Fashion Friday: A Whale of a Time

Who likes whales? 🐳

I bought a whale shirt online from Myer, hoping it would be a similar material to the one I wore in Peach & Pearl. It wasn’t a sheer chiffon-like material, and I didn’t really peek into the materials before I bought it, but I liked the style and it looked cute. It turned out to be a slightly stretchy cotton blend. It works! It means that it creases easily, but that’s alright.

Resting my head on my hands as I lean on the edge of a stone surface.
Big grin :D
Me leaning against a stone pillar.
Leaning against a stone pillar.

I’ve had a couple of compliments on the shirt already, mostly people saying, ‘Ooh whales!’ followed by ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’. I suppose it’s unusual for whales to be on a shirt. I quite like these cute shirts with patterns on them. I have to admit that they are my style.

A close up of the whale print on my shirt.
Aren’t they cute?
A full shot of me standing in front of an old green door.
Full body shot in front of a bottle green door.

I have been trying to wear less tube skirts lately so I went for a frilly skirt. I don’t think it went too well with the shirt but it was nice for something different.

I didn’t want to go for a mad trek, so I chose flats over heels. I’m really over my flat shoes though, and I can’t walk a lot in them because they hurt my calves. I will be looking for flat shoes with a small heel, because it gives me better support when I walk.

Close up of my left ear with wing earring, stud and bar earring.
An array of earrings

I chose the earring combination because I wanted to change my top two piercings as well, not just the one at the bottom of my lobe. I have been looking for earring inspiration to dress my top two piercings up a bit more. It’s just a bit hard to mix and match piercings that are so close together. Obviously I can’t wear giant studs as they would just clash. I looked for any simple drop earrings I had, and the wings and the bar went perfectly together. Instead of putting them next to each other I separated them with a stud, it keeps it interesting.

The choice of rings was a bit random as well, the gold one is a small midi ring (I find that cheap ones don’t last very long at all) and I have worn the pearl one quite a lot. I wore my Pandora bracelet because the blue matched the shirt, and the resin bangle because I love wearing that with blue. I actually painted my nails before I chose to wear the shirt. It is a deep colour labelled as ‘Get Teal’ but I find it quite dark and ocean-like.

My hand with dark teal painted fingernails, wearing a pearl ring and a gold midi ring
Silver and gold dress up teal nails

Photography by Nick. <3

Outfit details

  • Top: Miss Shop (available at Myer)
  • Skirt: I believe I bought it from a cheap chain store
  • Shoes: Sandler
  • Earrings: Floralpunk; The Peach Box
  • Wristwear: Custom Pandora bangle; Kor Creations (similar blue resin bangle); The Armored Club (Titan Hinged Bangle)
  • Nails: Ulta3 (Get Teal)
Me sitting on a wooden bench wearing my whale shirt
Lots of wall space. Headspace.
Me without sunglasses on my head.
Me without sunglasses on my head.

Comments on this post

What a cute shirt! I’ve been wanting to pick up some fun shirts like this for work as I like to be casual but not too casual. I like wearing shirts but I’m not so keen on the ironing so I try to find shirts that don’t crease so easily, which isn’t always the easiest of tasks!

I love the colour of your nails too. I’m all about blue nail polish!

You look so radiant in the first photo, Georgie! Absolutely beautiful.

I like the whale shirt. I used to like prints, but in the last few years I don’t wear them much. Even my band tees feel outdated somehow haha, but I don’t know what to get instead, so.

I love your earrings. I still haven’t got my ears pierced (fail fail fail) but I’d love to have three piercings like you do. I think it looks really edgy.

Such a cute shirt, and I agree that the flippy skirt doesn’t work very well with it. They usually require more of a fitted top. I love the earrings…I definitely need to get my ears pierced again. Kitten heels would be adorable, not too high but not flat either. I also love how your nail color picks up your bracelets. :)

Aww you look so beautiful! Did you dye your hair a browner color or did it fade from the red you used to have? My hair did the latter :(

I love print shirts and I LOVE whales! I haven’t worn one though because I didn’t think they look good on me. I also agree that flats hurt to walk in – one of my favorite pairs of shoes had a very small heel and it was amazing! So amazing that I wore it out hehe.

I love your earrings too!

I coloured it a browner colour last September! I think I’ll be going back to red though. I love it – the more natural and dark red of course, that isn’t too bright. I think it fades better than other colours I have used on my hair, that’s why red is one of my preferred colours.

I think the trick is to choose a print that has a scale that suits your body. Because I am small, really bold prints don’t suit me, so I go for simpler ones that are of a smaller scale. If my shirt had giant whales or giant spots, it would swamp me. So I choose clothing where the print would have smaller whales, smaller dots, smaller triangles – that’s my trick anyway. :)

Once again, you rocked your outfit! Especially with making the whale-patterned shirt fit. Your skirt is super nice! Part of me still want to wear frilly skirts but I need more office-friendly skirts first *___*. Your skin is so smooth!~~~

Your mix of jewelry is nice! It’s good that they don’t clash against each other every time you walk XD.

I love this shirt!! I like wearing shirts or tshirts with small animals prints on them and own one with whales on it myself. Love this outfit but think a tube skirt may have worked better.