A Day in the Life: May 2016

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What are you thinking about?

Brogues. I really want them but all the ones I can find are for men, or they are patent (the shiny ones). I don’t like it. Maybe I will change my mind if I see them in person but I just, want, brogues!

What else are you thinking about?

I feel like I am thinking about nothing but brogues, but I am starting to think of how I did work on my presentation tonight. It’s a presentation for A11y Bytes on Thursday.

I was about to say assignment instead of presentation – how embarrassing. Monica did tell me that to her it seemed like these presentations were assignments for people who have a full-time job and aren’t in university anymore. :P

List three other things running through your mind, if any.

  1. My desk chair is squeaking and I hate it. :(
  2. I feel hungry right now…
  3. Should I go for a run tomorrow? I want to, but I want to sleep in… at the same time I want to make running a regular thing for the next few weeks before we go to Europe.

What is the time?

11:02pm. I guess it wasn’t as late as I thought but I am tired.

How did you start your day?

I was hugging Nick. ❤️

How will you end it?

Sadly not hugging Nick since he’s home today, but hopefully in some nice warm socks, all cosied up.

Yeah, today was just a little bit uneventful. Went to work, the usual. I trimmed my nails down this evening, very short, because one of my nails split in a really awkward spot, and I hate my nails being uneven in length.

I think I am starting to already see myself in holiday mode, with our holiday to Europe just 20 sleeps away. I do have this presentation to do as a top priority this week, though, and I have a couple of other things I want to get done before we leave.

I hope your day was a little more exciting. :)

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Comments on this post

Brogues are definitely a good thing to think about, which reminded me of the fact that I need to get new laces for mine. I can see how Monica sees presentations for work as assignments – you struggle over how you are going to be viewed, worried how it’s going to affect your annual review…because no matter how much they claim it won’t affect it, a part of you still worries. I hope that you got your desk chair to quit squeaking…a part of me was going to suggest giving it a piece of cheese as squeaking makes me think of a mouse. I’m also kind of hungry right now – wanting ants on a log, but my Mom’s preparing the peanut butter – moving it to a squeeze bottle so it’s easier to make ’em. I’ve been debating starting running – I need to get a pair of decent running shoes, and the weather to co-operate…RN it’s kind of cool. :( I hope that you’re able to get everything done that you want to before your trip to England.

I had no idea what brogues were – I had to look them up. 😆 At least now I know!

Hope you’ll find that perfect pair of brogues you want ;). Hope your presentation goes well on Thursday! At some point, we realize that assignments take place outside of school… Bosses at work always tell me they have an assignment for me to do @__@.

Europe is so close! Keep it up with gym and other things you’ve been doing ;).

I had to look up Brogues :P I honestly had no idea!

Looks like your day was OK! I would have written a Day in the Life post for my blog too but I just got back to blogging today! So many posts pending! Maybe i’ll squeeze a nice little ADITL post but the end of this month…. hopefully!

I had to cut my nails today too, and they had just got the right size as I like! :(
Just 20 days to go! I am so looking forward to some awesome blogs about Europe!

Hope you do well on your presentation! =3

I hate when my nails aren’t the same length. I always will cut em all to make em even too. XD

Good luck on your presentation!! :) I know you’re going to do well. :)
Oh, and I hope you’ll find the perfect Brogues for you. Haha.
Your Europe trip is so close!!! Few more winks and you’re off to Europe!! :) I hope you’ll make a blog post about it! :)

<3 Jen

Hope you have a great time in Europe! That must be a lot of travel time from Australia. I don’t think I could cope with so much travelling!

Good luck with your presentation! i think you have to make it an assignment if you want to get it done while working full-time. I always just want to relax in front of the TV when I finish work.

My days are never eventful. Your day sounds lovely.

I can definitely relate with not being able to concentrate when the holidays are coming up! Where in Europe are you going? So exciting! I wish the best for you two on the trip!

Not long to go until the holiday now, weeeeeee. :D So exciting.

Haha, that is funny you almost called it an assignment. xD I actually just had to do one for Uni. It’s the first time I ever had to do anything like that and I was really nervous. Thankfully I only had to use my voice though…

I saw the slides from your presentation and thought it had so many interesting points! :D

Once you get to London, try schuh as I’ve said before ;) They have great brogues for women! I’m interested in their burgundy ones that they have right now actually, eeek! *tries to control shoe addiction

Good luck with your presentation! I’m so excited for your trip to Europe, I can’t wait to read all about it :)

Thanks Pauline! I will definitely check them out – they are so affordable! Just not sure if I love the thick soles that I have seen online, but I might change my mind. ;)

I had a pair of brogues. A black pair that I bought mainly for the office, I got rid of them after they made my feet bleed and had a horrible squeak after a week of wear! Ehh. I don’t think I’ll get another pair in the future, perhaps they don’t work well for my feet.

Oh no! :( I will have to see for myself. I have a pair of heels that have a squeak in them because of the way the body of the shoe and the sole are attached. When I walk it squeaks. Sounds like you had a tough pair. :(