Fashion Friday: Winterlong

Whew! So after drowning myself in blankets and painkillers and cold tablets, I managed to make it to work in one piece today, feeling much better than I did the past four days. I got Nick to shoot this Fashion Friday in a quick twenty minutes this morning because this wintery outfit is oh-so-cute!

Me sitting on the grass and leaning back
Sitting and relaxing on the grass

I made sure I was rugged up. I didn’t want to risk prolonging my cold, which has now almost disappeared. I haven’t blown my nose too much today, which is a good sign. My choice for the blue jeans was simply because I had worn them so much in the past week, and they just so happened to match the scarf I was planning to wear.

Me sitting on a wooden bench in my coat, beanie and scarf
Sitting on a bench
Medium side shot of my face
I really am rugged up!

I have other scarves, but this one takes the cake for being the longest and brightest. The beanie is something I have worn with the scarf because the mustard colour contrasts with the blue nicely.

It goes with my shoes, too! These are the new lace-up flats I mentioned in a previous post, the ones I plan to wear to Europe. I am in love with them. Initially I didn’t know what colours to wear with them as I have never owned tan shoes but the lady in the store (as well as other inspiration on Instagram and the Internet) assured me that denim, black, and white would go well with them.

My new tan lace-up flats.
Showing a bit of ankle with these awesome shoes and cuffed ankle jeans.

I wasn’t too sure about the grey top with the tan… but I was cold, and this is one of my trusty and warm long-sleeved tops. I did wear it in a couple of Fashion Fridays including the last one, but who cares? :D

Me walking in Hyde Park with my hands in my coat pockets
Going for a stroll

The coat is one of my favourites, which first featured in Winter Rose. I have worn it countless times since. It is a purchase I definitely don’t regret. You will notice that the blue jeans featured in my bright Limeade outfit, and the scarf has appeared several times – so now you can see more of my wardrobe being mixed and matched together!

I got the ring from Wanderlust + Co and it’s in rose gold. Although there are no obvious close-up shots of them, my stud earrings and bangles are also in rose gold to match.

Close-up of my rose gold wave ring
Rose gold wave ring

The nail colour is by NailSlicks, and it’s a neutral colour called Sand Dollar. It dried pretty damn fast on my nails, though my mum has a theory that it did so because it’s quite an old bottle. I like the neutral colour though, which is something I am going for while my nails grow back. One of them is uneven at the moment because I had to clip it right back to the skin after it split horizontally. Ouch.

I wore my hair wavy because lately I’ve been liking the texture it gives. I use a curling iron and I’m sure to put heat protectant spray on my hair first.

Close-up of me with a cheeky smile
Waves in my hair.

Photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

  • Top: Basque Petite (available at Myer)
  • Jeans: Just Jeans
  • Shoes: Wittner Quinn Flat
  • Coat: Basque Petite (available at Myer)
  • Scarf: Design Studio (available at Myer)
  • Beanie: Design Studio (available at Myer)
  • Wristwear: The Peach Box
  • Ring: Wanderlust + Co (Wave Double Crystal Ring)
  • Nails: NailSlicks ‘Sand Dollar’
My back to the camera, walking towards the park’s exit
That was a quick shoot!

Comments on this post

This coat is daaaank.
Lovin the brogues and the scandalous ankle.

Such a cute, casual look – I always forget that you’re in the opposite season as I am. I’m trying to come up with looks for summer, or rather the transition to summer. :) The weather where I live is unusual to say the least, it can start cold and end up really hot.

It will be a bit warmer when I am in Europe next week so maybe you will see some more summery outfits in the coming weeks! ;)

Awesome! Glad to hear that you were feeling a lot better. :D

Love the look. It definitely spells cozy and comfortable.
Glad you’re feeling better! Colds suck.

I’m glad you’re feeling better.

You’re looking as gorgeous as ever. Your wavy hair, especially.

Aww thank you! I wish it was naturally wavy. :3

Good to hear that you’re feeling better! I hate being ill. I feel like my whole life has to come to a stop, ha. Or I might just be dramatic. Who knows?

Cute outfit, and I adore your shoes!

Well I don’t feel like I can do anything when I’m sick, so I feel like my life has come to a stop too. :P


I hope by this time, you’re feeling a lot better and A-OK! I love how cozy you look with this week’s outfit! Your scarf and pants are on point with the bright blue coloring ;).

PS. Nick is an excellent photographer!!!

AH SO CUTE! I love the color of the pants to match your scarf! And those shoes are so so so adorable! The curled hair is a nice addition too.