A Day in the Life: August 2016

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I’m a bit out of sync with myself, so today’s A Day in the Life is a day late. Oops.

I have a lot on my mind. It’s OK to have a lot on my mind.

I feel like I’m running out of inspiration for this linkup and don’t know what questions to add. I don’t have any creative ideas right now and I am considering passing the linkup on to someone else because it is starting to feel like a chore, much the same way Amanda was feeling before she passed the linkup responsibilities to me. I used to be so excited to think of new ideas but now I feel like I’m out of them.

If you are interested in taking the linkup over or can give me some ideas, let me know. :)

What was the last thing you read today?

Apart from text messages, I read this article on inspiration.

How was your day today, compared to yesterday?

It was more or less the same. In terms of things I did beyond the ‘usual’, yesterday I went to the orthodontist to get a new impression of my teeth for a new plate. There goes $150… And I also had lunch with my friend Monica. But today, I did less out of the ordinary – I went and had sushi for lunch with Nick.

What is one thing you ate today that you enjoyed?

I had a vegan doughnut with raspberries and vegan cream. It tasted so good! 🍩 It tasted noticeably healthier than regular doughnuts. The dough is probably dull for most people with a sweet tooth, but I really liked that it wasn’t that sweet.

What made you laugh today?

Josh posted a funny tweet.

What do you feel like doing now?

Taking a shower.

How did you start your morning today?

I pressed snooze on my phone alarm too many times and moped about how cold it was :D

Who was the first person you talked to today?

I sent a message to my friends replying to their messages of support. It had a lot of 💖 hearts in it. I physically didn’t talk to anyone until I met Nick at the station, but I remember my mum knocking on my bedroom door and telling me she was going to borrow my car and I just mumbled, ‘Alright’. Or something to that effect.

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If you are interested in reading more about A Day in the Life, visit this page. The date for September is the 15th. See you next time!

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Comments on this post

That tweet is hilarious! How did we once survive without cameras on our phones!

I often feel like that when it comes to a blog series. At the beginning of the year I started my monthly review, and I will probably continue it until the end of this year but I’m kind of bored of it. It used to be good when I used it to track my goals.

I’m ashamed to say that it took me a sec to get the tweet XD

It stinks that you’re lacking in inspiration. But I completely understand. There are a few segments on my blog that I’m not sure will last.

Was the vegan doughnut like a cake doughnut? I’ve recently had a few cake doughnuts, but…they’re bulky to me, and I can barely fit my mouth around the whole thing to bite it, so I have to cut it into pieces. I mean, I do that with other doughnuts already, but…that’s ’cause they’re sticky. :/

I prefer the non-cake doughnuts, though. They’re fluffier and less…cakey. I just need to sort out the vegan part, because #allergies.

I’m in a committed relationship with my snooze button. 😅

I’ve never heard of a cake doughnut, but the vegan doughnut was the same shape and size as a regular one, just vegan.

Oh—I also meant to include how I don’t understand the tweet…and a request for someone to maybe explain it to me? :s

Have you ever seen a Nokia 3310/3315 phone? The image in the tweet goes by the assumption that the person has a modern phone that has a custom-wallpapered lock screen, with music, and a camera so that you can take a selfie. Back in 2001, your black-and-white phones had a boring default standby screen, no music, no camera for a selfie (thus the last image is a ‘troll’ meme face).

Ooooh some ideas:

What were you drinking this afternoon?
Did you think of any future plans today?
What was something that inspired you today?
What was the one task you remembered to do?

Come to think of it, I’m bad with keeping up with blog series XD. I started a few and go back to it whenever I remember @__@…

I need to check out vegan donuts! I didn’t know there is such a thing, but I’m glad there is one! It’s a good choice if you just want a donut XD.

Oof, $150 is a lot but it’s all for good teeth ;).

It’s good to have people who are there to support you ^___^! With your cute Mazda3, I would want to borrow it too XD!

It would be difficult having to continue to write up ideas. Hopefully you might be able to have someone help or take over. :)

The evil snooze. xD