Time passes slowly when you’re ill.

Sad looking pug dog in bed.
I feel like this guy right now.

I haven’t been this sick in a while, living off green tea, hot soup and crackers because I don’t have much of an appetite. It also feels sort of lonely.

I had a cough after my presentation last week (thank goodness it was after my presentation), and over the weekend I felt lethargic even though my sore throat disappeared, but the other day I woke up with a horrid cold. I hadn’t slept well and I woke up because I was unable to breathe through my nostrils.

Coming from someone who was almost never sick during thirteen years of school and so many years of university, except for a bout of pneumonia somewhere down the line, I am definitely a whiner. I complain when I’m sick and I hate it. If I was used to it, maybe I wouldn’t. But I hate getting colds and perhaps my immune system is not in the strong shape it used to be. This is definitely the most ill I have been in quite some time.

My senses became very sensitive, I couldn’t stand light and I couldn’t even listen to the sound of people talking at home. I didn’t even want to talk. I didn’t care about the fact that I sounded ill, but the energy it took to even speak a few words was exhausting. I just wanted to sleep, but sleeping was so hard when it was so hard to breathe. The past few nights I’ve laid in the dark, scared of having a really horrid sleep. It took me a long time to get to sleep, tossing and turning, sometimes blowing my nose, until I could get to at least a small amount of comfort.

I would wake up a few hours later hoping it was almost time to get up, but realising only a few hours had passed. 3:00am. Gross.

Yesterday I woke up at 5:30am, keen to get showered and ready for work because I had a meeting at 8:00am, but I totally felt like shit. My head hurt so much and I couldn’t focus on anything. I was taking painkillers, Strepsils, drinking a lot of tea, rubbed some eucalyptus balm on my chest so I could breathe, but I was also getting chills and sweats within ten minutes of each other. One minute I felt cold so I put my jumper and gown and beanie back on, after ten minutes I was sweating under my armpits, but I couldn’t find a comfortable in-between before finding myself with goosebumps on my arms again.

I was coughing up phlegm which I think was a good sign that my sinuses were clearing, until it had a bit of blood in it. It eventually stopped, it must have come from the sore throat. I took Codral yesterday, especially for colds and flu, and it worked a miracle overnight because I slept for twelve hours straight without waking up. I felt much better in the morning though I took today off work as well.

Time passes very slowly when you are sick. I spent a lot of time napping or just lying down, doing a bit of reading, or… nothing. Sometimes I felt like I was doing nothing for hours.

I missed out on a Violent Soho concert tonight because I’m sick. It’s a shame but Nick is probably happy because he is not a fan of the band’s music. :P I have seen the band a few times, but not since they have become so popular. The concert sold out but I still couldn’t manage to sell my tickets.

Because I’ve been sick I don’t anticipate there will be a Fashion Friday tomorrow, unless I am feeling 100% better in the morning, or think of something creative! I feel better today than I did the past few days, so here’s hoping I can return to work see my coworkers again too. It’s felt a bit lonely at home. It’ll be Nick’s last day at his job tomorrow too, so I want to join in on the after-work farewell.

Ah well. It’s my birthday on the weekend, so I hope I am feeling like sunshine and unicorns soon. ☀️🦄

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Ugh, having a cold like that is the worst. Especially, as you said, the lying awake at night not being able to breathe.

I know what you mean about lonely. I’ve been home sick the last 3 days and it’s only been me in the house the whole time. So I’ve been doing what I can to occupy my time but the slow moving clock is my enemy :P

The past three days – you and me both! I have been working on a WordPress theme for someone, but it can only occupy my mind for so long. I’ve been trying not to look at the time, haha.

I hate catching cold. But I have a tendency of catching colds every time the season changes. I haven’t been down with fever or anything serious in years now *touch wood* but I hate the sick feeling and the not-able-to-do-anything lethargic feeling!

I hope you feel better, Georgie! And that you totally enjoy your upcoming birthday!!

Speedy recovery, love. <3 I remember when I got sick after I had arrived to Philadelphia; my body did not get enough rest for me to recovery fast enough. Consequently, I was sick for close to a month. On top of that, I had the cough lingering for weeks after I had the fever. Time indeed passes slowly when ill, especially when you have plans lined up. It's also frustrating when you miss out on awesome events because your body can't handle being out and about.

Keep resting and make sure to get plenty of fluids. Take care of yourself, love. You'll be in top shape for your birthday.

Being sick is the worst!

I hate when you can’t get any rest. I often get restless and just can’t stand just doing nothing. And I hate not being able to breathe. Sore throats too.

I hope you feel better for your birthday!

Being sick is the pits. I was like you, not getting sick that much in secondary school and my uni days, but once I started working with the little kids — BAM! My immune system overloaded and I was sick with something at least once a month until I moved back to working with the older kids, but I still get sick more than I want to, and that’s one of the deciding factors that made me start up a fitness programme.

Time definitely slows down when you’re sick. I try to escape that by sleeping, but it’s really difficult to sleep well when your nostrils are blocked and you’re hacking up a lung or two every minute X_X My last bout of illness had me actually call out sick two days in a row, which is unusual for me. Most of the time when I get sick, I just need one day to recuperate, but my last cold was a nasty one.

Keep on getting better! It’d suck a lot if you were still feeling unwell for your European trip! And let me wish you a happy birthday now!

I usually only need a day or two as well, but I ended up taking three days off last week. As my coworker said to me, ‘When it rains, it pours’. A hundred percent! Haha. I am much better now. :)

I know what you mean. Bronchitis and throat infections are not fun. I’m dealing with the end of it, and getting better. I know you will feel better <3 hugs

Oh no, being sick is awful, especially when it rarely happens. I hope that you are feeling a lot better soon! 💖