👋🏻 I’m a UI engineer from Sydney. I like nature, lifting weights, and expressing myself with my style. I write about travel, intentional living, and mental health. 🌻
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The little town of Ålesund

11 February 2024

Names are complex: Displaying initials for an avatar component in a design system

24 January 2024

Hiking the Rampestreken viewpoint and Litlefjellet in Åndalsnes

17 January 2024

The “golden era” of blogging

5 January 2024

Trollstigen and the drive to Åndalsnes

1 January 2024

Hey 2024!

29 December 2023

2023, we did it

22 December 2023

From Flåm to Bergen via the scenic route, and car rental chaos

17 December 2023

Oslo and appreciating the work of Edvard Munch

10 December 2023

Speedrun through Gothenburg

23 November 2023

Shopping isn’t fun anymore.

7 November 2023

Weight gain, guilt, and not being a victim to our clothes

9 October 2023

Stockholm: Fika, food, and metro station art

18 September 2023

Visiting LEGOLAND and LEGO House in Billund

15 September 2023

3 days in Copenhagen’s city centre and its neighbourhoods

4 August 2023

After a ten year break, I’m reading again

27 July 2023

When tolerance is a slow burn

2 July 2023

My style journey so far and a pivot for 2023