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I apologise for pushing this A Day in the Life post back, but I just got caught up trying to settle back in after our trip.

Today Nick and I spent a long time waiting at the doctors, he hasn’t been well since the end of our days in Singapore, but has yet to do some tests to see what is up. I had a super disappointing seafood noodle soup as a late lunch, and I regret spending the $13.90 on it, as I could barely finish it and it was just tasteless. Something tells me I usually like the way these noodles taste for a few bites, but then hate it…

Not an eventful day, but sometimes we have days in our lives that aren’t interesting to write about. Remember, A Day in the Life is not a pity party – we all have dull days and one of the best things to do after an ‘unsuccessful’ day is to reflect on it. So this month I have decided to ask a few questions related to mindfulness and clearing your mind. It’s OK to share what you are thinking – we’re all friends here. 💖 Feel free to join in the linkup by adding your link at the bottom of the post.

What is on your mind?

Quite a bit. My dry flaky eyelid, which has been struggling to hydrate itself for a week. How much money I owe Nick for our Europe travels. My dry hands. My pineapple notebook that I carried with me in Europe but never wrote in. What do I write in it now?

Where has my Opal transport card gone? I have two, but I have misplaced one.

What will the shoe store say to me when I complain about me brown shoes that were water-ruined? Will they at least accept store credit, or just blame the customer for wrongdoing?

What is making you anxious? Are the things on your mind making you anxious?

I hope Nick is alright and will get better soon. I am concerned that I will have wasted a lot of money on my shoes and there will be no chance of a refund or exchange because I have worn the shoes.

It’s getting late so I ought to sleep soon.

I don’t know what to expect of my work trip to San Diego next week.

The things I listed above are making me a little anxious, yes.

What is making, or will make, you smile?

Perhaps if I was not so anxious. I just need to remain calm. It would be great if I could see Nick right now.

Did you make any difficult decisions today?

Not really, but I feel like I internally made a decision to avoid seafood noodles.

Is there anything you have realised that will make things difficult for you soon?

We’re moving forward with wedding planning – that’s all I’ll say for now. I just don’t want to get stressed out.

What is something new that happened today?

I didn’t have my engagement ring today, because yesterday we took it to the jeweller to get it resized. It did fit on my finger, but because of my large knuckles, it is hard to get the ring over my knuckle without grazing it. And I do want to be able to take it off in cases like swimming, or going to the gym, even showering. When I was younger I imagined I would wear mine all the time, but now it’s so precious I don’t want to risk damaging it. <3 I can pick the ring up in a week, I’ve gone up half a size. :) My finger feels naked without it though. :(

What are some positive things that happened today?

I had some nice tea, and I got to cuddle Nick in the morning.

What can you do to help yourself relax in the short-term?

Sleeping is always good. I like to remind myself to take one thing at a time, because it stops me from panicking. Taking things easy is important.

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Comments on this post

I hope Nick gets better soon. There’s nothing worse than returning from a trip and feeling unwell. Also, I hope you get a refund or something for those shoes. It sounds like they weren’t of very good quality and therefore you should get something back.

My mum wore her wedding ring for over 20 years straight without taking off, so when she did (when her finger got swollen) she said it felt so strange. I’ve never ever worn rings though. I think I’d prefer an engagement bracelet or something!!

I’m sorry that your day wasn’t the best. At least there were a few good things that happened :)
I hope you can your shoe situation straightened out and I hope they don’t give you a hard time.

I got my high school class ring when I was around 16 and I’ve been wearing it ever since. I should retire it but it feels weird when I look down at my finger and see tan line where it should be.

Oh no, I hope Nick gets well soon! That sucks about the disappointing noodle soup too. Noodle soup is one of my favorite dishes, but they need to be flavorful!

My finger feels weird whenever I forget to wear my rings when I’m out! I take them off when I’m at home and definitely while I’m sleeping. I’m afraid I’ll scratch myself with the diamond or something while I’m asleep.

I agree with taking things one thing at a time :) Sometimes things are overwhelming, and just focusing on one thing at a time helps so much.

Oh, no! Poor, Nick, I hope he feels better soon :( It seems like illnesses are sadly common after trips; usually when I travel, at least one party members winds up ill within the next week with a day bug.

I know what you mean with the ring though! Whenever I forget one of my rings, I feel so unbalanced and naked just because my body is so used to how my hands should feel, and my fingers are used to the (albeit small) weight! I can only imagine that sensation is amplified with is being something as meaningful as an engagement ring! At least it will be back on your hand, soon :D

Hope Nick gets better soon.

I had my ring resized but was a bit loose and the guy told me I should wait till summer as my fingers are likely to swell up a bit. Now that its summer, its a tiny bit too tight. I don’t wear mine during days that I might likely lose it, or when I go on holiday. It’s just one less thing to worry about and my fiance doesn’t mind at all. He rather I don’t lose it.

There’s no need to stress about your wedding, you have over a year to plan it. There’s plenty of time, just do a bit each week and be sure to ask your friends and families to help you ;)

It’s a bummer when we spend some good money on bad food @___@. Hope you’ll have a ton of good food to make up for the bad seafood :). I realized that I like to carry notebooks that I never write in, you’re not alone with that pineapple notebook!

Hope Nick will be okay! I have no doubt that he will, but best wishes ^__^~!

San Diego is an awesome place. I was just there this past weekend! I think with the creative skills you have, you’ll have a cute wedding!

I had sashimi this week for free so that totally made up for it!

Aw thanks Nancy! I am so excited to make invitations. 😂

Glad to hear Nick is doing well =)
Weddings are meant to be happy times. A lot of people get caught up in the planning part but I don’t worry that you will. I mean just through your blogposts, I’ve learnt that you sound like a grounded person who mostly cares to have the ones she loves around her and make good moments rather than making sure everything goes “perfectly”. I say, you and Nick are in love and this is a statement of that so enjoy it bit by bit and make it a fun and beautiful experience for yourselves =)

I honestly think that this was one of my favorite Day in the Life posts that you’ve ever done – sometimes I feel as if people have a tendency to show their lives in the best possible light. Anyhow, I hope that you get everything taken care of.

Aww, thank you. :) It’s true, I feel like people feel pressured to show that everything is fine and dandy and to throw a lot of pictures in the mix. We all have bad days. :)