The Georgie Gazette #5

I didn’t find the time to write up my posts on the rest of our Europe trip. Work has been busy since I got back from Europe, and this past week we just had some important releases and were tight on deadlines. I still haven’t felt like I’ve settled, but I’m hoping for it to calm in the next couple of weeks…

Fashion Friday Q&A this Friday!

I’m doing a Fashion Friday Q&A post this Friday. This is your chance to ask me about anything fashion or beauty related. Ask me about my inspiration, my style, what my style used to be, tips, advice, anything. :) You can just leave a comment on this post and I’ll be sure to answer it.

Work trip to San Diego

I will be going on a work trip to San Diego tomorrow morning. I’m not really looking forward to it because of the long flights there and back, and essentially only being there for three days. This Friday will not exist to me as I will lose it whilst I’m up in the air, and I am concerned about my sleeping patterns getting out of whack again. They have just been really on the ball since returning from Europe. Although I have been easily tired every night, I have been doing a pretty good job of waking up at the same time.

I have never been to the United States and I’m taking this trip with a grain of salt – I know it will be jam-packed with work activities so it won’t be a great taste of the US at all. I’ve packed my things and am just sticking with a suitcase that I’ll take on the plane – it’ll be much easier than checking it in, especially since I’m taking two laptops and a camera, and that’s essentially half of what I’m carrying. You know, literally only underwear, three shirts and some jeans, whatever.

It’s a shame we won’t have much time for sightseeing, but I expected that. I’m sure I’ll have a good time regardless, but there’s no doubt I will be very tired by the end of it.

That annoying corn on my right little toe

For several years (perhaps longer), I have had a large callous/corn on my smallest right toe. Nick finds it odd that they are called ‘corns’, but the treatments that you can buy in the pharmacy refer to them as corns too. Lately I have been more conscious of the way my shoes fit, and trying to wear shoes that don’t squash my toes too much. I definitely want to avoid getting too many corns on my toes.

I have been trying a Scholl-branded treatment on my tiny corns on the tops of my toes, which is some solution that makes them softer. It worked well, but for my really big and thick corn, it didn’t work too well. Fortunately I ended up buying a different treatment (same brand) that worked really well. It was a set of small discs to place over the corn, with a thick pad to place over the disc. The discs were made of salicylic acid, which gradually broke down the corn.

It was really weird at first because my corn started turning white, but I heard that’s normal as it dries out the layers of the corn. It felt good when it healed over. I would say it took about a week of using the treatment discs every day (sometimes every second day) for the corn to disappear. I’m really happy that the product worked. I was a bit sceptical about it at first, but I’m glad that this painful, old corn has disappeared.

Edit: Returning my water-damaged shoes

I forgot to add this when I initially published this post, but I managed to successfully get my brown oxford shoes refunded. I had to wait until the next day because the manager wasn’t in, but she was happy to give me a refund.

‘You must have worn them when it was lashing down,’ she said. ‘So that’s really your fault.’

Haha what? She was nice about it, but seriously, for a pair of leather shoes that cost $150, I would expect them to keep up after rain has gotten to them and I let them dry naturally. I am glad I got a refund, though it is a bit disappointing because the shoes were perfect otherwise.

💍 Wedding planning update

We have a venue, and a date – just at the point where we need to secure a deposit. We are really happy with the place, and so are our parents. It’s looking good. I am keeping details a secret until I feel it’s right to share. But it was one of the only venues we thought about, as we thought it’d be perfect for us. We’re having both our ceremony and reception at the venue. I’m looking forward to more preparations but we have a lot of time, so there is no need to rush.

We picked up my engagement ring and it fits much better now that it’s half a size bigger! It makes all the difference, and isn’t ripping my knuckle to bits, so that’s the important part.

Until next time. ✈️

Comments on this post

I hope you have a great trip! I hope that you can have a relaxing sleep for a few days when you get back, because you have been so busy with travel all over the place (which is exciting). Even though it is for work, it’s still something new, and hopefully interesting.

Excited to here more updates about the wedding. Which reminds me I was going to send something to you. I might contact you when you get beck. :)

First trip to the US. How exciting for you. I used to deal with inconsistent sleeping patterns on daily basis but now, they’ve been more consistent.

Hope you’ll enjoy the trip down to San Diego! You’re lucky that you just missed the heat wave. Though the weather down there is amazing because it’s next to the ocean and you can feel the breeeezeeee~~

Even though you won’t have time to travel around, hope you’ll find the town interesting :).

Glad to hear that the treatment work for the callous! It’s amazing how medicine advanced this far and there are products that have various treatments from treating stretch marks to curing diseases :). Good that you got a refund for those shoes! $150 is an expensive loss @___@.

Looking forward to hearing about the wedding plans later down the road ;D.

I hope you enjoy your trip. There’s been a lot of travelling in it for you the past month! You hit 3 continents haha It’s sad you can’t get more time in San Diego though.
It sounds like a reasonable amount to pack especially considering it’s a 3 day trip. It’s smart of you to have packed light and comfortable (jeans and shirts noted).
You got the refund?! I certainly hoped you would haha but like, I didn’t expect that they would give you a refund for something you wore for a month. The manager must’ve one lovely lady =)
Glad to hear you found a venue. I think it’s the tricky part when it comes to wedding planning. I also like that you’re having the ceremony and the reception at the same place so it makes it very convenient and people won’t have to keep driving to different places.

I was pretty glad she gave me a refund hah. I said nothing to her comment about it being my fault, because I just wanted the money back and outta there! I feel like I got away with it. :P

Enjoy your trip to San Diego! I bet the weather will be perfect. I’ve always wanted to go to the west coast but the chance hasn’t come up yet.

I hate callouses on the feet. They’re really annoying.

I’m so glad you were able to get a refund on your shoes.

Good luck with the wedding planning!

Working in a shoe store, I’ve had some customers return shoes that have been damaged despite being worn for a month or two. The company I work for is known to make customer-led decisions (I’m sure not every store is like that :P) but in my experience, I’ve refunded customers for faulty shoes – especially expensive ones that are supposed to last! Im glad you got a refund nonetheless :P

I hope San Diego was fun! It looks amazing and what a great way to spark a US journey in the future, eh?

I asked my friend (who also works in a shoe store) the same thing! You just don’t expect leather shoes to go to shit after being in rain. I’m so glad I got a refund. Shame because the shoes were a really cute style, siiiigh.

Glad to hear the wedding planning is going well. :) I feel a little sorry for you travelling long distance after just getting back. Work trips always tend to be draining, and it always sucks that you can’t enjoy where you’ve dragged yourself too. hopefully your work goes well though. In regards to your fashion friday – I am intrigued as to what the dress code is in your office, or generally what you feel are the expectations of you, and how that influences your style?

Ahhh I hope you had fun in the US! It’s a shame you were only here for 3 days but perhaps your next trip could be a tour like you did Europe! I hope you get some rest now that you’re home and take some time to just wind down after traveling so much. :P

I had to look up what a corn was and I really think that would hurt a lot and fight with shoes! I spend half my time putting antibiotics on foot wounds from walking because even the perfect shoes can hurt my foot on my walks to anywhere. I’m glad you got rid of it!

I’m really happy for your upcoming wedding :) because it sounds wonderful! I am excited to read about the details once you choose to share! Omgosh you’re getting married!!!

I really dislike when shoes aren’t comfortable! Sometimes they feel great when you try and buy, but you run into problems with them feeling uncomfortable later down the track. I’m so glad I got rid of the corn as well, it was just this hard, sore lump on the side of my little toe!