Fashion Friday: Presso il lago

Me posing with my right hand on my hip and my left hand at my sunglasses
Posing with my hand on my hip and adjusting my sunglasses

This edition of Fashion Friday was shot in Villa Monastero in Varenna, Italy. It has probably been my favourite place in Italy that we have visited so far. Varenna sits on Lake Como, which is an entirely beautiful place. I’ll be sharing more about our Italian adventures soon!

This outfit features my cat-print top that I wore in Peach & Pearl, which remains one of my favourite Fashion Friday editions because it shows an outfit that feels very ‘me’ and my style. This outfit is no different. After ditching tube skirts and feeling that a lot of my skirts didn’t sit comfortably, I bought this nice subtle wrap skirt from Topshop when we were in London. It was in the petite range, and I like that it’s not too tight and works well for my figure.

Medium shot of me against a deep pink-ish wall with a dark red railing
This one wasn’t taken in the villa, but I loved the background and interesting railing through the photo
Me standing on top of a set of stone steps with one knee slightly bent
Posing atop stone steps

It was overall a very warm day so I chose not to wear pants, and I chose to wear a thin top that had no sleeves. The weather in Italy so far has been humid and at least 30ºC (86ºF), with some days being an ugly 39ºC (~102ºF). It gets that hot in Sydney in summer, but most of you know that I am not a big fan of summer and hate hot weather.

The black shoes were one of only three pairs I took with me – this black pair, my brown flats, and a pair of heels just in case a special occasion comes up. This pair was the one that fit best, really. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong with black shoes.

Me sitting on a green bench with my back to the camera and looking out on Lake Como
Looking out on Lake Como

You can see my hair is up as well! I just did it on a whim. It was very hot and usually on hot days, I try to do something different with my hair or at least tie it up. I think it had also gotten to the point where it was greasy and in dire need of a wash. And many of you ladies know that tying your hair in a ponytail is good to hide that. ;) Another thing I have been trying to do recently is to think of new ways to do my hair. I have worn it loose for the majority of my Fashion Friday outfits, and usually have it out on a daily basis. Today I started watching some interesting braiding tutorials in the hope that I get some inspiration.

We got to try a few interesting shots. Since it was in the late afternoon, the sun was still quite harsh so we had to work with a lot of shadows and try hard not to come out with overexposed shots.

Me sitting on a stone wall with some fronds casting a shadow near my face
We battled with these shadows but the effect is pretty cool, I think!

I am wearing very little jewellery as well – in the heat, it’s often uncomfortable to wear jewellery and there is more tendency for it to discolour on your skin (especially with fashion/costume jewellery). Unfortunately the triangle cuff I am wearing in the previous photo broke today – I accidentally twisted the triangle a little and it snapped off. :( Oh well. It was malleable but I turned it at the wrong angle.

The title of this Fashion Friday post presso il lago is Italian for ‘by the lake’ or ‘at the lake’. This outfit and its location reminds me of something special but that’s a story for my next blog post. :)

Me with my back to the camera, arms in air with hands pointed to my right
Waving my hands in the air

Photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

  • Top: Miss Shop (available at Myer)
  • Skirt: Topshop (Petite Curve Wrap Mini Skirt)
  • Shoes: Sandler (‘Corey’ boot)
  • Wristwear: Wanderlust + Co (Tri Silver and Marble Cuff); custom Pandora bangle
  • Earrings: Floralpunk
  • Ring: Wanderlust + Co (Double-Bar Pearl Wrap Silver Ring – no longer available)
  • Sunglasses: Fossil
Me leaning on a small balcony railing looking out on Lake Como
Looking out on Lake Como from a small balcony

Comments on this post

I love your outfit! It’s simple but stylish. I recently invested in a pair of black flats because I feel like they can go with anything and sort of a necessity for any girl.

I have a pair of black flats but I have very high arches on my feet so I hate, hate, hate flats. They are so uncomfortable to walk in. I can’t find flats with good support. I need a heel of at least a couple of centimetres on my shoes!

I can’t say this enough but your haiiiirrrrr <3 <3 <3 You have what I might call the best head of hair I've ever seen both online and offline. And the colour is always so fabulous. How did you get that colour?

Thank you! :) Someone asked me that before. I rarely ever go to the salon to get my hair coloured because I have trouble trusting other people to colour my hair. I do it myself! Which means there are lots of patches that I miss, and my attempt to colour my whole head looks like highlights instead. If you repeat the process a few times as your hair grows out, it ends up looking like it’s all slightly different colours everywhere.

As for the colour I used, it is a Schwarzkopf dye that is especially for (my naturally) dark hair. There were two colours to choose from, ultraviolet and red. The ultraviolet comes out purple-pink, I have tried it before. But I like the red a lot better. :D

Love your outfit, and what a glorious backdrop you have! It even LOOKS hot in those photos haha! 39 degrees?! Oh yuck….

You look stunning Georgie! As does Italy. I used to really like Topshop, and they do have some lovely things (like that skirt), but over the years I’ve found the prices have gone up while the quality is still the same or sometimes worse.

Italy looks wonderful! Are you speaking Italian? I’d love to learn it, actually. German, Italian, Japanese, all the languages. Shame it takes a fuckton of work, ha!

So glad you’re having a ball :D Hope Nick is well too.


Italy looks beautiful!!! If anything, seeing pictures from your vacation inspired me to consider a Europe trip some day~

I like your top! Somehow, I imagine you staying chill from the heat/sun. I’m not a fan of the heat either because of sunburns @___@. It’s always a bummer when your accessory breaks! (at least it gives another bracelet to be worn next time)