Turning 25

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It was my birthday today. Something about 25 makes it seem so silver-jubilee-like. As a child I imagined I would be married by this age, super successful, and basically living the dream. I wanted to be important and awesome and the thing is – that was just a dream.

At the same time, turning 25 is not really a big deal after all. When I turned 24, I realised it was a year away, and that 25 didn’t seem as awesome and monumental as it once did.

I won’t lie – twenty-five years of age is still pretty young. It took me a lot of reality checks of being around people in their thirties (most recently I have had that feeling at work) to make me realise that being twenty-five is not scary, nor is it monumental.

I’ve always told people that age is just a number. And now, when I feel a lot older than some of my friends, but so much younger than some of my coworkers, it really is. I posted a photo on Instagram with the following caption:

🎂🎈 25 today. Quarter of a century is usually a milestone, but in all honesty, age is just a number and is no barrier to any achievement. I have gained so much knowledge, experience and wisdom in the past year alone, and I am really thankful for that. ☁️ You can achieve your dreams no matter how young or old you feel, how old or young you think you are, or how short or long you have really lived. ✨ Always shoot for the stars.

And I really have achieved a lot. Lilian wrote on my birthday card that I had achieved so much in my life already, which is true. In the past year alone I’ve given five presentations; I’m working at a company I love working at; I’ve continued doing what I love with blogging and taking photos; I’ve improved my diet and exercise; I’m in a wonderful, loving relationship; and I’m not really showing signs of slowing down. To me it’s so important to aim high. We can be so hard on ourselves and not realise our potential, and sometimes it takes just a little push to get past our fears.

Yesterday evening my family, along with Nick and Lilian, went to a Japanese/Korean restaurant for dinner. It was yummy! I would totally go there again – their menu has a lot of options. I felt like raw fish so I just got a sashimi bowl. But I will definitely try something else next time. This evening I went to Nick’s house and we had dinner with his family. Also yummy.

I got a red suitcase from Nick’s parents for my birthday. I have never been so excited about a suitcase in my entire life. (I’ve had 25 whole years to get excited about one, so…) It’s this really nice shade of red and it’s one of those suitcases that can spin on its wheels and isn’t restricted to moving in one direction. Seriously, it’s amazing. I already started packing for Europe. 😆 Nick’s sister got me some stationery and a photo frame that holds a bunch of photos in a cool arrangement. And some EOS lip balm. I’m keen to try it because it’s all the rage, but isn’t available in stores in Australia. Heheh.

My mum got me a cute olive-green dress. Nick and Lilian got me some Pandora charms for my bracelet and I spent a while trying to figure out what order to put all my charms in. I love them all. Woooooo.

What is 25? I’ve got 365 days to figure it out, but so far, it’s good. 😜

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You’ve accomplished a lot indeed! Happy birthday again, Georgie. Sounds like your celebration was filled with love. <3

Red suitcases are awesome! You won't easily lose sight of it when traveling. :D

Congrats on turning 25! That’s amazing! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I’m turning 23 on June 8. I’m so excited because my mom is getting me an annual pass to Disney World which is 90 min or less from where I live in Florida so I’m going on my birthday and so many other times cause it is amazing exercise. You can walk 10 miles and it feels like 1. Lol an exaggeration but still…

Thanks for commenting on my blog about my food issues. It is hard. I’m going to see a psychologist about my ADHD (on the spectrum for it somewhere) and food issues.

I’m looking for a new job now, too. I only worked 4 hours this passed week. I’m tied of it. I also applied for a home theater job and they passed me over for it for no reason. They told me that if someone had home theater experience would get it but I think it is just because in socially inept aka introverted. So I don’t talk much except to customers. So stupid so I’m looking for something else.

Anyway, I’m so glad we are friends. :) I hope we can stay friends!

Thank you!

Ahh yes, time flies when you are having fun, not to mention walking or travelling around an area you like. Sometimes you don’t realise how far you’ve walked!

Hang in there. :) <3

Sometimes it feels like your application was overlooked because they assumed things about your experience, personality, gender, race or even sexual orientation – I strongly suspected this when I was rejected for a role for ‘lack of cultural fit’ but my less competent male coworker was accepted.

Take care!

Happy Birthday! I think 25 is still young too! I feel like 25 is a common age for surveys that are like, “where do you see yourself at 25?” I had ideas and goals of where I’d be at that age too, and I didn’t hit them all. I think the important thing is getting to those things eventually and not weighing yourself down with a definite deadline. (Not to mention, things change as years go by.) I think you’ve accomplished a lot so far!

Sounds like you had a great birthday and got a lot of awesome gifts :D Having a good suitcase is something to be excited about, especially with a big trip coming up!

Happy 25th birthday, Georgie! 25 years is still young and you have a lot ahead of you! I’m the one here with the bigger age gap with my coworkers being in their 30’s and I’m barely 21/22 @___@. We’re not old and let’s enjoy the youth we still have ;). There’s definitely no signs of you slowing down. Keep it up with the awesome things you do ;D.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIE! *throws confetti* I’m 27 and turning 28 in December and it’s weird to think that I’ll be 30 in a few years! I’m embracing it though. But you are definitely right – age is just a number and is no barrier to what you can achieve, young or ‘old’. You’ve accomplished so much and you should be proud!! :D

I hope you have a beautiful day and sounds like you have some amazing gifts. Enjoy! <3

Happy 25th birthday, Georgie! I remember turning a quarter-of-the-century old and it was a strange milestone for sure since I was indeed suffering from quarter-life crisis then . . .

Age is definitely a number, and while some people may feel too old or young, the number doesn’t matter in the long run. You’ve accomplished a lot in 25 years of your life, and I wish you nothing but the best in your upcoming future <3

I used to think I’d be married by age 26 and have a child on the way, but…now, that doesn’t even feel like things I’d want. When I decided this dream for myself, I was just messing around with my Barbies and pretending like I was a Barbie myself.

Happy birthday! It’s still Sunday here in Texas, so I think it still counts? ❤

Yay for the red suitcase! I’ve had EOS balm, but it dried my lips out. I hope it doesn’t do the same for you. <3

Belated Happy Birthday Georgie!
Wow, last year was so awesome for you and I wish that the next 365 days are just as amazing or much much better!

Happy birthday.

Based on what I’ve read from you, it sounds like you’ve achieved an amazing amount for such a young age – and I hope you as much success, if not more, in the next 25 years!

Happy Birthday Georgie (again!)

I’m so excited to read about your trip to Europe, I have already packed my vacation to Spain in July (2 months away haha!) I wish a wonderful year to you! <3

Happy birthday!

Sounds like a pretty awesome one! EOS lip balm can be pretty nice. XD I hoard lip balm. Most of my make up case is all lip junk. XD

I do agree that age honestly is a number. I mean, I’m 30 myself, but it doesn’t really phase me. Sure, it can stink to get older though. Time just flies by!

Sounds like you’ve done a lot so far though!

Happy birthday!!! Hope that 25 is a great year for you!!! Woot!!!

Happy birthday. I feel even older. I’ll be 27 this year in August and I feel like I haven’t reached my true potential. A lot of things happened that stopped me from growing but age really is a number when it comes to certain milestones. Happy birthday and don’t you forget how special you really are to everyone that cares about you!

<3 Much love!

I scrolled back to this post to wish you a happy belated birthday Georgie!! I agree, when I was younger I also thought up a bunch of things I wanted to achieve by 25. Well that’s coming up in a year, but life has changed and now I’m living day by day. No need to count – achievements happen when we make them and I can see how much you’ve achieved in your life! :) That’s great and enjoy your gifts!!