Life with tiny feet

I have cried many a time over a loss of shoes. I don’t mean that I have worn out many good shoes, but I mean that it is so difficult to find shoes that fit my small feet. I’ve been told to look in the kids section or to get custom shoes for my small feet, but the former option doesn’t get me a lot of what I like at all, and the latter option is expensive.

I know people like Michelle also have small feet and can sympathise. I was at the shoe store last week and a girl was looking for the same size shoe as me. She said to me, ‘Small feet! It’s so hard to find shoes.’ I agreed with her.

I have no other problems with having tiny feet, other than trying to find the right sized shoe! I feel awkward asking store staff for my size because they have a much bigger size on display. It’s usually the average women’s size, but is far, far too big for me. :( Then again, I don’t really see any obvious advantages to having tiny feet.

I believe my feet have gone through a lot of abuse over the years – I was a ballerina, I wore rather ill-fitting shoes and didn’t walk properly in high heels (yep, you gotta hold yourself up and not sink into your shoes – ballet helped me with that), and now I am wondering if there is something I can do to change that. I’m trying my best to make sure that I can wiggle my toes at least a bit, in any shoes that I buy, and yes there is such thing as comfortable high heels, but I’ll be trying to switch out with flats every now and then.

For twelve years I wore the same pair of athletic vintage Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, every day to go for a run. They were not giving my feet the support they needed, and I probably messed up the arches of my feet by doing that for such a long time. I invested in new running shoes about a year ago and I am so happy with them. My feet feel great and I am finally giving them the right treatment.

I bought a shitty pair of shoes from H&M the other day, they were real leather and they fit fine, but today after only a few hours of wear, my feet were covered in blisters. Clearly not a pair of comfortable heels.

It’s a shame that feet are such delicate things we walk on but we give them a lot of hell by wearing the wrong kind of shoe. I like to give my feet a little massage in the shower each day, the skin on them is better than it used to be and I try to keep them from being dry. I recently messed up my toenails with nail stickers but I am doing my best to make my tiny feet feel loved. :)

Casual black lace-up ankle boots
Flat boots are a good alternative when you wear heels a lot.

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My feet are fairly average for Korean women, so I never had issues with buying shoes. I actually have the opposite problem in which I like a lot of the men style’s trainers, but of course they’d be too big for me! I don’t wear heels or anything really feminine. I admit to being a Croc person XD;;; I do stand on my feet and walk a lot, and I discovered those shoes are the most comfortable for me.

I am amazed you wore those Converse to run all these years. I had one pair of Converse (which mysteriously disappeared, and I really have no idea where it went!) that I really loved the look of, but when I wore it, I could never wear it for such long period of times. In fact, I still cannot fathom how anybody can run or — as shown in older films — play basketball in them! Just, WHAT? I still can’t wrap my head around that!

One way I try to keep my feet “loved” is by massaging some coconut oil on the sole of my feet and wear socks overnight. By doing that regularly, my super dry feet feels so nice and soft :D It’s a good idea to take care of our feet, and I’m all for keeping them as healthy as I can.

I don’t think Converse are really very comfortable to walk around in for a while. I had a special type that had some support, but looking back, I would not have recommended playing sports in them. I definitely think I made a mistake running in mine for so long.

That is such a neat idea. The soles of my feet get quite dry (as do anyone’s, I suppose), so I should try some kind of oil to keep them soft as well!

I have super tiny feet as well. Especially in the UK, I find it really hard to find shoes that fit, even the smallest size can sometimes be a little too big. I just about get round that by placing an insole in my shoe or a heel grip.

It’s not so much of a problem when I shop in Asia though as they tend to have smaller size shoes.

I don’t give my feet any love at all, but I really should though. I’m trying to moisturise it more often but I keep forgetting about them!

Insoles definitely help! I can’t wear them with heels, though. :( I don’t mind buying clothes or shoes in Asia but I have to admit that the quality isn’t great and usually they don’t fit well even though the sizes are small.

My feet are very much average size, so I can generally find shoes that fit, but that doesn’t mean I always make the best choices! I once had to take two days off work because I spent all day walking round a theme park in ballet pumps and sprained a tendon (or something like that) so badly that I couldn’t walk more than a few steps. That was 2.5 years ago and it still hurts in cold weather ):

I just bought a new pair of running shoes, they’re so comfortable and lightweight it almost feels like I’m barefoot when I have them on. I got them in an outlet shop so paid £30 instead of £100: there was very little in my size in the outlet shop but lots of great bargains in smaller sizes, there’s an advantage of smaller feet for you :P

I assume by ballet pumps you mean the flat style? After wearing that type of shoe for a while, I really do think that completely flat shoes are not good for anyone’s feet. I’m sorry to hear about your foot, that sounds terrible. :(

Yes you do have a point, I did see a pair of shoes recently that was the last pair in a small size, so it was a whole fifty dollars cheaper!

You pretty fairy. Ballet is so angelic, and small feet is very cute in my opinion. You should wear them as a badge of your rarity! It’s a charming characteristic.

And it’s good to be reminded to not sink into heels. ;)

Yup, you’re right! I haven’t changed shoe sizes in over 10 years, honestly. I cannot even wear high heels because of my small feet. But at this point in life, I got used to it, you know? Though finding shoes is still difficult. :/

Life with tiny feet sounds difficult, especially since it is harder to find shoes that fit the smaller foot. My feet are average, but finding comfortable shoes is what’s hard for me. Comfortable heels? I’ve never worn heels, I’ve always been afraid of falling in them, or getting blisters. It’s true, we do need to take care of our feet. I had surgery on mine years ago, which is why I still can’t find shoes that are comfy enough for me. It’s beautiful that you danced ballet. Keep taking care of your feet. :)