Fashion Friday: Slate

I am featuring some rather old staple pieces in this Fashion Friday. It’s safe to say it’s been at least a few years that I have owned both the skirt and top. I love the combination together – it’s definitely one of my favourite outfit combinations, so it’s a wonder why it hasn’t appeared on my blog until now.

Full body shot against a wall
Full body shot of the outfit

I mentioned in a post a while ago that I felt I was deliberately picking what clothes to wear for Fashion Friday, and that I was deliberately choosing what I had never featured on my blog. The notion of ‘outfit repeating’ as a negative one is a real turn-off, encouraging us to buy more clothes so that we have 365 different outfits for each day of the year. What is wrong with wearing your favourite shirt over and over? I have tried to move away from that mentality, and not put together an outfit too meticulously. I try to wear whatever I feel comfortable in, because that is a more accurate representation of my style.

Medium shot of me standing
Black scoop neck top adds interesting dimension.

I got the top from JacquiE, which is where I got a lot of my thin, mesh-like tops. I like the scoop neck on this one, but it does prove annoying if the wind blows it up and into my face. :p

Close up face shot
Classic close-up portrait shot

The skirt is from Valleygirl, a store I feel does not match my style as much as it used to. The quality of their clothing has gone down too. This skirt is pretty well made and compared to what I see in stores now, the quality is better.

My hand in the pocket of my grey skirt with a wide black waistband
Love the high waist on this skirt

I bought my boots as a replacement for my old black ankle boots, which had been resoled and re-destroyed. I wore them a shit ton, so much so that I think the leather stretched to feel quite loose on my feet when they had felt very tight when I first purchased them. I love these boots because their height isn’t too high. High heels can be a blessing and a curse – but there are some heels that really do have the perfect height that you can walk in. The outer material of these boots are suede, and there is a static criss-cross rope detail on the side of each boot.

Side view of boots with criss-cross panel down the side
Hot shoes!

I’ve painted my nails a mint green, with an accent from Scratch’s Roppongi Glam nail wraps. Roppongi is a district in Tokyo that means ‘six trees’. These wraps were designed by Britney Tokyo, an LA-based nail artist who grew up in Japan, and these particular triangular designs look like trees. They were the best to go with the green. I felt like doing a light colour that wasn’t too wicked – I have blue polish that I was keen on using, but I didn’t feel like painting my nails blue at the time.

My mint green nails with a ring on my middle finger
Mint green! Goes well with the branch-like ring

Photography by Seb.

Outfit details

Full body shot
Standing in front of a spring-looking garden (it’s autumn though)

Comments on this post

That outfit looks gorgeous! I especially love those boots.

There’s totally nothing wrong with wearing your favorite shirt over and over again. The beauty of outfits is that you can pair one shirt with all sorts of different bottoms, and it’d look like you’ve put on something completely new and original. I actually have problems pairing stuff, myself. For some reason, I just can’t seem to figure out how to match tops with skirts ;A; so I love posts like these where I can look at what other people have put together.

You look so cute as usual. I especially love the top, shoes, and necklace. I’ve never been into the skirts with pockets trend. For some reason I always seem to forget that you live in Australia and that you’re in the opposite season of me…I’m currently thinking of ways to transition into summer.

It may be ordinary colors, but you pull it off very well, and it looks great together. Love the shoes even if I can never wear those type of shoes (weak ankles and clumsy feet). Beautiful, Georgie~ ^^

I just fell in love with your nails and the design of Roppongi, I must say that I was inspired by you and will paint my nails green. Btw, you look so nice in that outfit. :D

I think it’s important for your posts to reflect you and your fashion sense. It’s good that you are able to try and focus on you more and not having a new outfit each time. It’s a personal thing. :D

I really love how well the pieces go together and those boots are awesome! :D


Gorgeous outfit, Georgie! I love the top :)
I also adore your nails, I keep saying so, but it’s true haha. Mint green goes really well.

And I completely agree with what you said about wearing the same shirt over and over. If you love it, you feel great in it, who cares if you wear it often? You can always mix it up with different things in your wardrobe. :) I do the same thing too!

For some reason, I can imagine you coding a cool web function in WP that extracts all of your Fashion Friday pictures and creates a photo lookbook out of it. X’D…

I think the negative stigma from “outfit repeating” is that people ask stupid questions, “didn’t you wear that last month?” – There’s a thing called laundry!!! It’s fine to have the same piece of clothing featured repeatedly. As long as you’re comfortable wearing it, I don’t see what’s wrong :).

I am a fan of your booties!! I’ve always liked wearing booties, but it’s hard to find some cute ones at a great price ;~;.

Sounds like an idea, Nancy! #startup :P

I have no idea why people assume that if you wear the same clothes you didn’t wash them, either. That’s gross! Next time I’ll invite them to smell my fresh shirt. ;)

Ugh, totally agree! These boots were about $150 and I got them on sale, they are expensive at full price. I hope you find a kick-ass pair. :D