The Georgie Gazette #4

Nick is feeling better. The doctor gave him a call today. She said he has an infection but it should go away naturally. The human body is an amazing thing, isn’t it. :D

Getting a manicure with Nailed at Work

Amy from small business Nailed at Work visited our office to paint our nails. It only took about thirty minutes and the service was very good. The manicure should last two weeks. Amy was so friendly and definitely up for a chat. I wasn’t sure what colour to choose and she asked if I was going anywhere special on the weekend. I said I was going with the future in-laws to a wedding venue, and she was very excited for me. I think we talked about weddings the whole time.

Amy was impressed by the state of my nails. Not having painted them for six weeks, they were in lovely condition, and I had trimmed them last week after they started digging into my skin (they were too long so they started to curve down at the sides). I settled on this light blue colour called Gelato on my Mind. It actually looks so good I could eat it. My nails are so shiny and they look so lickable. There is a lot of contrast because my hands are very tan. As you can guess, I was aiming for an aqua/turquoise close to the colour of my blog.

My nails painted a light baby blue
They look so good!

This was my second time getting a professional manicure and I enjoyed it. It was affordable and so far it looks amazing. I usually love to do my own nails and spend time on it myself, but this makes for a good treatment and a nice way to spoil myself. Because of the price it is not something I would do even every month. I would rather spend my money on other things and have manicures less often.

Florence? Rome? Singapore?

I haven’t yet written up posts for the rest of our trip to Europe and Singapore. But look out for them in the next couple of weeks. As with my previous posts, I will try not to make them too long or picture-heavy. :)

Less time picking out clothes

After a lot of thought about the state of my wardrobe, I realised that one thing really holding me back every day was deciding what to wear. Not only have I realised that I tend to buy pieces for their niceness rather than how well they coordinate – but in the mornings I spend way too long putting on clothes and deciding to change into something else.

Nick always wears one pair of pants for two days, then changes it up for the next two days. He just picks out different shirts. As a girl, to me, that sounded so easy. I wanted to try and employ a similar technique but I know that I often dislike wearing the same pants or skirt two days in a row. I like to alternate.

What I have settled on for the past week-and-a-half is to alternate between jeans and skirts, and tossing a dress somewhere in between if I feel like it. But generally not wearing the same thing two days in a row. (I am, however, OK with wearing the same item of clothing twice a week.) Having some kind of pattern really helps me think ahead. That is something I always used to struggle with when it came to putting together an outfit. I never thought about it the night before.

With this new sort of system, I am enjoying and giving love to a lot of my favourite pieces. This can help me better pinpoint what doesn’t match with my other clothes and what I can get rid of. I’m happy about that.

Sell my clothes?

I noticed a sign in the lobby downstairs from my office about clothing donations. There are some clothes I have that are still in good condition and would sell (tops, coloured jeans, dresses, cute pyjamas), but not for very much. I would love to be able to sell them but I feel like it is too much effort. The last time I tried to sell some nice camisoles and geeky t-shirts on eBay, I got a bit of coin, but the seller fees and the shipping fees meant there was not much profit.

I’d love to know if anyone is interested in buying my pre-loved clothes. Perhaps you might like to buy a handful of them if you love my style, that would be easier to ship… It seems like too much effort trying to use certain websites to sell individual items of clothing. I might just donate them so be sure to let me know if you’re at all interested.

I want to join a gym again

I might join the gym that Brandon goes to because it is relatively cheap, has good locations, and has no lock-in contracts. Lilian was thinking of joining the same one, and my colleague just joined too. Considering the past couple of years I have just been leeching free gym access from friends or from free membership from companies I have worked at, I think it is time to pay. I am just so reluctant, but I have to admit that I enjoy a good workout. And I’m much fitter than I was a couple of years ago, so I feel like I am benefiting.

Until next time. 👋

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I’m so jealous that such a company exists in Australia! I’d love to try a professional manicure one day but I know they can be quite expensive. Plus sometimes I go through high levels of stress and revert back to biting my nails down (I did that a few weeks ago and now one of my pinky nails is pretty much the size of a baby’s fingernails). That’s a really lovely color; do you know what brand it is?

I kind of have the same problem with clothes. The problem I have, however, is I have a fair bit of tops and not enough bottoms. I wear pants all the time because I can’t be fussed with shaving so often, and my legs are so pale that I’m positive I could cause traffic accidents. I don’t have the body confidence to wear shorts or skirts, which blows because those would feel so nice in summer. I have a few dresses but I only wear them for special occasions. I basically do what Nick does, only I wear the same pants for like two weeks before washing. I’m so gross x__x I’ve actually found it’s kind of hard to find bottoms and dresses that fit properly, because I have biggish hips and I’m short. Pants for adult women are way too long on me, and unless a dress has a stretchy waist I’ve found it’s difficult for me to get it on past my hips.

It’s OPI!

I am the same. I have lots and lots of tops. And they are all summer ones. I need more winter ones. I wish I had pale legs like yours haha! I am all tanned from our holiday.

I have the same issue when it comes to clothing, I just buy base on how the item looks on it’s own, not if it matches anything in my wardrobe! Most of the time it doesn’t.

So far, I’ve gone for a one-piece clothing scheme for work. So I don’t have to match anything each morning and I’ll still look presentable for work.

I did a massive clean out of my wardrobe in April. I have a massive bin bag of old clothes. There’s places here that will give you a bit of money (per kg) for the clothes. H&M here also offers a £5 voucher in exchange for a bag of old clothes. I was thinking of exchanging for some vouchers to then buy a nice new piece of clothing that will actually match my wardrobe. Anything like that around you?

There’s a few gym-only centres or gym-only memberships that’s popped up around London recently. They are usually much cheaper as it doesn’t include any classes or access to any other facilities. My local leisure doesn’t have that plan yet, but I have to pay the full price. I do go swimming regularly along with going to the gym just to make up for it, so I guess it’s a good thing. It helps to motivate me though as I always think “I’ve paid for it…might as well go and don’t waste the money!”

Haha good to know I am not the only one with that problem.

I contacted H&M and it looks like they still do that here too (15% off). I will try that!

I’m glad to hear that Nick is feeling better :). I can imagine how excited you’re getting with all of the wedding talk! Even though there’s a lot of planning, you might as well enjoy the whole process :D.

Your nails look amazing! My nails usually last a couple of weeks; maybe because of the cheap nail polish. It’s always easier for guys when it comes to picking out what to wear. It’s not as noticeable when they wear the same thing two days in a row compared to us. Though, one of the ways to get around that is by wearing jeans. I don’t think people notice it as easily! Glad to hear that you’re working the system :D.

Yes, yes to the gym! Speaking of which, I should go back to it!

Oh your nails look nice! Love the color! Big fan of light blues! I really should do mine. Considering I have all this nail polish that is going to waste. XD

Funny enough I’ve been doing the same with my clothes! Minus dresses (don’t own many and their usually from weddings and such). As I find stuff that’s meh or is too…uh loved I’ve been throwing it out. Works pretty well.

Never had interest in joining a gym. Just honestly would rather work out at home. But good for you!

I have so much nail polish that is at least a few years old. They tend to keep for a while, but some cheap brands will go hard. This year I have definitely been trying to use my polish more. :)

I like a combination of getting exercise at the gym and outside of the gym. It took me a while to like gyms at all. But it gives me the motivation and I like that I have access to a lot of strength-building equipment at once. :D

I’m glad the doctor had great news!
And such pretty nails! I’ve been sort of wanting to go and get my nails done by a professional. I’m terrible at painting them. One thing I noticed is that my skin color, pale, looks weird against some colors. Maybe it’s just my eyes.
Picking out outfits for the week can sometimes be difficult. But I don’t think I could repeat skirts. Jeans yes, but not my skirts. I could repeat cardigans since that’s pretty much a staple in my wardrobe. But I am trying to build up a new professional wardrobe. Slowly, but surely, it’s happening. :)

It is not just your eyes haha. Some colours look bad with my skin colour, like yellow (because my skin has a bit of a yellow tinge). The same would apply for any colour skin – some colours may not look good.

I’m trying to build up a wardrobe of more simple, minimalist pieces. Ones that will go with anything.

I am so happy to hear that Nick is feeling better. I think that getting a professional manicure would be very relaxing…pity that I just successfully bitten all my nails off. :'( I hope that you manage to have fun with the wedding plans, and I cannot wait to read all of the blog posts about it. Also, are you planning to have a wedding website?

I wouldn’t rule it out entirely. Our friends did a really cute website for their wedding. We have definitely thought about it but haven’t talked much about it. :)

Wow did your company arrange for the manicurist to come? Thats pretty cool. In my office we aren’t even allowed to wear nail polish. I miss having painted nails. :( That turquoise is a beautiful, summery color. I like Nicks idea about work clothes. I think I do something similiar – except I tend to pick one item that I’ll wear all week and rotate everything around that (This week, its a particular cardigan) I wouldn’t know how to co ordinate a different outfit every day! I hope your wedding planning is going well :)

Yes they did! We had to pay ourselves though. It’s a shame you’re not allowed to have nail polish. :( I wasn’t allowed when I did ballet, and because I played the piano, I had to have my nails cut short all the time.

That’s a really nice idea! I’ve sort of been wearing the same shirts or pants a couple of times. But I don’t have enough to match properly, but who cares if you wear the same thing all week haha.

We’ve almost got a date! We are just making sure the venue and the terms and conditions are what we want… of course I am hesitant to write about it until we’ve made a deposit and locked it in. :)

I wish I could grow out my nails entirely, but I think they would bug me too much, but, I think that’s fine. I’m more suited to shorter nails. Your nails are gorgeous and so are the colors!

I just wear dresses in the summer because of the Texas heat and summer ones at that, so I have to wear sunblock along with them. I can’t wear jeans or anything too heavy in the summer time, but it’s nice to know that I have too many shirts compared to so little jeans XD

I have bags and bags of clothes that need donating. I’ve grown out of them either too big or too small and I figure that they can go to someone less fortunate than I. I tend to take care of my clothes, which is great. <3

Can't wait for the other posts! Take care!

Nailed at Work sounds awesome! Many of my friends and family members are always stressing over how they need to make time to get their nails done; if they could get them done during work, it’d be one less thing they’d complain about.

I have some clothes I’m going to put into the garage sale and/or try to sell online via eBay or some Facebook “garage sale” groups. I’ve realised the places I once donated to just turn around and sell them as well, sometimes for way more than I’d personally expect to get for them, and at least when I’m selling them I know they’re not being overpriced (the charity bins all say how items will be sold for-profit, so…meh).

There are a lot of tops and bottoms and whatnot I love, but I try to add pieces to my wardrobe which can be paired with multiple items and not always only be used with a particular set of clothing. I, too, grow bored, but I also layer, more so where possible, because I like to be able to strip or add more clothing (Texas heat is horrible sometimes, and paired with autistic tidbits, getting dressed/choosing outfits requires a lot of thought). I do know some other people who will wear the same pants/bottoms for a few days, though, and it seems to work well for them. I used to do that with my jeans, but lately I’ve had zero tolerance for jeans because the texture’s too rough. :/

It took me a while to like jeans at all. It was so hard finding jeans that fit me well and didn’t have that rough feeling. I tend to go for the stretchier jeans.

How much is a professional manicure down there? I ask because the one in my neighbourhood is 12,000 won, which equates to $11 USD, and they do a great job for it. Your nail looks great, btw! The colour is abfab, and it suits you beautifully :D

I have to usually wear these work shirts, and while I hated the idea of our so-called uniform, I’m glad to have them now because I do like being able to not spend my time figuring out what to wear. I can just decide on what to wear on the bottom, and that’s it. Easy peasy ^^;;;

As for the gym — go for it! I have a free gym that I don’t use enough of . . . I should try to use them more, hahaha! I only go to it when I meet my trainer. Then again, I really don’t like gyms. If I can, I’d rather do my workout at home . . .

Ooooh, it is more expensive here. If you want a gel manicure it costs about $40 AUD on average. Unfortunately I took off the blue colour of my nails because after about a week they started looking stained yellow/brown. :(

I had to wear a work shirt at my first part-time job – I did the same thing, not having to worry about what to wear other than the bottoms.