Fashion Friday: Winter Rose

Catwalk shot?
Catwalk shot?

Happy Winter! Winter in Australia brings big coats, scarves and a bit of fun here and there. I don’t think I have featured any of my long coats in any Fashion Friday posts, but I have featured my new one here.

I was pretty settled on not getting a coat this winter, or at least for a few winters to come. My aunt gave me a really nice light grey coat about half a decade ago when I visited her in Indonesia. It was too small for her so she gave it to me, and I wore it a lot. The only downside is that it’s quite heavy, so when I bought this coat, I was quite happy with how light it was.

Showing off my new coat
Showing off my new coat

I bought it from Myer, and at first I spotted it in a regular version, before I found the petite version. Because of my small frame I really embrace ankle jeans and petite sizes. I didn’t like the coat at first because of the gold buttons, but when I saw the petite version, something just begged me to try it on. I tried on a size up, thinking I wouldn’t find my regular size 6, but when I went back to check, it turns out there was one. I’m pretty happy with the price too – it was marked down to $150 and my mum got a bit of a staff discount on top of that.

Shielding my nose from the cold
Shielding my nose from the cold
Draping my coat over my shoulders
Draping my coat over my shoulders

While I didn’t like the gold at first, I have been warming up to gold jewellery lately, so I didn’t mind. I used to dislike gold, but that was probably a phase I had as a teenager, because I had to wear real gold earrings all the time as my ear piercings were very prone to infection. I treat them better now and steer clear of cheap costume jewellery. :)

I guess I changed my mind about rose gold jewellery too. I used to think it was ugly, but I now think it’s quite classy. Maybe I’m just growing up, haha. There are some rose gold pieces in this outfit that I’m quite happy to show off.

Shot of the rose gold jewellery
Shot of the rose gold jewellery

I got the two bangles from The Peach Box. I like the big one (the Modern Latch Bangle) but not as much as the slim one (Slim Bar Bangle). I wore the two in contrast: one being an industrial, bold piece, the other a delicate, girly piece. Same goes for the rings: one being a thin architecture-inspired piece, the other one having round circles that make a subtle statement. The one with circles was given to me for my birthday – thanks Mum! I think she must have picked up on my recent liking for rose gold. Hmmmm. ;)

The large crystal earrings are rose gold, too, also from The Peach Box. I really love the pieces on that site and make sure I leave reviews when I buy a product, not just because I’m sure the company appreciates it, but to help other potential customers. I buy from them very often, which gets me a few discounts here and there. As for the other pearl earrings, they were just a cheap, lead-free lot from So Good Jewelry.

Side shot of head
Side shot of head

The top and skirt are wardrobe pieces I’ve had for a while. I thought the metallic bronze of the skirt went well with a simple black top. Because the skirt sits on the waist and really flares out like a tulip, it only goes well with something tight and tucked in. I refuse to team the skirt with flat shoes because it makes me look short – so heels are where it’s at. And I didn’t think knee-high boots would suit the look, either, because I want my legs to look elongated here.

The stripe-pattern tights might have been too much – again, you really want to keep things simple when you have individual pieces that stand out – but I didn’t have any good plain ones at the ready. They were the next best! And I suppose the vertical pattern adds height, too.

Standing in a stone arch
Standing in a stone arch

I featured the boots in Peach & Pearl, and although I wanted to wear plain boots, I don’t have any plain ankle boots… and I didn’t feel like wearing my busted Jane Debster ones that have appeared in so many Fashion Friday posts. I knew the silver details wouldn’t agree with the gold of the coat details, but after mixing it up with rose gold jewellery and a different metallic shade for the skirt, I thought surely it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

The scarf is from one of Popbasic’s collections. At the time, I asked for a necklace to be replaced with the scarf because I wanted a long, simple scarf. Boy is this scarf long! And wide, too. It’s almost big enough to be a blanket, but it’s nice because it means there is more material to wear around your neck and keep you warm.

Although I recently had my hair trimmed, there are days I just really, really, really don’t want to leave my hair out. I decided to do it up in a half-bun here, using a couple of pins. It was a windy day, so I think I chose the good option. There is also something about having loose hair teamed with a scarf that really bugs me. It might be the fact that the scarf bunches up your hair if you choose not to have your hair under the scarf.

Without the coat. I folded my sleeves up a bit
Without the coat. I folded my sleeves up a bit
Sitting on a bench in Hyde Park
Sitting on a bench in Hyde Park

I have decided to add outfit details in each of my posts, sometimes I don’t remember where I got certain pieces from but I will include the ones I do remember.

Outfit details

  • Coat: Basque Petite (available at Myer)
  • Shoes: Wayne by Wayne Cooper (available at Myer)
  • Scarf: Popbasic (Petit Dot Scarf)
  • Wristwear: The Peach Box (Slim Bar Bangle and Modern Latch Bangle)
  • Rings: The Peach Box (Tribal Triple Stack Ring (Thin)); Bevilles (circle bubbles ring – gifted)
  • Earrings: The Peach Box (Classic Crystal Stud in Rose Gold); So Good Jewelry (pearl studs)
  • Nails: Maybelline in Peachy Keen

Photography by Seb.

Sydney tower in the background
Sydney tower in the background

Comments on this post

Oh, this outfit is very pretty! I love the coat and the scarf! Everything about this outfit is so elegant, and it definitely fits for the colder weather.

Your hairstyle is also very fitting. That reminds me that I need to trim/cut my own soon . . .

Great jewellry accessorising as always, Georgie! Awesome FF!

Thank you Tara! I am blushing that you really like this outfit! :3

I keep forgetting it is winter where you are, and I cringe because your winter still looks a thousand times nicer than mine over here. I love the coat. That would a perfect fall coat for the weather here. Everyone was wearing that style this year but in neutrals. I didn’t feel like spending the money, so I stuck with my fall leather jacket. I really love those shoes, :D There is not Myer here but I am going to see if another store carries that brand. :)

I find coats to be quite expensive, and I have had a few in the past that I hated because of their weight. I am not a fan of thick coats because they are hard to move in! I prefer layering and wearing thinner coats as outerwear. I have seen a lot of neutral coloured trench coats but I don’t think I’m a big fan of those. Everyone needs a good leather jacket! I’ve yet to find one. :P

Thank you! The coat is a Myer-exclusive brand, I believe, and the shoes are an Australian brand but may be available overseas – but I hope you can find a similar pair of shoes elsewhere. :D

I really liked the outfit and the jewelry of course. However, the only thing I sort of disliked was the skirt. Don’t get me wrong, I love skirts, I just don’t find that skirt attractive, but you can definitely pull it off though. I really love that jacket too by the way. Do you call it jackets or coats?

Thank you!

Well… I called this one a coat in this post. If it is a long garment like this, I would call it a coat, but if it reaches the waist then I would call it a jacket.

Whoaaaaaaaaa you look fab! I adore short skirts, long jackets, and tights … and adding HEELS to that combo? MY DREAM COME TRUE. AGH if I could wear heels I would.

I think it’s absolutely brilliant you are able to care for fashion in winter, so maybe I should move to a warmer climates. Winter here = layers upon layers of everything I own + a heavy jacket + UGGs. I constantly look like I’m going snowboarding, just without snow around (most of the time). Every year I look forward to March when I can start looking better for the next ten months, haha.

Not sure if you know this, but one of my best friends live in NSW and she hasn’t owned a coat either, just sweaters/hoodies for winter. I’ve tried telling her she can probably wear less on the inside if she puts on a jacket because they have more of a purpose to keep out the wind! Which is why I’m completely supportive of jackets and glad that you bought one. It’s so adorable!

Hmm how come you didn’t write about the skirt or the top? I was curious!

Aaaaa, thank you so much Liv! :inlove:

I guess I should feel lucky that I am still able to dress without heaps of layers in winter! Maybe someone will have to set me the challenge of really wrapping up in a colder climate. I was in Japan when it snowed a little bit and I made do with layers of long sleeves and cardigans, with a big white coat… then I just layered up on the tights. Unfortunately, it was still more than a little cold. :P

Hoodies are fun to wear sometimes because they are so warm. I really dislike thick coats and I have had a few before this one. They were difficult to move around in. :( I would much rather layer up, if I can… because at least if you get warm you can take some layers off.

Ah, I thought I did at least write a bit about the skirt and top and why I chose them! I suppose I didn’t have much to say as I have owned them for a while and don’t actually remember where I bought them. Knowing me, I probably got them from a bargain bin or at a market, so they aren’t branded. And as I mentioned, I will try to fill in the new outfit details section to the best of my ability – unfortunately I don’t remember where I got some pieces of clothing from exactly, or I just bought them from a market.

Oh my goodness, I won’t lie, I’ve been looking for a coat like that for a LONG time. I’ve looked in thrift stores, because I’m poor for the moment because I am moving, but I love love this outfit. This is the first one that I loved a lot.

Thanks so much Michelle! I really hope you can find a coat similar to this one. :)

Love your outfit! The coat is definitely my favourite bit. Looks very smart!

I’m usually too lazy to care in winter – I just stick a hoody on and hope for the best.

Thanks Amy. :D I definitely wear a hoodie on lazy days, but since I started caring a bit more about fashion, that’s when I went for a coat. :P

I always thought it’s interesting how the seasons are shifted around throughout the world. It’s awesome that you can put together different types of clothes together and make them work into some magical fashion wonder. I realized I’m pretty bad at swapping around multiple jewelery so I have to decide on the best ones of each category *_*. Rose gold is a great color, but it takes some time getting used to. I always thought it’s a hybrid between bronze and gold (or maybe it is!!)

I love jewellery but I think we all have our favourites and the ones that work the best… it’s all about your personal style! Rose gold definitely does take some getting used to. I think you’re right, it’s a bit of a pinkish-brown when you take a closer look. ^_^

I think what I love most about this outfit is how well everything works together – the bronze of the skirt, the darkness of the coat, your scarf…all of the pieces are beautiful separately I imagine, but together they’re gorgeous!