Fashion Friday: Hibernal

I haven’t caught up with my friend Seb for a while but I’m thankful that he had time to do this shoot for me! Of course, he was excited to see my engagement ring and include it in the photos. Another thing to get excited about is the fact that this Fashion Friday has my awesome brogues that I bought in Florence!

Me sitting and leaning against a stone pillar with my arms folded
Sitting by a stone pillar

In this outfit, I’m wearing the jeans I bought in Topshop in the UK, that made their debut in the Parisienne Walkways edition of Fashion Friday. I really like them and I’m glad I bought them, they fit perfectly and are petite sized. I definitely want to buy my jeans from Topshop in the future!

Full body shot with me holding my sunglasses
The outfit in full

The jeans go very well with the brogues, not just because of the colour but because of the cut of the jeans. I tried wearing the brogues with regular straight-cut jeans, but they looked weird. I think it’s because I needed to get the jeans hemmed. They were too long.

I love the brogues so much. I was debating between getting a flat pair and this pair, but I really, really wanted shoes that I could match with both casual and dress-up clothes. I knew this pair would be perfect for dresses, so I opted for this, even though they were more expensive. I love when shoes are comfortable but add some height, and these brogues are so perfect. It took a few wears for them to break in and stop leaving blisters on the back of my ankles, but I am glad they fit comfortably now. I don’t think I will buy another pair of shoes for a long time! Except sandals because I don’t have any for summer… but I’m usually picky with sandals anyway.

Close up of my brown Italian brogues
Sweet kicks!

I wore the zebra-print top in an outfit I titled Africa, and I usually wore it with skirts, but I thought it went so well with this whole outfit. It gives the outfit a pretty earthy look. Might I add, it was quite cold and windy on this day and I did wear a coat. Because of the thinness of the top, it’s not a great winter piece if you want to wear it alone!

I actually also chose the top because the stripes matched my nail wraps, which are the Fibre style from Scratch. It’s a pretty funky design and I like the gold glitter, which is more interesting than just plain colour.

Close up of my hand, showing the print on my sleeve, my sunglasses and the nail art on my thumbnail
Small details
Close up of my nail art and my engagement ring
Bling bling ;)

Adding to this sort of earthy look is the herkimer diamond necklace. I got it from By Invite Only, an independent Singaporean jewellery store. I really like Singaporean fashion and I actually found out about the store from a Singaporean model whom I follow on Instagram. I love that the store sells a lot of raw, crystal-like, bohemian-style jewellery. I think crystal necklaces are very pretty.

Medium close shot of me leaning against a pillar
Close up of me
Close up of herkimer diamond necklace
I love this necklace!

I’m wearing snake earrings that I got from my mum. She really doesn’t like snake jewellery, necklaces or even chewy snake candy. She freaks out when she sees worm-shaped candy. 😂 I think the earrings are a little out of place with the rest of the outfit but I felt like wearing some longer earrings.

Close up of my ear with my long snake earrings
I feel like I need more interesting earrings for my second and third piercings. What do you think?

The title of this outfit is named after the second part of an in-progress epic album by Packwood. You can listen to Hibernal on Bandcamp for free. Packwood writes beautiful orchestral folk music, and I felt like the name was appropriate.

Photography by Seb.

Outfit details

  • Top: Miss Shop (available at Myer)
  • Jeans: Topshop
  • Shoes: Mauro Volponi
  • Necklace: By Invite Only (Silver All About Balance Necklace)
  • Earrings: Guess
  • Nails: Scratch (Fiber)
  • Sunglasses: Fossil
Me hugging my knees to my chest, with shoes in view
Cute shoes aye?

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I love those brogues!!! Gorgeous :)

I always feel a need to comment your Fashion Friday posts when you mention something I can relate so well to my own style in your posts, but then think, “Gee, this is why a fashion series would suit me well!” especially since I have to, for the most part, go without jewelry and get really creative if I want to wear any—because I’m allergic to metals. 😅😅😅😅 It definitely gets interesting.

Anyway, I like the bohemian-styled things, too, in some cases. I love earthy tones and fashion relating to nature in some way or another, and I leaned towards bohemian in middle school. In high school, I ran into uniforms until I moved in with my dad. My style was “be-invisible-and-maybe-you-won’t-get-called-on”. It didn’t quite work. 😒😅

Also, yes—your shoes are cute. ;)

I loovee your accessories Georgie and those brogues! I should have bought some shoes when I went to Italy but I never did. Sighs, maybe when I get back!

And yes, the ring is the highlight of the outfit! :D

I love this look! I had a pair of black brogues once from Clark UK but they really rubbed the back of my heel (there was blood) and have been put off owning another pair. But I really love the ones you bought, like the brown and the slight heel.

I’ve never bought Top Shop jeans, funny as I go in there often but will have a look next time I have a shopping trip. I’m short and find it hard to find jeans that aren’t too long!!

As always, you’re gorgeous, Georgie. And I approve those dangly snake-like earrings.

I love how you put this outfit together Georgie! I really love those brogues! I’m looking into buying some brogues for my internship – I can’t decide between getting black or brown, I’ve always found it hard to co ordinate my outfit around brown shoes so I always tend to go black but I’m going to experiment with brown now I think now I’ve seen this outfit! :P

You honestly have the best shirts haha! I want to incorporate patterns shirts into my wardrobe and everyday wear but I tend to go for neutral block colours for my shirts! Also, yes TOPSHOP’s petite collection is a dream – I don’t have to look weird trying to wear a dress that is obviously meant for the taller population and no more folding of jeans too!

I love the shoes! They’re so cool and unique! I never would have thought to wear them with skinny jeans but they look great paired together!

The whole outfit is just gorgeous!

Awesome. :D I love the ring as well. <3

Ooooh you’re definitely rocking the brogues! Love them~~~

The cut of the jeans is perfect because of the brogues getting the display they deserve ;). The engagement ring looks beautiful. The close up view lets me admire it in detail XD.

!!! What is your secret to flawless skin? ;)

I love this outfit! That zebra top is one of the best tops I’ve ever seen. I love unique prints, especially cute animals! I love how they look really grown-up, but also fun – I definitely need more shirts with animals on!

My Topshop jeans are my favourite. I only have one pair atm, but they’re so comfy, and they last for ages. I love the style you picked, so amazing.

I think you should know that the “massive ass hugs” description you wrote on my previous post was probably the best thing anyone has ever written on my blog. I think everyone should be aware that there are different meanings of “massive ass hugs”, or things could get very awkward very fast.

Really sorry for saying “massive ass” so many times on a post that involves such cute zebras. I clearly do not deserve cute zebras in my life. I’m so not worthy!

Also, my post definitely does not beat that picture of Nick proposing to you. That is literally the cutest thing ever.

So gorgeous Georgie! <3 I love the many designs that you do on your nails! Simply wonderful!