Fashion Friday: The Rainbow Connection

Me sitting in front of a pastel blue and peach-pink hut
These colours remind me of ice cream!

It’s the first Fashion Friday of the year, and to be honest I don’t think the outfit is anything special compared to what’s in the surroundings.

Nick helped me by taking photos at Brighton Beach in Melbourne. The beach huts are photographed a lot by people who visit the beach. They are at least a hundred years old and now heritage listed.

Some of the pastel colours of the huts reminded me of ice cream. I think they contrasted with what was an otherwise simple and neutral-coloured outfit because of all the different colours. For that reason I named this outfit The Rainbow Connection, a suggestion that Tara gave me a while ago. I couldn’t imagine myself ever wearing a colourful outfit, and a lot of my brighter coloured clothes are reserved for special occasions, so it worked out better that the name referenced the location instead. After all, it’s a rainbow connection.

Me standing in front of a hut with all the colours of the rainbow.
Rainbow coloured!
Standing in front of a hut that is mostly a light blue colour
Just a plain blue door behind me

As I mentioned, this outfit is really simple and casual, something I only explored last year in Give Me A Try with jeans and a coat on a cold day with the same boots, and the much older Aurora Borealis. I’m wearing a Jeremy Neale shirt – for those of you who don’t know, Jeremy is a singer from Brisbane whom I consider a pretty awesome friend as well. His music is incredible, it has flavours of jazz and swing ballads, so it’s something that really can be easily enjoyed, no matter what your music taste. I’m not a fan of busy or loud artist or band tees, so I like this one.

Me in mid-air, following a jump.
Leaning against a blue hut with a yellow door and window
Happy yellow and blue!

I usually hate shorts, and I only have a few pairs that I wear on the weekend or if it’s a really hot day and I’m going to the shops or going to the park. I don’t find shorts very flattering. I bought this pair because I wouldn’t stop complaining about one of my pairs of shorts being too tight, and I needed a pair that fit comfortably. This pair is loose and doesn’t hug the thighs too much, which is great. Tight shorts feel terrible.

I tried white for my nails, which is my fifth colour of the year already – I have decided to track my painted nails using the hashtag #ayearofnailpolish on Instagram. I am not sure if white looks great with my skin tone. I’m also wearing my Pandora bracelet I got for Christmas, complete with a few new charms I bought last week, and a statement ring my mum bought for me.

Me leaning against a dark teal and light blue striped beach hut.
Leaning against one with a lot of nice colours

Photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit Details

Girly, muted colours in the background as I lean against a pale coloured door
Those colours remind me of a doll’s house!
Me standing in front of one of a pale blue and white striped beach hut.
Posing in front of this pale blue and white hut

Comments on this post

LOVE IT! I absolutely am floored by how you took my name suggestion to apply it to your surrounding! Absolutely brilliant, Georgie! The photos are amazing! That one of you jumping? That’s a great shot. You standing in front of that rainbow house is also great! Brighton Beach sure is a colourful place. Thank you for sharing the scenery there :D I generally don’t like colourful things, but these huts/houses colours are awesome :D

Oh, and your outfit is very fitting for the beach :D So casual and comfortable — you look like a fashionable tourist ready to walk around a beach ^^ Great FF, girl!

So glad you like it, Tara! :D I also generally don’t like colourful things, haha. These huts are definitely a hit.

Oh my god! I love all of these photos, especially the ones with the colorful wall/house, and you jumping! I love these photos, so very much. They cheer me up so much!

Great Fashion Friday! I love it! ^^

Your outfit matches the scenario of the surrounding! ~Casual~ ~~chill~~~

It’s pretty cool to see the barns painted in so many colors. I love the one with the different shades of blue. Shorts are definitely useful during the heat and if you want to tan your legs (short shorts). Where are the closeup of the charms? XD. Definitely want to see your story if you wish to share ;). *goes look at previous posts just in case*

Thanks Nancy! :D I actually hate tans so I make sure I wear all the sunscreen in the world!

We forgot to do closeups, silly I know!

I’ll give you a special run-down since I never wrote about my charms (yet!). And you did see the photo I posted on Instagram as well, haha. The geo-rock clip and round clips are just two that I bought to stop my charms from sliding. I like the geo-rock one because it reminds me of my love for rocks and geology! The shoe was a gift from Nick’s mum because she noticed I liked high heels. Nick gave me the light blue snowflake one (it reminds me of his blue eyes). I bought the ballerina one for myself (for obvious reasons haha), and the dark blue bead because it’s the same colour of my dress in Blue Moon. I wore that dress the first time Nick and I kissed, haha.

Dude, these photos are so awesome. :D

OMG. Those beach huts are so cute. I would have definitely stopped and taken photos to embrace their beauty. Darn it, next time I’m back in Aus, Brighton Beach is def on my bucket list. I’ll have Dan take me!