those stamp markers as a kid! My favorite is the Crayola ones because they would always last longer than the other brands. Those patterns from your picture are the same ones I used! I definitely wouldn’t mind buying a few sets of my kids in the future X’D.