Fashion Friday: Blue jean baby

Yay for an outfit featuring jeans! I have owned these jeans for a few years, and when I first bought them I was very excited about them. I always wear them cuffed because I’m short and I don’t really bother getting the hems of my jeans cut. This is probably the first basic light denim coloured pair of jeans that I’ve owned. I like it, but I know that I look a bit short in light coloured pants. ;)

Full body shot of me standing and leaning on the back of a bench.
Great shot of me standing and leaning on a bench

I think that in future I might go for a darker blue denim – I did own several pairs over the years, nothing fancy, but I think I need to buy some new ones. One of the rips in this pair was a bit deliberate. You can see my skin through the hole, it had some threading to hide any skin, but I kept picking and poking at it so you can see a hole. :P

I am wearing the peep-toe heels I bought in Melbourne earlier this year. I don’t wear them a lot since they are quite dressy, but I love wearing them. I feel great in them, and they especially feel fun with jeans.

Medium shot of me standing by a tree
Standing by a tree

As for the top, it was featured in a much warmer-looking edition of Fashion Friday called Wanderlust. I wore it all loose with the sleeves past my wrists, whereas for this outfit I folded them up a little bit. I also tucked the white parts of the top (hanging from under the grey) into my jeans. Wearing the top short rather than long balanced out the rest of the outfit.

Portrait shot of me with my hands on my hips
Hands on my hips, notice the arms of my sleeves folded up once
Medium shot of my face with sunglasses on my head
Being cool

I am excited to talk about the accessories. My nails had already been done last week, with the Ancient Rune design from Scratch. It has black with subtle gold sparkles, so I chose simple gold earrings and jewellery. The two gold rings and the crystal bracelet are from my recent stash from Wanderlust + Co.

Close up of my hands on a bench, showing my nail art and rings
All my precious hand jewels and cool nails
A close up of my earrings
Side view showing earrings

Since I got my hair cut pretty short, I have been spending time waving and curling it a bit. Even though the waves don’t usually last very long, it makes the ends of my hair look a little more voluminous. I decided to do something about my hair because it looks quite dull when straight. I don’t really like hair product and prefer to avoid it, so adding volume with heat seems like my preferred option.

Of course, title is inspired by Elton John’s Tiny Dancer.

📷 Photography by Seb.

Full body shot with my legs apart and my arms crossed
Rock it!

Outfit details

Me standing in the middle of the park with scattered autumn leaves on the ground
It was bright, but this was a good shot!

Comments on this post

I really love this outfit, it’s casual and classy and definitely something I could see myself wearing. Usually I opt for a darker demin, including darker coloured demon such as my burgundy / wine jeans but will have to look at trying some lighter washes.

I definitely prefer darker denim – this is mainly because I’m a slob. :P But you look adorable as always, and I think that the heels fit this look perfectly.

Jeans are awesome when I have nothing else to wear XD. I like the color scheme of this outfit! A perfect outfit to go anywhere, shopping, errands, school, and work ;). You are definitely looking badass in those heels!!!

Really cute outfit, love how you matched the jeans with the black heels!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve owned light-wash denim. I like going for darks because they seem to be dirty less often. :P

I love this look! It’s very casual, but the shoes amp it up a bit–but not too bit. I consider peep-toe shoes to be more playful than a regular pump (pointed toe or otherwise), but personally dislike wearing them. I dunno… toes just get to me.

Rock on for rolled cuffs. I also can’t be bothered getting them hemmed. #petiteproblems

I’m a big fan of dark demin, but light demin looks good on you, especially with that top! I have the same issue with jeans being too long. I have had to hem every pair I own. I really love your two bracelets in the photo, and your nails look cool with the rune designs!

Really nice outfit! I love the shoes with it too. :D

Your nails and jewellery are so delicious.

I don’t get my jeans hems cut either, I prefer them rolled up which makes them look better, I think. I own only darker denim shades because when i go to buy clothes, light ones never look good or flatter my stout body! :(

Your hair cut looks amazing, btw!

This is one of my favorite outfits you’ve posted. It’s not a style I can pull off (because I’m bigger than you hehe) but the color of those jeans grabs me, and the rest just tie in together so well to make you look so professional and mature!