Fashion Friday: Limeade

Welcome to the first Fashion Friday for 2015! I have to admit, I have been a bit all over the place with my blog posts lately but I’ll soon catch up and have everything running smoothly.

It is currently summer where I live. Summer for me means bright and bold colours rather than light pastel shades. This whole outfit is pretty bright and bold and makes a statement, so there isn’t much to the accessorising. I guess one thing I had to do is be careful not to wear the same colour head to toe!

In Hyde Park

It was probably a mistake to wear a knitted wool jumper-poncho thing in the summer, but I was at work indoors so it was cool. I remember buying the poncho from the market for only about $10. It was a while ago, and I remember saying to myself, “I have to buy this”. The colour won me over. I wore it with a singlet top underneath.

I bought the blue jeans from Just Jeans a couple of weeks ago. At first I wasn’t really blown away by the colour because I wanted something brighter. This is bright enough though! The material is very stretchy and comfortable. I like that it’s an “ankle-biter” style jean, because while it will hit above the ankle on the average person, it is the right length for me as a fairly short person. These jeans replaced my similar bright blue jeans which are no longer comfortable.

The jeans were on sale after Christmas at $39. I bought another pair for the same price, which were a dark navy-grey sort of colour in an acid wash and a similar style. I am happy with them both. Looks like I have been warming up to jeans lately. Seb pointed out that he hadn’t yet done a shoot where I’m wearing jeans.

Fashion Friday – Limeade
Adipose necklace and blue nails

I chose to wear a cute necklace to complement the outfit. I think it went with the bright colours. I chose an Adipose clay charm that I bought from my friend Vivien’s Etsy store, Mostly Harmless. The Adipose were a species in the television show Doctor Who, and were composed almost entirely of fat. There’s more on the Internet about them, but if you’re a fan of the show, you will know.

Other accessories include the silver Urban Hardware bangle from The Peach Box, and a green bangle from my Helene Jewelry subscription box. The dark blue nails were painted a few days before – I didn’t have them in mind for this outfit specifically.

This one is Seb’s favourite shot. It’s my favourite too – I love it. It was a spontaneous suggestion on my part, as I thought it fitted the fun nature of the outfit. I really like how it turned out.


My shoes were a bargain, literally $5 at a shoe warehouse sale five minutes from my house. I bought them at least two years ago and didn’t think I would like them that much because I don’t usually wear brown. They have some sparkle to them which has now faded, and they aren’t in what I would call fantastic condition. I still wear them casually from time to time.

Sunlight under the tree.

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The Adipose were a species in the television show Doctor Who, and were composed almost entirely of fat. There’s more on the Internet about them, but if you’re a fan of the show, you will know.

Adipose is actually the scientific name for fat tissue, so presumably that is how the Adipose race got its name ;) I love the necklace the most! I thought it was amusing how it’s only visible in the one photo where you feature it though, and almost completely obscured in the rest.

Aww the Adipose necklace is so cute! I love the other clay charms on her Etsy store – especially the Appa charm!I love your outfit – not many people can pull off the lime colour but it looks amazing on you! I love your nails too, it’s a good coincidence that they work so well with the outfit =p

Wow! Those are some bright colors! I’m much too uncomfortable with my own appearance/existence to be so bold. The brightest color I’ve ever worn (besides red) is mint green. I loooooove that particular shade of green! /love probably because I love mint foods, hahaha!

It took me years to try jeans again. I had a black pair that I wore so often in high school that they eventually got worn down and didn’t feel like denim anymore. It had holes all over it and one day my mom threw them out without telling me. 😢 I spent the next few years wearing workout pants and yoga pants, though I don’t work out or do yoga. My boyfriend insisted I buy some jeans so I finally went to Charlotte Russe and bought a pair.

The reason I didn’t like jeans is that I don’t like how denim feels after it’s been washed, all stiff and starchy and weird. Charlotte Russe jeans aren’t like that, though. Unfortunately they don’t seem to make the kind I got before, so I bought another pair from American Eagle but I haven’t even looked at them since I got them :(

You dislike jeans for a very different reason to me. I think the main reason I disliked jeans was not because of the material but because of the fit. I had so much trouble finding something that fit my waist and wasn’t super tight around my rather muscly thighs. Not to mention almost every pair of jeans I bought needed to be cuffed or have the hems taken up.

I do like jeans with more stretch, the stiffness of jeans also bothers me. I don’t think I’ve taken a liking to a particular brand, though.

Super cute!! I like how the nails ended up working out. :)

Ahhh, I never wear nail polish (and I mean /never/), but I love your nail colour in this outfit! I don’t watch Doctor Who, but that necklace is so cute without knowing the origin anyway that I want it. :P

Isn’t it funny how a pair of bright pants can just make an outfit better? Love the bright blue jeans, Georgie! Also the sweater. /love Knits are my favourite! It looks so cozy. :)

Hurray, first Fashion Friday of the year!

Summer is a great season for me, I don’t need to wear thick coats to keep me warm! Wearing these bright colors definitely works on you! And even more, your hair color looks great with the outfit too! I have a bright orange knitted sweater but haven’t found the motivation to wear it yet ;~;.

And your nails look great ;).

Thanks Nancy! I find it a bit difficult to make summer outfits fun when I have to go to work, but I am glad I could make it a bit fun here with the colours. (It would be a bit inappropriate to wear short shorts to work, for example.) I hope you wear that bright orange sweater some time soon, I am sure it’s awesome and makes a statement! :D

Sorry for the late reply and lack of comments on your blog; I am still doing the rounds! Still very much appreciate your support. *huge hugs*

I honestly love the brightness of the poncho – it’s so summery, and definitely makes me think of summer BBQs and lounging by the pool. Plus you look very cute in it! I think my favorite part of the outfit would have to be the necklace -on my way to check out Vivien’s Etsy store.