The Georgie Gazette #6

Time for yet another life update. It’s crazy how much time has passed since the last Georgie Gazette, not to mention, since my last post! It was five days ago and I can barely remember what happened today.

But I’ve been up to a lot, so here goes!

Mmmm cafes and coffee shops

August: The Month of Catchups

I am so, so excited about this. I am not sure what started it, but some time last week I decided that August would be my month of catching up with all my friends, ex-coworkers, new friends, meetups, and the like.

It must have started with Nick’s and my family dinner on the 5th of August, and then I invited Nick to my office last week for lunch, and it just so happened that I planned a catchup with my friend Mike, who I know from university, and everything snowballed from there! I caught up with Fiona last Thursday for coffee, and on the weekend Nick and I caught up with his best friends. This week I have a few lunches, and next week I have a few lunches and coffees as well!

I went to a Girl Geek meetup last week and I think I’m going to make it to the SydJS meetup tomorrow night. It’s pretty intense! I even found myself going through some of my Twitter following and seeing who I could touch base with.

I hope to have a full post by the end of August with more details about my catchups. I feel like I am literally trying to fill every calendar space… but I’ve gotta admit, it’s heaps of fun. I’m just getting so excited catching up with a new person practically every day. I’m not a social person to begin with, and to simply surround myself with friends both old and new in a small amount of time is probably something that is bettering my misanthropic behaviour. For those who know me – you would know I am an introverted, ‘I hate being around people’ sort of character, I can be a joy to talk to but you have to approach me first, and I generally fear meeting new people. So this feels like a little step for me.

It might be too much too soon, but other than having less time available to catch up with people as I contact them… there is really nothing wrong!

Happy 18th birthday Beck 🎉

It was Nick’s sister’s eighteenth birthday last week. When you think that she’s my future sister-in-law, that’s kind of a big deal. :D She had a birthday lunch on Sunday which was loads of fun. Family congratulated myself and Nick on our engagement, since many of them had not seen us since we returned from our trip. It was at an Italian joint, and we all had pasta and pizza. It was my fifth time having Italian that week, but whatever, haha. It still tasted good and that’s the main thing!

Beck got spoiled really good, she got a lot of presents. As one would usually do when they turn eighteen. :)

Bob Evans gig

We saw Bob Evans last Friday and it was a loooong night, but so worth it. After having a spot of Japanese for dinner, we had some dessert at Max Brenner and headed to the gig. The supports were great, especially Melody Pool, who had an amazing voice. I usually hate when people say that singers’ voices “give them goosebumps” but Melody Pool’s voice really did send shivers down my spine. Amazing.

It’s worth mentioning that Bob Evans is the moniker of Kevin Mitchell, lead singer of Australian band Jebediah. Bob Evans’ work is sweet, soulful romantic music, some of which does have romantic themes, and other songs which are a little more deep and about more pessimistic feelings. He played on and on. He played with his band, something which I do like, but I very much prefer his acoustic performances. Luckily we got to see quite a bit of that when the band left the stage at certain points. Bob Evans is also an entertainer, he makes some funny jokes throughout his set so he is not boring in the slightest.

I didn’t get a photo with him but I have seen him on multiple occasions in the past. I’m a huge fan, though I feel like his new music is a lot more interesting when heard live. He played many old hits, as well as stuff from his “hit record, Car Boot Sale”. Him saying that got a laugh from the audience. He has a pretty mature-aged crowd, likely because Jebediah hit it big time back in 1997, back when the band was at the end of high school and many fans were the same age. Those same fans also love Bob Evans, so they are well into their thirties or late thirties, as you can imagine.

We joined a gym! 💪

Nick and I joined a gym the other day. We get a free personal training session, which we’re both doing on Saturday, but we are hoping to visit the gym once before then. I’m really looking forward to getting toned up… fitting into a wedding dress and looking good… you know the deal. I have actually lost a lot of weight since I started going to the gym a couple of years ago, even though my visits have been intermittent. I also unintentionally lost a few pounds when I was sick a few weeks ago because I had no appetite. 😦

The week ahead

As my bottom retainer/plate broke some time ago, I have finally made an appointment with the orthodontist to get it replaced. The receptionist asked if I had my original teeth impression (the hard models they make from your teeth) from ten years ago, but it’s been so long and I threw it away. They will have to make another impression to make the plate, but at no extra charge. I will only have to pay for the plate. I felt so bad for getting rid of my original one, but I realised that I need a replacement plate for my teeth in their current state, and that old impression would have created a plate that would not fit. So I don’t feel so bad anymore.

As well as more catchups, we are seeing Aladdin the musical on Thursday night, and going to the Sydney Tea Festival on Sunday. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Until next time. 😝

Comments on this post

Aladdin the musical? Whoa, that’s awesome! ^^ That’s great that you dedicated August to catching up with people that matter in your life. In a weird way, I’m trying to do the same, honestly. <3 I'm glad that everything is going well for you now! I'm wary of joining gyms, but, but, I'm glad it will help you and Nick. I just tend to lose weight better on my own, at least for me, but I know that other people are different, for sure!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun these days! I lost a lot of weight even prior to our engagement, so I didn’t have much to worry about when my then-boyfriend-now-husband proposed to me. Hahaha! The wedding is definitely a great motivation to get (and stay) in shape, I must say! After we got married, everything went downhill, though. Hahaha! I don’t see you nor Nick going in that direction, though. ;)

Good luck (and have fun) with the wedding preparation! Exciting times ahead! :D

I barely catch-up with my friends because we’re always busy with work/don’t have time/or it doesn’t fit around our schedules. I thank God for Whatsapp!

Seems like August was a catch up for me, as well. I have my university friends and secondary school friends. My birthday is coming up, as well, so I usually gather everyone around then. Hope all your catch ups are lots of fun :) It’s always exciting to find out what’s happening in someone’s life!

Love the gym, but I haven’t had time to go this week because work has drained me. Good luck with your personal training session – trainers are so so good for whipping you into shape.

Aladdin is currently playing over here, as well! Hope it’s awesome – I love that film :)

Yay for catching up :) I love it when my friends and I meet up and catch up on our lives. It’s quite challenging to meet up when our schedules are so different and when we don’t live near each other!

Good on you for joining the gym :D I hope that works out well for you and Nick! I’ve been exercising less the last few weeks because of the new job transitions and other situations X_X Things been just way too hectic for me!

It does make sense to make a new plate for your teeth since your teeth is definitely not the same as it was back then! I hope that process goes well.

And ooooh. An Aladdin musical? Now that sounds fun! :D

I’m an introvert as well, and every time I make some effort into being social I sort of back out of it or my friends cancel. I like spending time at home, but every once in awhile I enjoy a night out with people that make me laugh. I’m trying to meet new people, but that’s difficult as well. I’m at work all day and even when I try to make plans with my coworkers we are all too tired and just want to relax at home. It’s tough. But I’ll keep trying. :)

And way to go on joining a gym, I don’t have that dedication nor the time or energy. But I do need to make some time for some time of active something. I’m getting older and don’t want to just let myself go. I want to be healthy! And I know it’s an excuse but have I mentioned how tired I am after work? >.<
Anyway, kudos to you!! And cool! You get to see Aladdin!!! I've been wanting to see it so bad. I've seen Beauty and the Beast twice and it's so amazing. I'm hoping Aladdin is just as amazing.
Have fun!!

Glad to hear that you’re having a great month with all of the catch up’s and stuff with people :D! I need to do some sort of catching up some time in the near future! It’s pretty cool how you go to these metope’s. I should go find some nearby!

It’s good that you’re getting along with Nick’s site pretty well! Happy 18th to her~

Congratulations on joining the gym!!! Bf and I got a free personal training session when we first joined. I ended up being sore for a few days, but it’s mostly for them to sell you their services. (I said maybe and avoided eye contact with the trainer guy ever since XD). You got this!!!

Ugg going to the orthro is always a hassle @___@…. I’m still going through the regular checkup’s for this post-braces era XD.

Enjoy the musical!

I don’t really meet up/catch up with a lot of my offline friends. While we got along in high school, or even made sense a few years ago, we’ve all kinda grown way apart to the point that we’re just all on totally different pages today. It’s sad, honestly, because I enjoyed my time with them whilst I had it, but…I’ve matured past a lot of the drama and platitudes, and it sheds from them like they’re wearing glitter. 😒

More and more people are talking about having joined a gym, and I’m still just doing Blogilates in the comfort of my own room. 😂😅

Hope you enjoy Aladdin! I’ve only seen the animated version, but I love musicals. 😍😊🤓