The Best Friend Dinner #1

Although this is technically the third time we have met up for dinner this year, I thought it best to start writing posts! I feel like we chatted a lot this time, and I took photos of the food at dinner too (yay! food!).

This dinner happened last Thursday. At work we had a hackathon event called ShipIt, and we were given a lot of candy and fed really well. Lilian had also eaten a lot for lunch and we were both very full. I wanted something small, and we were going to get noodles or ramen, but we changed our mind.

The Place

We went to Caffe Tiamo again! I wanted a salad but at the same time, the alio olio, garlic and chili spaghetti, sounded sooooooo good. I’ve had it a couple of times already, haha.

Lilian said that if I got the salmon garden salad again, she would get nachos again. :P I didn’t feel like a cold salad, so the spaghetti it was. It was so good, so so good. Lilian ordered the pane which was some pasta in bread. It looked good but it eventually got soggy because of the sauce, sadly. She still ate all the crunchy bits.

A bowl of olio spaghetti
Yuuuuum, I really enjoyed my spaghetti
Pasta in a bread bun
Lilian also had pasta! And bread!

She got a green tea latte but I felt like a chai. I think I had had enough green tea lattes that week.

Soy chai latte and green tea latte
Soy chai latte and green tea latte

The Chat

We talked about everything! I can’t remember everything we talked about because there was a lot. We talked about work, about how one of Lilian’s colleagues is leaving the company, and she’s also looking for something new herself… we complained about people at work who are not very cooperative or nice, too.

We talked about people we remembered from high school and if we knew how they were, or what they were up to. It’s strange to think we are nearly in our mid twenties and people we know from high school are married or getting married. Sometimes I forget how old I am.

I can’t remember the law companies or particular people that Lilian mentioned, but we somehow got onto the topic of ‘famous’ people in certain fields. If you work in a certain field, sometimes knowing about a certain person, company, method, or otherwise, is common knowledge. And people would be really surprised if you didn’t have that knowledge. It’s funny how it translates to someone who works in another field though – for example, Lilian has no idea who Harry Roberts or Chris Coyier are, but if you work in front-end development, you kind of have to know them. :P

It’s also interesting talking about people we used to know – the first boyfriend I had (it was over ten years ago that we were in a relationship) is now married, and that brought up the way I had felt post-breakup. I wasn’t ready for a relationship at the time. Lilian pointed out that the relationships you have when you are really young rarely have repercussions: there is so little drama and less deep shit to be concerned about afterwards. Just being friends turns out to be so easy when you’re really young and break up with someone. When you become mature, everything just gets complicated. Your feelings have developed, things mean a lot more, and it’s harder to move on.

Just a thought.

Going to the gym was another topic of conversation. It was funny that after eating so much that day, we just ate pasta for dinner which really filled us up. :P

The Selfie

A selfie of myself and Lilian

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That pasta looks so good! It’s making me crave some now!

I know what you mean by forgetting how old you are. I recently had lunch with my parents, and they had run into one of my old high school friends that I lost touch with. I couldn’t believe that high school was over 10 years ago for me. It’s also interesting how relationships change with age. What we expect out of it and how involved we are definitely change. The last time I dealt with a break-up was in my early 20s, and I hope to never deal with one again!

Sounds like a great dinner and that you guys had a lot to talk about :D

The food looks lovely. I’m going to be dreaming about food at work all day now!

It’s always great to have a catchup with old friends. I’m lucky that my best friend still only lives fifteen minutes away, so we get to see each other regularly.

My friend’s on good terms with all the boyfriends she had when she was young. My previous relationship was a “grown-up” one so we’re definitely not friends anymore. I think it’s true that it is harder to be friends with an ex when you’re older, but it also depends on how the relationship ended.

Glad you had a great time!

I love these kind of catch up with friends or a friend. It’s so good that you and Lilian keeps up with these meet ups regularly. I find it so hard to find time to meet people on a regularly bases.

Those topics of conversation are so similar to what I talk about with friends from high school or university….apart from the famous person one.

Love that you took photos of your food!! I always take a picture before I eat :p

Yum, that food looks so delicious.

It’s so wonderful that you are able to catch up and talk about so many things. It’s great you have that. :D

Sounds like a lovely time! The food looked awesome. Yay pasta! Looove pasta.

Must of been nice to just chat about whatever.

I love that pasta! That’s one of my favourites :D Yours looks so yummy that I wish I could have been there to have some!

I feel that it’s normal to talk about people we used to know when we’re with friends we’ve known a long time! My bestie and I certainly do that, and so do some of my other longtime friends :3

I’m glad you had a great dinner with your bestie! Seeing this posts make me miss mine!

Interesting theory about relationships. I am friends with some people I dated in my later twenties, but it was because the relationships were short-lived. But I think in general, I’m at the age where I want to settle down, so I’ve had more serious, long-term relationships that I invest more into. When I was young, I was just dating to have fun, not with any real purpose or desire for it to be forever. I was more likely to break up with someone after a few annoying things, instead of trying to work through the problems or whatnot.

Anyhow, it sounds like a great time!

The good that you both got looks delicious! The bread bowl pasta looks yummy~ ~ ~ The down side is bread bowls is that it gets soggy after a while ;(.

Good luck to Lilian with finding a new workplace! It’s always interesting to catch up and find out what’s going on with people that you both know. Any chats about people having kids? :D. Post-breakup at the time being usually sucks, but looking back, it wasn’t too bad.

Hope you’ll have more best friend dinners ;)

Aw, this is really cute! I love dinner dates with my best friend – she’s pretty much the only one I see on a regular basis out of my friends, other than my work lot.

The food looks delicious! I’ve just eaten, but I could definitely have a munch of that :P I love the smiley face in the latte!

I’m in the midst of writing a post about relationships. Relationships are a funny thing; they seem more complicated than they should be, sometimes.

You guys are gorgeous :D

I read this earlier in the week but forgot to comment on this! I love running or doing a meal or dinner or whatever with old friends. Makes me totally enjoy and appreciate my life now than what it was. I graduated high school in 2008, so it’s been awhile, but believe me, I don’t yearn for it. I’m glad that you and your friend had a good time talking about the past but also remembering about the future, too.

Break ups are a drag and a pain, but they teach us something about ourselves that we didn’t know and sometimes they end for good reasons. <3 Much love!