Fashion Friday: Parisienne Walkways

We are in Paris at the moment, and I haven’t yet posted about the rest of our visit to London, but as I didn’t have a Fashion Friday post last week as expected, I thought about sharing one today. We’ve been busy exploring and enjoying our holiday that we didn’t set aside time for any shoots – instead we decided to just have the camera and take photos if any nice places popped up.

That said, the title for this post was suggested by Tara over a year ago, and all photos were taken on my iPhone 6S – something very different, but hopefully still has the same Fashion Friday feel. The title is the name of a song by Thin Lizzy, it’s a beautiful song really, but I thought surely the streets and sights of Paris would fit best. Although both Nick and myself brought our cameras on our trip, there are days we don’t want to be ‘photographers’: we want to enjoy our day yet still have the added benefit of smartphones to capture any shots we might want to take.

And so, I present to you Parisienne Walkways, inspired by Paris!

Me leaning on a wall with a set of stairs, by the Seine River
Chilling out near the River Seine

I am not sure how this outfit turned out to be so simple, but it may have started with the jeans. I bought them from Topshop after my friend Monica suggested looking at their petite range. I have decided that when it comes to jeans – something I have hated buying because they don’t ever fit me well – I am willing to pay more for something that fits better. I chose this ‘ankle-grazer’ style because I kind of like jeans that aren’t too long, and it’s amazing that I can wear these jeans without cuffing them or getting them tailored. I chose the ones with rips in the knees partially because I haven’t ever owned a pair of jeans with such large deliberate tears, and partially because there weren’t any other non-ripped options.

The jeans are high waisted too, something which bothers me just a little. I haven’t always been a fan of high-rise jeans. But these aren’t too bad and I don’t always have to show the high waist – I can wear a long shirt if I want to.

Me leaning against a lamp post
Down a steep lane where the wall was covered in leaves

As it was a rather warm day I chose to go for a black singlet top and tuck it in. I didn’t feel comfortable baring my arms, though, so I just wore my white blazer over the top. I felt it was necessary to keep the outfit simple.

I chose the black shoes so that they matched with the singlet top and the style of the jeans. I wore the shoelaces a little differently as well, tying the excess around my ankles for a bit more of an edgy look.

Sitting in a little seating area on a bridge overlooking the Seine
Sitting sideways

It is worth noting that I packed very lightly for my trip to Europe, so I worked with what I brought with me. I only had two other pairs of shoes – my brown oxfords; and a pair of heeled boots, which I only brought just in case we had to go somewhere fancy. Definitely not walking around Europe in heels! In terms of tops, I only brought about four tops and two t-shirts, and this singlet. Considering we are going for five whole weeks, I have enjoyed having the limited options. I have not yet panicked about having too few clothes, so everything is going swell. ;)

Sitting in a little seating area on a bridge overlooking the Seine
Sitting with the river in view

I brought a handful of jewellery as well, but not my entire collection. Just enough to do a few combinations of silver, gold or rose gold.

Close-up of jewellery
This photo was taken in the place we’re staying – a studio apartment that was previously a leather workshop!

Photography (on my iPhone 6S) by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

Close shot of me leaning against a lamp post

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Niiiice! I like how you made this work! Doing it in Paris makes total sense, and you’re totally rocking all the shots. Sure, it was all taken on your smartphone, but I honestly cannot tell the difference compared to the other cameras you’ve been shot by before ^^

I love you kept the look simple, yet the whole ensemble came well together. The white blazer contrasting against the black top, with the ripped jeans and boots? Awesome. :D

Thanks for remembering my suggestions! ^^ I hope you and Nick have a fantastic time for the rest of your trip!

Oh my god the thought of bringing few clothes is a terrifying thought hahaha. I overpack big time… I love this outfit – cool, casual, sophisticated :) I think the high-waisted jeans suit you! I love how relaxed you look in these pics, too :) So glad you’re having a good time <3

Hahaha I had to lug my suitcase over all these cobblestone paths in Italy today… I definitely want to pack lighter than I did. I think I was carrying less than ten kilograms but we bought a lot of chocolate in Switzerland so carrying my suitcase sucked. On previous family trips I have experienced far too much bother from taking so many clothes I didn’t need because my mother insisted I take things ‘just in case’.

Wow, I love your outfits! Those jeans are amazing. I have one pair of Topshop jeans and I love them so much. Really want to get more as soon as I’ve lost the weight I’m aiming to lose!

I always just take a little bit of jewellery when j go on holiday. I used to overpack horrendously, but then I realised you never actually need as much as you think you do. And it doesn’t matter if you wear the same thing twice!

Hope you’re having an amazing time in Paris! So jealous – it’s so cool that you’re visiting so many wonderful places!

Very true about the jewellery! I found myself wearing the same clothes and jewellery day after day. Who cares. It was comfortable and saved time for sightseeing and exploring. :)

Oh, love it! High waisted jeans bother me too, so much. But I love them on other people! This look is so simple and chic and put-together. Love your jewelry, too!

Thanks Becky! Yeah, I think this pair of jeans is the best high-waisted one I have tried. Other brands were horrendous on me. :P

Your accessories are so cute. I love it! I also completely agree in that investing in nicer jeans are a good idea. They usually last longer too!

I like how you got a post name going since a year ago! I need that kind of planning in my life!! Petite sizing is a life saver; the clothes fit nicer than “regular”-sized clothes without looking ginormous. Your outfit looks classy and fitting for the weather in Europe ;).

Fashionable as always! I am digging that white blazer. <3 Your outfit may seem simple at first, but the touch of the accessories add another nice element to it. LOVEEEE IT!

I love all your outfits but this one is just so classy but cool a la meme temps (I tried D:). Maybe it’s because everything fits you *just* so? I think fit makes a huuuuuge difference in making a simple outfit a really, really great one. I also need those shoes in my life.

Trouser/jean shopping is the bane of my life. I love high waisted things because my legs are quite short, and I have a nice waist (heh). It’s an ordeal because my hips are ginormous and if something fits there, it needs to be belted a lot to fit around my waist. Sigh. I was so happy to find a pair of high waisted shorts which had an elasticated waist at the back, so they fit perfectly.

Hopefully Paris is treating you well. <3

Ugh, my childbearing hips too! :P Very light coloured bottoms, I have learned, look horrid on me, because they bring more attention to my wide hips and meaty legs. I also have the issue where a lot of pants are madly tight around the legs but big at the waist… thanks, meaty legs.

Looking good =) I hope you and Nick are doing well in Paris and on your trip!