A Day in the Life: June 2016

This may be posted later than usual because I am in Paris, where the timezone is different from what it is at home. Hope you can join the linkup this month! It is simple and not very much but hopefully you can tell me more about your day instead.

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Today I am:

In Paris.

Today I am also:

Wondering why my tan oxford shoes have gotten so water damaged despite being leather – they have dark marks on them. :/ I want to buy some brogues in Italy because I am sure they are cheap. I have seen so many people with brogues in Paris so far and I want some!

I am listening to:

Myself and Nick typing, and a video he is playing in the background about Swahili.

Today I ate:

Some nice risotto for dinner, and for lunch we had some really nice crepes.

Right now, I should be:

Brushing my teeth and sleeping. :D

What were you doing at 4:21pm today?

Probably looking around in the Rodin Museum. It was really nice actually, one of my favourite ones. :)

A photo from today:

Shot from directly under a chandelier in the palace of Versailles
A photo from directly under a chandelier in the palace of Versailles

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Comments on this post

Hee! I like how you’re in Paris for this day :D Sucks that your shoes have water marks on them :( Hope you can find some nice pair of brogues in Italy ^^

The risotto and crepe you had sound so good! What kind of risotto and crepe were they?

And HOMG Palace of Versailles!!!! As a fan of the anime Rose of Versailles, that’s a place I want to go one day. That photo of the chandelier is neat! That’s a great angle ^^

Can’t go wrong with cheese risotto! :D And I had a spinach, egg and cheese crepe. Nom nom nom.

I hate it when shoes have weird marks for whatever reason! Mine gets weird marks because I scrape my shoe against some foreign object @___@. It sounds like you’re having a great time in Paris right now! Hope you’ll find some more awesome sights to see!~

Sorry to hear about your shoes :( Hope you can find some brogues. I had to google that lol… Ahh yes, they’re a nice looking shoe :D

The picture of the chandelier and artwork is absolutely stunning :O

Italy is definitely the best place to buy leather goods from, especially Florence.

I hope you are enjoying Paris. The photos from your Fashion Friday look amazing. You’ve picked a pretty busy time to be there with the football being on. I hope it’s not too rowdy!

I am dying to buy cheap brogues! I keep seeing people with them. I looked in Schuh when I was in Liverpool but they didn’t have a huge range I liked.

We completely forgot the football was on! It was actually not too bad. We had a good time. There were a lot of popular football related items being sold, people watching on televisions, and we were told it would be more multicultural than usual because people from around the world would have come to watch.

omg Paris. I consider anyone in Paris as lucky simply because I want to go to the cafes there – oh, especially the boulangeries!

ouch, poor oxford shoes. getting stains on your shoes is a big annoyance :(
brogues are pretty! plus they look classic too. i’d love to have a pair of black brogue shoes ;)

Ahh! I wrote a “A day in the life” post and forgot to add the link here! :(

Hey Bhairavee, I re-opened the linkup for another day if you want to add your link!

Thanks for the notification Georgie!
I loved your post too. I hope you had fun what with the Euro Cup going on over there! :D