Why I chose the MacBook Pro over a new MacBook Air

MacBook Pro 2015

About a year ago I bought a new MacBook Pro (the one that had just been released). I owned a MacBook Air at the time but after one and a half years, I felt it was time to change. I bought my MacBook Air quite cheaply as it was second-hand, used very lightly by the previous owner (I actually sold it for about $5 more than the price I bought it). At the time, it was a relatively recent model as well.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while but only got around to it recently.

I really wanted to get a new MacBook Air but I wasn’t sure because its performance and disk space had not been quite right for my needs. I spent a few months before Apple’s early 2016 release, thinking about my options, then decided to wait and see what they would come up with that was new.

I loved the Air. A lot.

I really adored the model of the Air and the fact that it was flat, thin and light. I thought it was wonderful. I got very used to how slim it was.

These things did not bother me:

  • The MacBook Air did not have a Retina display.
  • The performance of the MacBook Air was not as good as the MacBook Pro.

But when the new MacBook was released, I saw that the price of the high-end MacBook Air I was originally planning on buying was close to a pretty good model of the MacBook Pro. On top of that, I was getting that really nice Retina display.

One thing I wasn’t quite sold on was the weight of the MacBook Pro. I adore light laptops and I didn’t want anything heavier than the Air.

The new MacBook

That’s where the ultra thin and fancy MacBook comes in, the one that comes in that gold colour. The one that is insanely expensive. I really loved the idea of getting a gorgeous gold laptop that was super, super light, but:

  • The keyboard might take some time to get used to. I tried it out in the store and I didn’t like it.
  • The performance of the laptop was not definitely good enough for my needs, even though I ‘use Lightroom and Photoshop very occasionally’. It seemed to only be suitable for browsing the internet and word processing.
  • It was about as expensive as the MacBook Pro but only a fraction of its performance.
  • One USB port?!

The main reasons I chose the MacBook Pro

I decided to go with the Pro. As someone who does do some photo editing and image editing – even though that is the extreme point of my usage – a more powerful computer is still needed.

  • Performance was better and I wasn’t sacrificing a great deal of money.
  • The size, width-wise, was actually shorter than the width of the MacBook Air. I found this really weird (considering the Air is the thinner model), but it made me like it more!
  • The price was honestly not too bad.
  • The Retina display. The Air did not come with a Retina display update.

I have grown to love my MacBook Pro. (His name is Shackleton, by the way.) I find its body to be more streamlined than the MacBook Air. And it’s really not a great deal heavier. :)

Comments on this post

I have the 15″ 1st gen Macbook Pro which I really love. The retina display is amazing!! makes everything so nice. I’ve had mine for 4 years now and the performance is still great. I only use it heavily in Photoshop and Lightroom occasionally though. Not sure if it’ll go well with video editing though but I don’t do any of that just yet.

Do you have the 13″ or 15″?

Lucky at my current job, I’m provided with a Macbook Air. I’m allow to take it home and on the weekend. Most people use it as a personal laptop outside of work, it was one of the perks of working here.

I rarely carry my laptop out, but being portable around the house is nice. I can work in bed, sofa, anywhere…

If I need to buy a new laptop, I’ll probably go for the Macbook Pro as well. The new Macbook is so expensive and I’m not sure I like the new keyboard!

Nick has the second generation 15 inch and it is still going strong too!

I got the 13 inch because my hands are small and the distance from the edge to the keys was too far for me, haha. I jab exactly the same model at work (but it has even more space) that I use with an external monitor, and I can take the laptop home too if I like. I have worked in places were laptops were actually not allowed and we had desktops! Definitely not flexible.

I haven’t owned a desktop for five or so years, it is much easier to use a laptop since it is more portable!

I find the Macbook Pros to be solid line of technology even for those being pre-Retina. My current MBP is 6 years old and it has no signs of slow-down thanks to the upgrade I gave it with a SSD. I’m sad that user upgradeability of the MBP is being phased out. I would LOVE to get a Retina, but the risk of not being able to upgrade it myself is such a turn-off.

Both my sisters have Macbook Airs. For some reason, their laptops have given them issues. And their laptops aren’t even more than 4 years old.

I am glad I made the switch. :P The MBP seems to be going strong! Also, I don’t think you’re massively missing out on the display, though I was personally very enthralled by mine at first, haha.

Congratulations on getting Shackleton. Every time I have to buy a tech item, I feel like I’m always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And it’s 2016, heh. Well, I do often say I’ living in 2004.

I bought the 13′ Macbook Air last year, but I regret it for the exact points you brought up – the fact that I’m running out of storage space. I have only 6gb left and can’t even back up my phone. UGH! I really don’t care about the retina display though, honestly.

I’m hoping to pick up a new desktop in the next couple of weeks with the dream being an Apple. However, I definitely understand what you mean by having to get used to the keyboard – I’m currently using an Acer Chromebook, which I adore, called Nomi. But whenever I use my Mom’s Toshiba, or my brother’s HP, the keyboards feel weird. Even though I subconsciously know that the keys are in the same order. :)

I got a MacBook Pro three years ago for the same reasons that you mentioned. I had a dilemma between the Air and Pro, but a friend who’s been a long-time Mac user convinced me into getting the Pro instead, since I edit images more than simply going over documents, which the Air is more convenient for (according to her).

My MBP is not customized (stock), and I’ve been debating whether to upgrade my SSD or go for the retina display MBP with the specifications that I need. Ah, decisions, decisions.

It’s great you could get an upgrade and even though the Air didn’t have everything you wanted, at least you have one that does and should be able to work pretty well for a while! :D

I was looking at some of the MacBooks and they look so light and awesome. I decided to get an iMac because I needed it to be able to manage a lot of design programs and don’t mind that it can’t be moved. Otherwise I probably would have gotten one of those too. :D

Hiya Shackleton. :D

Hurray on getting a new MacBook Pro! I would’ve bought a MacBook Pro over the Air anytime of the day because of its processing power! The Air (and maybe MacBook as well) is awesome if you’re doing some light activities on it considering how slim it is. I’m happy that you chose the MBP. Of course it costs a bit more, but the performance is worth it. Hope you’ll enjoy your new gadget ;).

Thanks! It’s actually a year old now, since I only bothered to write this post recently. I am glad I made the choice haha. 😆